Expat Taxes Made Easy: The Complete Guide to U.S. and Foreign Taxes for the American Overseas

Expat Taxes Made Easy: The Complete Guide to U.S. and Foreign Taxes for the American Overseas

Are You Missing Out On Up To $108,700 Tax-Free Every Year?

(Plus: IRS-Approved Tax-Slashing Strategies For Anyone Thinking of Moving Overseas…)

Dear International Living Reader,

Once you've visited a place, researched it thoroughly, and determined it indeed is your idea of the perfect paradise…you'll be more than a little eager to get there and get settled in your new life.

There may be a million-and-one details to attend to—and figuring out any looming tax issues may not be the one you're most excited about. What's worse, most U.S. tax professionals haven't a clue about how to file properly once you set foot off the homeland. And they are likely to charge you an exorbitant amount to share what little they do know on the subject.

"Careful tax planning could significantly
reduce your tax burden to almost nothing"

But you don't have to let a little bureaucracy and taxation spoil your new life in Paradise. Whether you've already made your move…or you're still plotting and planning…you'll want to make sure you check out our latest pain-saving publication…our all new 2023 edition of…

Expat Taxes Made Easy: The Complete Guide to U.S. and Foreign Taxes for the American Overseas

The U.S. is not only one of the most heavily taxed places in the world to live, but it has a very long arm. If you're under the impression that taking your residence and your business offshore is going to keep you out of that arm's reach, then I'm afraid this letter is the bearer of bad tidings. Uncle Sam expects you to file and pay what you owe no matter where you spend your time.

Under certain circumstances, you can live abroad
and pay no U.S. tax—I did this for more
than 25 years. – Bob B.

But before you shoot the messenger, you should also know that there are some financial advantages to being an expat, and some bona fide ways you could save on your taxes. But they are not widely known, even among tax professionals. Trust me, we've heard the stories over the years.

Helping You Cross the "Great Tax Divide"

Your U.S. accountant may be able to help—at a price (the fee to prepare a tax return for someone living overseas could be up to $1,200 or more).

That’s assuming they have the relevant experience.

Some folks call this the "Great Tax Divide"—the one that begins at U.S. national borders, and extends across the globe. You see, as much as we have learned over the years about the tax situation once you move overseas, we wouldn't pretend to be experts on the subject. And most of our far-flung staff at International Living has been in the same situation—trying to figuring it out on their own.

“Rebecca and I will save a considerable amount
in state taxes by filing this kind of return” – Paul C.

Luckily, after a good deal of searching and vetting, we joined forces with Bright!Tax U.S. Tax Services, the specialist provider of tax preparation services for Americans living abroad.

Bright!Tax is a leading provider of tax services for the estimated nine million Americans who are living overseas. Bright!Tax has won multiple awards for innovation and excellence, and with clients in over 190 countries, few people (if anyone), knows more about keeping compliant with Uncle Sam's myriad complex tax rules and ensuring that compliance doesn't impinge on your enjoyment of the wonderful experience of living overseas.

And Bright!Tax has joined with International Living to create an easy-to-read (and understand) overview of everything you need to know about structuring your situation to save money and stay legal.

"Moving to another country and buying a home is daunting. And then comes tax time! I'm pretty sure most accountants in the U.S. and even IRS agents themselves, don't understand tax laws as they apply to those of us who have chosen to live outside the country. You can bet we'll be sharing this Tax Guide with our U.S. accountant, and we'll be referencing it often."

—Suzan Haskins, International Living

Putting Off the Inevitable Will Cost You Dearly

In just a minute, I'll tell you more about the specifics that you'll find in the guide. But first, I want to give you the big picture. In Chapter One, you'll come across an important piece of information that I think is true for so many people in our worldwide expat community—at least it was for many of our friends and associates:

Too many Americans abroad neglect to consider their tax situation until their first tax season approaches. By then it is usually too late to structure things to their advantage.

"If only we'd known", is the lament we hear so often from International Living readers.

Now, you will. We can't change the past, of course. But I feel completely confident that consulting Expat Taxes Made Easy right away can change both your present and your future.

Whether you are just toying with the idea of moving abroad, or you're already there and feeling the breath of the next filing deadline on your neck, you will feel an immediate sense of relief when you tackle the tax issue—and find it's not as difficult as you feared.

A Rare Find: Taxes Discussed in Plain English

I realize, by the way, that the U.S. government puts out a lot of publications meant to explain their arcane and obscure code. But personally, I don't find them to be page-turners. I generally have to read each sentence several times before I get its meaning. And even then, I'm not sure I know what to do with the information once I get it. It may be precise, but it's not user-friendly.

That's the best part about the Brand-New 2023 edition of Expat Taxes Made Easy.

It's written in clear, plain, easy-to-understand English.

It even includes examples to illustrate each of the most common scenarios… AND shows you completed sets of tax forms that have been properly filled out.

Now, I'm not advocating that you forego getting professional help with your taxes. What I am offering, though, is an easy-to-read, all-inclusive resource that demystifies the whole topic of paying taxes as an American abroad, so that you can do it yourself if you want.

Even if you decide to hire an accountant, you need to know enough to feel confident in their expertise—and maybe even cut down on the time and money you'll spend on their services. Honestly, I've heard of people paying exorbitant fees for tax preparation on top of overpaying their taxes due to some regular accountant's lack of competence in this area. Here are some of the mysteries Expat Taxes Made Easy will solve for you:

  • How you can get a filing extension for up to two months later than you would if you lived in the U.S. No need to make excuses or pay additional penalties or fees as long as you know what form to file (procrastinators might want to move offshore for this reason alone!)…
  • How you can earn up to $108,700 tax-free—when you live overseas…
  • When you don't need to worry about your income being taxed double—once for each country…
  • Which forms you need to fill out for your circumstances (and even what they look like when they're done right)…
  • Understand what the IRS means when they use terms such as: tax home, exclusion, bona fide residence, physical presence. Even seemingly straightforward terms need clearing up when it comes to the federal government…
  • Which credits and deductions you qualify for—and which forms you need to fill out to claim them properly…
  • How much money you can save on the words allowable housing expense
  • How the last U.S. state you live in will affect your taxes for years after you move overseas, and what you can do about it…
  • How to protect your assets the smart way…do you move all your assets overseas or leave some of them in the U.S.? And how do you manage assets across multiple continents? All it takes is some forward planning to ensure that you don't end up paying more tax than you should…
  • Some expert tips on dealing with the IRS should they come knocking on your door…

After reading just the first 20 pages of Expat Taxes Made Easy, you'll know more than most U.S. accountants about filing—and saving—U.S. taxes when you live overseas.

But knowledge is only part of the equation. You also need to know how to apply that knowledge to your personal situation.

No More Guessing

Once you have an overview—and you know which forms you'll need to fill out, which exemptions you can claim, and even what your state and local tax burden will be (something that virtually no tax professional off the street would be able to tell you)—you'll get to do something that might even qualify as fun: peek at other people's tax returns after they've been filled out. (Okay, it's true, the names and Social Security numbers and some of their details have been changed to protect their identity—we're not crazy!)

Still, if you've ever looked at a stack of tax forms that have yet to be filled out, you understand the meaning of the word "anxiety"—which lines apply to you, and which don't? Are you catching all the possible deductions that are available to a person in your situation?

I guess it's just human nature, but we worry more about what we don't know, than what we're sure of…

That's why Expat Taxes Made Easy does something that is completely unique—it shows you actual tax returns which represent four of the most common scenarios of U.S. people living abroad:

  • A short term (one year) work assignment abroad
  • Working abroad longer term
  • A freelancer (i.e. "Digital Nomad") earning income online overseas
  • A married couple retiring overseas

These tax returns will also show how considerations like being married or single, with children or without, filing separately or jointly, and living part-year or full-year abroad can affect how you file your taxes and what you are entitled to. It is highly likely that you will see at least some part of your situation reflected in these illustrated examples, and you will see their actual return, along with a plain English explanation, for each scenario. And these returns have been professionally prepared by the Bright!Tax team, so you can finally feel confident that you're holding the right information in your hands.

What Tax Benefits (and Drawbacks)
Await You in Your Favorite Countries

Of course, Uncle Sam isn't the only jurisdiction with confusing and sometimes onerous tax laws. Bureaucracy knows no national borders. When you move to another country, you also have to consider their tax laws as well as those from your home country. That's why we've also assembled an entire section full of specific information on some of our featured destinations.

If you love Europe, but you hate taxes, you might have some tough decisions to make. If you're an entrepreneur with a love of Latin music and laid-back culture, you can see what kind of tax incentives Central American countries are offering to entice you their way. Either way, its information that's best considered before you pack your bags.

Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay. These are some of the hottest destinations for our International Living readers today. Expat Taxes Made Easy covers how various taxes are handled in each one.

You'll discover:

  • Why you might want to live in Ecuador if you positively hate income taxes…
  • Why living in Belize might be a great idea if you receive a pension of $2,000 or more per month…
  • Why you might want to consider only spending 183 days in France or Italy and not a day more…
  • How to know the tax treaties and agreements in effect between the U.S. and any nation…and know whether you'll be safe from double taxation or not…if you decide to go there…
  • How you can use a 1031 exchange to save on capital gains taxes for some real estate transactions and not others…
  • What tax is hidden in the cost of most foreign goods…and which countries have this extra tax dose included in everything you buy…

Now I'm not suggesting that you're going to make such a big life decision as where to live or retire, or raise your children based solely on taxes.

All of us learn remarkable lessons about taxation—and just about everything else you can imagine—when we make the leap and leave the U.S. I am just urging you to be wise and informed, and to take taxes into consideration as early into your relocation planning as you can manage.

Find the Hidden Costs and You'll Reap Substantial Savings

Whether you're already happily ensconced in the country of your dreams—or you're just considering a move—it's not too late to get a handle on your taxes and start saving. Resolve that, and starting this year, you won't need to pay a dollar more than you owe. And you won't waste another minute fretting about filing. Expat Taxes Made Easy can show you how to save money that could have been squandered in taxes by not claiming all the exemptions and credits you may be due, depending on your personal situation.

Bright!Tax, the team behind Expat Taxes Made Easy, has clients in over 190 countries, and they've helped thousands of Americans file their U.S. taxes from abroad, smoothly, in their best interests, online, and on time.

Other international tax attorneys routinely charge thousands of dollars for just a few hours' work.

Now, as I'm sure you've realized, this guide is not cheap. But it may very well be the best bargain you'll get this tax season. Just consider the amount of time and money it can save… not to mention the hassle of not getting your tax situation right. And as we know from experience—that "not getting your tax situation right" can happen all too often when you're dealing with people unfamiliar with filing for Americans overseas.

Right now, we're making this all-new 2023 guide available to you for an incredible $300.

Inside you'll discover everything you need to know about structuring your situation to save money and stay legal. And in plain English.

Order Now, and We'll Include a Special Bonus, FREE

When you reserve your own copy of Expat Taxes Made Easy today for just $300, we'll include an extra bonus, too…

If you're thinking of moving overseas, or have already done so, and you have a bank account in your new country, then you need to know about FATCA.

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) is a U.S. law that aims to order all offshore banks and other foreign financial institutions to report information directly to the IRS about financial accounts held by U.S. taxpayers or by trusts, corporations, or other foreign entities that have substantial U.S. ownership interests.

For you and me, that means more tax filing requirements and so it's important to know what exactly you need to do to avoid harsh IRS penalties.

There's a lot of false information making the rounds about FATCA but the Bright!Tax team has been keeping a close eye on developments as FATCA's practical application unfolds worldwide.

In this special bonus report (value $47), Understanding FATCA: What You Should Know About the New Tax Regulations, the Bright!Tax team shares the real story and the hard facts about FATCA and how it will affect you as an expat.

You'll find out exactly what FATCA is, what it means for you, as well as 15 common questions about FATCA answered. This exclusive, and important, report is yours FREE, when you order Expat Taxes Made Easy.

As well as sending a copy to your mailbox, we've set up Expat Taxes Made Easy so you can download it to your computer as soon as your order has processed. Immediate gratification could be the key to a substantial tax savings, so we want to deliver.

(Hint: If you've just recently moved overseas, I suggest you turn to Chapter 6 immediately and breathe a sigh of relief—you still have plenty of time to file if you send in the right form today!)

I am so sure that this new 2023 guide is going to help you save money and stay legal, that I'm willing to completely stand behind my offer.

Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to pick up and leave the States and have the grand adventure of living in another country. Language proficiency, real estate prices, cost of living, and cultural differences to name just a few.

Taxes should be the least of your concerns.

And they can be—as long as you have a simple but solid plan that will minimize your tax burden and leave you free to explore your new country without worry.

That's what you'll get in Expat Taxes Made Easy: The Complete Guide to U.S. and Foreign Taxes for the American Overseas. There won't be a more affordable—or prudent—time to order your copy than right now.

And if you are not 100% satisfied with Expat Taxes Made Easy: The Complete Guide to U.S. and Foreign Taxes for the American Overseas just send it back within 30 days and we'll issue you a complete refund. No questions. No problems.

Click Add to Cart to reserve one in your name for just $300. That's big savings here…that could lead to even bigger savings on your taxes

Simply take a look at Expat Taxes Made Easy: The Complete Guide to U.S. and Foreign Taxes for the American Overseas. I feel confident you'll appreciate what you find in this plain-English, user-friendly guide designed to demystify a confusing process and save you time, money and frustration.

And really, the risk is all ours. The benefit, on the other hand, could be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars to you.

Don't delay. This special offer on this all-new 2023 guide is only good for a limited time only.


Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

P.S. Order now and once we process your order, we'll send you a link so you can download your electronic version of Expat Taxes Made Easy: The Complete Guide to U.S. and Foreign Taxes for the American Overseas, and your special bonus report, Understanding FATCA: What You Should Know About the New Tax Regulations, with our compliments. It's quite likely that knowing about things like the foreign earned income exclusion, or the housing allowance could make a big difference in your bottom line this year. So don't delay.

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