Coastal Ecuador: Land of Sun, Sand, Surf…and Opportunities

Coastal Ecuador: Land of Sun, Sand, Surf…and Opportunities


Coastal Ecuador: Land of Sun, Sand, Surf
…and Opportunity

Dear Reader,

Ecuador really does have everything… from the Galapagos Islands to the Amazon basin and the Andes Mountains, from big, modern cities to small, quaint villages. And up until now, one particular area of Ecuador has been overlooked—and that's its 937 miles of Pacific coastline and its beautiful mainland beaches.

Imagine California's Pacific Coast from Malibu to Santa Barbara before the Pacific Coast Highway was built… those areas where the mountains come right down to the sea, with rocky cliffs and wide deserted beaches… and you'll have some sense of the beauty of this coastline.

Coastal view of Canoa—a small fishing village in Ecuador.

Much of Ecuador's coast has, up until now, been undeveloped… mostly because it was difficult to get here. But all that has changed with new highways and bridges connecting the towns along this stretch of coast with the rest of the country.

Now is the time to take a look at this area, whether it's for a retirement home, a second home, or an investment property. Because once word gets out about the natural beauty and amazing real estate prices in these towns, prices will rise.

We've put together a comprehensive report called Coastal Ecuador: Land of Sun, Sand, Surf… and Opportunity—Ecuador: Dream It, Find It, Live It, detailing our favorite locations on Ecuador's coast. In this report, we'll introduce you to Coastal Ecuador from north to south. We'll provide a full dossier of each of the cities and towns that make the most sense for foreign retirees, investors, families with children, and singles.

Places like:

  • A quiet oceanfront city that is one of the prettiest, safest, and most progressive cities in Ecuador and has a wonderfully temperate climate and expats here enjoy a low cost of living. This place is a favorite coastal vacation and getaway spot for many Ecuadorians but it’s also beginning to attract foreigners with its wide, flat beaches and laid-back lifestyle. You could own your very own four-bedroom house, just a couple of blocks from the ocean for a very affordable $124,500.
  • If you'd prefer a more lively town, there's a small fishing village that is rapidly becoming a favorite with travelers and surfers… the beach here has consistent waves making for great surfing. This tranquil little paradise is perfect for swinging in a hammock while watching the world go by.
  • Ecuador's third largest city which offers all the services and facilities you'd expect in a modern city… but with low real estate prices. This large port city has all the amenities an expat could want… shopping malls, movie theatres, modern hospitals… and much more. And you'll find a large one-bedroom apartment with a huge balcony that overlooks the Pacific Ocean for just $105,000.

We'll also tell you about everything these places have to offer the potential expat, as well as examples of some very affordable real estate that's on the market right now.

This Coastal Ecuador: Land of Sun, Sand, Surf… and Opportunity—Ecuador: Dream It, Find It, Live It report will also give you a taste of what life is like in our favorite coastal locations… and help you narrow the field of choices—if one or two of these places especially appeal to you, put them on your "short list" to visit.

We've also included information on where to stay, who to contact, and what to do should you decide to visit Ecuador's coast for yourself.

Ecuador's coastline really does offer something for everyone—from miles of rugged cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches to sleepy fishing villages, and thriving metropolitan areas.

With your copy of Coastal Ecuador: Land of Sun, Sand, Surf… and Opportunity—Ecuador: Dream It, Find It, Live It, in hand, you'll be ready to discover the best of what Ecuador's amazing coastal region has to offer.

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Jackie Flynn ,
Publisher, International Living

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