The House Sitter's Ultimate Program

The House Sitter's Ultimate Program


"Free-Stay Vacation Club"

How to Travel Anywhere in the World—and Stay for Free

Hi there.

My name is Yvonne Bauche.

Thank you for joining me today to learn about The "Free-Stay Vacation Club" that you can use to learn how to travel anywhere in the world—and stay for free.

In the next few minutes, I'm going to show you a proven, realistic, time-tested way you can enjoy what I think of as even better than a free vacation—in the world's most exciting and alluring destinations…

…without the costs you usually pay for a vacation.

You're about to discover a REAL way to vacation in the U.S., in Canada, and all over the world…

…and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars each and every time you travel!

Imagine enjoying vacations this way, in the world's most highly coveted destinations both domestically AND internationally.

In world-class destinations like…

  • New York City… Miami Beach… New Orleans… Aspen… Las Vegas… San Francisco…and Maui…
  • The Caribbean… Mexico… Costa Rica… Panama…and Belize…
  • Rio de Janeiro… Buenos Aires… Medellín…and Ecuador's Pacific Coast…
  • London… Paris… Tuscany…the South of Spain…
  • Southeast Asia… Australia… New Zealand…the islands of the South Pacific…
  • Or just about anywhere else you'd really like to stay to take a wonderful overseas vacation…

WITHOUT paying for it!

Now, before I go any further, I'd like to get something out of the way…

…right up front.

What I call the "Free-Stay Vacation Club" has absolutely NOTHING to do with overseas work-exchanges, volunteering programs, or home-swapping.

It also doesn't involve attending any type of high-pressure timeshare presentation…

It's not like ANY of that.

I just want to be perfectly clear about this…

What I'm about to show you is 100% PROVEN and 100% POSSIBLE!

And I Know This For A Fact! First-Hand!

You see, I know about the "Free-Stay Vacation Club" because my husband Michael and I have been using this strategy to stay—at no cost—in wonderful destinations all over the world.

We've been using this secret for the past five years…and we're still going!

So we know from experience THIS STRATEGY WORKS…

…and that it can COMPLETELY change the way you travel forever…just like it did for us.

Quick, quick story here…

Michael and I are originally from Vancouver…and we've always loved overseas travel.

But as I'm sure you know and are well aware of, domestic and international travel can both be quite expensive…and often TOO expensive when you add everything up.

A top-end experience to a world-class destination could EASILY set you back thousands of dollars a week!

That's why—until about five years ago—Michael and I simply couldn't afford to just "get up and go" to amazing places like Belize or Paris or Panama whenever we wanted to…without blowing all of our savings.

But the "Free-Stay Vacation Club" we discovered CHANGED EVERYTHING for us.

We enjoyed a vacation in London…where we took in the majesty of the 2012 Summer Olympics while thousands of other tourists were paying thousands of dollars per week for the privilege…we didn't pay a cent to stay there.

We enjoyed a two-week vacation in Costa Rica…where we lived in luxury, explored Costa Rica's spectacular tropical surroundings, and photographed the exotic flora and fauna. (We even spotted a wild three-toed sloth climbing a tree!) It didn't cost us a cent to stay there.

We've enjoyed MULTIPLE trips in the Caribbean…where we'd take daily strolls on sugar-white sand beaches, watch the sunset, and dine on fresh-caught seafood with friends under the stars.

(We still go back to stay in the Caribbean at least once every year thanks to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club"…and we NEVER pay for it!)

And yes…

This Is Something YOU Can Do, Too.

All it takes is a few "insider" secrets…which I'll tell you about in just a moment.

But before I get to that, I really want you to understand that this "Free-Stay Vacation Club" REALLY IS open to anybody.

Including YOU!

This way of exploring AND experiencing the world…

  • Is NOT just for "jet-set" multimillionaires. (Should you take full advantage of the "Free-Stay Vacation Club" strategy I'm about to share with you, you may soon be enjoying luxurious vacations in the world's most coveted destinations just like ultra-rich, ultra-famous, money-is-no-object "jet-setters" often do. However, YOU won't be spending ungodly amounts of money to travel the world in style. You'll be staying where you like at no cost!)
  • It requires little work on your part. (Once you learn and apply the "insider" secrets Michael and I have picked up first-hand over the past five years AND are willing to share with YOU, you'll marvel at how LITTLE you have to do to use the"Free-Stay Vacation Club" to arrange a vacation anywhere in the world.)
  • It can be done from anywhere in the world. (I'll show you the easy way to secure as many "Free-Stay Vacation Club" trips thanks to this strategy as you want from your laptop OR mobile device…so you can plan and book your vacations while you're at home…overseas…anywhere in the world you've got an internet connection!)
  • It makes perfect sense! (When you find out how this opportunity works AND how it benefits EVERYONE involved, you'll quickly realize why I say there's no catch whatsoever …and why ANYONE interested in traveling either domestically or internationally ought to give this "Free-Stay Vacation Club" a try right away.)

Now…there's one thing I'd like for you to keep in mind.

YOU ARE INDEED about to find out a REAL way to enjoy no-cost vacation stays anywhere in the world.

And yes…you're going to find out that just about anyone—including YOU—can REALLY do this.

And finally, you're going to find out that YOU REALLY CAN start researching AND booking your no-cost vacation stays as soon as TODAY.

But here's what I'd like for you to keep in mind…

I know through first-hand experience some people out there believe they can just do this themselves.

They believe this opportunity is simple.



Something ANYONE can do without ANY outside help.

And while it's true that if you put in hundreds—even thousands—of hours of your own hyper-targeted reading…painstaking research…and precious time, traveling both domestically AND internationally while you try to learn how to best take advantage of this opportunity…

…you could probably, eventually, figure out the basics on your own.

You might even pick up a few "secrets" along the way.

But I'm not going to reveal the "basics" of this "Free-Stay Vacation Club" opportunity to you… OR to show you what you could simply find out on your own.

Your time is far too valuable for that.

Instead, I'm going to show you how you can take this "Free-Stay Vacation Club" to the most "elite" level you can possibly imagine…just like Michael and I have done over the past five years and running.

The good news is, with our help, you won't need to spend five full years figuring all this out like Michael and I have done.

That's because today, I'm going to show you how you can take every little thing we've learned so you can:

  • "Leapfrog" over everyone else who "thinks" they know how to do this all on their own…
  • Start taking advantage of this "Free-Stay Vacation Club" opportunity at a truly "elite" level—just like Michael and I have done…
  • Start enjoying the kind of awe-inspiring, envy-inducing, once-in-a-lifetime, oh-my-goodness "bucket list" vacations most people only dream about.

And remember, when you get to explore and experience the world this way—you stay for FREE!

OK…since you're still with me, I'm assuming you're probably dying with curiosity as to what this "Free-Stay Vacation Club" opportunity really is, how it works, and why it really is the real deal.

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty…

What I'm talking about is what I like to call "elite housesitting."

NOT just ANY kind of housesitting

This isn't the type of housesitting you've read about online…

…or maybe even have heard about from fellow overseas travelers.

I'm talking about how to consistently land housesitting assignments for HIGH-END properties in the world's greatest destinations…both home AND overseas.

Even during peak season!

And this is something VERY few people know how to do… OR take advantage of.

Some mainstream housesitters don't even know this is possible!

The good news is—if you learn a few secrets AND learn how to put it to good use…

…you'll be able to book high-end housesitting assignments all over the world for FREE with surprising ease ANY MONTH OF THE YEAR…

… AND open up an entirely new, exciting, luxurious AND amazingly budget-friendly way to travel!

Essentially, you'll learn how to explore the world like a jet-set multimillionaire whenever you want…

…without paying one red cent for your accommodations!

Now…before I reveal how you can become an "elite housesitter", I'd like to give you a quick summary on how housesitting in general works…

… PLUS what my husband Michael and I have discovered after five years of near-full-time housesitting in some of the world's most popular, most coveted destinations…

…just so you're 100% confident that we REALLY know what we're talking about when it comes to staying for FREE in high-end accommodations anywhere in the world.

In case you don't already know, in a nutshell, housesitting is when a homeowner exchanges free accommodation in return for having a reliable, responsible person or people take care of their home while they're away.

You look after the house while they're away.

You stay for FREE.

That's the catch!

However, booking the very best housesitting assignments is where it can get a bit tricky…

You see, if you go online and try to book a housesitting assignment ALL ON YOUR OWN and see what's out there…

…you'll probably wind up finding countless "ho-hum" housesitting assignments to sift through like…say…a two-bedroom home in Wichita…a townhouse in Baltimore…or a studio apartment in Phoenix…

What's more, you'll also find an almost insane amount of competition for these assignments—as mundane and uninspiring as they may seem.

But this is far from the kind of housesitting I'm talking about today.

I'm talking about "elite housesitting."

Let me explain…

Let's say a couple owns a luxury property near the beach on the spectacular Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

And this couple plans on traveling for a few weeks at some point during the year.

However, they don't want to leave their house vacant.

Instead, they'd prefer to have someone reliable and trustworthy look after their house while they're away.

That's where YOU come in.

You could be the one that gets to:

  • Enjoy sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea from your bedroom window when you wake up each day…
  • Shop for local delicacies at open-air markets and cook up some gourmet dishes in a fully stocked kitchen…
  • Take long walks on the beach…
  • Enjoy full use of all the modern amenities that a real HOME offers (SO much more than a standard hotel! Like a barbecue…and a private backyard with a pool!)
  • And so much more.

And while the homeowners get to travel with peace of mind—you, the house sitter, get to enjoy a home-away-from-home, FREE.

Everyone wins!

The owner's home stays safe, secure and maintained.

And you, the house sitter, get to live like a jet-setter for a few weeks… for FREE!

This is what I call "elite" house sitting.

Quite simply, it's booking and enjoying "the best of the best" housesitting assignments in unique, high-end, luxury properties all over the world…before everyone else beats you to it.

And this is precisely the opportunity I'm sharing with you today.

Want to enjoy an early-spring vacation in the Caribbean so you can escape the last few weeks of the winter cold?

You can do that.

Or how about Paris in April…when "The City of Light" comes to life as Parisians wake up from their winter slumber and head outdoors to enjoy the warm spring weather…

You can do that too.

You could take a quick summer getaway to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and enjoy its famed world-class beaches, ice-cold margaritas and fresh fish tacos while you live in style.

Or…you could do something completely different…

…like spend the month of March in Kyoto, Japan to marvel at the impossibly gorgeous blossoming cherry trees…

…book a free property on the Greek island of Santorini in August…and enjoy a short holiday taking in some of the most awe-inspiring cliffside views in the entire world…

…or…stay for free at a beachside home in warm, sunny Byron Bay, Australia for the Christmas holidays!

All this and more is exactly what you can do…once you learn the ropes of how "elite housesitting" works.

And that's exactly what I'm going to show you how to do today—how YOU can learn the secrets of "elite housesitting" and start booking THE most coveted high-end housesitting assignments…

…just like Michael and I have been doing all over the world in world-class destinations like…

Tuscany, Italy—What Amazing Vistas!

The 15th century renovated farmhouse we stayed in for FREE was perched on a hilltop with 300-degree views of the rolling Tuscan countryside.

Here we spent hours on the different patios enjoying the ever-changing light and views.

It was like being at the top of the world with the hills and valleys rolling into the distance beneath us.

We adored soaking in the magnificent views and the warm Tuscan sunshine.

And it was here at this home where we picked our first lemons straight from the tree—along with figs and apricots.

We also picked eggplants, tomatoes, beans, lettuce and herbs straight from the garden. (Which we never had to weed, by the way, thanks to having a gardener on hand already paid to do that!)

I look back on this experience often…and think the most memorable aspect of this housesitting experience was not necessarily that it didn't cost us a cent (although that was obviously a HUGE plus—given the outrageous rental prices in Tuscany these days)…

…but the knowledge we gleaned from the owner—who gladly shared with us where to shop, eat and explore both in Tuscany and across Europe.

Having an "inside" connection like that completely changed our overseas experience for the better.

It gave us a chance to explore Tuscany and the rest of Europe with insider knowledge we never could've gotten anywhere else…

…and it really did make our whole European experience so, so much richer.

We estimate a property like this—based on our research—would've cost us upwards of $8,750 had we paid fair market value for renting it.

But since we were housesitting, we paid nothing to stay there.

It was FREE.

I'll tell you something… I feel so blessed that we've had many other wonderful housesitting experiences in Europe as well.

Almost too many to count!


While Housesitting In France, When We Cared For A Home And A Spectacular Vineyard!

The hosts even gave us a sample bottle of each of their varietals and the keys to the wine warehouse.

We tried our best to not overindulge…but fell in love with their signature Rośe.

How could we resist?

That French housesitting assignment—which also cost us ZERO to stay there—was a perfect base to explore the area.

I just loved eating oysters and mussels straight from the ocean…and watching the archaic sport of 'canal jousting' in Sete.

While housesitting in France, we even got to see two teams of men row boats at each other while one stands on an elevated prow, joust in hand, ready to pitch his opponent into the canal.

It was like straight out of a movie!

We estimate this stay would've cost us around $1,820 for a two-week stay…had we paid for it.

But we didn't pay anything for that two-week stay.

We stayed for FREE.

Then There Was Our FREE Stay In London During The 2012 Summer Olympics!

It's no secret that prices of accommodation in London, England skyrocketed during the 2012 Olympics—which attracts millions of visitors.

And most mainstream tourists paid an arm and a leg just to have a roof over their heads for a few weeks.

But not us!

Thanks to housesitting, we had a 15th century low-beamed London home all to ourselves.


It was a lovely, unique place.

The oak beams originally came straight from a sailing vessel!

And the location was just perfect.

The front door of our London housesitting home led right onto a busy London street. And the long backyard was an oasis of peace and calm.

It was the best of both worlds in big-city London…during the most massive sporting event in the world.

In fact, even though we were staying in London, we had a family of foxes that kept us company in the backyard many an evening…while they basked on the shed roof or drank from the tinkling pool.

And they were just adorable!

Michael and I estimated a property like this in London would've cost us $2,800 or more had we paid fair market value for renting it—especially since our stay was during the Summer Olympics.

But again, since we were housesitting, we didn't pay anything.

It was FREE.

Then there was our RENT-FREE luxury villa in Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica—which boasted "his-and-hers" bathrooms, a huge flat screen TV, and office and dressing rooms all in the master suite.

We also had a live in maid here!

We never lifted a broom, made a bed or washed a dish.

We estimated this stay probably would've cost us $1,750 at fair market value.

As housesitters, we paid nothing.

While housesitting deep in the jungle near Belmopan, Belize, we had howler monkeys for neighbors and insider introductions to the manager of the Belize Zoo.

We even got our own tour and a private meeting with Fuego who is an orphaned young tapir rescued from a recent forest fire before he was deemed well enough to join his fellow tapirs in their enclosure.

How many people can say that they have given a tapir a head rub and had him come nuzzling for more?

This stay probably would've cost us at least $1,000 over three weeks had we paid fair-market value for it.

But as housesitters, we stayed for free.

Watching the goings on in Marigot Bay, St Lucia from our luxury villa with a pool high on the hillside was a whole lot of fun.

The traffic ranged from day tripping party catamarans loaded with drunken cruise ship passengers, to multimillion-dollar "superyachts" that rent for $250,000 and up per week.

Our favorite spot in St. Lucia was the "Hurricane Hole"—the dockside bar where our friend Hassan whipped up the islands best rum punches and served icy cold beers with a cheery grin.

It was the perfect "people-watching" spot!

From there, we could watch the yachters coming into town.

And we soon learnt to distinguish the difference between the full time sailing couples and the charter yachts by the overloaded dinghies and somewhat unsteady passengers.

The four wonderful weeks we spent at that luxury villa in St. Lucia probably would've set us back $10,000 or more at that time of year—based on similar luxury rentals in the area.

But since we were housesitting, we didn't pay $10,000.

We paid $0.

In the Grenadines, where we stayed at a luxury villa with sea views and pool, we liked to float on the comfortable pool mats while stargazing at night.

With a cold drink in hand, we would admire the Milky Way, pick out constellations and wish on shooting stars.

Our only neighbors by our RENT-FREE Caribbean villa were the thousands of tree frogs who serenaded us, while the fireflies laid on their own light show, flitting and flashing in the bay trees and palms around the villa.

This property in the Grenadines, had we paid for the pleasure of staying there, would've probably set us back around $6,000 over the 5 weeks we stayed there.

But again, since we were housesitting, we stayed for free.

All in all, since Michael and I housesit full-time, we estimate we've saved $30,000 per year over the past five years.

That's quite a bit of extra money in pockets…to say the least!

But here's the thing.

Even if you housesit for just a week or two each year…

…you can STILL wind up keeping several thousand dollars in your pocket while enjoying the kind of luxury accommodations in coveted locales most people could never afford.

By the way, we're not the only ones enjoying all the spoils of "elite housesitting" these days.

Colleen M and her family discovered "elite housesitting" in 2013.

And since then, her family has explored 26 countries and counting…

"We've enjoyed perfect moments in a New Zealand farmhouse, savored life in the Alps, lived like locals in an apartment in Barcelona, Spain, wandered through vineyards in Aix-en-Provence and passed the winter in a Tuscan villa," says Colleen.

"I remember the ritual of opening the shutters each morning, the ochre sun would hit the terracotta floors and bathe the house in a buttery light."

And, as well as opening up a whole new world of experiences, it's also saving them money. "Living rent-free saves us an average of $3,380 a month…approximately what our house back home, with utilities, cost us," says Colleen.

Doug D, another "elite housesitter" recently enjoyed two months rent-free on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

"Our villa for the two months we spent there was very comfortable and tranquil. From the private hilltop, we watched sail boats and ferries ply the waters between the Grenadines. Lovely tropical gardens surrounded this lush paradise and the birds that visited were delightful," says Doug.

"Our breakfast of fresh fruit was picked daily on the property. Floating in a saltwater infinity pool with the Caribbean Sea as the backdrop is truly a memorable experience."

Vanessa A recently enjoyed a truly exotic house-sitting experience on the idyllic island of Bocas del Toro in Panama.

"The house we stayed in was well equipped, comfortable, and with uninterrupted views across the bay. Dolphins often played in the calm protected waters," Vanessa said.

"Through a thick wall of vines and jungle plants, a family of indigenous Indians would regularly visit to charge their phones."

She then moved on to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she was able to book another housesitting assignment.

"Recently we've been living in an upscale gated community at the top end of town, with beautifully landscaped grounds, a house keeper, and a gardener to help maintain the property. We have everything we need for luxury living," Vanessa said.

"The area is home to some of the largest, most expensive properties. And the city is stunning."

YOU can enjoy the same experiences as an "elite housesitter."

Here Are 10 Great Reasons Why "Elite Housesitting" Is Ideal For ANYONE Interested In Exploring And Experiencing The World In Grand Style

As an "elite housesitter" here's what you can expect:

  • Increased Comfort. Staying in a "real" home is a lot more comfortable—and has a lot more amenities—than even the best hotels. Imagine having full access to a washer and dryer, pool, living room, master bedroom and more…and having it all to yourself!
  • You Gain More Privacy. No noisy guests…no landlords…no shared space. It's just you, the house and the pets! (This is GREAT for "work-at-home" folks who need their own space to get things done.)
  • You Get To Live Like A Local. Your hosts will likely show you the best places to shop, where to eat, and introduce you to their friends before they hand over the keys to you. This gives you a chance to become part of the community immediately…and enjoy an experience you'll never get as a "regular" tourist.
  • You Gain More Freedom. If your work involves a laptop and internet connection, housesitting is ideal since most homes will already be hooked up with internet access. You can travel the world, stay at high-end properties for free AND keep on earning income every step of the way.
  • You Get The Chance To Enjoy A "Jet-Set" Lifestyle. How? Because you can stay in "multimillion-dollar" places like a four-bedroom villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea…a penthouse apartment in Sydney…a 19th century renovated cottage in Provence…all without paying for it.
  • You'll Enjoy Better Health. When you stay in a home, you'll have access to the kitchen. This means you won't have to depend on expensive (and often much less healthy) restaurant food. Not only that, but it'll give you a chance to use local ingredients when you prepare home-cooked meals. You'll also get to find out how much it costs to feed yourself if you lived or retired there full-time. (This makes browsing those open-air food markets a whole lot more fun AND healthy!)
  • You'll Enjoy Reduced Stress. That's because when you're a housesitter, you're spending time in a HOME. Not a hotel. And when you've got all the creature comforts of a HOME, your stress levels will undoubtedly go way, way down. Also, knowing that you're staying for FREE will help alleviate any possible financial stresses that you may have had if you chose to stay in a hotel.
  • You'll Make New Friends. As a housesitter, you'll meet fascinating and genuine people who will become great friends. You'll know a whole new group of people all over the world with invitations to visit whenever you're nearby.
  • You Can Even Take A Retirement "Test-Drive" If You Want. By this I mean you can stay in one place or area for an extended period of time and really get a feel for what it's like to live there without the commitment or expense of renting or owning property. (You could get to know the overseas destination of your choice on a much more intimate level…decide if your chosen destination is somewhere you'd like to spend more time in your future…even explore new property markets…)
  • You Can Enjoy MASSIVELY INCREASED SAVINGS! If you're a world traveler, why spend thousands per year on hotel accommodation when you can stay for FREE anywhere in the world as a housesitter? And what you save on rent-free accommodation can pay your travel costs to your next destination!

Now…perhaps you're wondering…

Why Isn't EVERYONE Getting In On "Elite Housesitting" These Days?

It's a good question.

And the answer is simple.

While lots of folks may know "mainstream" housesitting exists, most have no idea how to access the elite, "best-of-the-best" housesitting assignments both home AND abroad.

Here's a little secret almost nobody will tell you…

…but I will.

Accessing a housesitting website, posting a simple profile of yourself and offering your housesitting services ISN'T ANYWHERE NEAR enough to land the "cream of the crop" house-sitting assignments everyone wants.


  • And like I said, you'll have VIRTUALLY NO CHANCE of landing plum housesitting assignments in luxury properties in places like the Caribbean islands… Paris… London… Barcelona… Rio… Puerto Vallarta…and other world-class destinations.

The good news is…if you want to land the plush gigs in the high-end luxury homes in places that could probably rent for up to $2,500 a week or more in peak-season…

…all you've got to do is learn the "insider" secrets to landing these assignments.

And Putting These "Insider" Secrets Into Play Is EXACTLY What I'm Going To Show You How To Do Today

But first, I'd like to ask you a few quick questions …just to see if YOU'RE cut out to be an "elite housesitter."

After that, I'll reveal what's perhaps the most powerful "insider" housesitting secret I know… PLUS how you can use it to land the very best housesitting assignments in the world—wherever and whenever you want.

And finally, I'll have a very special offer at the end of this letter for people who feel they're suited to this opportunity.

So let's get right to it!

So… How Well-Suited To Overseas Luxury Housesitting Are You? Let's Find Out Right Now!

OK…so what I'd like to do right now is give you a mini "self-assessment" of sorts.

I've created this self-assessment as a way to help you gauge whether "elite housesitting" is for you or not.

So right now, I'm going to ask you a series of questions.

You'll answer "yes" or "no" to each one.

And you'll give yourself a score—1 for "yes" and 0 for "no."

If you don't have a pen and paper handy, go grab them now. They'll help you keep track of your score.

OK. I'm going to list the qualities I believe the folks who get the most out of housesitting all share.

And then you can see how you measure up.

I should say, too, that just because at the end you might not meet the minimum points, that doesn't mean you can't become a highly-sought-after "elite housesitter."

This isn't meant to be a definitive, be-all, end-all thing.

It's simply an indicator. A guide, if you will.

All right…so let's get to it!

Question #1Are you comfortable using the internet to research potential overseas destinations?

I'm assuming you already are since you're using a computer and the internet to learn about this opportunity right now.

I ask because there are several housesitting websites I know of where you'll need to research potential housesitting destinations, post your housesitting profile, and contact potential home-owners wishing to hire housesitters.

The internet makes housesitting easier than ever these days, but you'll still need to do online research…if you want to get the absolute most out of this opportunity.

So if you're comfortable with computers and technology and doing a bit of simple online research, answer YES and assign yourself one point.

Question #2Do you pay attention to detail?

This is a HUGE part of becoming an "elite housesitter." And I cannot stress its importance enough.

Paying attention to detail can make ALL the difference when it comes to landing the very best housesitting assignments all over the world…and it's something that you'll absolutely NEED if you want to land FREE high-end housesitting assignments on a regular basis.

So if you answered YES to paying attention to detail, give yourself a point.

Question #3Would you consider yourself well-organized and responsible?

This is also critical to becoming an "elite housesitter." I won't sugarcoat it. If you don't consider yourself organized or responsible, you're probably simply not cut out for this opportunity. After all, you're going to be looking after other people's homes. And in many cases, multimillion-dollar properties!

So it goes without saying…being organized and responsible is a MUST!

Hopefully, you answered YES to this! If so, go ahead and give yourself a point.

Question #4Are you willing to stay in a place other than a hotel when you travel overseas?

I ask you this because not everyone likes to travel in alternative ways. Some people like the predictability and dare I say, monotony of the big mainstream hotels and what they offer.

You know…they like the mini-bar…room service…the freshly-washed white hotel towels folded like trumpeter swans on the bed each morning…that kind of thing you'll find in hotels all over the world.

But others prefer the comforts of staying in a REAL home while away…and don't mind "giving up" things like room service and mini-bars in exchange for all the other wonderful things you'll have at your fingertips as a housesitter.

It's all a matter of preference, I suppose.

So if you think you'd rather spend time in a real HOME instead of a mainstream hotel, answer YES and give yourself a point.

Question #5Would you consider yourself a "budget-minded" traveler?

By this I mean when you head out to travel, do you make an effort to stretch out your travel dollars a bit further and find the best-value deals?

Or is money no object to you…and you prefer to spend freely and without forethought every day you're away in order to have a good time?

Here's why I ask. For some people, extravagant spending is no big deal. Spending thousands and thousands of dollars per week won't even make them blink. And if that's you, great.

However, for this particular opportunity, the kind of traveler who seeks the very best in life WITHOUT spending a fortune will certainly benefit more. It will simply be a much more rewarding experience…knowing you're staying for free in high-end properties and keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

So if you consider yourself a "budget-minded" traveler, put YES down and give yourself another point.

Question #6Do you think you could free up a few weeks (or more) each year?

This is quite simple. If you want to "test-drive" housesitting in a place that truly interests you, you'll need to be able to take at least one week off per year to do this. Preferably more.

This way, you'll get to know your preferred destination on a much deeper level.

The thing is, not everyone can afford to take a few weeks off each year. Some people are just too plain busy! But if you CAN take at least one week off per year, go ahead and answer YES and give yourself another point.

Question #7Does the idea of connecting with the local community while spending time overseas (instead of doing only "mainstream" tourist activities) intrigue you?

This question goes hand-in-hand with Question #4 about staying in hotels vs. staying in real homes overseas.

You see, some people simply prefer to hang out with other tourists and do just "touristy" things…instead of getting to know the locals and finding out what it's REALLY like to live in the area.

You'll see this all over the world. Just go to any mainstream resort in Mexico and you'd be surprised how many people go all the way there and never leave the resort property once or speak one word of Spanish. It's like they've never really left home!

But if you're the type of person that really wants to get to know your local community…go to the restaurants, cafes, bars and other spots that mainstream tourists never find out about…get invited to private parties with long-time locals and other well-connected expats, then answer YES to this final question and give yourself one more point.

OK, So That's All The Questions I've Got About "Elite Housesitting" For You.

And there are a total of 7 points possible here.

If you scored a 4 or higher, I'd consider you to be a good candidate for elite housesitting.

If you scored below that, please don't be discouraged.

As I've mentioned, ANYBODY can become an elite housesitter—if you really put your mind to it…

It's simply a matter of having the desire…and getting a good handle on your options.

That's something I want to talk further about here now.

If you scored a 4 or higher, stick with me here so we can explore together how you might proceed…

But right before I do that…

Here's One Of The Most Powerful "Insider" Secrets To Landing The World's Best Housesitting Assignments.

Now… I know I've mentioned to you that there are "insider" secrets to staying in fantastic properties all over the world for FREE.

Here's one of them.

It's a "secret" way of communicating what you have to offer to potential homeowners when you apply for the very best house sitting assignments worldwide.

And I say it's a "secret" because very, VERY few potential housesitters know that this is something you MUST do.

And it can make all the difference between living large in a four-bedroom ocean view villa in the Caribbean for FREE for four weeks…

…and going nowhere (unless you're willing to pay for it).

And that's good news.

Because right now, you're about to find out what this "secret" way of communicating to high-end homeowners interested in hiring housesitters is.

Here's the lowdown…

There Are THREE THINGS You Must Do Right If You Want ANY Chance Of Landing The Very Best Housesitting Assignments.

You need to know:

  • What to say.
  • How to say it.
  • When to say it.

That's it!

Now I know this may seem overly simplistic and even just "common sense"…and you'd be 100% right for saying this…because it's true.

But here's the thing.

You would be absolutely amazed at how many potential housesitters think they can just "do it all on their own" and expect to just get hired to look after an ocean-view villa in Barbados for a few months…

…just because they slap together a simple profile on a website.

It doesn't work that way.

You need to learn EXACTLY WHAT to say, HOW to say it, and WHEN to say it to get those incredible housesitting assignments all over the world.

The good news is, as you now know, my husband Michael and I have been housesitting full-time for five full years.

And through a lot of research, trial and error, and making adjustments along the way, we've come up with a proven "system" for mastering WHAT to say, HOW to say it and WHEN to say it.

So How Can YOU Learn ALL The Best "Insider" Secrets And Strategies Of "Elite Housesitting" And Start Staying In High-End Properties At Home AND Abroad For FREE?

Well, there are two ways, actually

The first way is to try to do it how we did it, and try to do it all on your own.

That's what most beginning housesitters do. That's even what we did.

They'll go online, have a look around, and see what they can find.

I don't recommend doing it this way.

Because when it comes to housesitting, there are a few things you need to know…

… IF you want to land those "plum" housesitting positions.

You see, competition is fierce for these coveted assignments—often with hundreds of candidates vying for one assignment.

So if you don't know what you're doing, you'll get edged out by others who do.

We found this out the hard way.

And it took us a bit of time before we not only were landing amazing housesitting assignments…but were even getting asked to come back and do "repeat" housesitting assignments in places like Barbados and St. Lucia.

So here's what I suggest.

Let Michael and I help you.

Learn from all our experience.

Find out what we did…what we're doing…what other top housesitters are doing…and simply replicate our success.

Doing just this will drastically slash the amount of time, energy, money and potential frustration you may face if you try to do it all on your own.

And it will make your overall housesitting experience that much more pleasurable and successful.

Now I'd like to show you a way you can do just that.

Let me show you…

A Quick, Easy And Effective Way To Get In On "Elite Housesitting" RIGHT AWAY… With Our Help!

Not long ago, the editors at International Living discovered what we were doing…and wanted to know more.

They told us that what we were doing—staying for FREE at high-end properties in many of the world's finest expat and retirement destinations—was something that every IL reader needed to know about.

They reasoned it would be a near-perfect way for readers to "test-drive" an international lifestyle…even if it's just for a week or two each year!

And since rent takes out one of the biggest chunks of any world traveler or expat's budget, they felt it was critical we share what we know with their readers.

So they asked us to create a program detailing everything we know about housesitting…everything we've learned…and everything we think anyone should do to land the very best housesitting assignments in the world…

… AND create not a book, but the ultimate online resource readers could access anywhere in the world they had an internet connection.

So after several months of really hard work, Michael and I finally put together a resource that I really, REALLY wish we had the first day we even thought about "elite housesitting."

Oh my…would this have saved a lot of headaches!

We've named this resource…

The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club".

Again, it's NOT a book.

It's a complete online, password-protected resource.

You can access it anywhere you can get internet access and with any internet-ready device.

This way, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to know about landing the most desired housesitting assignments all over the world…

…right at your fingertips.

Michael and I went to great lengths and put in hundreds and hundreds of hours detailing everything we know about the ins and outs of housesitting.

We detailed:

  • The exact words we've used in our profile to land a housesitting assignment in a four-bedroom luxury villa with a pool in St. Lucia…
  • The four best websites for marketing your housesitting services reviewed in detail…
  • The countries with the most promising housesitting opportunities. (PLUS: visa requirements, travel information, and sample prices for each country on our "hotlist" for housesitters.)
  • The best times of year to arrange housesits in different parts of the world. (You can avoid the busiest times of year and still experience everything a location has to offer…if that's what you want to do.)
  • How to hire a housesitter to watch YOUR own property while YOU travel the world…
  • And a WHOLE lot more!

Yes…we've included LOADS of "real world" material YOU can use to land your dream housesitting assignments all over the world.

Just read through the sections and you'll find out everything you need to know in detail.

But The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club" is a lot more than just reading material.

It's also a way for you to "meet" and "get to know" me and Michael.

You see, we've also produced a series of short videos to help guide you through each section of the program.

In each short video, we talk you through the section and tell you the most important things to know.

You can watch the short videos, get a "feel" and a "birds-eye view" of each section in the program, and then dive into the reading material.

It's very well-organized and easy to manage. We made it this way so you won't stumble into any of the roadblocks you would encounter were you to try this by yourself!

And getting in on this program NOW is the best first-step I know of.

In Fact, This Resource Has Already Helped A Few Other Housesitters We Know Completely Change The Way They Spend Time Overseas.

People like Bob Hesner and his wife Shirley, who recently messaged us about his recent overseas housesitting experiences.

He wrote,

"Hello Yvonne, the program was a great success for us."

"We started in the UK in May of 2015 and have been housesitting ever since, we have been in the UK, Scotland, Italy, and Australia.

We are currently finishing in Brisbane Australia, Spain is next week for 7 weeks then back to Scotland for another 5 weeks, at the same place we started in last May, then back to the US.

By the time we return to the US, we will have booked a total of 54 weeks of housesits during our total of 64 weeks away.

We spent from September 1st until January 17th in Australia and could have spent more had we not committed to the 7 weeks in Southern Spain.

We are planning on staying in the US for August through October as a break, and then we are committed in Hawaii for November and December, then most likely back to Australia for the US winter as we will be half way there when in Hawaii."

Then there's Alice and Peter Henderson who wrote,

"We had never heard of housesitting until we met Michael and Yvonne and their no nonsense, plain, clear, concise explanation had us hooked immediately."

"We originally thought we traveled to see the sights, vistas and views. We now know we travel to immerse ourselves in the culture, food and peoples of the new places we adventure to, and housesitting not only allows this but fosters the adventure like no other experience.

We have been sitting every January and February since reading their "mini" report and following all the recommendations. Their "reports" explain in easy terms all the groundwork you need to do before taking off and enjoying a unique way to travel.

The experiences we have had during our French, Australian, Spanish and St. Lucian housesits cannot be purchased at a resort or in a travel guide they are all one of a kind!

We would never have met the unique like-minded people or had experiences outside the box on a tour as we tend to stick with the tour group.

Our experience with the homeowners has shown us that they are the best source of info for the area as well as their circle of friends that you will meet on doggie walks and doggie park events.

Staying in lovely homes, looking after lovely pets, having built in acquaintances, for free, priceless!

The only reason we don't do this full time, (someday) is we are currently running our B and B spring to Christmas, and have a huge garden that keeps us busy, growing, harvesting and processing.

We won the travel lottery when we met Michael and Yvonne, opening our eyes to a unique and wonderful way to travel".

And there are many more housesitters we know of who have enjoyed similar experiences.

You could be the next.

Gain Access To Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club"

…and you'll find out everything you need to know about luxury housesitting today, including:

  • What kind of properties you can stay in for FREE as a world-traveling housesitter. (Everything from farmland homes in France to luxury villas in the Caribbean!)
  • Why housesitting is the perfect "soft-launch" into an international lifestyle.
  • How to put together a winning online housesitting profile (and stand above all your competition so you can book the "plum" housesitting assignments!)
  • The best places online for finding housesitting assignments.
  • How to "connect" with and understand the needs of homeowners looking for the ideal house sitter. (YOU!)
  • How to decide what you want to gain from housesitting. (To travel full-time…to experience different lifestyles, destinations and cultures…to live in rural areas, small communities, or off-the-beaten path…to explore Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim…to find a place to settle permanently…whatever you want to gain from housesitting.
  • How to match your skills to the homeowner's needs so you can stand apart from the crowd. (And secure more top-choice assignments!)
  • Real-life housesitting stories. (Everyone from "first-timers" to experienced housesitters spill the details about their experiences…and what you can learn from them.)
  • How to connect with the local community during your housesitting stay…
  • Examples of "housesitter wanted" ads and how to interpret them…
  • The "Golden Rules" of housesitting communication…
  • Three simple steps to making the housesitter "short list" anywhere in the world…
  • The "right way" to accept a housesitting assignment…

You'll also find out how to:

  • Choose the best housesitting websites to post your online profile.
  • Market yourself as a housesitter…
  • Build a winning profile…
  • Obtain references and testimonials to make yourself really stand out from the crowd.
  • Make the homeowner's shortlist.
  • Stand out when you're being interviewed for a luxury housesitting assignment…
  • …and much, much more!

You'll even find out all the details on how to land housesitting assignments in some of the world's finest destinations, including:

  • Belize
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain

On top of all this, you'll gain access to our highly valuable list of housesitter AND homeowner resources, including:

  • A complete list of sample interview questions and answers that you can go over before sitting in on a big luxury housesitting interview.
  • A complete list of the best housesitting websites we know of…and use regularly.
  • A "communications flowchart" that will help you MASTER how to communicate with luxury homeowners wishing to hire a housesitter. This downloadable PDF is worth its proverbial weight in gold…and then some!

If you want to get in on "elite housesitting" and want to do it with the most powerful resource on how to live rent-free as an "elite housesitter" right at your fingertips, then this is your opportunity to make that happen.

So you do away with the trial-and-error (like we did) and get going as a house sitter quickly, efficiently, and easily…

But that's not all you'll get when you decide to gain access to this super-valuable housesitting resource:

You'll also get…

THREE SPECIAL BONUSES: With This Limited-Time Offer

You see, The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club" comes with all kinds of useful extras when you agree to give it a try right now…

SPECIAL BONUS #1: Your Secret Weapon

There's a little-known strategy Michael and I discovered almost by accident.

It's a strategy to get yourself noticed above and beyond 99% of your "competition" (in other words—all the others—THOUSANDS OF OTHERS—who are interested in the very same high-end properties as you are).

Well, we discovered that if you use this simple strategy—a strategy that ANYONE can start using in just a few minutes—you'll place yourself leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.

You'll probably have a bit of a laugh when you discover what this "secret weapon" is.

But don't let its simplicity fool you.

Put this "secret weapon" to use and you'll GET NOTICED…and wonder why everyone else isn't doing it!

All the details on how to use this strategy is detailed in Your Secret Weapon.

All you've got to do to get this is take a look at The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide.

SPECIAL BONUS #2: The Ultimate Housesitters Checklist, Form And Template Collection

When you're a housesitter, there are a few things you need to keep on top of.

Things like, say, light maintenance of the garden…restocking foodstuffs for the owners return…ensuring the property is running smoothly…that kind of thing.

And one thing that Michael and I found very helpful was creating and using checklists and templates for the most important items.

We've refined our collection of checklists, forms and templates over the years.

And now, we'd like to share what we've created for our own use with you.

With this collection at your fingertips, you'll know exactly what you need to do—and in what order—each and every time you begin the process of arranging a new house sit.

This will keep you consistent and on point…and ensure you're in the best position to land the best housesitting assignments the world over.

And you'll get The Ultimate Houses itter's Checklist, Form And Template Collection FREE today…

…just for taking a look at The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide.

SPECIAL BONUS #3: Special Housesitting Website Discounts

At this point, after five years of doing this full-time, Michael and I like to think of ourselves as truly "elite housesitters."

And I'd like to think we really know what we're doing when it comes to professional housesitting worldwide.

For example, we've developed relationships with several of the top housesitting websites.

And this bodes well for you.

You see, Michael and I have recently negotiated several discounts on what are arguably the two biggest and most trusted housesitting websites online today.

And the good news is, you get to take advantage of these discounts…and save on your registration… just by getting in on this program.

All These Extras Are Yours, FREE

You'll receive:

  • The private, password-protected website…
  • All sections of the program with pointers on the types of questions to ask, tips on how to build a winning profile as well as all the "insider" secrets you'll need to book the "cream of the crop" housesitting assignments…
  • Introductory videos outlining the important take away points for each section…
  • PLUS… ALL the knowledge and hard-won experience that Michael and I have to offer YOU!

You'll also receive…

  • SPECIAL BONUS #1: Your Secret Weapon
  • SPECIAL BONUS #2: The Ultimate Housesitters Checklist, Form And Template Collection
  • SPECIAL BONUS #3: Special Housesitting Website Discounts

All this is yours—including the full bundle of extras—when you agree to take a no-risk look at The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club" right now…

I could reasonably ask $300 for this package, since it reveals secrets you won't find anyplace else.

It also provides advice, guidance, insights, and recommendations designed to land the world's most coveted luxury housesitting assignments faster and more efficiently than you ever could on your own.

And then there are the potential savings…

Consider this…

Michael and I have saved approximately $150,000 in accommodations costs over the past five years. And we've got many, many more years of high-end housesitting ahead of us.

True, we housesit full time. But if you were to do this for just one trip, this resource would likely pay for itself and then some…the very first night!

So asking for $300 would really be like a drop in the ocean.

And then…with the personalized attention and guidance Michael and I provide, too, you'll NEVER be at a loss for what to do.

That's because this program ensures you're "working smart" in your journey towards living the high life in high-end properties all over the world

That said, I want this to be as accessible as possible for anyone new to housesitting.

So I'm willing to set the regular price at a reasonable $149…

This means this power-packed housesitting resource can be yours for just $300 $149.

And when you take me up on it now, I'll toss in another special bonus for you, too…

SPECIAL BONUS #4: How To Get The Best Deal On Every Airfare You Buy

As I'm sure you know, airfares can run to thousands of dollars… AND put a massive dent into your savings.

The good news is, if you're armed with the right information, you can SAVE hundreds—even thousands of dollars—on every airfare you buy.

And you can find out exactly how to do that in the special report, How To Get The Best Deal On Every Airfare You Buy.

You'll discover how to get astounding prices when booking plane tickets, the best websites to use, some tricks that will lower your final purchase price, special quirks particular to the world's biggest airlines and their websites.

You'll also find out how to make the most of your frequent flyer miles.

Michael and I use many of the money-saving tips in this report since we fly so much to housesitting assignments all over the world.

In fact, I strongly believe that this special report alone could pay for itself ten times over or more every time you travel overseas.

And it's yours FREE when you order The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club".

I Guarantee You'll Find Out Everything You Need To Know About "Elite Housesitting"

I think you'll be impressed when you see The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide.

In fact, I'm so sure you'll like what you find that you can have your money back within 30 days if you don't.

Take a look at this program and I guarantee that The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide will provide you with:

  • The best, most efficient, most effective way to get from where you are now to housesitting for free in the kind of place you've probably dreamed of staying in…
  • ALL the tools you need to put your dream of living large anywhere in the world on fast forward so you can maximize your time and money and enjoy an amazingly fulfilling lifestyle…
  • ALL the real-world solutions, step-by-step instructions, and expert guidance you need to become an "elite housesitter" as quickly and easily as possible…
  • And much, much more…

Take your time and browse through all of this.

And then ask yourself if you still think housesitting is for you or not.

If it isn't…if you feel the solutions and how-to guidance outlined in The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club" aren't for you after all, simply ask for a full refund within 30 days and you'll get your money back.

No problem. No worries. No questions asked.

You've got absolutely nothing to lose…and an opportunity to take advantage of the most powerful money-saving travel secret of all time while you build a lifetime of great memories staying at high-quality HOMES all over the world for FREE to gain!

Why put your dream on hold and hope that "someday" you'll be able to escape to your own little place in the sun.

With the right guidance and advice, you can get a real jump-start on living an adventure-filled, travel-rich life…anywhere in the world.

You can have it now.

That blue-shuttered cottage in southern Europe…that beachfront bungalow on the Pacific Coast…that colonial townhome in a UNESCO World Heritage City…that jungle villa in Southeast Asia…

Whatever and wherever your dream is…you can find out exactly how to make it a reality without spending a fortune once you gain access to The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club".

There's no risk to you. Just take a look.

Soon, you could be spending your days in a high-end property anywhere you may choose to be and saving thousands of dollars, spending less than you are right now, and living like a millionaire WITHOUT the millionaire price tag.

And best of all, you can get started right now.

There's no better time than the present.

And remember, you can find out ALL the details on "elite housesitting" risk-free with this offer today.

You won't risk a single penny.

To gain instant access to everything I've mentioned in this letter, simply click below to get started.


Yvonne Bauche

Yvonne Bauche
International Housesitter

P.S. Remember, as an "elite housesitter", you can stay in your choice of high-end properties all over the world for FREE…whether it's just a few weeks a year, a few months a year, or even year-round! In fact, it's the perfect way to "test-drive" an international lifestyle…while saving massive amounts of money at the same time! My husband Michael and I have been doing this for five years now, and we've learned a LOT along the way. Now we'd like to share ALL the secrets we've learned to landing the very BEST housesitting assignments all over the world with YOU…with our groundbreaking program, The Housesitter's Ultimate Guide to the "Free-Stay Vacation Club".

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