Colonial Highland Retreats—Mexico: Dream It, Find It, Live It

Colonial Highland Retreats—Mexico: Dream It, Find It, Live It

During WWII, Vagabond Novelists and Returning Soldiers Made a Startling Discovery…

The Land that Winter Forgot!

D.H. Lawrence, Ernest Hemingway, and George Bernard Shaw followed in their bootsteps… and so can you!

Join thousands of expats who have quietly slipped away to a place rich with history and a healthy lifestyle, low cost of living, friendly neighbors, breathtaking scenery, and perfect weather year-round.

Dear Reader,

When American novelist Neill James fled Japan in 1941 to travel, she didn't expect to fall so in love with a place that she would never want to leave…

…a place that to this day offers a healthy, relaxed lifestyle much less expensive than staying home—and considered by all who go there to be one the most beautiful places in the world.

This land has captured the imagination of artists, retired brigadier generals, and everyday people. For decades, they have quietly slipped out of the rat race to enjoy a better life where…

  • Temperatures generally stay between 50 and 85 degrees year-round…
  • You're never more than a few minutes from an international airport with direct flights to the U.S. and Canada, and you could be home to visit friends and family in just a few hours…
  • Medical facilities are top notch, doctors still make house calls for $20, and foreign residents are fully covered by the national health plan for less than $250 per year…
  • Where you can have a part-time maid or cook for $16 a week…
  • Speak English as much (or little) as you want…
  • Enjoy a vibrant social life of concerts… museums… and fine dining for pennies on the dollar…
  • And own an elegant, modern home in a great neighborhood for the price of a fixer-upper where you live now…

Though Neill James was the first foreign "pioneer" to call this land of fountains, courtyards, cobblestone streets, and scenic vistas home, she certainly wasn't the last.

Famous artists and writers followed, and many, many others of all walks of life. In the last several decades, thousands of North Americans have continued to relocate to this land of high-quality, low-cost living…

If you joined them, you'd be in good company.

So where is this place?

The mountains and valleys of Old Mexico, where a blend of culture, history, low prices, and perfect weather combine to create one of the best climates for living in the world!

My name is Glynna Prentice, and I am the Mexico Editor for International Living. Since moving to Mexico, I've traveled far and wide, and even lived and worked in several different Mexican cities.

Today I'd like to tell you about my top four picks—the best places to live, retire, or own a second home in central Mexico…

Top Pick #1
No Spanish? No Problem. Here's the Place for You…

Live in this lakeside village, and you won't even need to know much Spanish.

This town has been popular for half a century with writers, sculptors, and artists, and is believed to have the largest expat population of Americans and Canadians anywhere outside those countries.

There are yoga classes, gardening clubs, book clubs, theater performances, and even a library that caters to English speakers…

According to National Geographic, this place has the second-best climate in the world. Daytime winter temperatures average 71 degrees (F). Summers? You can count on sunny, 80-degree weather…

The lake here is exceptionally clean, and nearby are mineral hot springs. Enjoy your days at the spa, or watch life go by at an open air cafe. And if you've ever wanted a place to write a book or learn to paint, you'll feel right at home.

In this area, you can own a two-level, three-bedroom home in town from $149,000. A newer home with four bedrooms and views of the lake currently goes for $305,000.

Top Pick #2
Easy Living in Mexico's Most Cultural City

One thriving city has Spanish-colonial buildings and many little cobbled streets, which gives this place a romantic, Old World grandeur atmosphere. Every walk through the city is a discovery, as you stumble on little shops or out-of-the-way, flower-filled plazas. The markets teem with fresh vegetables and snacks, like corn gordita—hot off the griddle and stuffed with chili, meat, and beans—prepared at one of the stalls. One of these gorditas—which costs less than a dollar—makes a filling breakfast or mid-morning snack.

The student population keeps this city feeling young. Take a class; catch a film series; attend a concert; go to a lecture…it's all here, every day… and well into the evening, too.

You can buy a three-bedroom house here, in the center of town, which includes a terrace with views of the city for $98,000.

Top Pick #3
Like a Tuscan Hill Town, at a Fraction of the Price

Narrow cobblestone streets… intricate wrought-iron balconies… arched windows… and walls painted in yellows and earth tones…

You might think you're in one of Southern Europe's romantic getaways, yet you're actually near the geographical center of Mexico.

This is an arts town, with gallery openings, musical concerts, book readings… and many fine bars and restaurants. This place has the very best of city living, but far away from the traffic and stress.

The picturesque central square is the hub of the community, and soon enough, you'll get to know just about everyone.

"I attended International Living's seminar here in May of 2007, and I'll never forget all the things I learned. I came back again in July and August, then closed on a home in October.

I bought a contemporary home right in the centro historico—for $245,000. Back in California, a home of similar size and construction would cost $500,000. But this house is near the mercado artisanos—the artisan's market—and just five blocks from the central square. I have a rooftop terrace that looks out over the city, as well as my neighbor's chickens and laundry. It's wonderful.

This place is my 'ace in the hole.' I'm still working in California where my family is, but one thing is sure, I'm very happy when I'm visiting my second home in Mexico.

The quality of life is way more affordable. Plus it's a magical place— everywhere I go I wonder if I'm on a movie set. The scenery is just breathtaking."
—Stephanie Duff-Erickson Napa Valley, CA

Here you can find a two-bedroom home with an open floor plan, a courtyard, and a rooftop terrace near the center of town for $185,000 A modern, two-bedroom home with high wood-beamed ceilings and rooftop views of the city goes for $239,000.

Top Pick #4
Off the Radar—Until Now…

This city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is just now attracting expats and investors.

The colonial-era plazas, tree-lined boulevards, restaurants, and museums might make you think you've stepped out of a history book. Yet this city is completely modern, and has everything from Sam's Club to Office Max.

The altitude here is about 6,000 feet, which creates an ideal climate— warm days, and on winter evenings you may want a light sweater.

People here tend to dress a bit more formally—you won't see many adults in t-shirts and shorts. This place has it all—Old World class, and New World convenience.

Mexicans have discovered this gem of a city, and foreigners are starting to follow. If you want to get in on the ground floor, this is the place to be.

A four-bedroom house with a gym, game room, a servant's quarters, and parking for four cars is just $228,571.

I'd Like to Let You in on the Details…

I'd like to tell you all about living and investing in the best towns and cities of highland Mexico by sending you a new report called Colonial Highland Retreats.

You'll find out how people like James Tipton have found a fountain of youth by adopting a healthier pace of life in one of the most beautiful places in the world…

"Back in the States when I was 50, I felt like I was 65.
Here… at age 67, I feel like I’m 50…and getting younger!"

James first found out about what would become his home in highland Mexico through International Living.

Now, with Colonial Highland Retreats, you benefit from the same great research—but you gain more of it, completely up-to-date, and all together in one place— and all of it about the area of Mexico that interests you most.

The cost is only $37... less than the price of dinner for two.

Colonial Highland Retreats will give you a taste of life in the highlands…

It will also help you narrow the field of choices—if one or two of the places I'd like to tell you more about especially appeal to you, put them on your "short list" to visit.

In Colonial Highland Retreats, you'll find out where to stay, who to contact, even what to pack should you decide to visit Mexico for yourself.

Our iron-clad guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your report, simply ask for your money back within 30 days, and we will send you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

Discover Where to Live and Invest in the
Highlands of Mexico Today!

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There's no time like the present to live in the land that winter forgot. Order your copy now.

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And thank you for your purchase!

Viva Mexico!

Glynna Prentice
Mexico Editor, International Living.

P.S. After a steady decline, the U.S. dollar is growing ever stronger against the peso. Now's the time to take advantage of favorable exchange rates to get even more value for your money! Start your journey today with Colonial Highland Retreats.

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