Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot—Panama: Dream It, Find It, Live It

Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot—Panama: Dream It, Find It, Live It


Clipping Coupons? STOP!

Now You Can Join the Leisure Class… at 1947 Prices!

In this tropical, cosmopolitan paradise, you can enjoy every modern comfort at yesteryear's price tag—and get VIP treatment wherever you go!

Dear Reader,

Imagine if you could buy a new home today in an up-and-coming neighborhood of a city like Miami or Hong Kong for $120,000!

That's what you might have expected to pay 30 years ago. And in real dollars, that's about what you'd have paid for a median U.S. home—back in 1947! (What you'll get here for that price is well above median… by today's standards.)

I’m talking about a place where you can qualify to…

…pay zero property tax for up to 20 years…

…get in on the world's best retirement program (you'll get considerable discounts on almost everything—and there's no minimum age requirement!)

…live in ultra-modern surroundings and go to the beach, mere minutes away, whenever you want. In fact, everything is close by… misty mountain getaways… cool, rainforest-ringed valleys… and so much more!

See Your Money Go Farther—Without Giving Up a Single Convenience! Warm Weather Year-round…
All The Amenities of Home (plus some)… and a Low Cost
of Living—It's a Perfect Combination!

In this world-class city, you can live a better lifestyle than you do today. On a smaller budget. Without giving up a single 21st Century comfort:

  • Buy tickets to the opera or enjoy a night of theater—for as little as $5…
  • Enjoy Johns Hopkins-quality medical care… in the most hi-tech advanced care facility in the entire region! And if you ever need it, you can have your own private nurse for $60 a day…
  • Hire someone to do your cleaning—including laundry—for only $15 a day…


It's extremely easy to get residency here, and everyone has the right to own property—outright!

Interested in starting your own business or working from a tropical paradise? You could be up and running in a matter of days thanks to the business-friendly environment.

It's also easy to get here and away—a large international airport has direct flights to major cities worldwide, seven days a week…

You could enjoy a morning of shopping or lounging by the pool, catch a flight after lunch, and still meet your envious friends for a late dinner or drinks on either coast of the U.S…

Welcome to Panama City, Panama!

My name is Jessica Ramesch. I'm International Living's Panama Editor, and I live in Panama City.

Although this country has some of the world’s most pristine beaches… and highland towns that rank among the planet’s best retirement destinations… and islands and rainforests known the world over for their bio-diversity… I wouldn’t trade my home here in the city known as the "Hub of the Americas" for an instant.

You see, living here puts you within easy reach of the beaches, highlands, rainforests, and islands. You can go there anytime you want, often in an hour or less! Enjoy breakfast and a mid-morning dip in the Pacific, lunch on a mountain top overlooking the verdant countryside, then dinner and a sunset walk on a Caribbean beach! And when you’re based in the city, you'll enjoy unparalleled First-World convenience for the price.

Sure, there are other cheaper cities to live in Latin America, but what are the trade-offs? Would you miss your morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts or that great sushi place around the corner? Not here; we have it all. Leery of life without English-speaking doctors? We have those, too… and at a Johns Hopkins-affiliated facility, no less! And here, health care is accessible, affordable, and very high quality… can you say the same of the situation back home?

Enjoy a First-Class Retirement on a Blue-Plate Budget!

If you're living off of retirement income, you probably qualify to join Panama's world-class pensionado program. And in Panama City, you'll have plenty of opportunities to cash in on your legal right to VIP status as a retiree…

  • Opera, jazz, theater, and flamenco performances… first-run English movie tickets… and any other entertainment costs—at half off!
  • For trips to the beach, islands, or rainforests—get up to 50% off your hotel stays… 25% off airline tickets (even on some of the best international flights)… 30% off bus and boat fares…
  • And enjoy a 25% discount when you go out to eat… even at the trendiest restaurants!

Mind you, these are savings on Panama City's already low prices! (According to, Panama City is one of the 100 least-expensive cities in the world.)

Enjoy a retirement free of coupon-clipping and seeking out senior specials. As a retiree—even if you're under 50—you get the best deals 24/7, and you can legally step straight to the front of the line in any bank or business!

With savings like these, you'll have more money to do the things you enjoy… whether it's playing golf, eating out, or traveling more often.

With direct flights to major cities all over the world—and your 25% pensionado discount—traveling has never been easier. The world is your oyster, and your home in Panama City is the pearl.

Panama has a High Quality of Life

In a recent Corporate Resources Group study of 192 cities around the world, Panama City is one of the region’s top three cities for quality of life (after Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay).

Yet Panama City—only two and a half hours by direct flight from Miami—offers a low cost of living and high-culture lifestyle much closer to home than the other chart-toppers like Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Visit your friends, family, kids or grandkids anytime you like.

The city has museums, concert halls, plazas, and green spaces… including a protected rainforest within the city limits—the only one in the world. You’ll never run out of new things to do (I haven’t, and I’ve been here for over five years). Plus, your friends and family will love visiting you…

Here, power outages are a thing of the past and reliable internet connections are the norm…

The United States played a major role in putting in first-class infrastructure to support the Panama Canal and its military bases. And now that Panama has taken over the former Canal Zone, improvements continue—the Canal itself is more efficient than ever!

It's a safe, peaceful country. So safe, in fact, there's no military… And according to a recent United Nations survey, total crime is the lowest in the region. People here feel safe.

Ocean View Living from $225,000… Apartment with Pool from $60,000… and 20-Year Property Tax Exemptions…

The amount of affordable real estate on the market in Panama City is staggering. Here are a few listings from a few of my favorite parts of town…

  • In a neighborhood I know, you can have brand new apartment with high-end finishes, two bedrooms, two bathrooms as well as a balcony for $225,000… complete with views of the Pacific Ocean and the stunning Panama City skyline!
  • In the center of Panama City, near a beautiful park, you can get a small two-bedroom apartment for only $95,000. There's a doorman, as well as a party area…
  • An  apartment of over 785 square feet with two bedrooms, two baths, pool and views of a vast, green park is on the market for an asking price of $120,000… and you'll pay no property taxes for the next 19 years!

Most new homes… whether you buy or build them yourself… come with property tax exemptions of 20 years. And the remaining exemption is passed to the new owner whenever a property is sold. So shop smartly for a qualifying home, and you'll pay zero property tax for up to 20 years!

And these are just a few listings from just a few of Panama City’s great neighborhoods. The truth is, there are a variety of neighborhoods that smart buyers should consider. Some of these places have been popular expat destinations for years… while others are completely off the radar, offering the lowest prices in the city. You won’t hear about these neighborhoods anywhere else…

"The Cost of Living Is Fantastic!"
"We bought an apartment just a few months ago," says Jacqueline B. of Virginia. "The cost of living is fantastic and the people are wonderful." But most importantly, says Jackie, she chose Panama because no other city seemed modern or dynamic enough for this enthusiastic expat-to-be. "I wanted an ocean view in a modern city," she says. Only Panama City fit the bill.

Whether you're looking for the peace and quiet of suburbia… or the hustle and bustle of the big city… you can find it in Panama City…

… if you know where to look!

The Best of North American Suburbia

In one well-to-do part of town, wide boulevards and carefully planned landscapes greet your eye. It's organized, clean, and spacious.

The central plaza is enormous… as is the main park (there are several), complete with a picturesque pond.

It's surprising that not many expats live here, especially considering it's only a 10-minute commute downtown, and the neighborhood has two of the best schools in the country.

You can get a three-bedroom condo here for $160,000. As for houses, it’s hard to find anything for less than $500,000 in this area, but in the middle-class neighborhoods next door, you can own a new home from $70,000-$100,000… just minutes away from the same schools, parks, and shopping areas.

Panama's Shiny New Beverly Hills

This area is one of contrasts..

Home to both middle-class neighborhoods and upscale barrios, the new, modern architecture and ocean views in this large district have captivated many, especially those with deep pockets. International Living reader Al F. calls his new neighborhood "the Beverly Hills of Panama."

Live here, and you'll be walking distance from parks, malls, hotels, casinos, upscale grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, wine stores, night clubs, and more.

Despite the area's popularity, it's still possible to find bargains. You can get a spacious three-bedroom apartment with nearly 1,500 square feet for $180,000. Go a bit more upscale, and own a one-bedroom apartment with every amenity: laundry area, doorman, pool, Jacuzzi… and 16 years left in its property tax exemption!

A Nature Lover's Paradise… from $60,000!

In this Panama City suburb, you might sometimes feel as if you're on the edge of the wilderness…

A half-hour from downtown, this hilly ‘suburb feels a world away… it’s the ideal spot to enjoy gardening, tropical bird-watching, hiking, even mountain biking, rock climbing, and rappelling.

Founded about 60 years ago, is a private, rainforest enclave created by upper- class Panamanians who wished to live outside the growing city. A lake offers soothing water views against a lush forested backdrop. Here you can get a 2,400 square-foot, three-bedroom duplex storage shed, laundry room, patio, and central air-conditioning … for $195,000.

From Million-Dollar Yachts to Laid-Back Living

In this part of the city, you'll find long-established, thriving expat communities—yet it’s quiet, uncrowded, free from city traffic, and very green—the epitome of tropical paradise. You might think you were in a small upscale town in Florida.

There's a modern art museum, live theater in English, and cute, cozy restaurants and bars where community members gather to share a meal of freshly-caught seafood or a celebrate the sunset with a tropical cocktail.

Here, a causeway stretches into the Bay of Panama, the perfect place for you to spend your Sunday afternoons enjoying the sea breeze and picture-perfect views of the Bridge of the Americas, the Panama City skyline, and yachts ready to cruise the Canal.

In this green, family-friendly district, you can find a 2,400 square-foot, three-bedroom duplex storage shed, laundry room, patio, and central air-conditioning … for $195,000. Or you can live in an upscale, gated golf development in a luxurious two-bedroom, two-bath condo with 1,485 square foot of living space…for just $275,000.

Colonial Class in a World Heritage Site

Stately trees… cobblestone streets… historic monuments… Spanish colonial homes… and outdoor cafes—this area is fashionable, and will continue to grow—some 15% of the area's colonial buildings have been restored to their former glory and many more are being restored as we speak.

This area is a personal favorite of mine—not a gentrified tourist trap, it’s a real neighborhood with pungent local flavor. The stately architecture lures and inspires local artists with wrought-iron grilles and romantic balconies from times past. Everything here is a photographer’s dream… from the tiny Kuna women dressed in traditional garb to the crumbling ruins of the mysterious Flat Arch.

Walk toward the waterfront, and you'll see freshly painted mansions next to fixer-uppers awaiting a loving hand. There is an air of excitement here, and the lucky residents can all but feel the potential seeping out of the cobblestones and bricks.

Here, a 625-square-foot apartment in a beautifully restored colonial and near a host of amenities has an asking price of $261,000. And if you want to live in luxury, a 2,023-square-foot three-level renovated apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a private rooftop terrace goes for $525,000.

How to Find Out More…

I'd like to tell you more about these neighborhoods and many others by sending you a report I've prepared for you called Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot.

In Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot, you'll find out about…

  • A community with "free trade zone" status… where you can take advantage of duty-free trading and other incentives (should you start or move a business here)… and where you can get a 1,500-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath home with a covered terrace for $180,000…
  • A new city with world-class telecommunications, and an open invitation to entrepreneurs. If you have a business idea, you’ll likely find there’s a real need… and the "powers that be" are actively encouraging entrepreneurs and companies to get in touch and be a part of creating the new city.
  • Questions to ask before buying any property in Panama… the best streets for bargain-priced property, and even what areas to avoid…

…and a great deal more.

Find out about business incentives… undiscovered neighborhoods… restored colonial homes… the best nearby beaches… and even ideas for a day of fun…

You’ll also learn about the best expat enclaves and up-and-coming neighborhoods a savvy investor would do well to take a look at.

In Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot, you'll get the kind of knowledge that, under normal circumstances, you could only gain by spending months and years on the ground—exploring, researching, and making costly mistakes…

Lucky for you, I've done the hard part for you. I've lived here for over ten years, and I've made the costly mistakes… chased the dead ends… and finally found the gems you need to know about to make an informed decision about living or investing in Panama City.

What does Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot cost?

Furnished Apartments… Affordable Rentals…
Panama City Has Them!

First, let me just say that my report (and, honestly, I'm proud of the depth of detail… I can't wait for you to read about my hometown) even lists samples of furnished homes and the best neighborhood eateries…

You’ll be amazed at how many furnished homes are on offer—for the same price as similar unfurnished homes… forget about spending thousands to import your household goods, you can just show up!

And what about finding trustworthy local contacts? Who can you talk to about rentals? Which real estate experts are reputable? How do you choose an experienced attorney? This report contains invaluable, detailed information. These contacts alone are worth ten times the cost of Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot.

Find Out if Panama City Is For You:
This Is Your First (and Best) Step

I'll tell you where to stay when you’re here visiting properties and neighborhoods… or simply vacationing for a while. And I’ll tell you what you can do for fun while you're here… the kinds of activities you're sure to enjoy as a visitor or as a resident.

It's all in Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot.

And the cost of the report? Just $37.

That's likely a modest dinner for two at a family restaurant back home. But here? You can go out a couple of times for that… a drink included!

Not only that, but it's an incredible value considering that this could catapult you toward living a better quality of life in a cosmopolitan, tropical paradise… with nominal real estate prices of New York City in the 1980s… and in real dollars, about the same as America in 1947.

So here's what I'd like you to do. Below, there's an "order now" button. I'd like you to click it.

Once you fill in your information and your order is processed, you'll receive my report, Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot, right to your email inbox.

You'll have online access to the report. So whatever it is that attracts you to Panama City, you'll be able to find out the intricate details… with very little waiting.

It's as close as you can get to visiting Panama City for yourself… without the time and expense of buying a ticket, taking a trip, hiring a private guide, and dealing with the anxiety of finding reputable real-estate agents…

And, by reading the in-depth descriptions of different neighborhoods, you may be able to hotlist some while striking others… why waste your time and money pounding the pavement on your own?

Your small investment in Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot will help you pinpoint the spot that's right for you.

Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee: If the report does not meet your expectations for any reason, please just let us know within 90 days and we'll send you a complete refund immediately, no questions asked.

With your copy of Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot in hand, you’ll be ready to discover the best of what our favorite First World city has to offer.

Please, order now!

I’ve loved every minute of my new life in Panama City, and you’ll understand exactly why after reading this special report.

Just click here to go back to the top of the page and click "Add To Cart".

Best regards… from the greatest city in the region,

Jessica Ramesch,
Jessica Ramesch
International Living Panama Editor

P.S. Bright, cheerful apartments for $90,000 (or even less)… suburban homes for as little as $185,000… sparkling new condos for less than $160,000… Panama City offers every modern comfort at affordable prices. You don't have to give up modern conveniences, nightlife and culture when you live overseas!

Order Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century City now by clicking the button below!

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