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Why did we retire to Panama at the
young ages of 51 and 57?

The short answer: Because we can afford to live here on $2,000 a month.

The long answer: Just a few hours from the
U.S., tropical Panama offers an extraordinary retirement program, excellent health care, and our health insurance costs us just $270 a month…

But there's more to it than that, of course…

Dear International Living Reader,

Just a few short years ago, says Terry Coles, "We were living in Corpus Christi, Texas. I was working for a medical equipment company and my husband, Clyde, was a firefighter. He loved his job, but he had always wanted to retire at age 57."

You Can Easily Qualify for Panama's Pensionado Program No Matter Your Age—And it Comes With an Abundance of World-Class Benefits

Even if you're under 50, you can qualify as a pensionado in Panama. And when you do, you'll be eligible for HUGE discounts on everything from restaurants meals and medical services to travel, entertainment events, and much more, even including your utility bills!

Panama offers the best retirement package in the world. Keep reading for all the details...

Clyde was eligible for a good pension, Terry says, but his ex-wife is entitled to a third of that. The remaining amount wouldn't go far, especially since Clyde would lose his health insurance benefit when he retired.

Even worse, since they would not yet be eligible for Medicare, Clyde and Terry would need to fork over $1,200 every month for an adequate health insurance policy.

So Clyde started doing some research. He asked Terry what she thought about the idea of retiring overseas.

"Did I want to work another 15 years or did I want to retire now and enjoy life?" she asked herself.

It didn't take long to make a decision. "Where are we going and when?" she asked Clyde.

After much research, the couple chose Panama.

"It had everything we were looking for," Terry says. "A great pensionado (retirement) program, excellent healthcare at a fraction of the cost back home, and a warm tropical climate. It's close to the U.S., uses the U.S. dollar, and so much more."

On a visit to Panama, the hook was set. Clyde and Terry moved to the town of Chame, not far from the popular, upscale beach community of Coronado, where their total monthly living expenses amount to no more than $2,000—including utilities, food, prescriptions, property taxes, internet, gas and maintenance for the car, and more….

And by moving from the States to Panama, Terry and Clyde were able to vastly reduce their health insurance costs—from $1,250 a month to just $270 a month. And that's for a comprehensive policy with a low deductible of just $250.

"We really feel like we have it all," says Terry. "We're very happy with our new lives and our new friends and experiences, and we've never looked back."

Live Life Like a Celebrity, but Without Rock Star Prices

There are lots of happy retirees in Panama, where they're called "jubilados."

While the word jubilado looks like it should translate to "jubilant," in Panama it actually refers to a "retired person."

But as any expat retiree in Panama will tell you, it's easy there to be both retired and jubilant.

One reason for that is because in Panama you'll be respected and wanted because of your age and not in spite of it!

"Panamanians are hardworking, they are very family oriented," one expat says. And they respect and care for jubilados.

He should know. He and his wife live in a gorgeous Panama City condo with a fantastic ocean view. They have a housekeeper who keeps it clean and does the laundry.

Thanks to Panama's Pensionado Program, he spends just $2.50 to watch a first-run movie at a 14-screen theater in English. He pays $5.50 for a blood test to check his cholesterol at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. And he gets nice discounts for his round-trip air tickets that originate in Panama.

Plus, he says, he and his wife eat out regularly at some of Panama's most popular restaurants...a couple of bucks for breakfast, less than $5 for dinner. When the check comes, he just asks for his "descuento de jubilado"—his retiree discount.

"I'm living like a celebrity… like I have all the money and prestige in the world," he says, "And I'm doing it all on a pensioner's budget."

So what is it about Panama that makes it one of the world's top retirement destinations? Besides the perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and low cost of living? A lot of it has to do with those extraordinary retirement incentives I mentioned earlier….

Why Does Panama Have So Much Going For It?

Because of its strategic location and its close ties with the U.S. (the U.S. built the Panama Canal and administrated it until 1999), Panama offers state-of-the-art benefits-benefits we take for granted in First-World countries.

For example, the roads are smooth. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure and services… reliable high-speed Internet access… cable and satellite TV… easy, widespread access to U.S. products and services… excellent health care… and more… Plus, Panama is outside the hurricane belt (in fact it's virtually free of natural disasters.)

Of all the retirement havens in the world, Panama offers-without question-the best retirement and lifestyle benefits you'll find anywhere.

The Perks and Prestige of
Being a Retiree in Panama…

Panama's Pensionado Program is the most generous and appealing program of special benefits you'll find anywhere in the world today.

Best of all, you needn't be of "official" retirement age to qualify.

No matter your age, you can qualify for Panama's Pensionado Program—widely recognized as the best retirement program in the world. Just provide documentation of a guaranteed pension income of $1,000 a month from a government agency (e.g. social security, disability, armed forces) or corporation. If you buy a home in Panama valued at $100,000 or more, that amount is reduced to just $750 per month.

As a qualified pensionado in Panama, you're entitled to:

  • 50% off entertainment—such as movies, theaters, concerts, and sporting events—anywhere in the country
  • 50% off closing costs for home loans and more…
  • 50% off hotel stays from Monday through Thursday
  • 30% off hotel stays from Friday through Sunday
  • 30% off bus, boat, and train fares
  • 25% off airline tickets
  • 25% off at restaurants
  • 20% off medical consultations
  • 20% off professional and technical services
  • 15% off hospital bills (if no insurance applies)
  • 15% off dental and eye exams
  • 10% off prescription medicines
  • And more…

You're also entitled to a one-time exemption from duties on the importation of your household goods (up to $10,000) and tax exemptions on the importation or local purchase of a car.

Put Panama in the Top Spot on Your Retirement Destination List Now

I'm Jackie Flynn, International Living publisher. For years International Living has been sharing information about all that Panama has to offer. As quality of life (worsened by crumbling economies and heavy-handed governments) deteriorates elsewhere in the world, Panama looks better and better.

Nowhere else can you enjoy such a comfortable life…with a year-round mild tropical climate, excellent medical care, fresh, healthy food straight from the farmer's truck…and a retirement incentive program that's truly welcoming of expats…

That's why Panama has earned the top spot on International Living's Global Retirement Index more times than any other country. Panama may very well be the best overseas retirement destination there is.

In Panama you really can have it all: a cosmopolitan capital city with one of the world's largest financial districts…hundreds of miles of spectacular beaches…highland retreats with green valleys where the weather is spring-like, even in January and August… And did you know that there are never any hurricanes?

More than any other destination that International Living covers, Panama is—hands down—the most popular. And there are so many reasons why…

Panama meets all the criteria on most anyone's "perfect overseas lifestyle" checklist:

  • Close to the U.S. (less than a 3-hour flight from Miami)
  • Politically stable and business friendly
  • Mild weather, with a climate for everyone, from tropical beaches to temperate mountains
  • Top-quality healthcare—the gleaming new Punta Pacifica Hospital is affiliated with Baltimore's renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • No income taxes on foreign-earned income

Now, it's true that many of the things I've just mentioned can be found in other Latin American countries, too. Some are even closer to the U.S. (but not by much). And many have democratically elected governments. (Although few are as stable and safe as Panama.)

Plus, there are many things that are unique to Panama that you may not be aware of:

  • You can drink the tap water almost anywhere
  • Property tax exemptions on a wide variety of homes and condos constructed in the last 20 years
  • The U.S. dollar is the official currency—your retirement income won't fluctuate with currency exchange rates.
  • A built-in community of English-speaking locals and expats
  • No hurricanes
  • The world's best retirement incentive program, and…
  • It's very affordable—live well on $2,000 a month or even less!

I'll explain more in a moment about how comfortable and inexpensive it is to live in Panama. But first...

How Can You Quickly and Easily Determine,Once and For All, if Panama is For You?

In 2006, we made a very valuable addition to our staff. Jessica Ramesch is a Panama native who grew up and attended university in the States. But as a young adult, she quickly realized that for her, there is no better country on the planet than Panama…

For nine years now, Jessica has been digging deep into every corner of Panama… to discover the little-know gems and the very best locales for buying real estate, starting a business, or just living the good life you deserve.

To add another perspective, we've added Nanette Witmer to our staff as a correspondent from Panama's Chiriquí. Nanette visited many Latin American countries before settling in in David, Panama's second-largest city, in 2012.

Nanette lives simply—you might even argue frugally.

"I knew if I was ever going to enjoy retirement on my terms, with my budget, I would have to look for a place to live that had a lower cost of living, " she say. "And I wanted to live somewhere warm…a place where I could have my windows open all day...''

With its excellent infrastructure and healthcare system, no hail storms, tornadoes or hurricanes, and the low cost of living, Nanette discovered Panama ticked all the right boxes.

In Panama, she says, she easily lives on "around $1,000 a month."

Both Jessica and Nanette are like sponges… soaking up all the legal and regulatory details, too. They know exactly what you need to do to qualify for the Pensionado visa, for example… How to find the best local health insurance coverage… How to go about getting your Panama driver's license…your cedula (local ID card) and much, much more.

There is no one more committed to giving you real-world, on-the-ground insights into life in Panama today and to helping to make your transition to life there easier.

We Have So Much information, Advice, and Guidance to Share with You about Panama…

Jessica and Nanette are always making new contacts, picking people's brains, scoping out ever-better places to live, and to travel.

And they're committed to giving you real-world, on-the-ground insights into life in Panama today. They're on a mission to help make your life easier. No use you reinventing the wheel!

Not just that, but add all the readers who have taken our advice and already live in Panama full- or part-time. They've improved their own lives immeasurably and they're now living their dream retirements and spending a small fraction of what they did to live ordinary lives back home.

And these readers who have gone before you—they, too, have recommendations and advice to share with you…all of which can save you time, money, and frustration.

Taken together, we have an enormous amount of intelligence that can help you get from where you are now to the place in Panama that's right for you—much more efficiently than you could manage on your own.

Frankly, we've found ourselves with MORE Panama insights than we know what to do with. Or, rather, more than we could reasonably send you unless we got in touch two or three times a day and all we did was talk about Panama.

Point is: We've been holding back.

We haven't been able to effectively share with you—in a comprehensive, timely, useful way—all the great advice, recommendations and guidance about Panama we'd like you to have.

Until now, that is…

The Next-Best Thing to Sitting Down Face to Face… Whenever You Want…with Our Editors

To be honest, if you were to sit down over a cup of the world's best coffee (which comes from Panama, by the way) with Jessica or Nanette or any of our editors, you'd no doubt absorb an encyclopedia of Panama intelligence in no time.

It would "fast track" you into a better life in Panama, no question.

The thing is—that just isn't a practical option. After all, we've got half a million readers and tens of thousands of them are interested in Panama.

So…we've spent the last couple of years working with our editors and with our regular contributors to create what is—without a doubt—the next-best thing.

It's a way for you to gain access to an incredibly comprehensive and truly rich depth of knowledge and get "plugged in" to everything you need to know.

… so you can get from where you are now—to a better life in Panama, in the prefect place that's exactly right for you.

You get everything you need to do it quickly, easily, and seamlessly.

We call it Panama Insider: Your Direct Access to Your Perfect Panama Lifestyle.

Let me say right up front here: This isn't a newsletter. It's not a magazine, a book, or even a conference. It's not a static resource at all.

Instead, it's a community of like-minded folks. It's the virtual equivalent of spending a couple months in Panama with the experts, soaking up every last bit of intelligence from the insiders who know the benefits, the tricks, the challenges, and the real-world solutions that really work.

You—and Your Family and Friends—Will Love Spending Time in Panama

Panama is one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet! Besides the Canal (the country's #1 tourist attraction), and the super-fun city, you can indulge your sense of adventure with a trek through uncharted jungles and virgin rainforests and some of the most vast, rich and complex eco-systems in the world (home to over 940 recorded bird species and 105 endangered species).

Canoe into rural villages...go on white-water-rafting expeditions...hike through lush green valleys...visit one of the world's largest crater towns...horseback ride along deserted palm-lined beaches...dive in spectacular Caribbean waters...sun yourself on powdery white-sand beaches...all this and more.

As a member of Panama Insider, you can ask questions… get answers… and I guarantee it will help you determine if Panama is right for you.

It'll help you match your personal interests and preferences with your own patch of paradise in Panama… and it'll give you solid, up-to-date, reliable details about everything from how you apply for a visa to where you can buy a custom-made dining table or organic produce or your favorite herbs and spices.

Plus it'll give you practical things like day-by-day trip itineraries that'll show you the best ways to explore Panama if you're doing so with an eye to living there.

But perhaps most importantly—it "connects you" with the experts, with Jessica and Linda and your fellow readers who share an interest in Panama, and with a friendly community of expats we know already living there who can share with you their insights and advice.

It essentially puts you on the "inside" so you have people to turn to and you don't have to figure everything out on your own.

Now that's just a very small taste of what Panama Insider is about—and I'll tell you more in a minute…

First, though, let me show you exactly why we're so excited about Panama to begin with… and why you should be, too…

Yes, There Are Still GREAT Deals to Be Had on Panama Real Estate

Ronan McMahon, executive director of Pathfinder Real Estate has logged hundreds of thousands of travel miles in pursuit of the world's best real estate bargains. Here's what he says about today's Panama real estate market:

"The past nine years has seen an unprecedented boom in Panama as the skyline has been transformed with cranes and new construction. Back in 2006 you could have bought a prime condo preconstruction for $120 per square foot. Within three years preconstruction prices almost tripled. But we all know what happened. As the U.S real estate market stalled and credit tightened, the frenzy dulled. Americans stopped buying. Europeans, too. For a while Venezuelans and Colombians filled the void but there were just too many condos.

The result is that today there is too much supply. And prices are adjusting."

Today, Ronan says it's time, once again, to look at Panama. He's identified a buying opportunity on what he says "is the last undeveloped stretch of Pacific beach close to Panama City. It's the nicest stretch. This point of land with its white-sand beaches, stayed undeveloped as the city and other beach locales close by were transformed. Now this area is set to explode."

You can buy a two-bedroom luxury condo here for as little $142,800. Best of all, the developer is offering a manageable payment plan.

Point is: There are bargain opportunities out there if you know where to look.

And remember, Panama offers a big buyer's incentive in its tax-exemption program. Buy new residential construction and you may be exempt from paying any property taxes for up to 20 years!

Check out these bargains that I found just today in exciting, cosmopolitan Panama City:

How much does it cost to rent in Panama?

Average rental prices in Panama City's nicer areas tend to range from $800 to $1,800, but a little legwork can yield some bargain results. And outside the city…in popular Boquete or up-and-coming coastal Pedasí, you can find rentals for half as much. As one expat says about the mountain village of Santa Fe, where she lives: " You can rent a house with a garden for $300 a month."

  • In Panama City's central Parque Lefevre neighborhood, where many middle-class Panamanian professionals make their homes, a two-bedroom/two-bath condo— with a balcony, a newly remodeled kitchen with granite countertops, and all appliances and window treatments included—is selling for just $122,000.
  • In the popular San Francisco neighborhood —with an expansive jaw-dropping view of the waterfront, ocean and skyline and near some of Panama's best restaurants, you'll find a modern luxury condo with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The building also houses a lounge, gym, pool, BBQ area, and more. Price: just $220,000 .
  • In Punta Paitilla—an older, established, and very popular neighborhood, with cafés, shops, restaurants and more—you can pick up a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a nice balcony for just $235,000. This is city living at its best.

When you become a member of Panama Insider, you'll always be up-to-date about exactly where to look to find the best bargains.

Prefer to live outside bustling Panama City? That's where the real bargains are found:

  • A pretty three-bedroom home on a pine-studded lot of nearly half an acre in the cool mountain town of Altos de Cerro Azul, just 40 minutes from Panama City. It has gorgeous mountain views and a covered terrace to hang your hammock. It's in a secure community with a swimming pool, tennis courts, restaurant and more. Price? Just $155,000.
  • In Boquete, the boutique mountain town in the Chiriqui province that's become somewhat of an expat enclave (although it certainly retains its Panamanian flavor) you can buy a spacious two-story three-bedroom two-bath home just a few minutes from the center of town —with a covered terrace and a pretty garden from which to enjoy the sunshine and stunning mountain views, and all for just $165,000! (And that's negotiable, of course.

A word about Boquete… it's been named one of the top destinations to retire outside the U.S. by ForbesFortune, and AARP's Modern Maturity magazine.

Maybe beach living is more your style? You, too, will be happy in Panama:

  • At the upscale beach community of Coronado, a beautiful four-bedroom, four-bathroom home comes with a large covered terrace and a pool alongside a covered bar and barbecue area for just $215,000.
  • Get even better value in Gorgona, where a two-bedroom oceanfront condo is selling for an unbeatably low price of just $155,000 each. And there's even a swimming pool and social area.

Panama Is Politically and Economically Stable—Exactly What You Want in a Retirement Destination

Yes, Panama is thriving. It boasts the most vibrant economy in Latin America…#29 in the world, in fact, and well ahead of the U.S. which ranks #115 according to recent data released by the CIA World Factbook.

For you, this means that Panama is a land of opportunity. Many foreign retirees who have settled in Panama have started B&Bs, opened restaurants or bars, run import-export businesses, and more… 

I'm sure you've heard of Panama's biggest stimulus project: a massive expansion of that Modern Wonder of the World called the Panama Canal. It's just one of several mega-projects expected to fuel Panama's economy in the years to come.

Not bad for a "Third World" country, huh? Well, believe me, Panama is hardly Third World these days. For instance:

  • Panama is more modern than any other Central American country. You can stay at a rainforest resort or an island hostel and still enjoy the same high-speed Internet that you would in Panama City.
  • From the expanding international airport at Tocumen, also known as the Hub of the Americas, you can travel anywhere in the world, and often on a direct flight.
  • New cars of every make and model safely travel modern roads and highways.
  • With historically low inflation, one of the world's biggest banking sectors, and the government's business-friendly posture, Panama offers a combination of benefits that no other Central American country can match.

So let's talk affordability… and how, in Panama, you might retire earlier than expected.

I've already touched on the low costs of buying real estate in Panama. But what about the low cost of living overall? Many expats report they're living well on budgets of less than $2,000 per month. That doesn't include rent, but even if it did, you can see that in Panama, you can live very comfortably.

Here, in fact, is is one couple's average monthly budget, for their comfortable lifestyle in the Coronado area—not far from Panama City:

Electricity: $35
Propane (cooking and hot water): $5
Water and trash collection: $5
Maintenance/ insurance/ fuel for one car: $200
Internet: $50
Cellphone (prepaid cards): $10
DirecTV (US channels): $20
Groceries/ prescriptions/ dining out: $900
Health insurance: $270
Home maintenance, etc. $200
Spanish classes $25
Clothing/misc. $50
TOTAL: $1,770

As this couple admits, their food budget is high because "we're spoiled Americans and we buy chips, cookies, alcohol, soda and all the U.S. imports that we like. If we ate a typical Panamanian diet, our food expenses would be far, far less."

A good rule of thumb for your grocery bill in Panama is to budget about 40 percent less than what you spend at home. All of your expenses, of course, will depend on your habits and consumption.

In any case, you can easily see how affordable it is to live in Panama. While city living may cost a bit more, thanks to all those entertainment and shopping temptations, when you choose to live outside the city… in a pretty little beach town or even in a mountain town like Boquete and your monthly expenses may be considerably less.

Yes, in Panama even the lowest budget affords a very good lifestyle. For instance, splurge on a day of beauty at any number of salons ($20 for a blow-out and mani-pedi), pay a maid to clean your house (just $20 a day).

A complete blood workup at that gleaming new Hospital Punta Pacifica (the most technologically advanced hospital in Latin America) is $36. A consult with a physician at this state-of-the-art hospital is $50.

At smaller-but-modern clinics, like Hospital America or Clinica Omega, you'll pay 50-75% less, and in rural areas a doctor's visit can be far less.

As Terry Coles explains, it costs $15 to see an English-speaking doctor at the local clinic in Coronado. If you have an emergency and you go to the local Social Security hospital, the doctor charges just $1. An ambulance ride the 90 minutes from Coronado to Panama City is just $25.

Remember, retirees on the Pensionado Program are entitled to sizeable discounts!

What about health insurance? Retirees who would be paying $1,250 a month or more—$15,00 a year—in the U.S. for health insurance with a high deductible say that in Panama, they're paying, on average, $3,240 a year for coverage—and that's with a deductible of just $250 a year. That's a substantial savings of nearly $12,000!

It's easy to see how living in Panama can contribute to your quality of life. You'll save, too, on the little things that matter the most, but can add up.

Imagine… sitting at a sidewalk café and enjoying a cup of premium Panamanian coffee, aromatic and hot, for just $1. A taxi anywhere in town is only a few dollars. In any of Panama's cities or towns you can buy juicy tropical fruits and fresh vegetables for "locally grown" prices…little more than a buck a bag. At any of the many ocean-side restaurants, you can enjoy a cold beer for $2 or less. A satisfying executive lunch can be had just about anywhere for under $7.

More time and more money to spend as you like… no taxes on your foreign income, no inflated health care costs, no more worries about outliving your retirement nest egg.

Are you Ready to Quickly, Easily, Efficiently Discover All That Panama Has to Offer?

The only way to really find out if Panama is right for you is to visit and see for yourself. But before you spend that kind of money, I've got a proposition for you.

I'd like to invite you to become a charter member of Panama Insider—which offers… in one place…every single bit of Panama-related intelligence we know. Everything you need to ease your way into a new life overseas—efficiently and with confidence. And it "plugs you in" directly to our network of experts and friends on the ground.

As I said before, it's like the virtual version of a couple of months spent in the good company of our editors, correspondents, and experts in Panama. You become, really, a member of a community that is there to help you every step of the way as you investigate your options there…

We've spent nearly 35 years researching this country. Our correspondents and contributors live there. They've experienced all the benefits this country has to offer and they've interviewed hundreds of expats who've done the same.

They've been through the challenges, too—and they tell you all about these—there's no sugar-coating here. Panama Insider is meant to provide a forum for exchange—for input and feedback—it's not merely a clearinghouse of intelligence… it's a community of like-minded folks there to help each other. As a member of Panama Insider, if you're interested in living, retiring, investing, or starting a business in Panama, you'll benefit immediately. You'll—

  • SAVE TIME! Whether you're a city, country, highland valley, or beach person, there's a perfect place in Panama for you… more than one, I'd dare say. But no worries, we provide the pros and cons to help you narrow down the choices and save hours of painstaking research and expensive travel time. We'll help you pick the locales in Panama that best fit your lifestyle, your preferences, and your priorities.
  • SAVE MONEY! We've done the scouting work for you and provide you with the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for our most trusted and helpful contacts. This information is worth its weight in gold (and can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars). But as part of Panama Insider, our "Rolodex" of contacts is yours, free.
  • MAKE MONEY! We devote a full section of Panama Insider to current business opportunities for the entrepreneur, outlining the sectors where you'll find the most promise. And we provide complete references and resources to help you launch your new business.

As a part of Panama Insider, you get all kinds of practical, useful help, like —

  • How to choose and easily qualify for the right visa. The residency process is simple. And unlike some other countries we know, Panama has never revoked residency rights. So once you have your residency it's yours… for life. Your visa typically takes no more than 90 days to process. You just need to know which visa is right for you and where to start.
  • Complete details of Panama's world-class pensionado program. We explain how to qualify, exactly what benefits it offers, and how you can best take advantage of this money-saving opportunity.
  • How to "smartly" buy property in Panama. Written by one of Panama's most-respected attorneys and authorities in expat issues, we've spelled out in plain English exactly what you can expect when you buy… with notes about each step that gives you the inside, "here's what you need to watch out for" story.
  • Complete details of exactly how much you can expect to pay in fees when you buy property in Panama. And we explain exactly how everything is calculated so there won't be any surprises.
  • Where to find affordable, first-rate health care. You'll find all the health care services that you want and need, but at a fraction of the prices in the U.S. or elsewhere. Insurance, too, is highly affordable, as are prescription medications. Many that require a prescription in North America are available over the counter in Panama. Get the complete rundown as well as contact info for doctors, hospitals, insurance agents, and more.
  • Financial privacy and tax benefits. Long before Panama became known as a top retirement destination, it was known by a select, wealthy few as a business and offshore banking haven. Open a bank account, set up an offshore corporation, trust, or private foundation… and take advantage of major tax and asset protection benefits. And remember, when you move to Panama, you're eligible for an exemption on import taxes, a 15-year exemption on real estate taxes, and you'll pay zero income tax on your foreign-earned income.
  • Firsthand tales from the field—stories from people who have already done what you're thinking about doing. Their hard-won advice will save you time, money, and hours (maybe even weeks) of frustration…

All the Practical Know-How You Need to Find Your Place in Panama…and Enjoy It!

  • Where to find an affordable dream home in Paradise. In Panama, you can still find stunning Pacific Coast homes for only $150,000… city condos with a view of the bay for only $175,000… and secluded mountain or valley retreats for only $140,000 or less
  • How to minimize your cost of living. We'll show you where to find the best (but least-expensive) housing, insurance, even the most romantic settings for an affordable evening meal.
  • Get in early on the newest emerging markets where opportunities are to be found. Not by listening to salespeople, but by taking advantage of our market analysts' extensive experience.
  • Where to indulge your sense of adventure. Trek through uncharted jungles and some of the most expansive, rich, and complex rain forests on the planet... Canoe past rural villages... go on white-water rafting expeditions... Go swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling in turquoise Caribbean waters… Horse ride along deserted palm-lined beaches... Surf some of the world's best waves…
  • Learn what it takes to start up a business. Not from a book, but from expats like you who have come to Panama and done it themselves… and done it well.
  • Know the ropes with banks, corporations, trusts, all while learning to unlock the secrets of Panama's solid, renowned international banking sector. Hear it straight from the professionals who are guiding your fellow expats.

Plus you'll hear regularly from Jessica Ramesch and Nanette Witmer, who have their ears close to the ground. Any time a need-to-know situation arise…any time regulations and laws change…or any time a special opportunity is presented…Jessica or Nanette will note you immediately.

Panama Is a Smart Choice Today for a Comfortable, Good-Value Retirement… With No Sacrifices—Zero, Zip, Zilch

Baby Boomers are approaching retirement at a time when the world economy is unpredictable. The global financial crisis pummeled many of their investment portfolios, IRAs, 401Ks, and pension funds.

They face greater financial pressures in retirement than at any time since the Great Depression. Who knows what will happen to Social Security and Medicare in the future... In greater numbers than ever, retirees are seeking alternatives to a life of merely scraping by in the U.S.

Right makes perfect sense as an ideal escape from financial chaos and stress. Especially when you consider the high standard of living you'll find in Panama.

As a member of Panama Insider, you'll learn everything you need to live and prosper in one of the most beautiful and affordable places on earth. And beyond that, you gain, really, a community, too.

In addition to all those things I've already mentioned, with your member access key to the virtual "clubhouse" that is Panama Insider, you'll ALSO get:

  • A review of Panama's history, customs, and culture so you'll know exactly what to expect when you get there.
  • A list of need-to-know Spanish terms for getting around (although many expats get along just fine with only English).
  • A complete guide to getting around Panama. (How to get there, where to stay, how to take the bus, buy a car, and more.)
  • A complete rundown of Panama's diverse climate and geography and a guide on choosing which area—city, beach, countryside, or mountains—is right for you.
  • Full details of the real cost of living and a complete guide to taxes… what you can expect to pay locally in Panama and how to keep the tax police back home happy.
  • A step-by-step guide to that worlds' best pensionado visa. We spell out exactly what you need to do to qualify. And we detail all the discounts and benefits so you'll know exactly what your potential savings might be.
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So you can see exactly what the places we recommend look like. You can hear the "true stories"—the rewards and the challenges—straight from your peers, the expats living and working in Panama.

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We've also put together our "Editor's Choice" list—a detailed itinerary guide that will help you make the most of your own trip to Panama. Whether you've got a week, two weeks, a month, or longer… we'll give you the tools to plan your stay so you get the most mileage out of your trip.

That way you get a real-life feel for what day-to-day living is like, you meet the people who can help you on the ground, and you can be that much closer to deciding if Panama is right for you—and if it is, where you'd like to settle.

For example, say you're interested in a small town with a real sense of community and many cultural offerings, where the weather is comfortable year-round. You might have narrowed your search to include El Valle.

In that case, you'd take a look at our "El Valle and Environs" itinerary. We'll tell you how to get there, where to stay, what to be sure you see, and send you to our best contacts on the ground, too…

Plus you'll also get our editors' insider travel tips: the best hotels, the best restaurants… the "don't miss" natural parks… and more, including—

  • Our favorite little restaurant in Panama City's Casco Viejo… Those who are "in-the-know" rave about this exquisite Spanish-influences restaurant. Be sure to go when you have an entire evening at hand… you'll want to savor every morsel.
  • If you're a golfer, listen up: we've got the inside scoop on Panama's best courses . Where, what, and how much. There are nearly a dozen courses to intrigue, entertain, and delight you. Did you know several prestigious international PGA events have been held in Panama in recent years? Look closely… you may spy your favorite golf celeb out on the links.
  • Speaking of celebrities, we'll share details of the secret hideaways of the rich and famous… the private island where Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have vacationed with their children… the secret beaches where property investors like Mick Jagger and Mel Gibson have been spotted…
  • How and where to take in Panama's favorite pastimes… a trip to the national stadium to take in a passionate game of fúbol (better known as soccer in the U.S.) or baseball. (Panama and Nicaragua are the only countries in Central America where baseball is as popular as fúbol.)

EVEN… a Special, Interactive Forum Where You'll Get All Your Questions Answered

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What's more, we're constantly adding to this intelligence database of Panama insights, solutions, recommendations, and advice.

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We interview people regularly—folks with a Panama connection, might be an expat who has a business there or a retiree who's found a great volunteer pastime or an attorney who can answer important questions—and we post the conversations and podcasts for our members to listen in to. 

Every time there's a new development or a change we feel you need to know about, we host a special call or produce a Special Alert Report—and make sure you get it as a member of Panama Insider.

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To get your insider access to Panama kicked off right, we're going to let you listen in to a conversation with our top Panama correspondents. They recently met to compare notes and share insights about Panama.

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We're going to delve into "their take" on Panama right now.

They'll share what they love most about Panama...Jessica will explain the ins and outs of living there, what she likes most, what she finds frustrating...and more...

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