Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas

Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas

Just $64,000 for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home? YES! This could be…

"The World's Best-Kept Retirement Secret Of 2019"

It's remained "off the radar" for decades. Now this supreme-value Pacific Coast gem is destined to burst onto the world stage.

"The cost of living is one of the cheapest anywhere with some rents starting as low as $150 per month and filling three-course lunches starting at $2.50, including a drink.

And a monthly budget of $1,000 to $1,200 is plenty in many parts of the country."

- Steve LePoidevin
International Living Correspondent

Dear Reader,

How this place has managed to avoid swarms of tourists, expats and retirees over the years is, quite frankly, baffling.

That's because this place has it all.

Fly here (which you can do nonstop in less than half a day from many U.S and Canadian airports) and you'll get to experience…

Pleasant Weather Every Month of the Year

Because of the country's unique geographical location, chances are you'll never need air conditioning or heating in most cities and towns. It's always pleasant here…except if you go way up in the mountains, deep in the desert or deep in the jungle. (Yes, you'll find that there's much ecological diversity here!) One city popular with expats boasts hundreds of days of sunshine per year…and springlike temperatures year-round.

Warm, Welcoming, Friendly Locals

It's a place where locals greet you with a smile and do everything they can to help you on your way…even those who may not speak perfect English. It's easy to get around from place to place. You don't even need a car to go anywhere you want to go here, since public transportation is so affordable and reliable. You'll feel safe and secure living and traveling here.

Breathtaking Scenery Everywhere Around You

12 towering, snow-capped mountains over 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) in elevation…lush green rainforests and jungles untouched by civilization…uncrowded, unspoiled beaches with the longest surfable waves in the world AND postcard-perfect sunsets…and a staggering 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with iconic, centuries-old architecture and monuments…

"Once in A-Lifetime Adventures Everywhere You Look"

Make your way to one of the seven "Wonders of the World" here and take some unforgettable photos…embark on a first-class river cruise and spot exotic wildlife in the world's largest tropical rainforest…shop for one-of-a-kind arts, crafts and textiles in laidback mountain villages untouched by mainstream tourism…explore a canyon nearly twice as deep as the Grand Canyon…plus plenty more "once in a lifetime" activities and adventures.

World-Renowned Cuisine Everywhere You Eat!

This country has been voted the World's Best Culinary Destination for seven years in a row! And a recent article on called the country's capital, "The World's Best Food City." Here you can indulge your wildest culinary fantasies at one of the finest restaurants in the world…try some seafood ceviche (it's so famous here, it even has its own holiday!) or enjoy a tasty lunchtime "menu of the day" for just a few dollars…

But what you won't find here are maddening crowds of mainstream tourists…

They simply don't know much about it! (Despite the fact that it ticks all the boxes)

And that's quite remarkable…

Especially when you consider just how safe, easy and affordable it is to live here.

Some Of The Best-Value Bargains You'll Find In The Entire World

Prices are so incredibly low here, it's easy to enjoy "the finest things in life" without ever worrying you're spending too much.

Imagine getting in on these great-value bargains:

  • $1.50 for a large beer…
  • $2 for a glass of local red wine…
  • $3 for a lunchtime "dish of the day" including a large bowl of vegetable soup, a wholesome and filling entrée, and a simple dessert…
  • $10 for a gourmet three-course "al fresco" candlelight dinner in a bustling town square…
  • $12 to visit an English-speaking doctor and get a thorough initial consultation…
  • $400 to rent a three-bedroom condo in a modern, bustling, cosmopolitan capital city for one month…

Or How About Your Own Two-Bedroom, Two-Bathroom Condo For Just $64,000!

That's exactly what former Long Beach, California resident Philana R. found.

"The one we are buying is $64,000," said Philana. "It is beachfront property. And this is only one of many recent developments that are being built to satisfy the demand for new affordable units in this part of the city."

And get this: While waiting for their new condo to be completed, Philana and her husband were paying just $400 a month for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in an upscale neighborhood.

"That is a pretty average rental in this area," said Philana.

Jo S. from Kentucky also lives the good life here.

"Honestly, I can't imagine living anywhere else."

Jo has called this Pacific Coast nation home for almost seven years and counting.

"I love living here," says Jo.

"Honestly, I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love how residential it is. I love that it is not overrun with a ton of expats. I am right on the coast and I can go to the beaches.

In Jo's adopted home city, she's found it easy to live well without spending a fortune, even though it's the nation's capital and therefore more expensive than other much more affordable parts of the country.

Here in the capital, as little as $2,000 a month can provide a COUPLE with a comfortable lifestyle.

Bump that up to, say, $3,000 a month, and a North American couple could enjoy an upper middle-class lifestyle (housing included) in an upscale district of this modern capital city without ever worrying about overspending.

NOTE: Ask yourself what kind of lifestyle $3,000 a month would provide a couple in a big U.S. city by the sea…like Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles or Honolulu. After paying rent, you wouldn't have much left!

"I tell friends we save money when we're here."

Marcia K. and her husband live here four months a year. And they pay just $389 a month for rent - including utilities - for their two-bedroom apartment.

Their total monthly expenses run $1,300 to $1,500.

And that's a fraction of their cost of living when they're back home in Canada the other eight months of the year.

"I tell friends we save money when we're here," says Marcia.

"I was amazed at how inexpensive restaurants are—even 'fancy' places. A 'plate of the day' (a hearty soup or stew, or a plate of chicken with side dishes, for example) at a no-frills eatery will run you $2 to $3, says Marcia.

"My favorite meal is a combo plate, with a stew, potatoes, roast pork, and two other dishes for just under $8. One night, I splurged on a steak and two glasses of red wine for $25, with a generous tip for outstanding service."

Could This Really Be The World's Best-Kept Retirement Secret Of 2019? Or Is The Secret Finally Out?

There's no doubt about it…

Few places on earth offer so much to visitors, expats and retirees in search of extraordinary experiences at such budget-friendly prices.

Especially when compared to its more "popular" Pacific Coast neighbors.

But make no mistake…

In the past few months, word has finally started to get out. Even the mainstream press has started to take notice of our research and just how affordable this country is at the moment…

…a couple could retire on $1,700 a month and still live a high quality of life. Plus, international retirees can easily apply for a retirement visa to live there. Why wait for another reason to spend your retirement in a way that enriches your life and stretches your wallet further than you ever thought possible?

- Travel And Leisure
November 2018

"…a very hospitable option for international retirees. A one-bedroom apartment rents for $350 a month, and a nicer three-course meal for two costs between $10 and $12.

March 2019

"…one spot rises above the rest, at least in its ability to deliver maximum picturesque value with a low price tag."

November 2018

"Think of it as a Goldilocks locale for retirees: the weather is not too hot and not too cold and the food is more than just right. Living costs are enticing, too… you can find two-bedroom apartments renting for as little as $250 a month."


Perhaps you won't be able to call this country "The World's Best-Kept Retirement Secret" much longer.

The good news is…should you visit this modern, diverse, and affordable Pacific Coast nation soon, you've still got an opportunity to get in on some of the best-value bargains on the planet.

You'll also get the chance to enjoy one of the most exciting and fulfilling retirement lifestyles you'll find anywhere in the world.

So…which Pacific Coast nation am I talking about?

The Land of the Incas.


It is a country that defies - and surpasses - most people's expectations. What's happening there today is truly exciting…and it's a story you won't find out about anyplace else…

PERU: So Much To Enjoy And Experience At Such A Low Price

Ask most folks about Peru these days…and they'll probably mention the world-famous sacred site of Machu Picchu - one of the 7 Wonders of the World.


#10: BEAUTIFUL BEACHES. Peru's 1,500 miles of Pacific coastline offers a huge variety of desert beaches, some with famous waves sought after by surfers from around the world.

#9: FRIENDLY PEOPLE. Talk to anyone who has visited South America and they will confirm that Peruvians are some of the friendliest and welcoming people you will meet anywhere. This goes hand-in-hand with their ability to party all night!

#8: AFFORDABLE PROPERTY. Property and rental prices tend to be much lower than what you'll pay in the U.S. And property tax is also low—less than $100 per year is not uncommon.

#7: RICH CULTURE. Peru has a fascinating culture that dates back thousands of years and has hundreds of archaeological sites to back it up. They vary in importance from small local sites to UNESCO World Heritage sites of global importance. And there is a festival almost every week!

#6: A VARIETY OF LANDSCAPES. You can choose to live on the 1,500-mile coast, the foothills of the Andes, or even in the Amazon jungle. There is a location to fit every taste and budget.

#5: EASY VISA PROCESS. Peru is one of the easiest countries to get a retirement visa, and it is good for life. After three years, you can apply for permanent residence or citizenship.

#4: EXCELLENT CLIMATE. It is not difficult to find locations with year-round spring temperatures and copious amounts of sunshine combined with very little rainfall. Forget about spending money on heating and cooling!

#3: WALKABLE CITIES. In the bigger cities like Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo and Cusco, you can get around easily without a vehicle. Usually shops, restaurants, and apartments are never too far from the central Plaza de Armas, the center of all the action.

#2: INCREDIBLE FOOD. Anyone who visits Peru raves about the food! The Andes, the coast, and the jungle provide a plethora of ingredients that are combined to produce one of the most varied and tasty cuisines in the world.

#1: A SUPER-LOW COST-OF-LIVING. It's up to 60% to 80% cheaper than in the U.S. for local goods and services, groceries, and rent. Even in the capital of Lima, home of what many culinary experts claim is the best food scene in the entire world…a COUPLE can live comfortably on as little as $1,500 a month!

And if you were to ask a few more seasoned travelers about Peru…they may suggest the majestic Sacred Valley of the Incas and the mystical Nazca Lines as "bucket list" destinations to experience…

But here's the thing…

Peru has so much more going for it than ancient archaeological wonders.

It's also emerging as a progressive, modern, "first world" country with a bright and promising future.

Recent exciting developments in Peru include:

  • Improved infrastructure plans nationwide. Project plans for the near future include a US$2.05 billion road in the capital city of Lima, which will stretch over 20 miles and connect two important highways…a US$464 million upgrade to the spectacular Longitudinal de la Sierra highway that stretches along the Andes mountain range…a US$600 million plan to improve Lima's tap water…plus plenty more infrastructure improvement plans in the works…
  • A US$1.2 billion international airport upgrade. Jorge Chaves International Airport is Peru's largest and busiest airport. Over 20 million passengers and 308,000 tons of freight passed through the airport in 2017. And just recently, the company that operates the airport plans to add a second terminal, a new runway and new facilities to handle an additional 10 million passengers per year.
  • New and improved hospitals. More than 20 new state-of-the-art hospitals have been built and opened in Peru in the past several years alone. What's more, construction and renovation on 12 more hospitals in cities throughout Peru - including expat favorites like Arequipa, Trujillo and Chiclayo - are also in progress.
  • Speedier mobile and broadband Internet access. These days, you'll have no worries staying "connected" to the rest of the world while you're in Peru. While this isn't as blazing fast as other countries, download and upload speeds are still more than enough to handle your basic online needs such as streaming your favorite movies, watching events live online, or downloading large files.

It goes without saying…Peru is on the up and up!

Yet for some strange reason, it's still an overlooked destination for expats considering living and retiring.

This is why we strongly believe Peru could very well be "The World's Best-Kept Retirement Secret of 2019."

And if Peru interests you, there's one person you should meet.

It's IL's Peru Correspondent, Steve LePoidevin.

Meet International Living's Expert Guide to Peru

Chances are, you won't find a more trustworthy Peru "virtual tour guide" that Steve LePoidevin.

Steve is originally from Canada.

He and his wife, Nancy, have lived overseas since 2008.

They spent almost six years in China…

Another three years in Thailand…

And for the last several years, they've called Peru home.

Why Peru?

"We decided to look for a place where we could become permanent residents relatively easily, not too hot and not too cold, inexpensive and absent of a huge expat population. Peru seemed to be a good fit, says Steve.

"We have been here several years now and love it. Retiring in Peru couldn't be easier. It only takes $1,000 a month to qualify for a Rentista visa…which is good for life. No mandatory bank deposit, no minimum age requirement, no annual renewal. And we can obtain permanent residence, or even citizenship, after two years if we so choose."

Today, Steve and Nancy live in the laid-back beach town of Huanchaco, where they get to enjoy, as he says, "the best of both worlds."

"It's small town Peru but it's only minutes from the large city of Trujillo and all its modern amenities. Temperatures are in the low 70s F year-round and it never rains. You'll never need air-conditioning or central heating," says Steve.

"In Huanchaco, life goes on much the same as it has for decades. Street vendors crisscross town in the early morning hours selling everything from freshly made tamales to scrumptious baked goods to fruits and veggies. Show up at the beach early enough and you can buy fish direct from the fishermen as they return laden down with their catch."

Like most people who spend quality time in Peru, Steve LOVES the food. And of course, the super low prices!

"We can dine out at a traditional picanteria for as little as $2 for a three-course lunch or splurge at one of the more expensive places in town. Even then, it is rare for a couple to ever spend more than $50 for a nice meal at a high-end establishment, including drinks," says Steve.

"Peruvian cuisine is renowned as some of the best in South America. Add in the huge selection of inexpensive local wines, cheeses, chocolate, and baked goods and it's a foodie's dream."

There's nobody better connected to share his insights into Peru than Steve, and that's why we asked him to put all his knowledge together, in one place, for our readers.

The outcome is a unique guide called Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas, and inside Steve reveals everything he's learned from his first-hand experiences of settling down as an expat there.

Your Ultimate Peru Resource

This ALL-NEW resource is—without question—the most CURRENT and the most COMPREHENSIVE resource for living, retiring and starting a new business in Peru today.

You won't find anything like this anywhere else.

Not in bookstores…

Not on other websites…

And probably not from your well-traveled friends, either…

Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas gives you EVERYTHING you need to not just visit Peru, but to LIVE, to EXPLORE, to BUY REAL ESTATE, to EARN INCOME and to RETIRE in Peru.

It's truly a one-of-a-kind offering…

And if living in an exciting, affordable, undiscovered place like Peru interests you even in the slightest

…then you owe it to yourself to take a much closer look at this all-new Peru resource.

What You'll Discover…

With Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas at your side, you'll have at your disposal EVERYTHING you need to know to start enjoying the good life in Peru for 60% to 80% less than you're probably spending right now.

Here's just a taste of the secrets you'll discover in the all-new Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas.

The Best Places To Live

  • How a couple can live comfortably on as little as $1,500 a month in "The City of Kings." This vibrant Pacific Coast metropolis offers just about everything a budget-minded "city slicker" could ever want - including world-class museums, eclectic art galleries, well-manicured parks, streetside cafes, upscale dining establishments, glitzy shops, flashy nightclubs, modern shopping centers and more.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site known as "The White City" thanks to its glistening white "sillar" buildings. Here in this welcoming city, which gets hundreds of days of sunshine per year, you can find deals like a two-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood for as little as $486…or buy your own fully-furnished three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in a private development for $130,000…
  • The 500-year old northern coastal city with year-round spring weather, less than an inch of rainfall per year, some of Peru's best cuisine and a vibrant art and culture scene. Here you can still find rental properties like a modern three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment for just $466 a month…or a premiere three-bedroom, three-floor apartment in a residential complex for sale for just $110,000…

How To Rent Or Buy A Super Affordable Property

  • The fastest, easiest way to find high-quality, low-price rentals throughout Peru (You may find this surprising - especially in today's "digital" age.)
  • A little-known "secret" you can use to secure much cheaper, lower-than-advertised rates on AirBnB for long-term stays in Peru…
  • How to buy property as a foreigner. (PLUS: The one thing you should keep in mind before you buy.)

How To Get The Right Visa And Residence

  • Why it's so easy to secure a tourist visa for a visit to Peru…
  • Everything you need to know about Peru's four different types of temporary visas and 18 different residence visas…
  • How to get in on Peru's attractive Rentista visa - Peru's retirement visa…

How To Get Affordable, Reliable Healthcare

  • How to find the most trusted healthcare options for expats and retirees in the country.)
  • Where you can obtain a consultation with a specialist for as little as $30. (There is rarely more than a 15-minute wait, and you can often find special deals for initial consultations, physicals and blood tests).
  • How to obtain affordable prescription drugs "over the counter" with ease - including refills…

How To Move Your Household Goods And Pets

  • 10 shipping tips to keep in mind before you pack your belongings…
  • Why obtaining a Rentista visa is such a wise idea BEFORE you decide to move your household goods from home to Peru…
  • 8 tips for bringing your pet comfortably and affordably to Peru, with minimal bureaucratic hassles…

How To Travel To, From And Around Peru Like A Pro

  • How much you can expect to pay for return flights from most major North American and European cities - including direct flights to Lima's Jorge Chávez International Airport…
  • How to travel to and from Peru's finest cities and towns for just a few dollars on a virtual "land yacht" which rivals traveling first-class with the best airlines. (A five or six hour luxury trip can cost as little as $10!)
  • How to explore the best of Peru by train - a spectacular alternative to long-distance buses or internal flights…

Your Personal "Rolodex" Of Peru Contacts


It's a comprehensive list of contacts you can rely on before, during and after your move to Peru. And it's likely you'll refer to this section again and again!

This section includes contacts for:

  • Accommodations (to help you find the best places to stay in Peru)
  • Attorneys (to help you buy property, start a new business, secure a long-term visa and more)
  • Embassies (to help you handle any passport, visa or other diplomatic needs you may have)
  • Expat Resources (to help you adjust to your new life as an expat)
  • Facebook Pages (to help you get "connected" with other expats in Peru immediately)
  • General Information (to help you find out what's going on in Peru right now)
  • Health Insurance Companies and Healthcare Networks (to help keep you healthy in Peru)
  • Immigration Services (to help you with your immigration needs)
  • Real Estate Contacts (to help you rent or buy property in Peru's best cities, towns and villages)
  • Shippers and Relocation Specialists (to help you move your belongings from home to Peru)

And that's not all…

Take me up on this special offer today and we'll include a special extra for you not available anyplace else…

SPECIAL BONUS: Your Own Peru Travel Itinerary: Enjoy The Best Of Peru On Your Very Next Trip

If Peru is on your radar, one of the first things you should do after reading Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas is take a scouting trip there to check it out for yourself.

After all, nothing beats personal, first-hand, on-the-ground experience in a country that interests you.

But—as with any trip anywhere—the first thing you have to do is figure out where to go. But we've got you covered.

When you take me up on this special offer for Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas, I'll send you Your Own Peru Travel Itinerary: Enjoy The Best Of Peru On Your Very Next Trip (VALUE: $39, yours FREE).

Inside you'll discover secrets like—

  • How to plan your first trip…
  • Which cities, towns and villages you MUST visit while you're in Peru…
  • The "must see" sights and attractions throughout the country that you really should check out…
  • The best way to experience Peru in one week…two weeks…or perhaps even three weeks…
  • How to get around from place to place…
  • The best time to go to…
  • How much time should you spend on your first scouting trip…
  • And a whole lot more…

This Special Bonus provides you with THREE separate possible scouting itineraries you can do in a one-week, two-week or three-week trip to Peru.

Of course, you don't have to follow any of these suggested itineraries to the letter.

But this Special Bonus will provide you with a perfect framework you can modify and adapt to your own wants, needs, desires and budget when you go to Peru.

And this Special Bonus is yours FREE when you order Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas today.

NOW is the time to take action…if you want to get this one-of-a-kind Peru resource at a substantial discount.

If Peru Interests You Even In The Slightest, This Could Be One Of The Wisest Lifestyle And Retirement Decisions You'll Ever Make

So…how much is Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas really worth?

Well…if you factor in the amount of research IL Peru Correspondent Steve LePoidevin has done on your behalf over the past several years, it could easily run thousands and thousands of dollars.

He's put in the ground work…so you don't have to.

But we're not going to charge thousands of dollars for Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas

Take action TODAY and as soon as your order is processed, you can have access to Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas for the super-low price of just $69 (plus we'll include a special bonus valued at $39).

Just think of it…

For just $69, you'll be getting your hands of literally thousands of dollars' worth of research that can put you on the fast track to living on what could very well be "The World's Best-Kept Retirement Secret Of 2019."

Just take a look. You've got nothing to lose for thirty days.

Why You Won't Risk A Single Single Penny for thirty days after You Order Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas

Here's the deal…

If you're truly seeking a REAL way to enjoy an exciting and INCREDIBLY affordable lifestyle in Peru…

To enjoy one of the hottest new places to live and retire in the entire world right now…

To savor some of the most mouthwatering local cuisine you'll ever experience in your entire life - all for just a few dollars per plate in the right "off the radar" places…

To stay in a region where the climate keeps the weather nice and pleasant almost every month of the year…

To live in a place where people welcome visitors with open arms…

And to never, ever run out of fun things to do…

…then I strongly urge you to give this opportunity a try today.

We're so confident you'll be impressed by everything you'll discover in this comprehensive Peru resource that we're going to give you 30 days to explore everything in it before you risk a single dime.

And then, if you decide that Peru is not for you, just let us know and we'll refund your money in full.

Every single penny.

No quibbles…

No fuss…

No questions asked…

It's our way of saying "Gracias" for giving Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas a try.

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Order Now

  • Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas - the info-packed, 120-page report that gives you all the "insider" details on living, working, retiring and starting a new business all over in Peru - straight from IL Peru Correspondent Steve LePoidevin - a seasoned expat in Peru who's already "been there" and "done that" in Peru.
  • Special Bonus: Your Own Peru Travel Itinerary: Enjoy The Best Of Peru On Your Very Next Trip (VALUE: $39). This helpful, detailed, meticulously-crafted itinerary will help you plan the most critical aspects of your upcoming Peru experience, so you don't miss a thing.
  • International Living's 100% "Air-Tight" Guarantee: You can order this resource with complete peace-of-mind. You won't risk a single cent for thirty days. More on this in a moment!

And once you've got all this right at your fingertips, you can start planning your upcoming Peru experience with 100% confidence you'll know exactly WHO to contact…WHAT to do…WHERE to go…WHEN to go…WHY Peru is such a great place to live right now…and HOW to get the very most out of your Peru experience…

…WITHOUT spending a fortune or enduring unnecessary hassles.

It goes without saying…you won't find this kind of Peru "insider" information anywhere else, at any price.

This Could Be Your Chance To Give Peru A Closer Look - Before The Crowds Beat You To It

You definitely don't want to delay and miss out on all the best-value bargains and opportunities you'll discover in this offer.

That's because Peru will likely experience the same kind of massive growth and popularity as many of the havens we've recommended in the past…

"Peru offers so much beyond Machu Picchu — miles of beaches, delicious cuisine and some of the lowest prices anywhere for a high-quality lifestyle."

- as seen on

And once Peru goes more "mainstream", even more travellers, expats and retirees will start coming to this enchanting part of the world in search of an affordable, first-class lifestyle.

As a result, property prices will almost certainly skyrocket.

That's why NOW is the time to get in on Peru…

…while great bargains still exist…

…and can still be taken advantage of.

And there's no better way to get started on your Peru adventure than gaining access to Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas plus your special bonus Your Own Peru Travel Itinerary: Enjoy The Best Of Peru On Your Very Next Trip, right now.

To order, simply click 'Add to Cart'.

You've got nothing to lose for thirty days…

…and a whole new chapter of wonderful experiences to gain.

Order now.


Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn,
Publisher, International Living

P.S. A new, exciting and incredibly affordable lifestyle awaits you in Peru, with prices so low, you'll likely wind up spending 60% to 80% less than you would if you simply stayed at home.

1,500 miles of spectacular beaches…towering, snow-capped mountain ranges…lush green jungles and rainforests…expansive deserts…

12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites…a rich culture, history and traditions…friendly locals…countless activities…and perhaps the most exciting food scene in the entire world…

Peru has it all…

But don't wait for long…

if you've ever wanted to enjoy the very best of Peru, and you want to find out EXACTLY how, and where to do it, please don't waste another moment and order this one-of-a-kind Peru resource NOW!

Remember, when you order Peru: An Easy, Low-Cost Retirement in the Land of the Incas today you'll also receive the special bonus, Your Own Peru Travel Itinerary: Enjoy The Best Of Peru On Your Very Next Trip (value $39), FREE.

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