Real Estate That Will Make You Rich…and You Can Get it for FREE—11 Strategies the Mega-Wealthy Use to Profit

Real Estate That Will Make You Rich…and You Can Get it for FREE—11 Strategies the Mega-Wealthy Use to Profit

  From Global Real Estate Investor Ronan McMahon:

Real Estate Can Make You Rich...
and I'll Show You How to GET IT FOR FREE

In my latest book, I'll show you 11 strategies to get FREE real estate in the world's most sought-after destinations.

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Dear Reader,

If you know what you're doing, you can get real estate for free...and continue to profit from there.

I know what you're thinking—this has to be BS, right? If this were possible, wouldn't everyone be doing it?

You're right to be skeptical. If I hadn't seen this scenario play out again and again, I'd be skeptical, too.

My name is Ronan McMahon. Let me assure you, getting real estate for free is something the mega rich have been doing successfully for generations. It's how they retain and grow their wealth. They have the ability to get something for nothing and they know how to take that asset and multiply it into more wealth.

I'd like to share 11 strategies with you that hand "ordinary" little-guy investors—the man or woman who doesn't have buckets of cash to spend on big-ticket real estate—the same advantages the mega-wealthy have had for hundreds of years.

As a global real estate investor, I've earned substantial profits in some of the world's most sought-after destinations: Mexico's famous Cabo San Lucas and its trendy Riviera Maya along the Caribbean Coast...Panama City, Panama...the exotic sun-splashed coast of Northeastern native Emerald Isle of Ireland...and well beyond.

It's something you can do, too. You just need to get yourself into that millionaire mindset of getting stuff for free...and to know what you're doing and the strategies to follow.

I've laid it all out for you in my latest book, called Real Estate That Will Make You Rich...and You Can Get it for FREE—11 Strategies the Mega-Wealthy Use to Profit.

I'll show you how to:

  • Get a free historic farmhouse in Ireland
  • Where and how to get a piece of Caribbean land to pay for itself
  • How to get a luxurious villa for free when you BOGOF (buy-one, get-one fee)
  • The strategy to use to get a beach home for nothing
  • Steps to take to identify real estate that will pay for itself
  • And much more besides...

I'll hand you the strategies to get real estate for free in many of the world's most attractive places...But here's the thing: When you understand the fundamentals of the strategies I've laid out for you, you can combine them into dozens of additional scenarios that can net you huge returns wherever you look.

Do Not Invest in Real Estate—Anywhere
in the World—Until You've Read This Book

You may have read some of my reports or seen me on video or live at an International Living or other global conference discussing some of the opportunities I've uncovered that have led to big profits for myself and my select group of associates.

Maybe you read my previous book, Ronan McMahon's Profit Principle: An Insider's Guide to Doubling Your Money in Real Estate Overseas.

If so, you know that I look outside the box for opportunities. Any deal I consider must first be vastly under-valued and there must be a well-defined and advantageous profit strategy from there. There's a bit more to it than that, of course, but I think you'd agree that there's no better way to prosper than by getting a valuable piece of wealth-building real estate for free.

That's why I've written this book, Real Estate That Will Make You Rich...and You Can Get it for FREE—my most important work yet, because it allows smaller investors to play on the same field, with the same advantages, as the super-rich. You just need the right playbook full of proven, actionable strategies...

Government-Sponsored Land Giveaways—Just One Way to Do This

You've likely heard of the U.S. Homestead Act of 1862, signed by President Abraham Lincoln. One of the biggest "free" land programs in history, more than 270 million acres—were given away in 160-acre parcels to those who agreed to build a home on the land and farm it for five years.

In 1889, the Oklahoma Land Rush offered two million acres of territory acquired from the Louisiana Purchase to those who agreed to live on and improve that land. At high noon on April 22, 50,000 people rushed across the border from Kansas into Oklahoma territory to stake their claim. Later, when it was discovered that the land was home to vast oil fields, many of those settlers became millionaires.

More recent history has seen similar land giveaways to jumpstart economic development. In 1961, the Costa Rica government began a program offering free farmland. After a specified period of time, the farmers were able to sell their land, which many did, making large profits.

Old mansions in cities like Baltimore were being given away as late as 1973 for a nominal amount, such as $1. Today, many of these renovated properties are now worth millions.

Beginning in 2014, you could buy a historic home in Italy...such as in the centuries-old hill Sicilian town of Gangi, or Montieri in Tuscany, or on the island of Sardinia for just one euro. (That euro price, a token price just to secure the sale, is waived once you sign the contract.)

The Italian government has now replicated the idea on a grander scale, offering 103 historic buildings—castles, monasteries, and farmhouses—for free to entrepreneurs who promise to transform them into tourist destinations.

There are Even Easier, More Lucrative Ways
to Get Free, Wealth-Building Real Estate

These kinds of government giveaways are one way to get free real estate, but the truth is, there are even easier and more lucrative strategies you can use to get real estate for free.

Keep reading to discover a few more of them.

And as I said, I'll share 11 of them with you in my new book—tried-and true methods that can be applied in many different scenarios—the best ways I know to invest like a miser and profit like a millionaire.

You just need to get yourself into that millionaire mindset of getting stuff for free...and to know what you're doing and the strategies to follow.

In Real Estate That Will Make You Rich...and You Can Get it for FREE, I'll lay out these strategies...the tactics I am using myself and have seen my colleagues use to quickly build real wealth.

How Do You Get Started? And What Skills or Experience Do You Need?

I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't think the best and fastest way to get started is by reading my book. It's all there for you. And since I want to give you the book for free, too, you have nothing to lose by accepting my offer.

As for the question of what kind of experience or skills you need, the answer to that is "none."

You don't need to be the smartest person in the room, the most financially experienced, or the one with the biggest wallet or pocketbook to profit like millionaires do. You do need to be curious, interested, and not get carried away.

Pragmatism and realism go a long way in making money with the strategies I reveal in my book. Being sensible will take you far, no matter your level of experience, funds, or appetite for risk.

You'll do even better if you can start to think like a enter into the mindset that the wealthiest people I know take for granted as the usual way of thinking.

Much has been written about the millionaire mindset. There are countless books and get-rich guides out there that promise to show you the "secret" of earning like a millionaire. But in reality, there is no "secret."

Instead, you need to find the strategies and ways of thinking that work for you. So let me share the elements of my own millionaire mindset (expanded upon in the book) that you may find useful to apply to your own investment style:

  • Love what you do. By finding the niches that speak to your interests and passions, you'll also find the energy, grit, and determination to see your goals through.
  • Only work with the best people. This is critically important. Keep smart and capable people around you, not yes men or naysayers. Focus on the big ideas and on working with people who can facilitate the operational side of things. When you adopt this policy, everything else takes care of itself. (I share my personal best resources in the book, with contact information so you can follow up directly.)
  • Look for high-profit concepts and make sure they're scalable. You may have the very best idea for a new product or investment that can offer you huge margins...but if it's not scalable, there's only so far you can take that. Imagine if, when the iPhone was invented, only three people wanted it? Make sure that you look for ways to scale up your investment and returns. (I cover this in detail in the book--how to recognize and analyze opportunities.)
  • Be ruthless about how you allocate your time. There's no end to things big and small that can take up your time—time that you could be using to get more real estate for free. Look honestly at how you allocate your time and who you allow to place demands on your time.
  • Always move forward: When you have the millionaire mindset, you always have to be looking ahead to your next opportunity or way to make money, not resting on your laurels after a single success. If you think like a millionaire, your most recent success is never your last one. You're always moving toward even bigger and better profit.

There is something else I've realized, too, and it's important:

  • You don't need natural vision to be successful. There's often an image of the self-made millionaire as someone who was a visionary all their lives, who had massive imagination that they honed to make money. Although I don't personally think I have great imagination, I do know how to recognize what works and to surround myself with great people and great intel. (Vision is something you can train yourself to have, and my book will show you how to do that.)

What Kind of Budget Might You Need?

You've heard the old adages: "There's no such thing as a free lunch." And "You can't get something for nothing."

To both of those, I'd say "Well, that depends..."

I can tell you of situations where people have made literally tens of millions of dollars in a very short period of time without using any of their own money. That's not typical, of course. And the person who can do that is most likely to be extremely well connected. He or she might have a strong reputation to trade on or the kind of connections to get access to deals others can't.

However, even on real estate with big profit-making potential, it can be done with none of your own money down.

I saw this play out recently in Málaga, Spain during the economic crisis that hit that country especially hard a few years ago. A group of investors I know figured out how to get condo buildings there for free from banks that had foreclosed on them. They paid no money down, but agreed to take on the debt, which the bank wanted off their books.

These investors got a great deal. They had studied the bank's books...and were able to see that the bank had seriously undervalued these condos collectively at €3 million—the debt owed on them. They took on that debt knowing they could get €4 million or more by selling off those condos. And their strategy was to sell off all the condos before a single payment to the bank fell due.

Now...this investor group had the kind of marketing savvy to sell all of these condos quickly, before any payment was due to the bank. Without any money down, they made a tidy profit (€1 million approximately) for a few short months' work.

Even smaller investors can do this kind of thing, with not a lot of money upfront. These "real estate for 'free' strategies" go the whole way from a tiny entry price to the very top end of the market. Whatever your budget, there are strategies you can follow to profit.

Fine-Tune Your Formula and Then Plug and Play

I've spent my career investing in real estate around the world, using all kinds of creative strategies. But my first realization of how you can get real estate essentially for free came way back in my childhood.

I have a clear memory, in fact, of my earliest understanding of a fundamental way to get real estate for having other people pay for it. My parents owned some rental properties that were generating income. I was too young to know the ins and outs of it...but I remember that when it was explained to me, I thought this one of the smartest things in the world. Other people would pay you money to live in a house that they paid for on your behalf? It blew my mind!

I thought it was the most miraculous thing: that a bank would loan my parents the money to buy a piece of real estate, and the tenants would pay the mortgage. To the young me, that seemed like an incredible deal. My parents were essentially getting their rental property for free (and as I got more savvy, I discovered—again—that this is just one way to do it.

I realized later that there was some initial capital at stake and it was going to take some time before the income from my parent's rental paid for their real estate...but still, in the end, my parents were left with an income-generating property that effectively paid for itself.

As I grew and developed my own investment strategies and world view, I discovered that there are several ways to cut down the time it takes to pay off real that the rental income can pay for the property in short order—in five years or less.

And as I developed my little black book of contacts and started making the sort of high-level connections I have these days, I watched many successful real estate investors come up with all manner of hacks to essentially get their real estate for nothing...and generate a profit on top of that.

I've already shared three ways to get real estate for free: government giveaways of the sort you'll find in Italy and elsewhere right now (including parts of the U.S.); the crisis strategy used by the investor group in Málaga to capitalize on Spain's economic crisis; and in the example of my parents, by getting your renters to pay for your mortgage.

This last strategy, especially, is a common technique investors implement to avoid tying up their own money. It's the strategy I use for my own real estate investments, and one that has proven effective again and again...

I've become an expert at buying pre-construction in fast-growing cities with middle-class and short-term rental opportunities. I've learned that thinking like a millionaire doesn't require a lot of work and time spent reinventing the wheel. You fine-tune your formula and just plug and play.

My Favorite Way to Make Big Profits is
By Combining the Tried-and True Strategies

As I said, the strategy I use most often for my own real estate investments, and one that has proven effective for me time after time is the art of owning a piece of real estate, renting it, and making enough income to have your asset pay for itself. It's used over and over by the mega-rich who are accustomed to getting their real estate to pay for itself.

On the surface, this "Self-Paying Rental" strategy sounds simple. I'll take a guess and say that this is the real estate investment approach you're likely most familiar with. Many investors I speak with have grand plans to make a mint in rental income on properties they purchase.

But here's the thing about this strategy—everyone thinks they can do it, but few manage to supercharge their rental returns. And that's exactly what you need to do to make your property pay for itself.

It's critical that you buy "right"—at the lowest price possible. Maybe from a distressed seller, as with the crisis strategy I mentioned earlier. Or...another of my favorite strategies is buying in the "Path of Progress."

The lower the price you pay, the more upside you lock in... both from capital gains and rental income.

Here's how this "combination" play has worked for me and my fellow investors:

In 2017, I discovered an opportunity in the hip and fun Caribbean town of Tulum, Mexico. It's an eco-chic destination, with trendy boutique hotels, cool restaurants and bars, and yoga on the beach. (Tulum's beaches are consistently ranked as some of the world's most beautiful...swaying palms and soft white sands kissed by turquoise water.)

At the time, I'd been visiting Tulum for more than 14 years. It's the last stop on the Path of Progress that's barreling down Mexico's Riviera Maya. Growing rapidly, Tulum is benefitting from a major transformation that has turned this coast from an undeveloped outpost into a tourist hotspot. Each time I visit, it's a little busier; there are more tourists; and new restaurants to try.

More than five million tourists now come to the Riviera Maya every year, many of them to Tulum. It's a number that's growing annually, and improved access (an expanded airport and vastly enhanced highway infrastructure) means it's quicker and easier to get to Tulum than ever before.

I've watched values rise as Tulum has developed and transformed quickly. But there are limits on how much it can grow—and that's good news for early-in investors and for those renting out their homes and condos.

The right condo, in the right location, is in big demand here—both from buyers and renters in the future. That's exactly the kind of opportunity I look for...

In Tulum's best-in-class community, exclusively for my investor group, I negotiated condo prices from just $154,500. Luxury penthouses were available at $225,000. There was also access to developer financing.

The deal was strong, and I knew we had to act fast. I also was convinced that prices would rise quickly once these condos were offered to the local market at retail pricing. It was a no-brainer that we'd see strong capital appreciation from these condos.

I was proven right on that front even sooner than expected. Just four months later, those condos were launched to the local market. And prices were much higher.

Fortunately, our group had already snapped up the best condos. We locked in a paper gain of more $70,000 on the condos we bought at $154,500—an almost 50% increase in value from October to February. One of the $225,000 penthouses sold for $369,000 in February of 2018—$144,000 more than the price our group paid.

And that's before the developer had even broken ground.

Very soon, once construction is completed, I expect these condos to be kicking off killer rental yields, using that one-two step that's a favorite with the most successful investors I know. By combining capital appreciation potential and rental yields, you can squeeze the most profit from your real estate buys.

For instance, from these Tulum condos that were purchased for as little as $154,500, you might reasonably target as much as $3,000 a month in rental income. That's $36,000 a year...or a gross annual yield of more than 23%. In fewer than five years, that's an income that should easily make this condo pay for itself. And remember, you've still got fat capital appreciation on top.

Besides Large Profit Opportunities, Here's Why to
Broaden Your Horizons and Invest Globally

There are lots of books out there that offer tips and tricks and sage advice for investing in real estate. But I don't know of any others that show you how to essentially get that real estate for free...and certainly not in the world's most attractive and lucrative markets—places where anyone, including you as an owner, might want to go and enjoy.

In my opinion, there's never been a better time in the history of the world to uncover profitable, wealth-building real estate opportunities, especially when you look beyond your own borders.

Keep in mind, too, that the US dollar is stronger against many major currencies than it has been in a decade or more.

This is good news for me and those who follow my lead. Because I scour the globe for markets where you can capitalize on special situations and on positive trends that point to big profits. Currency arbitrage—using your strong currency to buy in a weak-currency market—can play a big role in that.

Best of all, by diversifying out of the dollar, you insulate yourself from whatever happens in the U.S. or elsewhere.

(By the way, international real estate may be the last truly safe asset class that exists today. When you title it under your own name, for instance, it typically requires zero reporting on any U.S. tax form, which makes it a supremely useful tool for legally moving and protecting your assets outside the States.)

It doesn't hurt that the markets I target are attractive not just from an investment standpoint... As I said, they're also places you surely might want to spend time...

It also doesn't hurt that in much of the world beyond the U.S., the cost of holding real estate can be ridiculously low. Transfer fees, homeowner's fees (if there are any) are typically very low. And property taxes can be practically non-existent...less than $100 a year in some cases!

In the past two years alone, I've scouted deals along Europe's sundrenched Mediterranean and its wild Atlantic several world-class Caribbean beach an up-and-coming resort city on the coast of South sleekly modern Panama two overlooked areas of Costa Rica...and of course in my stunningly beautiful and quintessentially friendly Ireland...

By the way, I've recently relocated to a warm, sunny place that I believe represents some of the best appreciation opportunity I've seen yet. A jet-set destination since the 1940s, it's now on a big upswing.

It's a fabulous resort area with miles of pristine beaches, award-winning spas, and award-winning golf courses. (That's important to me. I like being in a place where I can golf year-round.)

I'm already sitting on big gains on the condo I bought here. In just two-and-a-half years, the price of my condo has increased by $163,579.

But I've no intention to sell... You see, I can start my day with a 7 a.m. swim and end it with a sunset massage on my terrace. (My masseuse brings her own equipment and charges me $25 for around 90 minutes.) And when I'm not using it, I can rent it. Condos like mine can throw off annual rental income of $40,000.

Order Your Copy and Get Started Today

I'm not mentioning all this to brag, but to point out, once again, that by putting yourself in the millionaire mindset...figuring out how to invest like a miser but profit like a can also live a life of jet-setting luxury.

As I'll say again, I don't think there's ever been a better time to get in on the ground floor in the world's most sought-after destinations...where you can not only profit big but you can live big, too, if that's what you're after.

That's why my latest book—Real Estate That Will Make You Rich...and You Can Get it for FREE—has a modest price tag of just $34.97. The information inside is easily worth far more than that amount.

This Book is Not Available on Amazon or Anywhere Else

Real Estate That Will Make You Rich...and You Can Get it for FREE is not currently available at Amazon or anywhere else, and I don't want it to be. An investor's advantage comes from having fewer competitors who understand how these strategies work.

If you're even a little intrigued by the prospects of getting real estate for you can use yourself or to continue to grow your the world's most beautiful and popular destinations... I encourage you to order yours today.

Click 'Add to Cart' now.

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Just let me know where to ship your book, and I'll send it to you asap...The ball is now in your court. I feel confident my work and my research will speak for itself.

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Ronan McMahon,
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