Secret Caribbean Escapes—Mexico: Dream it, Find it, Live it

Secret Caribbean Escapes—Mexico: Dream it, Find it, Live it


Welcome to Your Secret Caribbean Hideaway!

You laze in your hammock beneath the palms,
drink in hand. A few feet away, the turquoise sea
laps on the sand…

Later, you'll visit the new art gallery then do
some snorkeling…

And tonight? A stroll in town along the see-and-be-seen promenade…dinner and dancing…Hollywood's latest hit at the theater…or maybe simply enjoy a quiet night on the beach under a sky full of stars…

You take a moment to reflect:

"I can live this way today because I found the
right place at the right time…"

Dear Reader,

Right now, the timing is perfect for you to own your own Caribbean hideaway…

Wouldn't it be nice to step out your door onto soft white sand and see nothing but the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the horizon?


Prices for homes and land here are still a good value—downright cheap, some would say. Lots with views of the water go for as little as $39,000.

But word is getting out! Which is why now is a good time to stake your claim.

In this place, you can…

  • Enjoy all the modern comforts of a booming international community, whether your new home is a few blocks from the water…or merely a few feet…
  • Or get miles away from the tourist masses at your own beachfront hideaway. It's an outdoor paradise for snorkeling, fishing, and boating. No developments in sight…yet! Now's the time to buy.
  • Or live on the shores of crystal Caribbean-blue water, without the sand, salt water, or beachfront prices. Only a few foreigners live here now. But more are on the way.

In this place, you're always within an hour's drive of a major airport. You could be back home to visit family and friends by afternoon…

The medical care here is excellent—and inexpensive. Doctors still make house calls for $40, and you can buy into the national health plan for less than $350…

The weather is warm year-round—wear short sleeves through the dead of winter!

And you can own a waterfront home surrounded by palm trees and tropical flowers for the cost of a rancher in a cookie-cutter neighborhood in your home town.

Welcome to the Caribbean Coast of Mexico.

It's Like Buying Beachfront in Belize…
with a 55% Discount!

My name is Glynna Prentice. I'm the Mexico editor for International Living.

Over the years as a journalist, I've had the opportunity to travel a great deal. And I'll tell you, if you've ever dreamed of owning your own Caribbean escape, it doesn't get any better than the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico's Caribbean.

Depending on where you decide to buy, you might not need to know much more than beginner Spanish. There are plenty of folks from the United States, Canada, and Europe here. It's an international community.

Yet just a few miles down the coast in English-speaking Belize, prices are more than twice as high.

In Belize, a two-bedroom condo with beach access is for sale for $329,000. But 40 miles away on the same coast, a similar property in Mexico lists for just $150,000.

You can have a part-time maid or cook for $20 a week. And, away from tourist areas, the cost of food and day-to-day items is mind-bogglingly cheap. Living here in paradise is much less expensive than staying home. And there's lots of choice, too…

Here are my top three picks for places to live, retire, or own a second home along the Mexican Caribbean…

Secret Caribbean Escape #1
Enjoy Laid Back Sophistication in
Our Favorite Beach Town

The beautiful white beaches here attract visitors from all over the world, and many decide to stay. The expat community is large and diverse, so much so that there's even a Little Italy—an authentic cappuccino is never more than a few blocks away.

The sand on this coast is always cool to the touch, and the water impossibly blue. Every water sport imaginable is available here, from water skiing to kite surfing, snorkeling to para-sailing.


Unlike the sprawling mega resorts farther up the coast, where visitors often never leave their hotels, this is a walking city. Fifth Avenue runs along the beach, where people hang out at outdoor cafes and watch life go by.

This chic beach town is the fastest-growing city in Latin America. It's laidback, easy to reach, and has restaurants of all types, high-end shops and classy hotels.

You won't need to know much Spanish here—many locals do business in English. An international airport is only 40 miles away. And, thanks to the tourist trade, flights home are often inexpensive.

A new airport is being built, which will bring even more people to the area. But for now, real estate is still affordable. Live downtown near the beach, cafes, and restaurants, and you can still find a two-bedroom condo with pool for $185,000. It's an easy walk to the beach, and there's also a golf course nearby.

Or live in a luxurious penthouse in a very desirable area. A three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom, 3,450-square-foot condo with a large terrace and a common pool was recently on the market for $350,000. And it’s only steps from the beach.

Secret Caribbean Escape #2
Get Away From It All At Your Private
Beachfront Hideaway

My second pick is an outdoors paradise…warm weather, silky sand that stretches for miles, palm trees, and gorgeous sea views.

In this place, there's no international airport, and no tourist masses. In many areas, there's not even electricity without your own generator or solar panels…

If you're looking for upscale restaurants and shopping, this is not the place.

But if you’ve ever longed for an unspoiled, secluded coast with blue Caribbean waters and fine white sand, look no farther.

If you're a diver or a fisherman, this may well be the place for you. There's sports fishing aplenty, and the world's second largest living coral reef is just 30 minutes away by boat.

You'll need to learn some Spanish if you live here—outside the main town, English-speaking neighbors will be few.

Development has been slow and steady, and the people who move here tend to stay. There aren't many houses or condos on the market, but there's plenty of land for sale where you could build your dream home.

Land prices are rising. So now is the time to get in.

On this stretch of coast, a prime beachfront lot with 120 feet of waterfront goes for $175,000. In town, two adjoining oceanfront condos are selling for $150,000 each, and both have 66 feet of beachfront.

Secret Caribbean Escape #3
Live on Caribbean Blue Water…Without the Salt,
Sand or High Prices!

There's a large lake fed by an underground river a few miles from the coast, where the water is clear, clean, and crystal-Caribbean blue.

It looks like the Caribbean, feels like the Caribbean, but there's no salt, no sand…and land prices are a bargain.


This area is quiet and casual. You won't find gourmet restaurants here, but you will find local restaurants that serve full, delicious meals from just $5.

Kayaking is popular, and you'll also see a few sailboats skimming the surface of the lake. The water is shallow, and the bottom is lined with soft limestone sediment.

The area is growing in popularity among the health-conscious. You'll find a yoga studio, mind-body seminars and the like.

As of now, fewer than three dozen expats live here full-time. It's like Lake Chapala in 1955. And only an hour from a white sand beach on the Caribbean.

Lakefront lots start in the low $100,000s outside town, and building prices vary from $65 to $95 a square foot. Or buy an existing lakefront home in town from $200,000. Real estate values have shot up 400% in the past six years, and word continues to spread.

Get the Skinny on Investing in the Affordable Caribbean!

I'd like to tell you all about living and investing in the best areas of Caribbean Mexico…in a new report called Secret Caribbean Escapes.

You'll find out how people like Jim Bacon and Polly Gropen escaped the winter cold to enjoy a luxurious and affordable Caribbean lifestyle:

"We decided that we could either take a chance, come here, and retire a few years earlier, or stay in Minnesota longer and play it safe," said Jim, nodding toward their waterfront home with two sailboats tethered to the dock. "Fortunately, it all worked out."

Now, with Secret Caribbean Escapes, you can find out how to make your Caribbean dreams come true, too.  And sooner than you ever imagined.

For just  $37—less than the price of dinner out for two—Secret Caribbean Escapes will show you where to go and how to get there. It will help you narrow the field of choices—so you can create a "short list" of the communities that would be the best fit for you.

In Secret Caribbean Escapes, you'll find out where to stay, who to contact, what to do, and even what to pack.

Our iron-clad guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your report, simply ask for your money back within 30 days, and we will send you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

Claim Your Place in the Sun Now!

Here's what I'd like you to do: Click the "order now" button below to reserve a copy of Secret Caribbean Escapes in your name. You will be taken to our secure server for payment.

Once your order has processed, you will have access to your report, Secret Caribbean Escapes.

The report will be sent to you electronically—so there's no shipping to pay for and no waiting for the mailman.

If you're ready to relax on the beach—and live better for less—order now.

Just click here to go back to the top of the page and click "Add To Cart".

Yours in the pursuit of sea and sun,

Glynna Prentice
Glynna Prentice
Mexico Editor, International Living

P.S. There's an easy way for you to enjoy free accommodations when you visit real estate in the Mexican Caribbean! Transportation from the airport, cocktails, and meals are all included. All you need is an airline ticket. We explain all the details in Secret Caribbean Escapes. Place your order now.

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