Cruising the Panama Coast—Panama: Dream it, Find it, Live it

Cruising the Panama Coast—Panama: Dream it, Find it, Live it

Dreaming of a relaxing life on a sun-swept shore?
The wait is over!

Your Early Retirement Can
Bankroll Itself…

…in a land of pristine beaches, turquoise waters,
and a low cost of living!

Dear Reader,

There's a better lifestyle waiting for you on one of the world's most beautiful stretches of sand…

… a place where the cost of living is rock bottom… property is cheap…

… and where you can start enjoying a beach lifestyle immediately. There's no reason to put it off any longer!

Here, you can…

  • Rent a house close to the beach… for $500 per month!
  • Own a quarter-acre beachfront lot for $65,000… or a home near the beach for $125,000!
  • Enjoy a Cold beer: $2 or Margaritas: $3 and house calls by English-speaking doctors are only $15…

It's never cold… there's never a hurricane… and the beaches are clean, wide, and untouched.

Enjoy days of sea breezes… walks on the beach with waves lapping at your toes… naps in the hammock to the faint sounds of reggae music in the distance… piña coladas made to order from fresh coconut and pineapple… and fish, caught minutes ago, cooked to your liking as you watch the sun set over the sea.

It doesn't matter how old you are. And it doesn't matter how much you have in retirement savings: Here, you can live like a V.I.P. on your Social Security check alone…

…or start your own profitable business to bankroll your lifestyle—and then some!

Welcome to the beaches of Panama, where you can live far better … for less money… in one of the most beautiful locations in the world!

Retire like a V.I.P… on a Social Security check!

In 2019, the average Social Security check was $1,461 for an individual, $2,448 for a couple.

That's more than enough to live on a beach in Panama—and live well indeed!

Not only that, but $1,000 a month from Social Security… or from any government retirement or company pension for that matter… qualifies you to join Panama's pensionado program.

As a pensionado, you'll have the legal right to…

  • 50% off entertainment costs, including movies, concerts, theater performances, even sporting events…
  • 25% off utility bills…
  • 25% discounts on some airline tickets—including some international flights!
  • 30% off bus, boat, and train fares…
  • 20% discounts on doctor's visits…
  • 10% off the cost of medicines…
  • 30%-50% off hotel stays…
  • 25% off meals at restaurants…
  • and more!

And, as a pensionado, you are provided with your own special line at the bank… no more waiting in long lines. Even better, there's no minimum age requirement!

Not ready to retire? Perfect!
Entrepreneurs needed immediately…

Start the right kind of business, and your relaxing, sun-soaked life on the beach could pay for itself!

You see, Panama's economy is one of the region’s strongest… and the demand for certain services—especially where tourism is concerned—already outweighs the supply!

Move here today, and your early departure from the rat race could pay for a profitable new lifestyle in paradise…

Whether you'd like to lead surfing tours… open a gourmet restaurant… or own a cafe or bookstore… there's an opportunity here for you in Panama…

…an opportunity that could provide you with tax-free income!

Qualified tourism-related businesses pay zero income taxes for 15 years… pay no property taxes… and get a 100% import tax exemption for 20 years!

My name is Jessica Ramesch. I'm International Living's Panama Editor.

Over the past 13 years, I've traveled far and wide in this land of over 1,500 miles of jaw-dropping Caribbean and Pacific coastline.

The long sandy beaches of Panama are word-class beautiful. And, whether you want to kick back and enjoy retirement… own a second home to enjoy part of the year… or start a new business in paradise… there are a few beach towns you need to know about right now, before prices rise… and before these opportunities go to someone else!

Today I'd like to tell you about my top four favorite beach towns—the best places to live, retire, own a second home, and start a business on the coasts of Panama. Here they are, in no particular order:

Coastal Panama Pick #1
Easy, accessible… but still cheap!

Just an hour from Panama City lies a sun-soaked resort town full of exotic red palms and tropical flowers.

And the beach? It's a mix of bright white and glimmering black volcanic sand that goes on for miles… with long stretches to enjoy all to yourself.

This resort town has the best infrastructure in the area. It's become more international in recent years as more people moved here, and every new transplant brings ideas for fun activities or new businesses to serve residents’ needs…

…and there's plenty of room for your new business, should you choose to start one!

From horseback riding to golf to water sports, there's something here for everyone. Add to that a plethora of U.S.-style, luxury housing…and a new hospital…and this happening beach locale ranks high in our list of desirable destinations in Panama.

And prices? While they're no longer dirt-cheap, they're still a bargain for a location with everything that rivals a California lifestyle.

Real estate is still a bargain, too…

  • A three-bedroom, two-bathroom local-style home of 2,700 square feet with a quarter-acre of land, comes with a terrace, gazebo, storage area and carport. The asking price is only $195,000!

… And that's just one of many deals you'll find here.

Coastal Panama Pick #2
Pristine beaches… and great deals (for now!)

This sleepy fishing village is well known among locals for its expansive beaches that stretch for miles—beaches considered the most pristine in all of Panama.

The town is cute, quiet, has excellent infrastructure, and offers all the benefits of life in a small beach town. Yet it's close enough to larger cities that you don't feel isolated.

You can still find inexpensive properties here, but this place is more and more "on the map"—expats are discovering how wonderful life is here, and they're opening businesses that offer fishing, snorkeling and diving trips.

As more tourists and expats are drawn here, the bargains are getting snatched up. The clock is ticking... it's only a matter of time before the best deals are gone.

  • Here, you can find a three-bedroom, 2,060 square foot home with a spacious terrace, close to the beach for $185,000.

If you'd like to open your own business to bankroll your early departure from the rat race, there are a number of opportunities here. The town could use more restaurants, a deli or bakery, and an Internet café and bookstore.

"Discover how expats can succeed in business"

"The town is perfect for almost any micro business—we could use a hair salon, more restaurants, and more surfing tours… I hope more expats will follow and discover how they can succeed here."

Coastal Panama Pick #3
Raw, Natural & Off-The-Radar

WhiteDark-sand beaches, cobalt blue waters, quiet, clean, and practically crime-free...

Enjoy delicious fresh seafood just caught that day for less than $15, and have a cold cerveza or other beverage for only $1 or $2. A handful of resorts, fishing lodges, and B&Bs attract water-sports enthusiasts willing to go off the beaten path.

You can reserve a fishing charter for big-game fish, including marlin and to nearby islands with perfect white sand and clear turquoise waters...or snorkel to the Marine Park's offshore reefs.

There are beach houses up for sale here at some of the best prices you'll ever see for coastal property. 1950s homes—large houses with hard woods throughout—can be found for as little as $125,000.

Coastal Panama Pick #4
White-sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and property
bargains on the English-speaking Caribbean

The bright blue waters in this area rival those of the Bahamas, and the white-sand beaches are picture-perfect, palms and all.

Here, many residents are of African or Afro-Caribbean descent, and speak their own variety of English patois.

t is life in the islands—great food, great music, great times—for a fraction of the price of other Caribbean destinations... and without the hurricanes.

The tourism industry has blossomed here over the past two decades thanks to new hotels, restaurants, and an influx of expats.

In the past, rentals were scarce or overpriced. Today, the situation has improved, and there are a number of properties on the market that offer great value.

For example, you could rent a luxurious home for $850 to $1,200 per month.

This area will continue to grow, and should you open the right kind of business, you can expect to do well for years to come!

"A 'lost coast' of coves, jungles, and starry skies"

"The first time we visited… we arrived at night, when it was too dark to appreciate the lost coast look and feel of the place, with its secretive coves and deep green jungle growth. Instead, we were greeted with the clearest star-filled sky this country girl has ever seen; we could even see the Milky Way, it was so dark and clear. "

Here, you can still pick up an ocean-view villa nestled into the side of a green hill for only $110,000.

Now is the time to take a close look at the
coastal towns of Panama!

Ocean-view homes from $125,000… it won't be long before bargains like these are a thing of the past.

And, by making your departure to Panama now rather than later, your "early retirement" could easily pay for itself in paradise. Open a bakery. Give surfing lessons. Take people deep-sea fishing. The possibilities for fun and profit are endless.

I'd like to tell you more about my favorite beach towns in Panama for living and investing by sending you a report I've prepared for you called Cruising the Panama Coast.

Find out about business opportunities… undiscovered beaches… new homes, condos, and raw land… and even ideas for a day of fun…

You’ll also learn about the best places to find established expat communities that can help make your transition easier, as well as relatively unknown coastal areas a savvy investor would do well to consider.

In Cruising the Panama Coast, you'll get the kind of knowledge that, under normal circumstances, you could only gain by spending months and years on the ground—exploring, researching, and making costly mistakes…

I've done the hard part for you. I've lived in Panama for over 13 years and traveled the coastline extensively. I've made the costly mistakes… chased the dead ends… and finally found the gems you need to know about to make an informed decision about living or investing on the coast of Panama.

What does Cruising the Panama Coast cost?

Furnished Homes… Rentals…
The Coast of Panama Has Them!

First, let me just say that my report lists samples of houses, condos, furnished homes, even the best eateries and hotels for your visit…

A word about furnished homes: You’ll be amazed at how many furnished homes are on offer—for the same price as similar unfurnished homes… forget about spending thousands to import your household goods, you can just show up!

And what about finding trustworthy local contacts? Who can you talk to about rentals? Which real estate experts are reputable? This report contains invaluable, detailed contacts… alone worth ten times the cost of Cruising the Panama Coast.

Taking the first step has never been easier

I'll tell you where to stay when you’re here visiting properties and neighborhoods… or simply vacationing for a while. And I’ll tell you what you can do for fun while you're here… the kinds of activities you're sure to enjoy as a visitor or as a resident.

It's all in Cruising the Panama Coast.

And the cost of the report? Just $37!

That's likely a modest dinner for two at a family restaurant back home. But here? You can go out a couple of times for that… drinks included!

Not only that, but it's an incredible value considering that this could catapult you toward a better quality of life in a tropical beach paradise… with unequaled value anywhere…

  • You see, Panama is a developed country with first-rate infrastructure. By law, foreigners have the same rights to property ownership as locals— you can own property outright, without jumping through legal loopholes and red tape. It's the safest country in the region, and boasts the best Internet coverage in Latin America!

So if you're looking for affordable beach property in a safe country close to home—either to retire, own as a second home, or to get a fresh start and invest in a business—look no farther!

Here's what I'd like you to do. Below, there's an "order now" button. I'd like you to click it.

Once you fill in your information and your order is processed, you'll receive my report, Cruising the Panama Coast, right to your email inbox.

You'll have online access to the report. So whatever it is that attracts you to the beaches of Panama, you'll be able to find out the intricate details… with very little waiting.

It's as close as you can get to visiting the Panama coast for yourself… without the time and expense of buying a ticket, taking a trip, hiring a private guide, and dealing with the anxiety of finding reputable real-estate agents…

And, after reading our in-depth descriptions, you may be able to hotlist some beach towns while striking others… why waste your time and money driving all over the countryside to places that aren’t right for you?

Your small investment in Cruising the Panama Coast  will help you pinpoint the patch of sand that's right for you.

Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee: If the report does not meet your expectations for any reason, please just let us know within 30 days and we'll send you a complete refund immediately, no questions asked.

With your copy of Cruising the Panama Coast in hand, you’ll be ready to discover the best of what the beach towns of Panama have to offer.

Please, order now.

And thank you for reading!

Here's to a better life on the beach,

Jessica Ramesch

Jessica Ramesch,
International Living Panama Editor

P.S. Buy or build a home in Panama, and you could qualify to pay no property taxes for up to 20 years!

…In Panama, there's no restriction on foreign ownership of beachfront—you can own it outright in your own name…

…Here, the U.S. dollar is the official currency, protecting your investment from fluctuating exchange rates…

And Panama is safe—politically stable…welcoming to foreigners…and hurricane free!

Find out about the best beach towns in Panama to live, invest, or retire right away by ordering Cruising the Panama Coast. Please press the "Order Now" button below to find out about … ocean-view homes from $110,000… and rentals near the beach from $350 a month!

Order Cruising the Panama Coast now by clicking the button below!

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