The Ultimate Travel Writers Program

The Ultimate Travel Writers Program

"Red Carpet Passport"

There's an exclusive, little-known "passport" that opens the door to free spa treatments, hotel upgrades, gourmet dinners, personal tour guides, cocktails and thousands of other travel discounts and perks.

Dear Reader,

When Patricia Marby learned about the "Red Carpet Passport", her whole world changed.

Patricia was a lobbyist. She liked her job. But she loved the vacation she took for two weeks every year, when she'd travel to as many far-flung locations as possible.

But it wasn't enough. Until she discovered the "Red Carpet Passport", she felt trapped—unable to travel in the leisurely, effortless way she wanted to.
Her office hours stood in the way. Not to mention the few days a year she had to save up to take a trip.
But then suddenly, a door swung open. She learned she qualified for the "Red Carpet Passport"… quit her day job… and everything changed…
Since then, she's traveled to South Africa, the Bahamas, Barbados, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Mexico, Death Valley, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, and New Orleans…
Last year her travels included Barcelona and Bali, the list goes on…

Most recently, "Red Carpet Passport" in hand, Patricia spent eight days travelling throughout the Mexican state of Oaxaca. She visited an artist colony to learn how the world-famous alebrije wood carvings are made… Relaxed in the clifftop mineral pools at Hierve Agua with the stunning Sierra Madre Mountains as the backdrop…

Enjoyed several days chilling out at Zipolite Beach where you can swim in the warm surf, nap on a hammock, take a boat to a secret secluded bay, take a surf lesson, or cool off in the infinity pool.

On her trip to Mexico she enjoyed amazing meals, at what has been dubbed "the best restaurant in all of Mexico… " and stayed in the most unique and beautiful boutique resorts… indulged in the ultimate pampering, and all the best activities Oaxaca had to offer…

And while this trip would have cost at least $3,000 if Patricia paid for it herself — her "Red Carpet Passport" paid for the whole adventure.

Now, before I tell you more about the perks this "Red Carpet Passport" can provide, let me just say: I'm not talking about a travel club or an airline points system or anything like that.

The "Red Carpet Passport" is something almost anybody can qualify for.

You don't have to be a high-frequency traveller or jump through a million hoops to get one.

In fact, I'm willing to bet you can qualify right now.

I'll explain how you get one in just a minute. But first, let me tell you a little more about the doors this "Red Carpet Passport'" can open for anyone…

Tim Cotroneo worked at a staffing agency. Just like Patricia, wanted to travel more.

When he heard about the “Red Carpet Passport” a few years ago, Tim wondered could all these travel perks really happen for him…

Now, "Red Carpet Passport" in hand, he spends his time indulging his passion for golf and Caribbean vacations. Just recently, Tim stayed on stunning Anguilla, in a luxury five-bedroom villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea, just a few barefoot steps across from a slice of private, white-sand beachfront. Other people pay $2,000 a night to stay in these villas. But thanks to his “Red Carpet Passport” Tim didn’t pay a cent.

Tim regularly takes trips to sunny destinations of his choice at no charge. He snorkeled off the Bahamas. Dined out at luxury resorts. Stayed next door to a celebrity on an island villa (you’d recognize the name, but Tim’s too discreet to brag).

He took a boating excursion to the uninhabited islands where James Bond’s "Thunderball" and Johnny Depp’s "Pirates of the Caribbean" were filmed…  and stayed in luxury accommodation – again. All on the house, all thanks to his "Red Carpet Passport".

In fact, thanks to the "Red Carpet Passport" Patricia and Tim have been living this travel-anywhere, travel-well lifestyle for a good number of years now.

And you could too…

You Can Claim Your
"Red Carpet Passport"

You see, this "Red Carpet Passport" isn’t just for folks like Patricia and Tim.

It’s for accountants, carpenters, truck drivers, lawyers, salespeople, retirees, college students… anyone really… that wants to travel first class on a coach budget…

It’s for people like Sandra Kay, for instance…

Sandra got her "Red Carpet Passport" in 2005. She’s mostly retired now. But she uses her "Red Carpet Passport" to travel the world in luxury and style.

For over ten years now, her "Red Carpet Passport" helped her get free spa treatments, delicious meals… even five nights free in a Patagonian eco-resort in Chile…

Set beside snow-capped peaks that jutted out of the earth, she enjoyed solitude in a fertile green valley in one of most untouched places on earth.

She also stayed—for free—in an Amazonian lodge in Bolivia. While she wasn’t drifting off to sleep in her hammock, she saw azure blue macaws, howler monkeys and other curiosities found only in this lush part of the Amazon.

One summer, she took a three-day trip to the abandoned Schist Villages of Central Portugal. She hiked under green canopies on the forgotten cobblestone streets, enjoyed Port wine and stunning views of miles and miles of dense forest… and all of it, thanks to her "Red Carpet Passport."

Your Friends Will Envy You
When They Hear You Travel Like This …

Your "Red Carpet Passport" Could Send
You to Ecuador In 2016

"I have been to Ecuador each September for three years. Last year was for a month-long trip from northern to southern Ecuador with my own driver, staying at hotels and haciendas.

"I also had a separate trip to the Amazon for 5 days. Five days were spent in Quito exploring the city, restaurants as well as meeting tourism people from around the world.

"I loved it and felt so fortunate to be included. All my expenses were paid for a month."

— Sandra Kay,
making good use of her "Red Carpet Passport"

Normally, this sort of treatment is reserved exclusively for VIPs, celebrities and dignitaries …

But you could benefit, too.

Let me ask you a question …

Have you ever gotten real 5-star treatment on a vacation to a place like Malaysian Borneo?

I'm talking flying business class on British Airways…

Then had hotel accommodation… fabulous meals… snorkeling in the South China Sea… day trips to see everything from orangutans to former headhunters—everything—all completely complimentary?

With her "Red Carpet Passport," Steenie Harvey has.

And that's not all, either. Her "Red Carpet Passport" gave her VIP access in southern India, too. She stayed in a business hotel in high-tech Bangalore and then spent two nights in a Maharajah's former hunting lodge.

All meals were included, as were the wildlife safaris in the early morning and at sundown.

On that same trip, she stayed in a historic colonial hotel in Cochin, in the state of Kerala—India's spice country.

Not only did they offer her a free stay with all meals included, they invited her to take a look at their "sister" resorts as well.

That's how she ended up at Coconut Lagoon, one of the Kerala's top eco-resorts.

Along with some of the best meals she had anywhere in India, she got a free massage and a yoga lesson too.

All thanks to her "Red Carpet Passport."

And that wasn't the end of the goodie bag of freebies.

She also spent 2 days and nights drifting along the green backwaters of Kerala in a traditional thatched-top houseboat. A private boat, with the 3-man crew included a chef to prepare her meals.

She says she's not star-struck very often, but she got a real kick when she realized that she was luxuriating on the very same boat that had hosted Sir Paul McCartney.

And she has her "Red Carpet Passport" to thank.

Taking the accommodation at rack rates, she reckons she saved at least $2,500 on what regular visitors would have paid for this amazing Indian adventure.

So What Is the "Red Carpet Passport" …
And How Can You Get One?

If you like the idea of travelling with these sorts of perks, like reduced-rate hotels (or even free stays)… on-the-house tours… complimentary spa treatments and meals…

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it can be to secure your own "Red Carpet Passport," and start taking advantage of that kind of hospitality…

You see, if you like to travel…

If you like the idea of exploring new places and meeting new people…

And if you're willing to recommend — or discourage — people from following in your footsteps, then you can do this.

If you've ever written an email home to a friend telling him or her about your trip… you can do this.

Because this "Red Carpet Passport" I've been talking about, you get it by becoming a travel writer…

Only contrary to what you might think… you don't need a degree in English literature or in journalism to be a successful travel writer…

Patricia… Tim… Steenie… none of them went to school to be writers.

You don't have to be any great wordsmith, either. In fact, often the more straightforward you are, the better.

Now you DO have to be opinionated. After all, nobody wants to read about a hotel that's "nice." Or a meal that's "good."

Readers want more meat than that. But that's a skill that's easy enough to pick up. As I said, anybody can learn how to do it.

In fact, if you're interested in getting your own "Red Carpet Passport," I'd like to show you exactly how it's done.

My name is Lori Allen, and for over 15 years now, my organisation, Great Escape Publishing, has helped thousands of people get their very own "Red Carpet Passport" by breaking into the fun and exciting world of travel writing.

You see, most people never get into travel writing because they don't understand how the writing business works… or what travel publishers are looking for… or why the tourism industry treats writers like royalty…

But you see, for people in the tourism industry, attracting visitors is their number one priority. And as a travel writer, you help them do that.

Let me show you how it works: say, as a travel writer, you want to go and experience the wilds of Connemara, outside Galway City in the West of Ireland.

Well there's a hotel owner there, no doubt, who would love some "press" — would be thrilled if somebody would mention his property in an article and send fellow travellers his way.

It's in his best interest that you come… and that he roll out the red carpet for you in hopes that you're wowed by the first class treatment at his hotel.

So for him, treating you to a nice dinner or a room upgrade in hopes of getting some favourable press — that's just smart.

And it's a lot less expensive for him to do that than it is to run a pricey ad in a glossy magazine.

Thousands of places around the world fiercely compete for hard-earned tourism dollars.

Because after all, more tourists mean more money brought into the local economy (for hotels, restaurants, tour operators, even shop owners).

So it makes sense that they attract that "good press." And that's where you can come in.

As I said before, you don't need an English degree or the literary leanings of Shakespeare to encourage or dissuade a reader from following in your footsteps. But you do need to know how the industry works.

There are ways to finesse these sorts of situations. And insider secrets that the pros use to ensure success.

And I can help you with that…

Your Cheat Sheet to Becoming
an "A-List" Travel Writer

It's Hard to Believe This Is a
Real Job… But It Is!

"It was while exploring the Schist villages of central Portugal earlier this year that I realised just how much my life has changed. I'd retired from teaching and wasn't sure how I'd keep myself busy. But now here I am getting paid to travel, take pictures along the way, and write about what I recommend other people do and see. It's hard to believe it's even a real job! But I'm living proof: It is."

— Sandra Kay, "Red Carpet Passport" holder for over 6 years.

If this jet-set lifestyle appeals to you, you should know that there's a resource out there that'll get you your ticket to the red carpet. It's called The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program. And my friend, Jennifer Stevens — International Living's Executive Editor — put it together.

Jen is one of the best travel editors in the business. She's been an insider for two decades now.

And this program lays out everything she knows—all the tricks of the trade, all the travel-for-free secrets—everything you need to know to get from traveller to travel writer…

Not only that, Jen asked a Wall Street Journal reporter, a New York Times correspondent, an acclaimed guidebook writer, an award-winning publisher, and a whole host of freelance travel writers—to share their hard-won secrets too.

Combined, it creates a program that is the best resource available today for showing people like you—people with a passion for travel—how to translate your interest into a skill that can fund adventures all over the planet.

After you learn all the secrets revealed in this program, you'll be armed and ready with your very own "Red Carpet Passport." And you'll be prepared to take on the world—one 5-star hotel at a time!

And remember, this program can help anyone get up to speed on what it takes to write and sell travel articles… and enjoy the "Red Carpet Passport" perks that can come with this game. No journalism degree and no experience needed.

Specific "Industry Tips" To Score VIP
Freebies and Discounts as a Travel Writer

Follow Your Dream to Finally Travel
the World on Your Schedule

"Happier than ever, I'm working on my own schedule while doing what I love. My income pays for some of my trips and makes travelling and daily living a more fun and rewarding experience.

Although I'm still just breaking into the industry, the possibilities are endless. Every published article proves to me there's a niche for everyone with a healthy curiosity in the world and a burning desire to follow a dream."

— Lucy Brown, making excellent use of her "Red Carpet Passport"

If you're like me, you love the idea of travelling the world in style and class. And you don't want to go broke to make it happen.

In The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program we reveal what it takes to get royal treatment at hotels, spas, cruises, museums, parks and other attractions around the world.

We show you what it takes to get articles published—quickly and easily. And then once you have your first few by-lines, the world is your oyster.

You see, as you begin to get articles published, and your name becomes known in the business, you'll start to receive offers of hospitality left and right.

As I write this, I know of one company that wants more travel writers to visit them and is offering a trip to the pristine Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.

By inviting you there to relax on the white sand beaches and soak up the local culture and cuisine—the company gets some free press—and you get a trip others will drool over.

That’s not all. There’s another group encouraging tourism in Ireland. They’re inviting folks over to discover Ireland’s hidden gems. From a celebration of Ireland’s artistic heritage, a tour of ancient castles, to indulging in delicious food –a variety of trips are on offer.

And qualified travel writers are offered free flights, accommodation and perks along the way.

Patricia Mabry, who I introduced you to earlier, is master of milking her "Red Carpet Passport" for all it’s worth.

She’s fed sharks in Bora-Bora, snorkeled with sea lions in Mexico, and skydived over the Hawaii’s stunning North Shore… at no charge. Patricia even landed the incredible opportunity to join in as part of the crew on an America’s Cup Regatta…

In fact, in the last 14 months, Patricia has enjoyed a four-day cruise off Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, then explored the fairytale seaside city of Dubrovnik… ate paella and drank bubbly cava in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain…connected with her inner Viking in Sweden…sat on the beach on the Greek island of Corfu… discovered off-the-beaten path treasures in Macedonia…ate fresh mussels and octopus on a cliff overlooking a turquoise beach in Albania…and roamed through the cobblestone streets and famous castle in Prague, Czech Republic!

I am not sure how to put a value on all that, but you can be sure it’s well over a $1,000 in travel perks.

How to Get the Royal Treatment at Your
Local Restaurants, Hotels and Spas

The great thing about your “Red Carpet Passport” is that you can use it at home too.

You see, while your hometown might seem ho-hum to you, it’s a destination for somebody… and they want to know where to go, what to do, the best restaurants, parks, activities, and sights…

Let me ask you a question:

Are there hotels, bed and breakfasts, spas, restaurants and other attractions near where you live?

If you answered yes, then there’s most likely a tourism industry that’s just begging for press coverage in and around your hometown.

And you better believe there are people that want to visit—and there are travel publications willing to pay you for your opinions.

For example, Steenie Harvey, who I introduced you to earlier, lives in Ireland.

For a religious magazine, she wrote about the annual pilgrimage up Crough Patrick, Ireland’s holy mountain in County Mayo.

For an equestrian publication, she wrote about the age-old tradition of Irish horse markets, where men still spit on their hands and shake to signify they’ve struck a deal.

For a magazine devoted to culture and travel, she wrote an article on Irish fairy lore.

You get the idea. She was paid to explore and enjoy places in her own back yard.

The Easiest Way to Get Them to
Roll Out the Red Carpet for You

From Insurance Rep to
International Travel Writer

"I sell Aflac Insurance and own/operate a medical transcription business. I have always loved to write but never considered it as an occupation. A few years ago … I was inspired by travel writer Steenie Harvey's story and I thought, "Hey, if she can do it with no experience, then so can I."

— Chava Wiebe, "Red Carpet Passport" holder since August 2011

If this is all starting to appeal to you, I assure you, even if you've never thought of yourself as a writer, you can break into travel writing this year.

The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program includes every single thing you need to get started—and succeed, fast. It's helped Richard Callaby. Here's what he had to say:

"After taking your Travel Writer's course and following the suggestions and completing the assignments, I have landed a month-long stay in Rome, Italy to learn Italian. This is all paid for by the school I'll be attending.

So not only will I be able to stay for an entire month in the Eternal city but I will also be able to expand my knowledge of Italian. I can just imagine all the story ideas I will be able to get from this stay in Rome.

This will really help to launch my career as a travel writer… and it's all due to this course! Thank you so much for putting together this material. I found it to be invaluable as I am able to achieve my goal of travelling the world."

And he's not alone. Hundreds of students of this very simple and easy-to-follow program are on their way to scoring freebies and discounts all over the world.

It helped Janett Zarecki, who describes herself as a "chronic slow starter."

"weeks ago I submitted a recommendation to our local paper to consider adding a regular "travel column" to its semi-monthly line-up. Along with the recommendation, an article and photographs were submitted for their consideration. Today the editor called saying he and the publisher liked my idea and my article and photos."

The new column will begin being published on September 1, with MY article and photos making the first edition. Not only will I receive by-lines for each, but I am also being paid! Not bad for a first attempt, and the editor has asked for additional articles."

If these people can break into this fun, exciting lifestyle – so can you.

The Insider Tips and Secrets That'll
Get You Celebrity Treatment in No Time

In The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program you learn everything it takes to break into travel writing, and start claiming all the "Red-Carpet" perks you deserve.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in this fun and engaging course:

  • 13 ways to parlay your travel writer status into travel experiences most folks only dream about… for example how to stay at the world’s best hotels, no charge… dine at exclusive restaurants, compliments of the chef… experience the world’s best festivals, with a mayor’s invite in hand… read the New York Times bestsellers before they hit the shelves… and more…
  • The three most important things to remember when you’re positioning yourself for offers of hospitality – ignore any of the three (as lots of people do) and you’ll doom your chances of getting perks. But put them into practice, and you’ll be traveling like a celebrity in no time.
  • The one person in your hometown you want to be sure knows your name… because – without question – she’ll pass it on to the folks who can hand you paying assignments and free travel perks.
  • How to write a five-sentence email that will put your name on the invite lists for gallery openings… private museum tours… resort galas… concerts… and more…
  • How to play the best golf courses and ski the hottest slopes. You needn’t be one of the pros to find yourself walking on at Pebble Beach… and you don’t have to ski bumps like Bode Miller to spend a few charmed days in Vail… Find out how to land a sweet deal for a fraction the usual rate, and possibly for no charge at all.

You'll learn – at your own pace, wherever and whenever you wish – every technique, every secret, everything there is to know about how to turn an idea into a publishable travel piece… get what you've written into print… and then get paid for it… and score perks and freebies along the way…

In this engaging program, you’ll also discover where to find the publications that make the most sense for your story…

And how to take advantage of the hundreds of other perks such as paid vacations, on-the-house meals at the world's best restaurants, access to behind-the-scenes locations you've probably never seen… and much, much more.

Avoid Any Beginner's Mistakes with
These Article "Templates"

Your Guide to a Successful
Travel Writing Career

"The information and examples included in your Travel Writers program were so good that I've landed an assignment with an international travel magazine even before completing the total program… I largely credit the program material for putting me firmly on the path to success in travel writing."

— Larry L, Sugarland, TX

In The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, you get a comprehensive, self-study guide that takes you from novice to pro in no time. It makes it easy… with step-by-step instruction and “assignments” built in. So when you’ve worked your way through the first portion of the program, you’ve already got in hand a piece you can send to an editor, with confidence.

It includes, for instance, 7 travel-article templates you can model for your own articles and even sample letters you can send to editors to land the best assignments and sell your articles.

This way, you can avoid any beginner’s mistakes and start selling articles right away. Putting yourself on the path to those coveted "Red-Carpet" perks and the travel anywhere, do-anything lifestyle of the travel writer.

These templates work. And many Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program graduates used them to score their first assignments. You can too.

In addition to guiding you through the secret structure that supports the best travel articles… and giving you all the tools you need to get your articles published… this program will have you writing several travel articles of your own as you work through the material.

No matter what your experience or writing level is, you’ll find this an excellent way to get your first few pieces under your belt.

In fact, many members have sent their "assignments" off to editors, gotten them published, and earned a check in return.

A Note From Jackie Flynn, Publisher of International Living Magazine

A great opportunity exists for people like you—interested in exploring the world on someone else's dime—and making good money as a travel writer.

As a publisher, I'm always looking to write cheques for unique "insider" stories about the best places on the planet to live, retire, invest and travel.

Just ask many Ultimate Travel Writer's Program graduates who have gotten their start at International Living.

To be honest, we don't care if you've ever been published before. What we care about is the insider intelligence you have to share. If you have the kind of story we need, we'll pay you to share it—and give you a by-line, too.

Recently, for example, we've found ourselves looking for people to write about villas in Tuscany… vacationing in Cambodia… investment bargains in Spain… castle stays in Ireland… cruising the Ecuadorian Amazon… beaches on Mexico's Baja Peninsula…

We're looking for people just like you to share your experiences and opinions. And usually what we're looking for is pretty short-and-sweet. I promise: Nothing you can't do.

And without question—the best way to learn the ins and outs is through The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program. There's nothing else as comprehensive or on-the-money.

And it's a good value, too. You could cover the cost of the program with just a single article sale. If you like the idea of VIP treatment when you travel, there's no more efficient way to put yourself on the path to your own "Red Carpet Passport".

— Jackie Flynn, Publisher, International Living Australia

How to Become an International Living
Writer—This Year

Plus there’s something else… something critical that further distinguishes this program from any other.

When you sign up for The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, you’ll get special treatment from International Living’s editors.

They’ve agreed to give special consideration to articles written by members of The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program because they’ve seen the content and they know that it produces good travel writers.

In other words, they’ll put submissions from people who have completed the program on the top of their in-box pile. Of course, this is no guarantee they’ll publish your work, but it’s a foot –in-the-door regardless.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your first story under your belt, get over the "hump" of having your first "clip" published with your name on it so you can start building your portfolio… and enjoying all the prestige and "Red-Carpet" perks that can come with it…

International Living Australia
Needs Writers Like You!

"I've had two bits published by, guess who? International Living! It's a good system to subsidise the program fee! And clip-generating, of course."

— Peter H, "Red Carpet Passport" holder

Hear Directly From the Pros —
This Program Works!

What's more, The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program also comes with a special set of audio interviews called Advanced-Level Travel Writing Strategies. In this series of conversations with the pros, you'll hear Jen interview editors and freelancers and learn all sorts of useful insights about tailoring articles for specific markets, keeping editors happy, breaking into new markets online and off… and lots more…

Jen talks with editors at a small-market newspaper, a national consumer magazine with over a million readers, the travel section of a large-market newspaper, and also with a freelancer who got her start with The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program. Today she's a well-published author, and she explains why she did it, how she did it, and how you can, too.

These conversations with the pros offer the next-best thing to actually sitting down with each one over coffee. To the last, you'll find these experts not only thoughtful and engaging – but incredibly generous with their advice. You'd never have access to these people on your own, but through these interviews, you do. And you get exactly the kind of insights it would take you years to figure out on your own.

And they’re yours with my compliments, as part of the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program.

Money-Making Travel Photography

Plus when you sign up for The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, I’m going to throw in a little something extra too. There are a few simple things you can do to quickly increase the chances that your articles sell.

And one of the easiest is to offer photos to go with them.

But the best news is: You don’t have to be Ansel Adams to take shots that can make you money. All you really need is a few simple secrets to help you take images of the right items, in the right way.

You’ll find out what those secrets are in Money Making Travel Photography. And it’s yours today, FREE, when you agree to take a look at The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program.

Money Making Travel Photography retails for $25 and contains all of the secrets you need to know about taking profitable photographs—secrets used by some of the top photojournalists in the world.

In this lucrative bonus program, we tell you how to take photos that will bring in checks… how to find out the simplest and best camera to take with you (you don’t want to be lugging a trunk full of equipment like some nature photographers)… how to use time of day… how to create a mood… how to photograph people… and so on.

Plus, it will divulge all the insider’s secrets to getting your photos published.

Money-Making Travel Photography is a unique mini-program specially created for travel writers.

It’s just one more way to ratchet up your income as you travel the world. Whenever you submit a travel article, you can also send in photos and get paid for those too.

How Much Is the Red Carpet
Lifestyle Worth to You?

Remember getting treated like an international VIP is a priceless experience which very few people in the world ever get to try.

But with the information you learn in The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, you’ll have the keys in your hand to start living that lifestyle this year.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel the world in style and class—and get all the perks that go along with being an international VIP—I hope you take me up on this special offer today.

If you think about all the airfare… hotel rooms… gourmet meals… free passes to parks, attractions and other once-in-a-life time experiences you could land in your first year as a travel writer, it could be worth $500, $1,000, even $2,500—or more.

But today, you pay only $290.

And your investment is guaranteed. Sign up for the program today and just take a look. Examine your first installment for 30 days.

If you decide within that time that the life of a travel writer isn’t for you, simply let us know by phone, fax or email and we’ll issue you a full refund.

No questions asked.

Bonus if You Sign Up Today!

5 Best Ways to Score VIP Perks

When you take me up on this exclusive invitation today - I’ll throw in another special report, absolutely free. (A $27.99 value)…

It’s called, The Red Carpet Passport: 5 Best Ways to Score VIP Perks. And it shows you real-life examples about how to get “A-list” treatment in your first year as a travel writer.

In this exclusive report, travel writer Steenie Harvey shares her 5 best tips to get treated like a VIP anywhere in the world.

For example, you’ll learn her secret to getting in on “FAM” trips.

These trips usually include accommodation, attraction admission, outdoor activities, interviews, ground transportation and meals. Often airfare to the destination is included too.

"The Program Is Working!"

" … I've learned a lot from the program already, but I wanted to know whether this can hold its own in the 'real world' out there.

"So three weeks ago I applied as travel editor for Austria at a well-known content platform, and sent another query to a travel publication.

"I was totally prepared for rejections, but last Monday I got a go-ahead to write the article (on spec), and my application has made it to the final screening. So now I'm really busy, and I'm determined to do well on this. The program is working! Now I'm excited about doing the assignment as well."

— Maria Ortner

Almost every state in the United States and Canada offers these sorts of all expense-paid vacations.

But you need to know how to ask for these freebies. On page 31 of this report, we show you exactly who you need to contact and what you need to say.

Their phone number, email addresses—everything. We take all the legwork out of it, so you can do what you want—travel the world in style and class—on someone else’s dime.

In The Red Carpet Passport: 5 Best Ways to Score VIP Perks, we also reveal the lowdown on how to write a letter of introduction that will open doors of opportunity—to reduced-rate (even complimentary) hotel stays, on-the-house meals, and more.

These letters of introduction work – when you know what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to.

Let me show you: Daryl Emerson planned to write about a few places in the Caribbean. So he contacted several hotels in Bonaire and Belize and was offered a free week’s stay in both locations.

And it didn’t stop there — the manager of the Bonaire hotel invited him to stay an extra week at their resort in Curacao.

Jennifer Minton traveled to Antigua, Guatemala to research two stories, one on investing in and retiring to Guatemala and another on traveling there.

She stayed at one of the nicest hotels in Antigua, an old stucco villa with arched passageways and exposed beams, extensive gardens, and open-air patios… and she stayed for free.

John Fillmore managed to get a complimentary stay in a 5-star Vienna hotel — his wife and their young son traveled with him too.

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