Speak English and Get Paid: Your Guide to Teaching English Overseas for Fun and Profit

Speak English and Get Paid: Your Guide to Teaching English Overseas for Fun and Profit

If You're Looking for a Way to Earn Abroad…with No Office, No Cubicle, and No Experience Necessary…then You Should Know…

All Over the World, You Can Speak English and Get Paid

Dear Reader,

Kary Vannice

Hello! My name is Kary Vannice. Thanks for joining me here today to explore what I call the "Instant Income for English Speakers" opportunity.

If you're interested in turning your English-speaking skills into a fun, flexible, and rewarding income overseas, then this is for you.

If you're looking for a way to earn abroad…with no office, no cubicle, and no experience necessary…then this could prove to be an ideal income…

With the opportunities I'm going to talk about today, you could fund your life virtually anywhere on the planet you'd like to go…

…from a village in Ecuador to a big city like Madrid or Paris…


…from a Colonial enclave in Mexico to a vineyard retreat in Italy or a beachfront town in Thailand…

It's an income that's completely flexible—so you have plenty of time to earn…

But it leaves you with time to relax as well, explore your new home, make new friends…travel…

You could find yourself sailing in Panama…rambling through the ruins of Troy…

…trekking in the Andes…sipping a coffee at a café on the banks of the Seine…

…swimming off the Pacific coast of Mexico (which is something I like to do where I live in Huatulco)…

…all because you've parlayed your ability to speak English into a paid-for gig overseas…

Your Easy Entrée to a Good Life Overseas

In fact, some countries overseas will actually pay you to live there for months at a time when you offer the kinds of skills and services I'm going to discuss here today.

In some cases, you can even qualify for free benefits like healthcare and room and board—on top of your regular paycheck.

What I'm going to show you here can open up for you the door to a very good life abroad.

It puts you on the ground in a new place with a purpose, giving you an "identity" in town—and a respected one at that.

It's the ideal way to integrate quickly into a new community, make friends fast, discover what a country's culture is really like…

…and get paid to do it, too!

I'm talking about teaching English abroad…

…but not in the way you may think.

If You Can Read This, You Can Do This

I want to be clear up front here: For the kind of opportunities I'm taking about—

  • You do NOT need prior experience as an English teacher—or any other kind of teacher.
  • You do NOT need to learn any complex new skills.
  • You do NOT need a pile of money to get started.

Now, you may think of "teaching English" as something done in a classroom with young kids or high schoolers.

New Technology Opens Doors to Earning with English Right There at Home

Today it's easy to get started earning with English before you ever leave home.

I'm talking about a smart, effective way to gain real-world experience being paid simply to speak your native tongue.

You can earn on a schedule that suits you…could be an hour twice a week at 6:00 pm…or each morning at 7:00 am for 30 minutes…or anything in between…whatever works for your schedule and lifestyle—it's totally flexible.

And it allows you to not only earn starting immediately—but hands you a portable income you can take with you anywhere in the world you want to go.

In fact, there are at least 3 different ways you can structure this income online…which makes this an easy fit with your preferences and your personality.

And it's an income you can take with you overseas…whether you're planning to live abroad full-time, part-time, or simply travel slowly around the globe. Wherever you are, with this technique, you can use your English skills to get paid. This is an income that travels.

And that certainly is one way to do it.

But the truth is: There are lots and lots of ways you can get paid to speak your native language.

And they can be inside a classroom or out.

You can work with children as an instructor or as a private tutor in their homes.

All over the world, English is the language of commerce, and adults are eager to have private English instruction as well.

Universities are always keen to add native English speakers to their staffs.

And so are businesses, which means you could be going to corporations to converse with adults who are eager to learn a "professional" English vocabulary.

I often meet my clients out in a park or in a coffee house.

If it's conversational English I'm helping somebody with, it's a lot like a get-together with a friend.

We meet and chat—I just happen to correct their pronunciation or word choice now and again.

And today, new technologies have made it easier than ever to earn with English from right there at home—before you ever go anywhere.

If you have an Internet connection, you can turn your English skills into income quickly and easily and take that income with you anywhere you choose to travel or live.

This is a Huge and Very Flexible Opportunity

Experts estimate that 80% of all business transactions worldwide are conducted in English.

And studies say that more than a billion people are learning English at any given time. A billion.

So there's a market—a huge market—for what you as a native English speaker can do.

Using English is an incredibly flexible way to fund your life abroad because you don't have to work day in, day out 40 hours a week.

Far from it.

Really, you can spend as much—or as little—time working as you like…

Even in the most "formal" arrangements—as a faculty member at a school, say—20-25 hours a week would be typical.

(Though because demand is high, working more is never a problem.)

My point is: Earning with English can leave you plenty of time to enjoy life overseas.

You might teach in the mornings and have every afternoon off.

Or maybe have class three or four days a week and a long weekend every week—with plenty of vacations, too.

So you have the time (and the funds) to go explore or relax…see the world in a way you never could lashed to a full-time job at home.

And all the while, you could be getting paid to speak English…

Retired or Close to It? This Works at ANY Age!

This is a fun, smart, flexible way to create a real cushion for yourself overseas…

…whether you're looking for something active to occupy your days in retirement or you're just set for an adventure …

…no matter what your age is.

You may be under the false impression that there are prohibitive age restrictions on people's ability to land work as English teachers.

That can be true in some markets, but in the vast majority, it's absolutely wide open…

…even if you're a baby boomer.

I've helped lots of folks well into their 60's and 70's land incomes using their English skills overseas…

This really is a way to fund a more interesting, more international life…

…a life that you control…that fits your style and your priorities.

A life where you can feel a genuine sense of purpose…

…but at the same time, embrace an adventure, really get to know a new place, explore it from the inside out, and make friends, too…

I know. I've done it.

And I've helped hundreds of other folks just like you do it, too.

I'll show you how in just a minute.

What to Expect Here

But first, let me tell you a little about how I've structured this "exploration" here today, so you know what to expect.

I'm going to show you how you could earn an income using your knowledge of English anywhere in the world you'd like to go…

No experience necessary.

And I'll have a special offer at the end for people who qualify, or feel they're suited to this opportunity.

Now I know that this will not be right for everybody.

But I can promise you that I'm going to explore with you here the many options you have…

…when it comes to funding your life abroad using your English skills.

As I said earlier—working with a classroom of kids is just one of them.

And many of your best options nobody ever tells you about. But I will here today.

And I'll help you determine whether parlaying your English know-how into an income is right for you—or not.

I'll tell you a little about my own background—how I ended up turning my English-language skills into a paid-for life in Mexico.

And I'll explain how I've helped lots of other folks like you follow in my footsteps…all over the world…

I'll walk you through a short Q&A—a self-assessment, really.

And then, based on what you've learned here, you'll be able to decide if this could be right for you—or not.

And then lastly, I'll explain how you can best capitalize on this opportunity…

…should you feel it is a good match for you and would fit well with your idea about what your life overseas should look like.

OK…a little bit about my background…

Why I Can Help You Get Paid to Speak English

I have a degree in forestry and experience with the Forest Service and as a wildland firefighter…

So as you can see: I wasn't exactly primed to teach English.

But English is my first language. I'm a native of small-town Montana.

I worked for a stint on a nature preserve in Chile. And when my contract there came to an end, I knew I wanted to stay on in Latin America.

But I didn't know how I was going to do it.

Life as an expat suited me.

I liked the adventure of it. I liked meeting new people and exploring new cultures. I liked the laid-back pace.

So I decided I could teach English.

And, in fact, teaching English is one of the easiest and fastest things you can do to put an overseas income in place.

You don't need a technical background. It's a way to live abroad without a lot of red tape.

You don't even necessarily need a college degree, let alone any teaching experience.

If I were a doctor, for instance, and I wanted to practice overseas—it wouldn't really be possible without my taking exams locally and getting re-certified.

But you can make your native English-language skills work for you in just about any culture in the world.

And you have the benefit of being able to manage your own schedule.

As I've said, there are so many different ways to fund your life by capitalizing on your ability to speak English.

Even if you decided on a full-time position at a school, as I did at first, it's not really full-time the way we think of it.

For instance, here in Mexico you get two-and-a-half weeks off for Spring Break, many long weekends when you can travel, plus you get your summers off, too…

Mounds of Opportunity in Latin America and Beyond… When You Know How to Find It

But here's the catch.

What I discovered when I went looking for work was that landing a job that would suit me was not as obvious as I had hoped.

Truth is, I could have drowned in all the information out there—much of which turned out to be misleading and even false.

I managed to swim through it. But I know lots of folks who give up before they even get started.

People tell me all the time: "I looked on line and I didn't see any jobs listed in Latin America…so I figured there weren't any."

That's not true.

There is tons of opportunity in places like Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica…

It's just that the work in those places doesn't necessarily show up in Google search results.

But I can show you where to find it.

People tell me all the time, "I saw online that there were age restrictions and I'm in my 60's so I figured I'm too old."

That's not true.

As I've said, there are lots of ways to get paid to speak English all over the planet…

…and even ways to get around the age restrictions in official school programs in the few instances where they do happen to be posted.

I can show you the secret to navigating your way around that perceived roadblock, too.

So what I'm taking about here, really, is matching up what you'd like your life overseas to look like with a speak-English income that suits your vision.

Varied—and Lucrative—Options

The options are a lot more varied and lucrative than most folks realize.

A lot of unrecognized opportunity exists out there, and that's what I want to show you today…

…and then give you the tools you need to easily capitalize on it.

Because there exists a rich, positively teeming "marketplace" of opportunity—only nobody ever talks about it.

If you can speak English, you can get paid.

Yes, it might be in a school a few mornings a week.

Or it might be interesting one-on-one conversations you have with a physician or a hotel desk clerk every Monday at 5:00.

Or it might be something you do online, even, from the comfort of your couch.

Those are just three examples among many, many flexible, interesting, and potentially lucrative options you have…

…for parlaying your English know-how into an income you can take with you anywhere you want to go.

Understand that while you're sitting there…lots of folks just like you are already funding a good life overseas speaking English.

Funding the Good Life…with a Skill You
Already Have

Take Bonnie, who described her experience in France this way:

"Officially, I was 'working' as an English teacher. But that consisted of chatting with high schoolers in my native language for about eight hours a week.

"My contract paid me for 20 hours, but they never scheduled all of them…

"The rest of the time I spent skiing in the Pyrenees…relaxing at the health spa…hiking in the forest…eating lots of cheese…

"…starring in a local play…trying my hand at French cooking…shopping at outdoor markets…

"…enjoying picnics in wine country with my French friends…and traipsing about Europe during long and very frequent vacations.

"All funded by those weekly conversations in my native language.

"Sound ridiculous? It gets better…

"Then the entire country went on strike—and I was paid not to work for about a month-and-a-half.

I used the time to laze on the beach in Spain."

As Bonnie's story illustrates, teaching English—in any number of ways (in a school or not)—can prove to be powerfully liberating…

…because it can generate an income overseas that you earn doing something you already know how to do…

…and when you explore this great "marketplace" and choose the "format" you earn with—whether you're in a school…or tutoring privately one-on-one…

…or teaching hotel employees…or hosting small-group conversation hours for college kids…

…or working with medical professionals or business people…or various other options that exist…

…you're doing it in a way that suits (and funds) the lifestyle you're looking for someplace in the world you want to be.

The benefits of earning as an English speaker overseas can be truly life changing…

  • You gain FLEXIBILITY.

Maybe you like the idea of a school where you'll teach classes three days a week in the mornings.

And then have the afternoons and off days free to do what you want.

Or maybe you prefer to meet clients one-on-one each afternoon or evening but have the bulk of your time during the days to do as you please.

These are the kinds of decisions you are able to make when you consider your speak-English opportunities in the way I'd like to show you.

  • So you gain CONTROL as well.

Because it's possible to transform your English-speaking ability into an income in so many different ways…

…and because it's something that's needed in so many places around the world, it can put you in the driver's seat.

It's something you can take with you pretty much anywhere you want to go.

So it's a great tool to use as a way to fund a test-drive overseas, for instance.

Maybe you want to check out a few different places.

Armed with your English-language skills, you could spend a year Thailand and the next year in Mexico…

You could live at the beach for a time and then move to someplace with cooler weather if you wanted to.

You could fund a truly travel-rich life that looks the way you imagine your life looking….

And do it all by parlaying your ability to speak English into an income.

Which brings me to yet another benefit…

  • You gain INCOME.

I'll show you how to find and target the opportunities that make the best sense for you…

…how to capitalize on opportunities other people don't even know exist…

…and how to land exactly the gig you want.

Whether you're looking for a part-time income to augment your retirement or a full-time salary you can live on…

…as an English instructor overseas, the choice is yours.

You're not going to get rich speaking English for a living, but there's no question it can fund a comfortable life.

And in certain markets it can pay you well enough that you're easily saving money.

In certain places in Asia, for instance, it's not unusual to earn a salary enough in excess of your living expenses…

…that you can save as much as $1,000 or $1,500 a month.

And that's money you could put toward your nest egg…or simply use as a travel fund!

Now, all that said…I hope I've at least piqued your interest in this opportunity.

Work that Opens Doors Overseas

If you're eager to have a fun income that opens doors overseas…

One you can earn using a skill you already have…then I hope you'll stick with me here.

Frankly, my goal isn't to sell you on the idea of teaching English overseas—though maybe I have.

What I want to do is make clear that you have many more options in this area than you may have realized…

…and help you to determine if this kind of income might be right for you—or not.

Again, it's not going to be a good fit for everybody.

But—if you speak English—you CAN do it.

Now—I want to get to that self-assessment I mentioned in the beginning.

I've created this as a way to help you gauge whether an income earned using your English-language skills is something that would suit you…

So I'm going to ask you a series of questions.

You'll answer "yes" or "no" to each one. And you'll give yourself a score—1 for "yes" and 0 for "no."

If you don't have a pen and paper handy—go grab them now. They'll help you keep track of your score.

I'll give you a few seconds to gather them.

OK—so here's how this works.

How Well-Suited for this Kind of Income Are You?

I'm going to list the qualities I believe the folks who most successfully earn an income speaking English all share.

And then you can see how you measure up.

I should say, too, that just because at the end you might not meet the minimum points…that doesn't mean you can't do it.

This isn't meant to be definitive. It's simply an indicator—a guide.

All right…so let's do it…

Question # 1—Is English your native language and do you feel you speak clearly and conversantly?

You don't need an English degree. You don't need to be able to conjugate sentences or point to every part of speech.

You don't have to be a champion speller.

There are lots of opportunities to turn your ability simply to speak good, conversational English into an income abroad.

You do need to use good grammar. But you don't have to have the vocabulary of a literature professor to do this.

If you feel you speak English with a native ability, and you've answered YES to this question, then assign yourself 1 point.

Question # 2—Do you consider yourself pretty organized?

You don't have to have the organizational skills of Martha Stewart—but it does help if you're pretty good at putting systems in place to keep yourself on track.

Whether you're in a classroom or tutoring one-on-one, it's good to have a solid plan in place for each meeting with your clients.

That helps you keep track of what you've covered and measure their progress.

Now there are all kinds of resources that help you do this and I'm quite happy to point you to the ones that I like best.

But—as in most things in life, I think—if you're organized about the way you approach this, it makes it easier to do.

So if you answered YES—you're organized—then give yourself 1 point.

Question # 3—Have you ever been a teacher, trainer, or mentor?

It is in NO way a pre-requisite for success that you have a background as a teacher.

I'm living proof of that.

And so are many of the folks I've helped over the years who are, today, enjoying income they generate by speaking English…

And these guys are now based all over the world.

But naturally, if you've been a teacher in the past…

Or if you spent any amount of time training colleagues or younger employees…

Or if you simply acted as a mentor…

That can give you an advantage.

I sometimes gave nature talks to visitors when I worked with the Forest Service, for instance.

And I think that experience is something that's helped me as I've generated income speaking English overseas.

So if you've taught or trained or mentored anybody before, then answer YES, and give yourself 1 point.

Question # 4—Are you personable and fairly "chatty," or at least willing to engage in conversation with people you don't know well?

If you're to help your clients speak English, you're going to have to talk to them.

Part of what helps people acquire a greater measure of fluency is just simply practice speaking.

And that means it's important to engage them in conversation in English.

If you're willing to do that, then answer YES and award yourself 1 point.

Question # 5—Do you have experience in public speaking?

Now I realize that for lots of folks, speaking in public is right up there with death on the desirability scale.

And really, there are plenty of ways to earn an income as an English speaker that don't require standing in front of a group of people.

But, that said, if this is something you do have experience with—and you feel comfortable doing…

…then that can open up for you more options when it comes to landing a paid gig as an English teacher overseas.

So if you have public-speaking experience, then answer YES and give yourself 1 point.

Question # 6—Do you have expertise in a particular subject that has its own vocabulary?

In other words, maybe you have been a registered nurse or a physician for the last 30 years.

Then you'd have at your fingertips a wealth of specialized vocabulary in English that would be really useful for medical personnel learning English to know.

Or say you've been an aviator and you know all the terminology related to aircraft and flying.

That's something aspiring pilots or aviation engineers in another country would find useful.

Maybe you spent your career in business—and you know all about corporate lingo and practices.

Somebody earning an MBA in another country, for instance, could benefit enormously from conversations with you.

If you worked all your life as a car mechanic—then you have specialized vocabulary.

You can be sure that mechanics in the place where you're living (particularly if it hosts an expat population) would be interested in your services.

You get the idea. If you have any kind of specialized vocabulary you can draw on—in any arena at all…

Answer YES and give yourself 1 point.

Question # 7—Are you interested in exploring a new culture and making local friends?

If you are…if you like the idea of getting to know a new place as a real insider, then teaching English (in whatever "format" suits you) is an ideal entrée.

Because by definition you'll be in regular contact with locals in the community…

…and your position as an English teacher really throws doors wide open. So often people will seek you out as a friend and mentor…

I've so enjoyed walking down the street and having my students introduce me to their parents.

I love being invited to dinner…

Teaching English, I've had such a bright and vibrant and enriching experience overseas. And it's like that every day…

If you like the idea of being a welcome part of a community, making new friends, exploring the local culture…

Answer YES and award yourself 1 point.

Question # 8—Do you like the idea of "giving back"…of helping folks in a meaningful way to improve their lives…and get paid to do it?

The idea of speaking English and getting paid may be reward enough for you. And that's just fine.

But it's worth pointing out, I think, that another great benefit of sharing your English know-how is that it can significantly improve lives.

A person might earn X dollars an hour at his job…but if he can speak English, all of a sudden better, higher-paying options open up to him.

And that can mean he puts more food on his table.

Or his kids can go to a better school because he can now afford the fees.

Speaking English can positively change the course of people's lives. There's no question.

If you like the idea of helping to make that happen…

If you're at a stage in your life where you would enjoy not just the income but also having a meaningful impact in your work…

Then answer YES and award yourself 1 point.

OK, so that's all the questions—there are a total of 8 points possible here.

If you scored a 5 or higher, I'd consider you to be a good candidate for using English to fund your life overseas.

If you scored below that, please don't be discouraged.

As I've mentioned, there are SO MANY ways you can earn as an English speaker.

In all likelihood, you can find one that plays to your strengths.

It's simply a matter of having the desire…and getting a good handle on your options.

That's something I want to talk further about here now.

If you scored a 5 or higher, stick with me here so we can explore together how you might proceed…

Here's the Best Step to Get Started

Now, you could simply do a Google search and look online for jobs teaching English abroad.

People land paid work that way, no question.

But it's certainly not the most efficient way to go about it.

You're severely limited in your choices, frankly, as many, many opportunities aren't ever advertised online.

And while that might, indeed, get you paid work at a school—there's no guarantee the position will be as advertised.

Or even legitimate at all.

I hate to sound discouraging, but there are plenty of crooks out there who will lure unsuspecting people overseas but never pony up a paycheck…

So not only is it a little "Wild West" online…

…but the work you'll find that way represents just the tip of a veritable iceberg of opportunity.

Most of this opportunity lies hidden.

But I know how you can find it…tap it…and make it pay…to fund the life you dream about overseas.

No doubt, with enough time invested, you could figure at least some of this out on your own.

It's not rocket science, certainly.

But time is money. And there's an opportunity cost.

The Quick, Easy, Efficient Way to Get Paid to Speak English

I'd like to show you how you can quickly, easily, and efficiently parlay your English-language skills into an income abroad…

…in a place you'd like to live.

Earned in a way that suits the idea you have in your mind's eye about how your life overseas will look.

And that's why I created a program I call Speak English and Get Paid: Your Guide to Teaching English Overseas for Fun and Profit.

I created it to help you do three things—

  • Understand just how wide and varied the opportunities are in this field…whether you've ever taught a day in your life, or not…
  • Identify the opportunities that make the most sense for you, given your experience, priorities, and preferences…
  • And then show you the best way to find (or create) the English-speaking income that capitalizes on your strengths and background—no matter what that might be.

So you can fund the life you dream about in exactly the place in the world you want to be.

And do it with a skill you already have.

This program is quite different than anything else out there.

If you've ever looked, you'll know that plenty of teach-English training programs exist.

And they will offer you one of various certifications that can qualify you to teach in a school.

(I'll talk more about certification in a moment. It is something you need to know about…

…but you don't necessarily need any sort of certification to earn an income with your English-language skills.)

If you do a little research, you'll also find that there are organizations and businesses that will—for a fee—help find you a job placement.

Often these are specialized by region of the world or by specific country.

But what Speak English and Get Paid shows you how to do is different.

It lays out the full landscape of opportunity—not just how to get a job in a school in a particular country.

As I've explained: It's like a vibrant marketplace—with all kinds of options…

…all kinds of ways you can parlay your ability to speak English into an income.

There's A LOT more to this opportunity than simply teaching kids in a traditional classroom.

So many great jobs aren't ever advertised in any place you'll ever look. Or—not ever advertised at all. Period.

I show you how to find them…and lots more, too.

Created Especially with "Boomers" in Mind

And I should mention, as well, that while what I show you in Speak English and Get Paid can work for anybody—at any age…

I created this program with older folks in mind.

People who have a rich history of experience under their belts.

And I show you how to leverage your skills, career experience, and expertise to in exactly the position that's right for you.

I show you how to use it to your advantage—make it an asset…

…so you can get paid doing something you genuinely enjoy in exactly the place in the world you'd like to be.

Inside Speak English and Get Paid you'll find useful insights like—

Four ways you can get the governments of the U.S. and Canada to pay you to speak English overseas!

  • You have not one…not two…but seven different ways you can get officially "certified" to teach English to non-native speakers.

    I tell you what they are and map out which one makes sense for you given your particular situation and goals.

    Looking to land in Europe? Then you'll want choice A. Really prefer a rural setting in Latin America? Then consider choice B.
  • Not every "certification" program is created equal. And there are literally thousands of them out there.

    I'll show you what to look for…and point you to two programs that come with a "magic stamp of approval."
  • You don't actually have to get a formal certification if you don't want to…

    Find out—given your own interests and goals—whether certification is even worth your while at all.
  • Where to find cream-of-the-crop listings for 1,700 top-notch jobs looking for somebody like you to fill them.

    And I promise…this is one place you won't stumble into on your own.
  • Nine major categories of speak-English-and-get paid positions—with pluses and minuses for each.

    Plus a checklist with every category that'll help you figure out whether you'd be well suited for it…or not.

    This is invaluable "market analysis" essentially.

    I walk you through what all the various options you have can look like and show you how to match up what you want, in the place you want to be, with what's out there.
  • How to get paid speaking English from right there at home, before you ever go overseas.

    New technology has made it super easy to earn "remotely," which means you can get paid to speak English in China, or Colombia, Italy, or anywhere else…from your kitchen table in the States or Canada.

    You gain a portable income almost instantly…and then you can take it with you overseas. I show you exactly how it's done in Speak English and Get Paid.
  • How you line up the type of job you want, the country or even community you're interested in, the salary and benefits offered…

    …and the duration of the contract to narrow down your search—quickly and effectively…

    …to find exactly the position that's right for you…and then land it, too!
  • The names and contact details for four above-board international placement agencies that can actually match you effectively with "school" jobs…

    …and spare you some angst and some legwork!
  • Ten excellent, proven job-board sites that list positions all around the world.

    A quick glance produced options in Ecuador…Indonesia…Thailand…Japan…Turkey…Hungary…Mexico…

    Spain…Tanzania…Guatemala…France…and well, well beyond…
  • How to "check out" your prospective employer.

    I hate to say this, but as I mentioned earlier, it's important to realize: There are shysters out there.

    They can have spiffy looking websites and everything. But don't be taken in.

    I'll tell you the questions to ask, the comparisons to draw…

    …and even give you a website where you can go to find out what other peoples' experiences have been.
  • What you should put on your resume…and what not to put.

    Including 8 personal attributes you should highlight in particular if you've never taught before.

    Plus how many references you should list—and who they should include.
  • How to wow big time in your interview—even if you've never taught a day in your life.

    Find out what hiring managers are really looking for…what you can do to impress the person doing the hiring…

    …and how to put yourself ahead of the competition.

Secrets Nobody Else Ever Talks About

Wonderful Course

"I found my first job from a site recommended by you…It was a matter of minutes to apply, a one hour wait for an answer, a 6 hour wait for a Skype interview, and a 15 minute wait for the email with the contract offering the job! Thank you for putting out a wonderful course."

— Floyd S.

Appreciate Your Experience

"I appreciate your hard work and experience in simplifying this process. There are millions of web pages that would have taken months if not years to sift through, and of course the common 'green' mistakes had I not slowed down the learn the tricks of the trade!"

— Sheri D.

Invaluable Information

"Your webinars are wonderful. They are packed full if invaluable information about teaching abroad, and you truly do an amazing job conducting them. Kudos for sure! I'll be listening!"

— Pam F.

This program is designed to introduce you to ways you can earn with your English-language skills that nobody else talks about.

It gives you step-by-step instructions…designed to slash your learning curve by months…

It gives you examples…

It gives you contacts…

It gives you personalized help, guidance, and advice, too.

And it gives you ongoing, individual support you can rely on until you've landed the income you're looking for.

In fact, even beyond that.

I'll explain how you can access all of that in just a moment.

First though, let me show you exactly how this program has transformed the lives of many people just like you…

Today they're earning overseas using English…even though none of them had ever done so before.

Today they're funding lives that look exactly like they want them to look.

In places they'd always dreamed of getting to know.

Meet Bill, Earning in Cuenca, Ecuador

Like Bill who retired to Cuenca, Ecuador and is, today—at 69 years of age—augmenting a modest retirement pension with income he earns through speaking English.

He'd never done anything like this before.

But he worked his way through Speak English and Get Paid, took the advice he learned there to heart…

…and immediately landed more than one offer of employment.

He took a position at a private school. And he's planning on offering tutoring on the side as well for added income.

He told me, "They offered me a full-time job right off the bat. But I asked them if I could do part-time, which they immediately accepted.

"If it hadn't have been for the support and the encouragement and you, Kary, acting as a mentor—this wouldn't have happened.

"Now I'm here in my paradise…and so happy."

Lynnell Loved China—and Now She's off to Earn in Costa Rica

Or take Lynnell, who retired after a career working in non-profits. She's in her 60s and had always wanted to try living and working overseas.

Unsure about how to make it happen, she got ahold of Speak English and Get Paid and in no time had landed a job in China.

She spent a splendid year there teaching at a university…

…and now she's off to Costa Rica, where she'll teach at an English school in San Jose, the capital.

She told me, "I had a wonderful year. I really fulfilled my dream… I loved the lifestyle. And now I'm continuing."

Joe is Making English Pay in Mexico

Joe is another person who'd never taught before, but who figured—as a native English speaker—he might give it a try.

After arming himself with the secrets in Speak English and Get Paid, he's begun teaching private lessons and small groups in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

There's a big American expat population there, and Joe has carved out a niche helping locals in the service industry.

So unlike Bill and Lynnell, Joe is earning independently. No classroom. No boss.

You could do the same.

There's a Way to Get Paid Nearly Double the "Going Rate"

In Speak English and Get Paid, I hand you the key to earning opportunities nobody ever talks about.

For instance, I tell you about a secret way to nearly double the usual "going rate" for English speakers and waltz right into a job…

Turns out there's a program you can access—doesn't matter if you're American or not, and doesn't matter if you have a college degree or not—

…where the U.S. government actually pays you to speak English overseas to young people between13 and 18 years old.

This program exists in 80 countries.

There's no long-term commitment…no arduous schedule.

One man I spoke to who is doing it says he simply participates on Saturdays…and gets paid (and paid very well) to speak English.

Now the trick comes in knowing who to ask about income opportunities like that.

And as part of Speak English and Get Paid, I tell you exactly how to track down these well-paying positions…and secure one for yourself.

You Gain Personalized, Ongoing Support

As I've said: You have lots of options overseas…lots of different ways you can leverage your English-language ability to land an income that can fund your life abroad.

And only a handful of them involve a formal school setting.

Speak English and Get Paid effectively catapults you from where you are now…

…to that place you want to be overseas. It's the ideal means to an end—a flexible, fun, and funded life overseas. No experience necessary.

And this program works, in part, because I really am committed to your success.

This isn't some hands-off guide you just read. It's much more than that.

It's interactive. It's personalized. And it offers ongoing support.

Let me explain…

First, when you give Speak English and Get Paid a try, you gain access to a wealth of resources designed to essentially "hold your hand."

It's an online program, and it walks you through the process of exploring your many options…

…picking the one (or ones) that would likely suit you best…

…and then shows you how to go after each opportunity in the smartest, most efficient way possible.

You get written, how-to guides and references.

But beyond that, I've filmed videos for you that make the whole process easy, clear, simple—and friendly.

It's the next-best thing to me sitting you down and explaining it all to you in person.

But that's just the basics.

In addition, I've brought together a whole boatload of expertise beyond my own that you can tap into and learn from.

Hear from Experts All Over the World

First, you have access to detailed, REAL-WORLD INTERVIEWS.

These are interviews I've conducted with successful people funding their lives overseas with their English-language skills.

They're all doing it in different ways, in different places—from Europe to Asia to Latin America.

And they share with you many of the secrets to their success.

For instance, you'll meet…

How to Capitalize on Experience and Connections

Bob, a gentleman in his mid-60's who is an American retiree living in Germany.

Personal Attention

"I love not only the quantity and quality of information you share, but also the way in which you make everyone welcome, and the personal attention you seem to put out to all of us as needed. I've really been enjoying your webinars and have learned a lot in the short time I've been involved. I feel like a whole new world can open to me."

— K. B.

Terrific Webinars

"Thank you, Kary. You have been my inspiration the last few months…I plan on teaching on-line…and then want to teach in Medellin. Your Webinars have been terrific."

— Chuck T.

A Whole New Adventure

"Thanks much for what is shaping up to be the distinct possibility of a whole new adventure for me in the wonderful world of teaching the English language to some eager students somewhere on this beautiful blue & white marble we all inhabit."

— Bob S.

He's successfully teaching business English without a certification or a teaching background.

You'll find out how he landed the job, and his one most important piece of advice for somebody else in the same "unqualified" boat he was in.

Plus you won't believe the amount of vacation he gets. Talk about a lifestyle perk.

Bob says one of the things he appreciates most about teaching (and living) overseas is that he can travel 10-12 weeks a year!

So he's "retired," but he's getting paid to speak English…and still has time to get out and explore.

And in Europe, where things are so close, that means he can head out to neighboring countries easily and often.




Live an Adventure-Filled Life—and Get Paid

You'll hear, too, from Cindy, a baby boomer living in China. Originally from Seattle and retired now…she was looking for an adventure.

She wanted to see more of the world…and not just as a tourist.

Even though she didn't have English-teaching experience, she easily landed a job.

As she reports, in China you'll need a 4-year degree to get a paid position. But it doesn't matter what it's in.

One of the things Cindy says she appreciates most is how safe she feels.

Even though friends back home told her she was crazy to go by herself, that it would be dangerous…she finds China welcoming and secure for women.

You Can Teach—No Classroom Necessary

From Steven, who is 41, you'll get the inside scoop on making an income teaching English outside a classroom setting as a tutor.

He'll tell you how to get paying clients within three days of arriving in a country…

…and how a friend bet him he could start an English program people would pay for by handing out business cards, and did it…

Plus he'll tell you all sorts of insider secrets about how to find space to tutor in, free…

…where to find groups of paying clients in all sorts of unusual places…

…how to target professionals who need English for work…

…and lots more tips you'll appreciate if you're entrepreneurial-minded and like the idea of getting paid to speak English as your own boss…

But that's just the beginning.

I'll Hold Your Hand to Help You Capture the Income You Want

I also host LIVE ONLINE WEBINARS every-other week for all the folks enrolled in the program.

I'd love to have you among them.

We dial in, I often have a successful member on the line with me who I chat with for a few minutes, and then I open it up for questions from you.

It means you're able to learn from people who, like you, were looking for a way to fund their lives overseas…and found it by using their English-language skills.

All the calls are archived—which means you can access them anytime.

And you'll hear from all kinds of folks…all of them using English to earn in all kinds of ways…

They talk about the challenges, the pleasures, the secrets they've discovered…

…what they wish they'd known ahead of time…the best (and worst) parts about the way they're earning…

…useful shortcuts…lucrative tips…and lots, lots more. It's like cramming years' worth of insight into a handful of hours.

I'll Also Keep You Up-to-Date with a Newsletter Every-Other-Week

In addition to the webinars, I'll also send you a bi-monthly NEWSLETTER that guarantees you're always plugged into the best new speak-English-and-get-paid opportunities…strategies for earning that nobody else is talking about…tools to make earning easier…and more.

For instant, recent issues have included articles focused on what to take abroad to make earning with English easier…five different ways to earn on short-term contracts…websites you should know about that power-up your skills, and more.

With the newsletter, you can be certain you're up-to-date and ready to take advantage of the best opportunities out there—all over the world.

3 Special Extras With This Offer

Not only that, but Speak English and Get Paid comes with all kinds of useful extras when you agree to give it a try right now…


I'll give you a special Demo Lesson and a Sample Lesson Plan, which pull back the curtains and show you how the teaching part of things really works.

These insider resources make it easy for you to prove you "have the goods" to teach well overseas.

Especially if you've never taught before…

The idea of actually teaching a lesson or turning in a sample lesson plan might be enough to turn you off the idea of teaching altogether.

But don't be intimidated!

If you speak English…you CAN do this.

And it's mapped out for you clearly so you can follow the examples and see for yourself how perfectly straightforward it really is.

Not only that, but when you request your copy of Speak English and Get Paid today I'll also give you something else…


You'll hear the inside scoop about what the people hiring English teachers for schools are really looking for in a candidate like you.

I "sat down" with Nathan, an English-language Director and Hiring Manager at a well-respected school in Mexico.

I wanted to find out what you can do to jump ahead of other candidates…even if you've never taught before.

He reveals all sorts of useful insights that'll give you an instant leg up.

Like why your "personal goals" are super important…

…and how—if they line up with the school's objectives—you can easily position yourself as the best person for the job.

Find out how you can highlight "management" skills you may have from another career…

…and parlay them into your secret weapon in the classroom…

Plus the one thing that'll impress them every time…

…and how you can do it in just 15 minutes ahead of an interview.

It's easy for you…but most folks don't bother.

If you do…you shine.

How taking the "proactive" approach with a school that's hiring can really set you apart—and what, exactly, you should do…

..including a question you should ask that'll make it clear you're serious about wanting the position…

…and let you know if the school is serious about offering it to you.

And there's more…

BONUS # 3 A PERSONAL REVIEW of the materials you're using to "sell" yourself as an English teacher abroad.

My program, Speak English and Get Paid, walks you clearly through the steps you need to take to land the paying gig overseas that makes the best sense for you.

But—particularly if you've never earned this way before—the way you present yourself to the folks hiring is critically important.

Whether you're aiming for a position at a school or something less formal.

And little things can handicap you.

That's why I will personally read through and examine the materials you're submitting for positions.

There are special words you should be using.

Important ways to highlight skills that will translate nicely to help you earn in this way (even if you've never done it before).

I make sure you're putting your best foot forward—and give you notes on what works…and how you could further improve your materials.

This expert review is something that would typically cost you about $150.

But when you give Speak English and Get Paid a try today, I'll do this review for you, as part of the program, FREE.

All these Extras Are Yours, FREE

So you really DO get everything you need to succeed.

Everything you need to move quickly, efficiently, and with confidence from where you are now to earning an income overseas using your English know-how.

Give it a try right now and you'll receive—

  • The FULLY UPDATED ONLINE PROGRAM complete with video tutorials, written step-by-step guides, the contacts you need to succeed, and more…
  • An eye-opening series of REAL-WORLD INTERVIEWS
  • Weekly LIVE, INTERACTIVE WEBINARS hosted online every-other week, where you can hear fellow members' success stories and get all your questions answered…
  • A meaty, useful, bi-monthly NEWSLETTER focused on new opportunities and approaches you can take to turn your English skills into income anywhere in the world you want to be. This way you're always plugged in to the latest earning strategies and know what's working.
  • Bonus # 3: My PERSONAL REVIEW of the materials you'll use to market yourself and your English-language services

All of that is yours—including the full bundle of extras—when you agree to take a no-risk look at Speak English and Get Paid right now.

I could reasonably ask $500 for this package, which reveals secrets you won't find anyplace else…

…advice, guidance, insights, and recommendations designed to get you an income faster and more efficiently than you ever could on your own.

And with the personalized attention and guidance my team and I provide, too, you're never at a loss for what to do.

This program ensure you're "working smart" in creating an income that leverages your English-language skills.

But I want this to be as accessible as possible for folks.

So I set the regular price at a reasonable $269…

My 100%, Double Guarantee—No Risk to You

I hope you'll take that first, critical step toward an income you can earn overseas doing something you already know how to do: speak English.

This special offer is fully guaranteed. In fact, it comes with a double guarantee.

Guarantee # 1—I guarantee Speak English and Get Paid will help you easily, quickly, and confidently find the speak-English position that best fits your interests and priorities.

Whether you're looking to augment your retirement income and stay busy and engaged a few hours a week…

…or you're in the market for a way to fully fund your life abroad…

Guarantee # 2—I guarantee you'll find inside real-world solutions you need to get from where you are now to having a speak-English income that's just right for you.

So in a handful of weeks you could have a solid plan in place and be ready to speak English and get paid…anywhere in the world you want to be!

But if you feel the solutions delivered aren't for you, simply ask for a full refund within 30 days and you'll get your money back.

No fuss. No questions asked.

There's absolutely no downside.

No Downside—and Big Upside

And the upside hands you one of the best, easiest, most fulfilling ways to "try on" life overseas.

When you earn speaking English abroad, there's no cubicle to report to. No 40-hour weeks to slog through.

And no experience necessary.

It's completely flexible—so there's plenty of time for you to relax, explore your new home, make new friends…and travel…

If you like the idea of making money with a skill you already have…teaching English abroad can be the ideal solution for you.

And if you can read this…you can do it.

There are so many ways—and places—to make an income using your English-language skills.

But it's so confusing if you just look online and try to figure out what path you should take.

And you can be certain that when you do that you're missing out on many excellent opportunities that never appear in a Google search.

That's why I feel 100% confident that Speak English and Get Paid can help you draw a line from what you're looking for…

…to a paid position that fits you perfectly, in exactly the place you want to be.

Here's My Offer to You

Take me up on this special offer today and you'll receive—

  • The FULLY UPDATED ONLINE PROGRAM complete with video tutorials, written step-by-step guides, and the contacts you need to succeed…
  • An eye-opening series of REAL-WORLD INTERVIEWS
  • LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINARS online every-other week, where you can hear from successful fellow members and get all your questions answered…
  • A meaty, useful, bi-weekly NEWSLETTER focused on new opportunities and approaches you can take to turn your English skills into income anywhere in the world you want to be. This way you're always plugged in to the latest earning strategies and know what's working.
  • Bonus # 3: My PERSONAL REVIEW of the materials you'll use to market yourself and land the paid position you want

All of that for just $500 $269.

That's less than you'd typically pay for the personal review of your materials alone.

Yet with this special offer, all these special extras are yours FREE when you agree to take a no-risk look at Speak English and Get Paid.

A handful of months from now—or even sooner—you could be getting paid to speak English overseas…

…and enjoy a travel-rich life filled with adventure…new friends…genuine purpose…and the comfort of an income, too.

Click on the link below, and I'll get you access to Speak English and Get Paid—along with all the extras.

But don't delay. To get this special deal you need to act now.

I look forward to getting to know you—and helping you land the speak-English gig that suits you exactly.

So you can fund the life you imagine overseas…using a skill you already have.

Let's get started together.

Just click below and you'll be taking that first, critical step toward a fun, engaging, rewarding income speaking English overseas.


Jackie Flynn

Kary Vannice,
Creator, Speak English and Get Paid

P.S. There's no downside to giving Speak English and Get Paid a try—and plenty of upside.

After all, it's 100%, fully guaranteed, which means you have a full 30 days to check it out. If you decide the secrets, ideas, and insights won't land you the income you're looking for after all, just let us know and you'll get all your money back. No questions. No fuss.

But I think you'll be impressed with what you see and immediately understand the value in this how-to program that walks you through, step-by-step, how you can successfully leverage your English-language know-how and earn an income overseas using a skill you already have.

P.P.S. Your fellow readers who have already taken advantage of this opportunity have been thrilled with the results. It really does transform lives—for the better. This program not only reveals the secrets and strategies you need to speak English and get paid…but it gives you a huge leg up, saving you not just frustration and money, but time. So you can be living the life you dream about way sooner than you probably think. Here's what just a few of them had to say…

Thanks for Support and Encouragement

"They offered me a full-time job right off the bat. Bit I asked them if I could do part-time, which they immediately accepted. If it hadn't been for the support and the encouragement and you, Kary, acting as a mentor—this wouldn't have happened. Now I'm here in my paradise…and so happy."

— Bill

Fulfilled My Dream

"I had a wonderful year. I really fulfilled my dream…I loved the lifestyle. And now I'm continuing."

— Lynell

Impressed by the In-Depth, Insightful Personalized Review

"I received a very intelligent review and quick response. I did not expect anything so in depth or insightful. A wise purchase, indeed!"

— Rick W.

Way Above and Beyond—Thank You

"My goodness, Kary! I am nearly speechless with the time and effort you put into providing such outstanding feedback on [my materials for landing a job]. Way above and beyond what I could ever have anticipated. I love your commitment to helping us succeed. Thanks again."

— Stephanie J.

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