Your Own Home in Thailand: Everything You Need to Buy a Bargain Property at the Beach or in an Exotic City

Your Own Home in Thailand: Everything You Need to Buy a Bargain Property at the Beach or in an Exotic City

Your Own Home in Thailand: Everything You Need to Buy a Bargain Property at the Beach or in an Exotic City

Dear Reader,

Thailand is – without question – one of the most alluring, most enchanting, and most welcoming places we've EVER discovered.

And should you decide to visit this magical place just ONCE, you may very well "feel the pull" of this place almost immediately... start making plans to spend as much time here as you can... and want to make it YOUR new part-time or full-time home... no matter what you have to do to do it.

Today's Thailand offers:

1. Warm year-round weather. Want to escape the winter cold and wear board shorts and a T-shirt (or perhaps just a swimsuit and a hat) in late-January? No problem! Since Thailand is in the tropics, it never really gets cold here... unless you're way up in the hills up north during the winter months. In Thailand, you can enjoy warm, sunny weather pretty much every month of the year. (It does get rainy sometimes in October and November, however, but most of the time here, it's very, very pleasant.) Live in Thailand and you can soak up some warm sunshine even while everyone else is shoveling snow off their driveways back home!)

2. A favorable exchange rate. At the moment, the Thai baht/US Dollar exchange rate is very favorable for Americans. So when you consider that you can order a tasty street-side meal for as little as $1.60 (less than 50 baht)... fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for as little as $27 (8209 baht) and rent a fully-furnished sea-view condo for as little as $393 (11,900 baht) you can clearly see how much money you'll save with the U.S. Dollar being so strong at the moment. It's a great time to be an expat in Thailand!

3. A low cost-of-living. Given today's favorable exchange rate combined with Thailand's already-low cost-of-living, it's never been easier to live better for less in years than it is right now in Thailand. On a budget of just $1,730 a month—just $58 a day—a couple can live quite comfortably here. Some people live very happily on less. And when you bump that up to $2,500 a month and you can enjoy all the creature comforts you desire... plus throw in one trip or so per month within Thailand... or even to a neighboring country like Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam... and still have some money left over. Budget $3,000 a month or more and you can live like absolute royalty in Thailand!

4. World-class islands and beaches. Thailand boasts over 2,000 miles of coastline... hundreds of gorgeous tropical islands including Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh Chang and more... offers plentiful white-sand beaches on both coasts... and warm, year-round waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving and other water sports. And you won't believe the colors of the seas here in Thailand. The aquamarine waters almost look luminescent in places. And at nighttime, depending on where you are in Thailand, you can witness the absolutely amazing, phosphorescent, "glow-in-the-dark" plankton light up the nighttime seas. It's a sight to behold!

5. Lush, green jungles and exotic wildlife. Since Thailand is located in the tropics of Southeast Asia, it's home to some of the most exotic jungles and wildlife in the entire world. Here you'll find over 1,000 species of orchids... 264 mammal species including wild tigers and elephants... over 900 bird species... and countless marine creatures including whale sharks... pink dolphins... dugongs (sea cows) and hawksbill turtles... to name a few! It's a nature lover's dream in Thailand... and you'll have plenty of opportunities to take "once-in-a-lifetime" photos of exotic wildlife while you're here. Just watch out for the monkeys. They can be a bit mischievous!

6. A thriving expat community. It's estimated that several hundred thousand expats (and perhaps even more - nobody really knows the exact amount) call Thailand home for at least part of the year. Some expats live here full time. And others take advantage of Thailand's attractive retirement program once they turn 50 years old (more on this in just a moment). So it's super-easy to make like-minded friends from all over the world. You'll find that the expat community here is very tightly-knit... and there are always new and fun activities popping up that you can join in on.

7. Tasty Thai food. They say there are as many different Thai curries alone as there are days of the year. And if one thing's for sure, they're all super-tasty! Here you can tuck into a bowl of freshly-prepared street-side green curry chicken with fresh local vegetables and steamed white rice for just a buck or two... enjoy a generous serving of pad Thai, a plate of pork ribs and a mango shake for as little as $7 for two... or go all-out and dine in a luxury restaurant for $17! What's more, Thai food is only the beginning. Because there's such a large expat presence in Thailand, you'll find cuisine from all over the world here. So your taste buds will never get stuck "in a food rut" in Thailand!

8. Exotic cultures and traditions. In Thailand you'll find awe-inspiring gilded temples... expansive "floating" markets where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and other goods straight from a boat in the canals... witness the majesty of the Loi Krathong festival with its thousands of flying lanterns into the nighttime skies... watch two Muay Thai boxers give it their all in a Muay Thai boxing ... and so much more.

9. Excellent, affordable healthcare. In Thailand's big cities, you'll find modern hospitals with plenty of English-speaking medical professionals. Many of them have trained in Western countries like the U.S. or Canada. What's more, prices here are much more affordable than they are back home. An appointment with a specialist costs as little as $26... a teeth cleaning as little as $33... and an overnight stay in a private, air-conditioned room for as little as $39! Think of how much money you'll save simply by taking part of your healthcare planning overseas to Thailand!

10. Easy access to modern amenities. Today's Thailand boasts massive, modern air-conditioned shopping malls... fully-stocked grocery stores - many of which sell popular imported goods like Heinz ketchup... A-1 steak sauce... Italian olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and more. The airports are as modern as any you'll find in the world. And beautiful, too. (Wait until you see Koh Samui's airport. It's completely open-air with thatched roofs, coffee shops, restaurants and stores. And it's only about 10 minutes from the beach!)

11. Solid digital infrastructure. No need to worry whether you'll get reliable internet access or mobile phone coverage while you're in Thailand. Even fiber-optic internet is becoming much more widely available in Thailand... even on smaller islands like idyllic Koh Phangan. And mobile phone coverage is solid, too - with 3G widely prevalent – and 4G in many places now. Plus, you'll find that all the operators speak VERY good English when you set up your service... and it's really easy to do... so you can be "connected" from the very first day you arrive.

12. The legendary friendliness of the Thai people. Of course, it's impossible to talk about Thailand without mentioning how friendly the locals are. It really seems like hospitality is in their blood. They'll often go way, WAY out of their way just to make sure you have what you need. Whether it's finding directions to a restaurant you'll be meeting friends at...helping you install digital TV in your new home...or teaching you a few new words in'll be amazed at how welcoming and friendly the Thai people are. And don't be surprised if many of them become very close friends with you...and remember you by your first name...even if you come back years later!

And then, of course there is the affordable real estate. RIGHT NOW, you can STILL find some great real estate deals in Thailand... if you know where to look. In this special digital report, you'll hear from those savvy expats who have already bought their own dream home in Thailand as well as from real estate expert, Ronan McMahon—who appears here courtesy of Pangea, International Living's preferred real estate advertiser.

Buying property in Thailand's "Rose of the North" was the most positive, high-leverage, lifechanging decision and I cannot recall even one second of regret.

—Rachel Devlin

From Thailand's royal beach town to an exotic cosmopolitan city, this special digital report will give you the insider information you'll need to know when buying your own dream home in "The Land Of Smiles".

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If you're ready to live better for less—order now.


Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

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