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  • Cruising the Panama Coast—Panama: Dream it, Find it, Live it

    If the Panama you envision calls for clear blue waters and long stretches of sandy beach, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of places to choose from. Cruising the Panama Coast - Dream it, Find it, Live it, details our favorite coastal locales, lifestyle and real estate options. Read on for more...

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  • Coastal Ecuador: Land of Sun, Sand, Surf…and Opportunities

    Imagine California’s Pacific Coast from Malibu to Santa Barbara before the Pacific Coast Highway was built …those areas where the mountains come right down to the sea, with rocky cliffs and wide deserted beaches… In this report, we’ll introduce you to Coastal Ecuador from north to south. We’ll provide a full dossier of each of the cities and towns that make the most sense for foreign retirees, investors, families with children, and singles. Read more.

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  • Fantastic Rentals In Thailand's Top 7 Expat Havens From $200 A Month

    One of the great things about living in Thailand are all the cheap real estate opportunities. Especially rentals.

    In fact, if you know where to look, you can find hundreds and hundreds (even THOUSANDS) of great rental opportunities in Thailand for under $600—$500—even $200 a month or less!

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  • Your Own Home in Thailand: Everything You Need to Buy a Bargain Property at the Beach or in an Exotic City

    Thailand is – without question – one of the most alluring, most enchanting, and most welcoming places we've EVER discovered.

    And should you decide to visit this magical place just ONCE, you may very well "feel the pull" of this place almost immediately... start making plans to spend as much time here as you can... and want to make it YOUR new part-time or full-time home... no matter what you have to do to do it.

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