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  • Travel Writer’s Program

    Editors are constantly searching for articles that match what their readers are looking for, articles written by people who can give a true, well-written, and unique report on a destination. But editors aren’t the only ones who want the services of savvy travel writers. Hotels, resorts, and other attractions—both home and overseas—need ambassadors to visit their vacation spots and spread the word through their writing. You could be among them. With The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program in hand, you’ll have what you need to make it happen—no experience necessary.

    Item: 120SYUTRP
  • Live Richer Spend Less

    Why retire overseas? The simple answer is because you’re likely to enjoy life more…and spend far less—up to five times less in some places—to do that. There’s more to it, of course, but that’s what Live Richer, Spend Less: International Living’s Ultimate Guide to Retiring Overseas explores. 

    Item: 120SYLIVE
  • Secrets of the Savvy Traveler

    The best part of travel isn’t hitting every spot in your guidebook. It’s discovering the “hidden gems” off the tourist trail. Getting a good deal on your travels also make the experience even more rewarding. Imagine if you could get the best airfare every time you boarded a plane…or knew where to look for the best hotel room deals…or had the best tips and hints that would save you money while you roam around the world… Read more to find those out-of-the-way places, sights, restaurants, bars.

    Item: 120STSTEM
  • Save Money Every Time You Travel

    In Save Money Every Time You Travel, you’ll discover how to navigate the ever-expanding world of online travel agency websites to find the best deals. Through this dynamic, information-rich online program—complete with instructional videos, photos, graphics, and more—you’ll get 150 tips and strategies that help you travel more efficiently and save you money. Save Money Every Time You Travel puts a huge amount of information, recommendations, money-saving travel tips and strategies into your hands... This resource takes the stress out of travel planning, shows you how to you pinpoint your best, value-priced options, and helps ensure that you get the best travel bargains every time.

    Item: 120SWSMET