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  • The Passport Book

    If you’re considering an overseas retirement or you’re at all concerned about freedom, personal safety, privacy, and protecting your financial assets, this all-new 751-page best-selling (and yes, controversial) book—written by a former U.S. Congressman—belongs in your library.

    Item: 120SYPPOB
  • International Living

    International Living magazine is one of our best resources if you're really serious about moving overseas. In each issue we detail in-depth information on moving or retiring overseas, making money, saving money and learning all the ins and outs on buying property abroad.

    Item: ILV
  • The Dream Retirement Project

    Get in Line Right Now for…The Dream Retirement Project. Get your own roadmap to an International Life so you can enjoy more, spend less, and live better…Whether you long for a full-time escape, an annual summer adventure, or anything in between

    Item: 120SXROSK
  • Social Security Secrets

    Just 4 out of every 100 retirees claim their maximum Social Security benefit—in fact, on average, couples leave $111,000 on the table over the course of their retirement. This book reveals proven strategies that could hand you tens of thousands of EXTRA dollars in benefits—funds you have to know when—and how—to ask for.

    Item: 120S4RLSS4
  • Global Intelligence Letter

    ‘America’s personal finance expert dumps 90% of his stocks…’ He’s selling stocks – including Facebook and Google – and has begun preparing for an event will change life dramatically for every American in the next six months…

    Item: INA
  • Portugal All Access

    Expats come to Portugal for a variety of benefits: the California climate, low cost of living, friendly locals, bargain real estate, and high-quality medical care—and that’s just to start. In Portugal All Access, you’ll discover why Portugal was crowned the “World’s #1 Retirement Haven for 2023”. In this video series, we’ll take you on a tour across Portugal’s stunning regions, you’ll learn all about life in Portugal, and we’ll give you plenty of tips and advice to help you move here with ease. This is the only guide you’ll need to moving to and living in this beautiful European country.

    Item: 120SXPGVP
  • Travel Writer’s Program

    Editors are constantly searching for articles that match what their readers are looking for, articles written by people who can give a true, well-written, and unique report on a destination. But editors aren’t the only ones who want the services of savvy travel writers. Hotels, resorts, and other attractions—both home and overseas—need ambassadors to visit their vacation spots and spread the word through their writing. You could be among them. With The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program in hand, you’ll have what you need to make it happen—no experience necessary.

    Item: 120SYUTRP
  • Expat Taxes Made Easy

    Once you've visited a place, researched it thoroughly, and determined it indeed is your idea of the perfect paradise…you'll be more than a little eager to get there and get settled in your new life.

    There may be a million-and-one details to attend to—and figuring out any looming tax issues may not be the one you're most excited about. What's worse, most U.S. tax professionals haven't a clue about how to file properly once you set foot off the homeland. And they are likely to charge you an exorbitant amount to share what little they do know on the subject.

    Item: 120S4EGTE
  • Portugal Scouting Trip Itineraries and Travel Guide

    Travel may not be to the forefront of your mind right now, but there will come a time when the planes will fly again, and foreign shores will beckon. At International Living, we know that retirement planning is not a short-term activity. And we believe that right now is a great time to carry out research and plan for future trips. Portugal offers just about everything a discerning, budget-minded world travel enthusiast could ever want.

    Item: 120SVPLIT