Escape to Belize

Escape to Belize

The Laid-Back Little Caribbean
Country of Belize Has It All……

A stable, democratic government, easy residence options,
inexpensive beach properties, very few taxes… It's easy to

work online or start a business…and English is the official

And Belize Wants U.S. Retirees…

Dear Reader,

Leave your watch behind because you won't need it. And toss away your shoes while you're at it–a bathing suit is the only wardrobe requirement, and even that's only a suggestion. Spend your afternoon chasing a fish or two or nursing an ice-cold beer, and call that a good day's work…

There's a little country in the Caribbean… a new country, in fact, having just gained its independence in 1981. Less than 380,000 people live here… in the entire country! And the vast majority...more than 74% of them...are under 30 years of age. They can use the kind of experience you have to offer and they're throwing open arms to North American retirees.

This is a place where palm trees sway in rhythm with the gentle waves of clear warm waters caressing soft white sands.

People greet you with a smile and a cheerful "Good Day." They're genuinely happy. And why wouldn't they be? They live in paradise.

They enjoy fresh fruit for breakfast, fresh fish for lunch, and celebrate the end of every blissful day watching the sun set over the Maya Mountains or (if they're on one of the many islands that dot the coast) the Caribbean.

Worries are few. The cost of living is low…half what you'd spend in the rest of the Caribbean or the U.S. Property prices, too, are extraordinarily low. In parts of this paradise…virtually unknown to foreigners…you can buy a 6,000-sq-ft. oceanfront lot for as little as $45,000. Even on its most popular ‘upscale' island, where bargains are hard to come by, a beachfront condo can be had for little less than $90,000.

What's more, there is 0% capital gains tax, and property tax is so low that in many cases—it will cost less than $100 a year!

All this, plus it's ridiculously easy to get residence.

Best of all, in addition to being one of the world's last true tax havens, English is the official language.

Yet amazingly, this country and its benefits remain relatively unknown except to a savvy few.

If You're Dreaming of Retiring to the Caribbean but
Think You Can't Afford it… Think Belize

The Last Affordable Caribbean Haven

It's Cheaper and Easier Than Ever to Get to Belize

Tourism to Belize is growing by leaps and bounds, with more and more inexpensive flight options being added. All the primary U.S. carriers fly to Belize, as does Southwest Airlines. West Jet offers flights from Toronto. And American now offer a new flight from London… And a new cruise terminal in southern Belize will bring more tourists, too—offering early-in opportunities for those who get to Belize now.

Over the years, the world has started to take notice of little Belize. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, movie director Francis Ford Coppola, singer-songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker and more have quietly purchased homes there. Many others…like Tiger Woods, Reese Witherspoon, Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage, and Robert DeNiro…regularly vacation on its private islands and in exclusive resort hotels.

Madonna fell so in love with the Belizean island of Ambergris Caye and its little town of San Pedro that she wrote a song about it, which she still sings in concert: "Last night I dreamt of San Pedro, tropical island breeze, all of nature wild and free. This is where I long to be, la Isla Bonita… "

But even though celebrities have found Belize, it remains off the typical tourist radar. In fact, celebrities enjoy it for just that reason: there aren't hordes of tourists around and they can vacation in peace. And that tranquility (and relative obscurity) is exactly what's kept the country's charm rating high and its prices low.

We've Had Our Eyes On Belize for Decades

My name is Jackie Flynn and I'm Publisher of International Living.

At International Living, we've had our eye on Belize from the beginning… from even before it earned its independence from Great Britain in 1981. In the early years, divers and fishermen were just about the only tourists who visited this little country, which hugs the Caribbean Sea just south of Mexico.

You may remember it from grammar school as British Honduras—and luckily, Belize has retained its English influence. The stable government is based on the British parliamentary system with a legal system modeled on the common law of England. Everyone speaks English and all contracts are written in that language.

Over the years more than a few International Living readers have been living the good life in Belize. As one expat couple living on the popular island of Ambergris Caye, says, "Our overall cost of living is about 33% of what it was in California. It is hard to let go of all the 'things' we had. But we can get by on a lot less here."

Not only that, they say, "We love the balmy weather, with temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees most days. The aquamarine water and nearby reef are stunning. The breeze coming off the Caribbean Sea has a cooling effect, so we hardly ever use our air-conditioning. It is comfortable to swim all year round, and nature is ever present.

"Every day we see and talk to our neighbors. It's a small town and everyone is friendly. I walk to the beach, where I run into friends. Our normal attire is shorts, shirts, and flip-flops."

Belize Fast Facts

Despite what you may think, Belize remains a little-visited country. Outside of cruise passengers on day trips, only about 320,000 tourists visit Belize each year… far less than most other Caribbean tourist destinations. (By contrast, each year nearly 4 million tourists visit the Dominican Republic, and nearly 5 million travel to Cancun, just a few hours north of Belize.) About half of the tourists who visit Belize go to Ambergris Caye. And that's exactly why real estate prices are a bit higher there but remain lower in the rest of Belize…

And there's Bill and Jenny, who bought a parcel of beachfront on the Bay of Corozal, near the town of Copper Bank. They worked together to build Cerros Beach Resort, now up and running with four cabanas for guests, and a full-service restaurant and bar.

"There are no time clocks or wristwatches, no commutes, stress or worries," Bill says. "We have the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitats, to sit and listen to the birds and the wind blowing, to watch a beautiful sunset…we take full advantage of it all."

Jan B. first visited Belize seven years ago after her husband passed away. Comforted by the turquoise waters…the gentle ocean breezes…the laidback island living…she felt like she belonged there. She went back to Texas and told her family and friends she was moving there. She has owned two businesses on the island (including a famous beachfront bar) and is now "retired"… but working on the preservation and development of a 2,000-year-old Marco Gonzalez Maya site, the first Archaeological Reserve on an island in Belize.

"I'm on Social Security now," Jan says, and that's what I live on. Living on the island costs more than living on the mainland. But the extra costs of living here are worth it. I'm on an island…in the Caribbean…I live here because I love it!"

There's Much More to Belize Than Ambergris Caye…
The Country's Most Popular Tourist Destination

There are many little islands off the coast (at least 200, say tourism officials) and miles of Caribbean coastline that remain undiscovered by most travelers.

There's so much information to share with you about Belize. As you may know, for the last number of years, International Living's writers and editors have scoured the country to learn everything about the benefits, cost-savings, opportunities, advantages (and yes, challenges) this country has to offer.

I've asked them to share that information with you in an up-to-date comprehensive resource…a step-by-step guide, really, that covers—in detail—everything you need to know to get you on the ground and living the good life in Belize as quickly as possible.

It's called Escape to Belize: Everything You Need to Know to Retire Better, Invest Well, and Enjoy the Good Life for Less. And I guarantee it will help you decide if Belize is right for you and provide a blueprint to quickly get you on your feet there.

Let me explain why Belize should be on your radar in the first place.

Why Is Belize Our #1 Pick for Carefree Caribbean

Not only is little Belize one of the most beautiful places in the world…and not only is it likely the most affordable destination in the Caribbean…but life is easy. So easy

That's part of what makes Belize such a paradise, of course. Here's why:

  • It's close to home—just a two-hour flight from Miami.
  • You needn't learn a new language (English is the official language).
  • The government is stable.
  • The currency is pegged 2 to 1 to the U.S. dollar (and U.S. dollars are freely accepted everywhere).
  • It's tiny—about the size of Massachusetts—so it's easy to get around.
  • Less than 380,000 people live in the entire country…no crowds to contend with.
  • Belizeans may be the friendliest, most helpful people on the planet.
  • It's easy to establish residence and easy to start a business in Belize.
And, Belize Offers One of the World's Best Retirement Programs, Too!

Maybe you've heard of Belize's Qualified Retired Person Program (QRP).

Despite the name, you needn't be retired. If you're at least 45 years old and have a monthly income of at least $2,000 from a pension or annuity (including Social Security) generated outside of Belize, you can qualify. This allows you to bring all your personal goods to Belize tax-free, and pay no Belizean taxes on any foreign-earned income.

Belize is one of those countries that packs a big punch in a small package. It's part of Central America, but unlike most of "Latin" America, Belize was originally part of the British Empire. (That's why English is spoken there.) Belize just became an independent nation in 1981, and British influence remains strong in everything from its parliamentary government to its common law legal system.

It's a legal system that works and makes sense…you won't have any trouble doing business in Belize!

And even though Belize is one of the smallest countries in Central America (making it easy to explore in a short amount of time) it's remarkably diverse…from pine forests in the west and rainforests in the south to rolling farmland in the center and 240 miles of gorgeous Caribbean coastline dotted with more than 200 offshore idyllic islands.

By the way, there are lots of exciting infrastructure projects in the works in Belize today, from the new international airport planned for Ambergris Caye to the new cruise ship terminal in southern Belize. Roadwork progresses apace on Ambergris Cay and there are plans to upgrade the malecon beachfront promenades in both Corozal and Punta Gorda. And the municipal airport in Belize City has already been upgraded and enhanced.

All this, and Belize makes it easy to gain residence there…and with tremendous tax benefits, too.

So How Do You Get Started?
How Can You Quickly Get Up-to-Speed and Easily
Determine if Belize is Right For You?
It's All Included in Escape to Belize

As you know, the only way to find out if Belize is right for you is to plan a visit and see for yourself. But before you spend that kind of money, I've a proposition for you.

We've spent nearly four decades researching Belize…and make no mistake, our editors and correspondents either live in Belize full-time or spend extensive amounts of time there. They've experienced all the benefits this country has to offer and interviewed hundreds of expats who've done the same. They've dug deep and spent time with attorneys, immigration specialists, real estate professionals, and more. They have firsthand experience with getting visas, moving household goods and pets…with the healthcare system, insurance options, and on and on…

And believe me, our editors, correspondents, and your fellow expats in Belize have been through the challenges, too.

In Escape to Belize, you'll get all the benefits of our many years of on-the-ground experience in Belize.

I guarantee Escape to Belize, will help you:

  • SAVE TIME! Whether you're a beach, island, farm or mountain person, there's a perfect place in Belize for you. We provide the pros and cons to help you narrow down the choices and save hours of painstaking research and expensive travel time. We'll help you pick the best locales in the country that best fit your lifestyle.
  • SAVE MONEY! We've done the scouting work for you and provide you with the names, phone numbers, and email addresses for our most trusted and helpful contacts. This information is worth its weight in gold (and can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars).
  • MAKE MONEY! You'll discover current business opportunities for the entrepreneur, outlining the sectors where you'll find the most promise. And we provide complete references and resources to help you launch your new business.

Belize expert Ann Kuffner is the chief architect of this hefty and all-encompassing Escape to Belize manual.

Ann lived in Belize for almost 10 years and discovered some of the places in the country where you can still live the Caribbean dream without spending a fortune…where you can have a champagne lifestyle on a Belikin budget.

(Belikin is Belize's mighty tasty beer…a cold one will set you back just a buck or two, depending on the hoity-toity-ness, or lack thereof, of the establishment.)

She has compiled all her research and findings about Belize in the very comprehensive Escape to Belize: Everything You Need to Know to Retire Better, Invest Well, and Enjoy the Good Life for Less.

Not one to just scratch the surface, Ann gives you every little detail…all the nuances, tips, insider secrets, and every little tidbit that normally slips between the cracks…everything you need to know if you're considering relocating to Belize.

She explains exactly what you need to do to qualify for the Belize Qualified Retired Person Program. This is the latest information straight from Ann's contacts in the Belize government. It's verified and up to date. (That's important, as much of what you'll find in an internet search can be dangerously outdated.)

What's more, she explains you how you can become a permanent resident of Belize, which offers you even more advantages, including the ability to work and earn an income there.

If you're interested in finding your place in the Caribbean sun…but you'd rather not pay typical Caribbean prices…you need to read this manual.

Here's Some of What You'll Discover in Your
Escape to Belize

  • Location, location, location. You'll learn about the top spots in Belize for expats… some of which you may have never heard of, including a quiet, tidy town on the ocean (but with all the amenities you need) where you can live… more than comfortably… on less than $2,000 per month, including your rent. (Chapter 2)
  • Contacts, contact, contacts. From expat organizations in Belize to those people who can help you streamline your move… Ann names names and gives contact info, so you'll have both business and social circles in Belize before you ever leave home. (Appendix A—Your complete Belize Resource Rolodex)
  • How much you can expect to pay for things like telephone, Internet, cable TV, and household help… including a gardener. Remember, in the tropics, one plant can quickly turn into a jungle… you'll be happy to have affordable help in your garden! (Chapter 5)
  • The nitty gritty details about healthcare in Belize: the country's best public and private hospital options, where to get medical insurance, the ins and outs of evacuation policies, how to get your prescription medications, and more. (Chapter 6)
  • What about moving your household goods to Belize… does it make sense? What are the best shipping companies? What about your pets? All the information you need about these important issues is found in Chapter 7.
  • What about taxes? Income taxes, sale tax, capital gains tax… business taxes for you entrepreneurs. All your obligations, exemptions, and benefits are fully explained in Chapter 8.
  • When you travel to Belize, you'll want to make the most of your time and money. We've outlined, where to go, how to get there, how much it will cost… from hotels to restaurants to shopping… and we explain how to save big time on all your travel expenses. Chapters 11 and 12.
  • And of course, in Chapter 3, we provide detailed information about real estate in Belize. What the buying process is like…where to go and who to talk to in order to find the best bargains… Like a two-bedroom, two-bath condo, located right in San Pedro town on popular Ambergris Caye for just $249,000 or a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a wraparound balcony and a garage near Punta Gorda for just $145,000.
Try Before You Buy

We always recommend that you rent before you buy. But how do you find a rental in Belize? And how much will you pay? Even on the popular island of Ambergris Caye, you can find a fully furnished rental (A/C, washing machine, and internet included) for just $600 a month. Chapter 2 offers the ins and outs of the Belize rental market in Escape to Belize: Everything You Need to Know to Retire Better, Invest Well, and Enjoy the Good Life for Less. And of course, contact information is provided…

Reserve Your Escape to Belize Now…

Escape to Belize: Everything You Need to Know to Retire Better, Invest Well, and Enjoy the Good Life for Less is the best resource available to help you get to know the Caribbean paradise that is Belize. From finding a property…to obtaining residence. You'll learn how to invest, travel, live, retire, and start a new business in Belize. With Escape to Belize as your guide, you'll save time, money, and hours of frustration…

Keep in mind…this special guide to "all that is Belize" is the result of years of living in and traveling around the country by many of our top International Living editors and writers.  For this edition, there have been months of follow-up research and consultations with expats in Belize, immigration attorneys, real estate agents, and developers. If you were to try to get this information yourself, it would take years and thousands of dollars to compile. I can guarantee you won't find anything like it on the Internet or in a bookshop.

In fact, I will guarantee it…more about that in a minute.

Try it out, explore everything Belize has to offer…and certainly, make use of the information when you're in Belize in search of your dream home or investment. With all the pointed information and contact details in this report, you'll be glad you did.

…And Two Special Bonuses
Reserve Your Escape to Belize Manual Today...
and Also We'll Toss in 2 Special Extras...FREE

Reserve your Escape to Belize Manual today and we'll immediately send you two FREE Special Bonuses:

Special Bonus #1: A very special video called “Belize: The English-Speaking Caribbean Jewel” (value $29) it’s yours FREE when you reserve your Escape to Belize Manual today

To give you the very best introduction to Belize and a preview of what you’ll actually see and experience firsthand in this special country, we videotaped a special presentation given recently at an International Living Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference by Ann Kuffner.

In this special video, Ann provides an excellent snapshot to real life in Belize. She explains what you’ll love about living there and what you may find to be somewhat challenging.

This video is full of spectacular visuals, too—so you can see exactly what she’s talking about. From Ambergris Caye to Placencia, Punta Gorda, the Cayo District, and beyond...

Ann knows Belize well and she wants to share it all...up close and personal...with you.

This Special Bonus Video has a value of $29.97...but it’s yours FREE when you act now to reserve your Escape to Belize Manual.

If you’re considering a move to Belize… a place where you’ll feel welcome and wanted... a country that’s teeming with opportunity (not to mention it’s drop-dead gorgeous), you’ll want to watch this video as soon as possible.

This special video, Belize: The English-Speaking Caribbean Jewel (value $29) is yours FREE with your copy of Escape to Belize.

If you've ever wanted see for yourself what Belize has to order to make an informed decision about moving or investing there… act now.

But that's not all...

Order your copy of Escape to Belize now and I'll also give you...

Special Bonus #2: A second special video, "Starting Your Dream Business in Belize", (value $29).

Belize is one of the best places on the planet right now to start a business. Even if starting a business is not at all your intention, chances are that you’ll see a niche in Belize that needs to be filled. In a country with such a small population... but with ever-increasing numbers of tourists visiting each year... countless opportunities await you.

In this special video, International Living Roving Latin America Editor Jason Holland showcases dozens of these opportunities...

He shares a lengthy list of businesses needed in each area of the country. He explains how to get a work permit, what to do, what not to do, who’s doing what, who’s not doing what...

If you’ve dreamed of living in Belize but you’re not sure how to make it happen financially watch Jason’s video and you’ll be well on your way to figuring it out.

This special video, Starting Your Dream Business in Belize, has a value of $29 but it’s yours free, and will be rushed to you immediately, when you order Escape to Belize right now.

Not Available Anywhere Else

Escape to Belize created by Belize correspondent Ann Kuffner and the editors of International Living (and the two special bonuses, Belize: The English-Speaking Caribbean Jewel and Starting Your Dream Business in Belize are not available in bookstores, resource libraries, or anywhere else on the Internet.

All are available online with the manual provided in downloadable PDF format for $129. That's how we can keep the information as up-to-date and reliable as possible. It also allows us to get this information in your hands as quickly as possible. However, if you would like to purchase a printed version, go here (You'll still be able to access the videos instantly online).

Travel to Belize to obtain all this information yourself and you'd expect to pay $2,000 or more. (The time and efforts of attorneys and other experts who worked to compile this information is worth that much alone.) But when you act now and reserve your copy of Escape to Belize you'll pay just $129. And you'll also receive our special free bonus videos Belize: The English-Speaking Caribbean Jewel and Starting Your Dream Business in Belize.

Discover Belize Risk-Free

In Belize, there's a mantra that everyone lives by. It's an attitude, really, and a direct result of living a no-stress lifestyle. The sun comes up, you play in the water all day… or just sit next to it with your feet up and a cold drink in your hand. And then the sun goes down. The next day you do it all again.

"No shirt, no shoes, no problem."

I'm so confident that Escape to Belize will help you realize your dream life in Belize that I'll offer you this guarantee: If, for any reason, you're not completely happy with this report, just let us know. You have our 30-day, no-hassle, money back guarantee…

We'll refund your $129 no questions asked…and you can keep your special videos Belize: The English-Speaking Caribbean Jewel and Starting Your Dream Business in Belize.

If you've been considering a move to Belize…full-time or part-time, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as possible about this small, friendly English-speaking Caribbean country—and now, thanks to our money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose…but so much to gain!


Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn,
Publisher, International Living

P.S. The comprehensive and all-inclusive Escape to Belize: Everything You Need to Know to Retire Better, Invest Well, and Enjoy the Good Life for Less and your two FREE special videos Belize: The English Speaking Caribbean Jewel and Starting Your Dream Business in Belize are not available anywhere else… at any price. If you're interested in living the laidback Caribbean lifestyle (full or part-time) but not interested in paying typical Caribbean prices, Belize should definitely be front and center on your radar.

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