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Enigmatic Expert Who Predicted Bank Failures, Inflation, Market Crash, and America’s Political Divide Issues Final Warning:

3 Strange Financial Events American Retirees Need to Prepare for Right Now

“this will be a disaster for savers... here’s the one important step you need to take right now...”

He was a poor boy from Baton Rouge who rose to the highest levels of the mainstream financial media...

With 10 million readers and 7 acclaimed books, Jeff Opdyke guided America through events like the dot-com bust and the ’08 financial crisis... and even 9/11.

But at the height of his success he walked away from it all.

He left America entirely... and began making a series of predictions about the US economy...

In February of 2021, Jeff went against the Biden administration, predicting that serious inflation was coming...

Then, while the media was calling “the beginning of the end for fossil fuels,” Jeff bucked the trend once more... predicting that oil prices would soar once again.

In late 2021, he also warned that he’d sold 90% of his stocks and bonds to prepare for a major event in the next six months... barely two months later, the stock market began its epic 2022 crash.

In October 2022, Jeff again warned of bank failures ahead, including the giant Credit Suisse...

Earlier this year, that’s exactly what happened...

Today, from his offshore base... Jeff Opdyke delivers his final prediction:

3 coming events – known as super shocks – are about to disrupt our life in a way that few Americans have ever experienced.

In this short presentation, you’ll hear the story no one else is telling – of delusion, woke-ism gone mad, of a hidden agenda to turn America against itself... and the “Reckoning” that must follow.

Jeff will detail the steps he has taken to protect and even grow his wealth... as well as the one simple step you can take right now from your computer, tablet, or phone...


Dear Reader,

Do you know the story of America’s “dead twin”?

A hundred years ago America had a rival superpower.

I’m not talking about Russia, Japan or China...

This “twin” was the fastest growing economy in the world... its currency was the most valuable on earth.

Like us, this rival superpower was at the forefront of technology... their geography made them virtually immune to foreign threats... their resources – an “endless supply of raw materials and natural resources such as water, gas, and oil” – made them a force no one dared touch...

Inside one of their department stores from the time

They built a “world metropolis” with the beauty of Paris, the wealth of New York and the hustle of and the latest fashions...a $330,000,000 opera house...tree-lined boulevards...

American visitors would write home calling it “the City of Amazement.”

A period of unsurpassed wealth...but it was not to last

Now here’s why this story should matter to every American right now:

Nor could they have imagined that the threat would come, not from a foreign invader or natural disaster... but from a simple, yet dangerous, idea... and a series of shocking events.

As these events played out, political squabbles turned violent in the streets...

Foreign creditors began calling in their debts... and the currency – once equal to the dollar – lost so much value that store owners no longer bothered putting prices on their goods...

Factories stopped being able to pay their workers... employees turned on owners, taking over their businesses (sometimes violently)... middle class families were forced to sell their homes... children starved as basic foods disappeared (in one of the most food-rich countries on the planet)...

Anyone with any sense tried to take their savings and head for the exits...

But a desperate government imposed banking lockdowns, forcing the people to simply watch as their money lost value like a stock in a crash.

Later, shell-shocked locals would remark on just how fast their world came apart...

Visit the capital today and you’ll see traces of that former wealth.

You see it in the grand Parisian-style buildings (still beautiful but crumbling)...

You see it in the old subway system, one of the first in the world... now failing and plagued by crime...

You see it in the wide boulevards, where families gather to barter for powder milk and diapers...

...the ruins of a once-proud superpower...

We’ll talk more about this country later on, as well as the bizarre reality of everyday life there now.

You can already see its influence in our government, our media, our financial system... even in our schools and TV shows...

And I believe we’re about to see a series of events very similar to those that killed “America’s dead twin.”

My name, by the way, is Jeff Opdyke.

I don’t work for a big “financial research” company. I’m not a professional talking head.

I’m just an independent financial writer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I share my findings and forecasts with a private group of 10,000 subscribers.

A few years ago, I began reporting on a strange idea spreading through America’s elite institutions – our government, our colleges, even our media...

As I traced the origins of this idea and the agenda behind it... it led me to make a series of predictions about our society, our economy, and the stock bubble.

Each of which came true...

Today I’m here to talk about the next – and possibly final – chapter in this story.

We will see empty shelves in our grocery stores once more...

Fuel prices will climb again, triggering black outs and brown outs...

Stocks will whipsaw... (though that’s not the asset I’m most worried about...more on that later)

Companies will see their margins collapse and start laying off staff in massive numbers...

I expect we’ll see joblessness soar as millennials who quit during the pandemic suddenly become desperate for work...

The housing market will get hit, too. The banking giant JP Morgan is already cutting hundreds of jobs within its mortgage division... (that may be just the beginning of trouble ahead for our banks)

And’s that’s just the beginning... what comes next will be stranger still...

Understand: in the highest circles of American finance and industry, they know what’s coming...

And yet the official narrative coming out the White House is one of record employment... lower inflation... lower gas prices... and no recession.

In this free presentation, I’m going to lay out the truth.

I’ll show you what’s really going on... including the insidious idea at work in America today... and the coming events – which I call “super shocks” – that every American should be prepared for.

Once you understand what’s happening, it will explain so much about America of the past few decades...

  • The strange ideas ... laughable just a few years ago... that have taken hold everywhere from your local library to your local PTA to even our government...
  • The boom and bust of Big Tech and crypto currencies...
  • The surprising origin of the “woke” movement...
  • The rise of identity politics... and cancel culture...

And so much more...

Earlier in this presentation, you learned the story of America’s dead twin...

That country, by the way...was Argentina.


There was a time when the saying around the world went “rich as an Argentine.”

Except for the United States, Argentina had more millionaires than any other country on Earth.

And the Argentine gold peso was the most valuable currency in the world.

In the early 1900s, Americans visiting the capital city of Buenos Aires would write back in awe:

Had the Bishop from Baltimore visited Buenos Aires a few decades later, he would have found a city where people ate from garbage cans... where mothers fed their children tea and sugar because there wasn’t any food...

Think something like that can’t happen in America?

Last year when a single infant formula plant in Michigan shut down, half the supply of formula in the US disappeared...

Store shelves went bare... pharmacies had to resort to rationing... desperate mothers were bringing babies to the hospital with malnutrition...

One Wisconsin mother reported going to 13 stores trying to find food for her son.

“You stare at the [empty] shelf like...I need to find something for my son to eat,” she reported at the time.

America is far more fragile than you think...

For example, a recent food giveaway by a charity in Kentucky saw a mile-long line form... with people getting up at 4am to come secure their spot...

And if you wait for CNN or Fox News or NPR to tell you what comes next, you are making a big mistake.

I’ve seen it before...

At the height of the recent stock boom, in November 2021 I warned people that I’d sold 90% of my stocks and bonds, including Facebook and Google...

What were the “authorities” telling people?

The financial news site MoneyWise told its readers “don’t count on a crash.”

Goldman Sachs told investors the market would continue to hit record highs in 2022.

Just a few weeks later, the market collapsed.

But what’s coming will impact you regardless of whether you own stocks...

In a few minutes, I’m going to share the “radical” change I’ve made to prepare for these Super Shocks, including how I’m protecting my savings and personal finances... the easy step you can take right now to protect your wealth... and even profit enormously as one poorly understand, yet vital, asset skyrockets in value (no, it’s not oil, gold, stocks, or bonds).

I can understand you may be skeptical. You’re right to be. Especially in times like these.

I remember after the financial meltdown in ’08, every guru on the internet and TV was telling people it was going to be the “end of America.”

And sure, we had big problems. Especially with our national debt.

But even so, I saw something else in America’s future.

See, I began my career as an investigative reporter. And for a time I was stationed at the Wall Street Journal’s Texas office – in the heart of oil country.

I knew there were massive shale oil fields just waiting to be tapped underneath American soil.

That’s why I went against the doom-and-gloomers to predict, not the end of America, but the rebirth of America as a gas giant.

I wrote to my readers back then: “America is on the brink of becoming the next Qatar.”

That’s exactly what happened. America soon became the world’s largest natural gas exporter, with natural exports jumping almost 350%.

Those who listened to me even had the chance to make a lot of money when I recommended a little-known U.S. natural gas company called Cheniere Energy:

Back then, Cheniere was trading for $5 per share. By March 2023, it was worth nearly $165…a gain of 3,200%.

Sadly, I don’t think we’re looking at a rebirth like in 2011...

No, America will not disappear. But if I’m right, the next two decades are going to some of the most difficult we have ever experienced as a country.

That said, there will be “Chenieres” to find here too...

But first, I need to tell you about the first of the three coming super shocks.

The First Super Shock: The “Woke” Attack on America’s Economy

Soon I suspect we will be headed into lockdown once more...

But not over a virus this time.

Nor will they use the word lockdown. Maybe they’ll call it a “climate action” or an “energy reset”...

But it’ll be a lockdown. Cars unable to go anywhere. Stores closed. Streets empty. Here’s why...

Back in 2021, the common wisdom went that in the post-COVID world renewables would replace fossil fuels. Oil prices, which had gone to zero during the pandemic, would stay low.

CNN at the time reported: “The world may never recover its thirst for oil.”

To me that was pure “woke” fantasy…

In March 2021 I predicted that oil prices were about to soar as demand roared back.

Within a year, oil prices had more than doubled to over $130 per barrel.

Today, the prices at the pump appear to be heading back down.

And certainly the White House would love for you to believe that the worst has passed.

Sadly, they are wrong. It’s about to get much worse.

Here’s why:

For years now, elites in the US have pursued the rapid and complete replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy.

President Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline and has allowed less drilling on federal land than Obama, Trump and every other U.S. president since Truman.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York have all banned hydraulic fracking…even though they sit upon a shale formation with hundreds of trillions of cubic feet in natural gas (enough gas to power the entire U.S. for years).

California, too, plans to ban all new natural gas projects...

These restrictions have proven so effective that we have all but stopped bringing new oil and gas supply to the surface.

The last time new oil discoveries were this low was back in 1946.

Most Americans still didn’t even own cars back then.

The US economy today is 10 TIMES larger now than it was in 1946!

Put simply: at some point we’re going to find that we don’t have enough energy to power this country.

It’s not that we don’t have oil and gas.

The US now holds the largest discoverable oil reserves in the world... more than Saudi Arabia.

But you can’t turn that supply back on like a light switch.

Finding a new well… estimating its reserves… deciding whether or not to tap it… getting government approval and licensing… extracting the oil or gas… and then refining it…

That process takes years…even a decade or more for complex operations like offshore rigs.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with renewable technologies. They may build a great world for my son’s grandchildren…

But you cannot replace more than a century’s worth of fossil fuel-based energy infrastructure in a few years…or even a few decades... with renewables.

Oil and gas are incredibly dense fuels.

Every cubic meter of oil we extract – about 6 barrels – produces up to 45 gigajoules of energy.

A comparable area of solar energy panels produces just 1.5 microjoules... that’s twenty quadrillion times LESS energy.

And even if that wasn’t the case... we can’t afford the transition to renewables.

Consider this: McKinsey estimates the total cost of zero emissions by 2050 could be as high as $275 trillion.

That’s over 20 times all the taxes collected by governments, worldwide, in a year.

Are you willing to forgo your social security so that Greta Thunberg and AOC get their wind farms?

(Though now Greta’s protesting windfarms too so maybe not...)

The fact is: we don’t have the money... we don’t have the energy... and even if Biden acted today, we don’t have the time...

And no one dares talk about it!

The bank HSBC recently forced out one of its top executives after he questioned... not climate change itself... but the wisdom of investing client money in companies with an “environmental or social justice” mission regardless of bad returns.

This is a political issue, not a scientific issue. Look at these headlines:

Look, I don’t like pollution. I started my career as a journalist investigating the chemical industry that was causing birth defects in south Louisiana.

But this is not about pollution. It’s not about climate change.

If it were, we’d be talking about nuclear, which, despite what you may have heard, is both clean and safe... cleaner, in fact, than both wind and solar.

According to a Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Rhodes:

So no, this is not really about the climate (more on that later...)

Regardless, shortages are now inevitable in the US... and probably going to hit much sooner than you realize.

According to the International Energy Forum we are now facing “the worst global energy crisis in history.”

In the past two years, so many refineries have shut down that America has lost more than 1 million barrels a day in supply.

Right now, the Biden administration is relying on something called the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to stop oil and gas prices from skyrocketing...

It’s a federal complex of deep underground caverns along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast that hold hundreds of millions of barrels of oil.

When Biden took office, the SPR held 640 million barrels.

But Biden burned through 40% of the SPR in 2022 alone... all while touting his climate bona fides by the way...

If he continues at that rate, he will be functionally out of oil by the end of this year.

Businesses are already shutting down because they can’t afford their gas bills. When San Diego restaurant owner, Jeff K. saw his gas bill had jumped 300%, he reported “The costs are out of control, I think they're running us out of here.”

These are not big businesses that get bail outs to stay open... when a small business can’t afford to keep the lights own, it just shuts down.

And in case you don’t know... 99% of American businesses are small businesses.

But it’s not just businesses. Regular Americans are already reporting gas bills nearly 8 TIMES higher than last year.

And it’s about to get worse...

Let me show you what $10 a gallon gas does to this country...

The average trucking company operates on a profit margin between 2.5% and 6%. Think about what happens if their gas price goes up 100% or more...

That will have a devastating effect on retail businesses. And Ecommerce won’t escape the carnage like it did during the pandemic. Without trucks, online businesses can’t ship.

Online businesses can’t ship so they don’t advertise. And all those cool, hip tech companies... well... some of them are going under.

Meanwhile the average American could see the cost to fill his gas tank rise to $278. In some states, it could be double that.

Remember: this is in a country where half the population can’t cover more than $400 in an emergency... and millions of families are already maxing out their credit cards just to get by...

And we haven’t even factored in the many products – from toothpaste to medicine – that contain petroleum derivatives and will skyrocket in price...

Or the cost of heating people’s homes..

But if I could point to one “Achilles heel” for America when it comes to energy... it’s not heating your home... it’s not even trucks...

Here’s a disturbing secret about America’s food supply...

Fertilizer, specifically synthetic nitrogen, is made using natural gas.

Most people don’t realize how important fertilizer is to our modern world. Experts estimate that without the invention of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, the world population would be about half what it is today.

Prices for fertilizer are already rising sharply.

One type of nitrogen fertilizer – ammonia – has already gone up nearly 3 times in price...

For America’s farmers, that’s a problem.

See, most people don’t realize how fragile America’s farms are...

Suicide among farmers is alarmingly high.

If you go to farming communities in places like Wisconsin they’ll use words like “extermination” to describe what’s happening... They’ll tell you they’re being “wiped off the map.” (Their words.)

Most farmers lose money, and the industry has some of the highest debts in the US.

In less than a decade, the US has lost 100,000 farms.

Does that sound like a stable situation for America’s food supply as it is? Skyrocketing fertilizer prices are going to hit very hard.

It’s already happening.

According to Reuters, American farmers are already being forced to abandon crops like corn due to rising fertilizer prices.

This is very similar to what happened a few years ago in Sri Lanka.

The government there tried to force its farmers to go organic, by banning chemical fertilizer.

Here’s what happened next:

Because they couldn’t get fertilizer, farm yields plunged.

One million farms produced nothing at all which caused food supply to collapse 20%.

A third of farmland just went idle.

They had to import hundreds of millions of dollars worth of rice to keep the population from starving.

But it wasn’t enough.

And with hunger came riots. The country’s president wound up fleeing as protestors stormed the presidential palace.

Could the same happen here? Well, the USDA just announced an “Organic Transition Initiative” ... to make America’s farms organic... just like Sri Lanka!

Now I don’t like chemicals, but the yield on organic farms is 40% lower.

We cannot feed a country of 300 million on the half the food supply we currently have.

To match our current production of just one crop – soybeans – without nitrogen fertilizer would require a new area of farmland the size of the state of Kansas.

But farmland is disappearing... in part because farmland works great for solar power. As one wheat farmer put it: “if solar catches on like wind did, all this cultivated land will go out of production.”

There’s an old saying that “anarchy is just nine meals away.”

In America today, I don’t think it will take nine meals...

And look, I know all this sounds extreme.

Many people will refuse to believe me – no matter what the facts say.

Just like they refused to believe me when I warned about stocks... or inflation... and more...

In a moment, I am going to share some insights you can use to protect yourself... and even grow your wealth.

Understand: this is not about profiteering. This is about being in a position to help yourself and those around you. Your friends, neighbors, children, and grandchildren.

Because there will be winners in this crisis.

Right now there’s an asset you can buy a stake in for as little as you want. It’s not oil or gold. Yet, within the coming decade, I expect its price to rise 40 TIMES...

We have taken a lot for granted during the past 50 years in America – cheap plentiful energy, cheap plentiful food, and more (which we’ll get to in a moment).

I think we’re entering an era where a lot of people will lose those comforts we all take for granted.

The first super shock will hit our energy supply...

The second shock will hit a part of the US economy even more vital to your daily life... and crucial for your retirement...

The Second Super Shock: A Shortage in America’s
Most Valuable Asset

Back in 2021, at about the same time I predicted that oil prices would rise, I also made another prediction...

I saw inflation was going to turn into a real problem.

In February 2021 I wrote:

When I wrote that inflation was just 1.7%...well within the Fed’s 2% target range.

The government dismissed inflation as a “small risk.”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Fed Chair Jerome Powell said any inflation would be “transitory.”

People like me were mocked.

You know what happened next… Inflation spiraled out of control to a 40-year high.

Biden would love you to believe that inflation is now headed back down...

Truth is, our inflation problem is going to turn into something far stranger...

That may surprise you. After all, isn’t Biden literally printing trillions for his “relief checks” and green energy programs and everything else?

To understand this, we need to take an “uncensored” look at both American history and America today.

If you’ve ever had the feeling that America is headed in the wrong direction... that the quality of the life you get in exchange for a day’s work just isn’t what it was...

You’re right.

In the early 20th century, Americans became if not the most, then among the most productive, innovative, and richest people in human history.

In 1870, the average American still burned whale oil and candles for light in his cabin. He got scurvy because he ate few vegetables (because he had no refrigeration). He had no running water and no toilet.

He was extremely poor. The average person living in the Congo today is richer than the American of 1870.

But by 1921, that American could drive a Ford... had clean water, modern toilets... ate Kellog’s cornflakes for breakfast, fresh vegetables year round, White Castle hamburgers, and drank Coca-Cola...

In 1870, he paid $20 for a kerosene lamp that could produce light equal to 5,050 candle light hours per year.

In 1920, that same $20 bought 4.4 million candle light hours from an electric bulb.

Instead of living in a cabin of rough logs and mud, he could order an inexpensive bungalow directly from Sears.

The trend continued to the 1970s. By then, 100% of households had electricity and refrigerators. We drove air conditioned cars, and flew in jumbo jets (sometimes at supersonic speeds which made it possible to go from Paris to New York in 2 hours 59 minutes).

We say that we live in an era of disruption today.

But there is a world of difference between making automobiles and electricity available to hundreds of millions... and inventing a new social media app.

By 1965, nearly every technology we rely on today... had already been created... even the internet.

But it wasn’t just that our technology got better.

We were vastly more productive than other countries, too.

In 1950 a European worker produced just 39% of what an American worker could produce in the same hour of work.

And then, the trend towards greater wealth, greater innovation, and greater productivity... stopped.

Between 1970 and 2012, productivity growth fell by two-thirds...

That’s despite American workers today spending 400 hours more per year on the job than workers in Europe.

Innovation, too, stalled...

That may seem surprising in an era when billionaires are literally going into space...

Yet, studies show that disruptive discoveries have plummeted across every scientific discipline over the last 50 years...

And the more effort and money we spend improving our lives... from our healthcare to our food to even our technology... the less we get.

A study by McGill University looking at America since 1965 found that the more we spend today on advances in cancer and heart disease... the fewer life years we actually save...

The same study found the same trend in farming; the development of new medical drugs; and even, surprisingly, computer chips.

It’s as if, despite all our efforts, American progress is being slowly destroyed by a force you and I have no control over.

And nowhere has that been more obvious than in our wealth.

And what’s the link with this second super shock?

Stick with me here... because what I’m about to show you explains so much about America today.

Let’s go back in time once more... to an even earlier time in America’s history...

During the Revolutionary War, Congress needed a way to pay for supplies and weapons. So they created a currency called the Continental.

America’s first experiment with debt-based currency

The Continental wasn’t backed by anything. And Congress printed millions upon millions of them. So their value collapsed...

Farmers and shop keepers stopped accepting Continentals. When the government tried to force them, they closed...

Back in school, you learned about the hard winter George Washington spent with his starving and naked army at Valley Forge.

Actually, there was plenty of food and clothing to be had in America. But not for a Continental.

By 1780, the Continental was worthless.

After the Continental disaster, America replaced its debt-based money with a money system based on gold and silver.

That may sound technical... but stick with me...

The problem with currencies like the Continental, which are really just a form of IOU, is that they lose value over time... sometimes very quickly...

Because of that they don’t transmit productivity into wealth very well.

A worker has no reason to be more productive or innovate because every additional dollar just loses value.

Gold and silver backed dollars, on the other hand, increase in value over time.

That is, they transmit productivity gains into wealth exceptionally well, rewarding the most productive and innovative worker.

Cue productivity and innovation exploding... and a massive growth in wealth.

Because that’s how wealth is created: it’s not just resources... and it’s not just work... it’s the productive and innovative use of resources.

As I’ve already shown you, during the 1950s peak we were vastly more productive than other countries... and we were much wealthier too.

But starting in the 1960s, America began to change...

This is John Galbraith, a Harvard professor and advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

He was also major figure in the Democratic Party arguably creating the modern “social justice” and “woke” movements.

You may have never heard of Galbraith, but you could argue that he is one of modern America’s founding fathers.

Foreign Policy once called him America’s “Economic prophet.”

The Wharton Business School once called him the “economist of the American Century.”

His influence spread outside America too... after the death of Mao, for example, China used his work to model their current society. (You’ll see why in just a moment...)

Galbraith believed America needed a “new socialism.” He advocated for centralized control of the free market, guaranteed income, the forced conversion of private companies into public companies, higher taxes, price controls, and more...

Influenced by these ideas, President Johnson began a vast expansion in the size of our government... “the Great Society” he called it...

That expansion cost a lot of money that America didn’t have. And our allies at the time, notably France, knew it.

They began trading in all their dollars for gold.

By the time Nixon got to office, he faced an impossible choice: either sell out America’s gold or abandon the gold standard entirely.

In 1971, he severed the link between the dollar and gold...

Essentially, he converted our money back into a Continental.

Sure enough, since that day the dollar has lost 85% of its value...

You’ve already seen how productivity... innovation... and our wealth collapsed.

But that’s not all...

To lower costs we sent jobs overseas while investing less at home... effectively destroying entire towns that had once relied on good factory jobs...

That led people to become more reliant on government, insurance companies, and lawyers... causing a politics of “victimhood” and “disability” to take hold...

Our families became more brittle ... raising divorce rates and creating a generation of angry kids that we tried to correct through the “self esteem movement” in the ‘90s... (with little success... today 60% of young men are alone...)

But wait... if the old Continental collapsed within a few years, why hasn’t our experiment with the new Continental ended the same way?

Because of debt.

As our economy began to stall out, our government came up with a novel solution.

You’ve heard of the Fed raising or lowering interest rates...

Lowering rates makes money cheaper... that is, it’s less expensive to borrow, which essentially creates new money without officially printing it.

Starting in the early ’80s, the Federal Reserve began lowering the price of money to a fire sale...

Government cuts price of money by over 70%

That kickstarted an orgy of borrowing: our government borrowed... our citizens borrowed... our corporations borrowed...

More debt than can ever be repaid

It’s like if you kept taking out mortgage after mortgage on your house.

Well after a while, it might look like you still owned that house, even though you didn’t own an inch of it.

You might look wealthy. But in fact, you’d be broke.

This is America today. We look like we have money. In fact, there is very little actual money – money that truly represents wealth – in America today.

That is a disaster waiting to happen.

And disaster very nearly did happen back in 2008...

In the years before 2008, the government decided to boost homeownership by “encouraging” banks to give out loans to the worst possible borrowers. They made it illegal not to.

During the Clinton administration, quotas required 50% of all mortgages go to the worst borrowers in any given area.

The banks went along with it because the government agreed to make good on those borrowers through entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (Remember them?)

Result? A massive debt bubble formed in our housing sector.

And when that bubble imploded, in the 2008 financial crisis, it nearly took our banks and your savings down with it.

I was writing about finance for The Wall Street Journal in New York City back then. I vividly remember then-Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warning of the possible failure of the entire American economic system.

I also happen to know that congressmen and bankers were literally calling their wives in secret and telling them “go to the ATM, take out everything you can.”

Faced with that crisis, the folks in Washington ran the same ol’ playbook.

They made money cheaper... and they borrowed more...

But that wasn’t quite as effective as it had once been...

So they began outright “printing” trillions of new dollars and mainlining them right into the economy.

It was the advent of a new phase in the post 1971 experiment...

All that money acted like jet fuel to the trends already underway...

The rich got much richer as the stock market went crazy... inflating a bubble in start-ups and tech stocks...

The poor and middle class lost more and more ground...

Consider what it does when most people get poorer no matter how hard they work... while at the same time billionaires are being created out of thin air...

Might that start to corrupt how Americans think... how they spend... how they save... even how they vote...?

Might that turn people against traditional American values... like the 51% of millennials who now believe the First Amendment – which guarantees freedom of speech – is outdated.

Might that cause people to lose touch with how wealth is created to begin with... like the quarter of Americans ages 20 to 34 who weren’t even looking for a job back in 2021 ... or the quarter of Gen Z who plan on becoming social media “influencers” for their career...

Should it surprise us that young people are angry when they discover they can’t get rich and famous doing nothing?

Should it surprise us that more and more people cling to identity politics like race and income level?

Should it surprise us that people are turning to radical ideas to address the problem?

This is an actual headline I saw recently in the New York Times:

And under the guise of “reparations” San Francisco is planning on giving $5 million to every Black resident...

Aims aside, these programs are obviously unworkable...

But if all you’ve known is this post 1971 world, or worse, the post 2008 world, maybe they don’t sound so crazy at all.

Of course, that’s no more true today than it was back in the days of the Continental...

Wealth is a function of the productive use of resources...

If you lose touch with that... then you start living in fantasy...

A fantasy... where you can swap out a productive fuel like oil and gas, for a less productive fuel like solar or wind... and pay no price.

A fantasy where you can force every farm to go organic... and no one starves.

A fantasy where you can print all the money you want... and never pay back your debts...

That’s when the lights shut off... the fields lie fallow... the grocery store shelves go bare... and people with nothing to lose start massing in the streets...

There’s a principle in economics called Gresham’s Law. It states that “bad money” – like debt or debt-based dollars – eventually drives out “good money” – that is, money that represents real wealth.

We have pumped so much bad money into our economy over the last several decades that when we finally NEED good money... we’re going to open up the coffers and find we don’t have any.

Now the good news is that I don’t think we’ll get that far.

The bad news is that America will be in crisis long before then.

In total, in the span of 3 years, our government injected $7.3 trillion more “bad money” into our economy.

...creating what hedge fund manager Mark Spitznagel calls:

“objectively the greatest tinderbox-timebomb in financial history.”

This is very similar to what happened in Argentina by the way.

At some point in their history, the Argentines lost touch with the connection between work and wealth...

They had so much of everything... if every citizen wasn’t rich, it must have been because a failure of central planning.

So they created within Argentina a “charity society” – supported with massive government spending, massive welfare programs, wealth redistribution, nationalized businesses and resources...

Before long every citizen became a millionaire... even as they starved.

Inflation ran as high as 5,000%... meaning that your $1,000,000 in the bank became $20,000.

Naturally, people tried to get their wealth out of the country and out of the Argentine peso.

So the government eventually blocked people from doing either... and shut down their bank accounts altogether.

Riots and looting followed soon after.

"It was surreal. We were driving back from [the store] just as we used to do every week, and there were barricades and fires on almost every street,” said one witness to the events.

When the people were finally able to access their accounts, the bills they got back were worth a fraction of what they’d put on deposit.

“Of the 77,000 dollars I had in the bank, I lost 40,000 … That December was terrible, there were riots everywhere,” an Argentine man later recounted.

He was lucky. His mother went to her grave wondering if she’d ever get her savings back.

Another man told the New York Times at the time:

“I cannot walk down a street in Argentina today without having to avoid someone -- a man, a woman or a whole family -- searching through a mountain of garbage … it breaks my heart …”

Think about that for a moment...

Among Argentine companies that even had a credit rating, a whopping 60% went broke.

Could half of America’s companies go bankrupt?

Here’s a disturbing truth about America’s corporations:

The only reason these companies are still in business is that rock bottom interest rates have allowed them to refinance again and again... kicking the can down the road.

But as you know, rates are no longer rock bottom.

As Bloomberg recently warned: “the end result could be a prolonged stretch of bankruptcies unlike any in recent memory.”

Those bankruptcies will be a big deal. These are companies whose products you and I use every day... They employ millions of people.

And by the way, in case you don’t think this threat is real: rising rates are exactly what led me to warn in October of 2022 that bank failures were on their way, and said the trouble at Credit Suisse could turn into “a very large matter.”

Sure enough five months later, four major banks, including Credit Suisse, failed... due to rising rates.

I think there’s more to come...

As the Economist recently put it: “a reckoning has begun for corporate debt monsters.”

And just as corporate “zombies” are facing problems with rising rates... so too are other borrowers... like the US government... US banks... and the millions of Americans already living off their credit cards with car payments and mortgages they can barely afford...

So where does this house of cards begin to fall apart?

Fact is: I don’t know.

A cold snap sweeps over the Midwest... a heat wave melts tires in California...

A bankruptcy... a corporate household name’s demise splashed across the front pages of your newspaper... or being talked about on the evening news...

Or maybe the US tries to buy oil or food from a foreign “ally”... And just like those shopkeepers back in 1780, our ally says “of course...but not for a dollar.”

This is a more likely scenario than you think...

What happens when we try to buy fuel...or food...but no one wants our dollars?

Will we soon be living like Washington’s army at Valley Forge? Cold and starving as the rest of the world refuses to accept our “new Continental”?

And look, maybe I’m wrong. No one gets it right 100% of the time. And you should be skeptical of anyone who makes that claim.

For example, I was early to see bitcoin’s enormous potential as a decentralized technology. The price of bitcoin was around $20,000 at the time. I calculated that it would hit at least $100,000.

Yet, it only would up going as high as $69,000.

But there’s a saying where I come from in Louisiana: “poor people plan for Friday night, rich people plan for three generations.”

Betting on the exact return of any asset is pure Friday night thinking. It’s missing the “three generations” picture.

Because let’s say I’m only 70% right about the exact numbers in this case... but still right on the overall trend as I was with bitcoin.

Well, you’re welcome to email me to say I was dead wrong.

But something tells me you’ll have bigger worries.

And look, I take no pleasure in saying that.

I lived through the energy and inflation crisis of the ‘70s.

I remember that era well... fights breaking out as gas stations... lines for what seemed like miles... lost jobs... stunted careers...

My mother had to work. She couldn’t stay home with me. So my grandmother raised me (and she worked too!). I remember sitting with her to cut coupons. She put on a good face. She didn’t want to me see how tired and worried she was.

But of course I knew.

Right now, I want to talk about what you can do... today... to protect your wealth and freedom in the days ahead.

The reality is that not everyone will experience the 2020s equally.

There are certain assets and trades that, if made now, could return more wealth in the coming years than you’ve made – maybe ever – on an investment.

But most people have the wrong approach to preparing for events like these...

Some assume the money they have tied up in their house will be safe...

Or they just figure that if they hold the right stocks eventually the market will rise again.

Here’s why both are risky assumptions to make right now:

Several decades after Argentina crashed, America saw another competitor emerge...

I’m talking about Japan.

After World War II, the Japanese took America’s productivity secret and ran with it.

Japanese workers produced cars about 5 times faster than competitors.

But it wasn’t just cars. It was wrist-watches, radios, tape recorders, pianos, cameras, bicycles – all taken over by the Japanese.

That translated into enormous wealth.

So much wealth, in fact, that by 1988, it seemed inevitable Japan would become the next super power.

Little did Kissinger realize that in Japan, a simple, yet dangerous idea was taking hold.

Japan was creating debt at an alarming pace.

That had real effects. For example, loans to actual industry dropped. And loans to investment banks and speculators soared...

In other words, they turned their backs on what made them so successful to begin with.

Predictably, their credit markets collapsed, their loans went bad... all the money they thought they had sloshing around... simply wasn’t there.

Today, Japanese wages haven’t increased since the early 1990s.

And the government had to intervene in order to stop every major bank from going broke until the late 1990s.

A study conducted 17 years after the crash, showed that Japan had one of the lowest levels of entrepreneurial activity among developed countries - similar to Italy or Greece.

The Japanese productivity miracle was over.

And what about their stocks?

Their stock market has still never recovered.

Real estate was even worse...

28 years later, real estate values were still just half of what they had been before the bubble popped...

Turning back to the US: if stocks and real estate can’t offer a safe haven... what can?

If you invest at all, you might suspect the answer is gold bars or funds.

But that’s not actually what I would point you towards first.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been moving some of my wealth into gold for years. I estimate I’ve already converted at least 20% of my personal wealth into gold and related investments.

It’s been highly profitable.

In the past two decades, as the government has dumped trillions of extra dollars into the economy, gold has risen in value by 500%.

I project it will run much higher from here.

But before you go buy gold, let me show you something my team and I have been working on for the past several months... and where I’ve personally been putting a lot of my wealth.

Step 1: Will A Shortage in This Key Asset Lead to a
40x Price Spike?

The big theme of this 2nd super shock will be the shortage of money – that is, the shortage of assets that store and transmit real wealth.

To that end, my team and I have put together a special dossier called The Best Performing Asset of the 2020s.

I realize that title sounds like hyperbole. And it is.

Obviously I don’t know what asset will the best performer of the 2020s any more than you do.

But I do know that as real money becomes scarce, it also becomes extremely valuable.

And “real money” can take on some strange forms in a crisis.

During Venezuela’s recent hyperinflation, citizens switched to using “crystal coins” from a popular online video game.

Others switched to buying goods with gold flakes from illegal jungle gold mines...

Predictably gold skyrocketed against the Venezuelan bolivar...

...and that wasn’t even the worst year of the crisis.

In The Best Performing Asset of the 2020s. you’ll learn about the number one asset I recommend as a form of money – and why I expect it to rise in value 40 TIMES over the next decade (though as you’ve just seen I wouldn’t rule out things happening in a matter of months either).

You might be surprised. And fair warning: it is not a trade for the light of heart.

But the good news is that you can buy it for a few dollars, so you don’t need to risk much.

The reason I believe this asset will be so highly sought after as a form of money is that it is inextricably linked to the productive use of our resources.

It is the direct manifestation of innovation, productivity, and energy put to work.

I’ll lay it all out in my special report The Best Performing Asset of the 2020s.

And there’s a lot more too, including

  • A Step-by-Step Guide on How and Where to Buy This Asset (get this wrong and it’ll cost you…)
  • The Expert Strategy on How to Keep Your Holdings 100% Secure (the same strategy I use)…
  • Plus my insights on gold and silver including: My #1 Gold Investment Right Now .... The Super-Popular Gold Investment You Must Avoid .... The Easy (and Affordable) Way to Store Your Gold and Silver in Highly Secure, Instantly Accessible Overseas Vaults... and more...

If you do nothing else today, I advise you to read this dossier.

In a moment, I’ll share how you can get your copy.

But first, I’d like to share another important step you should consider right now.

Step 2: Own These Hidden Energy Giants

As you know from earlier, politicians and companies pandering to “woke” investors have created a massive shortfall in America’s energy supply.

It will result in a painful moment for many.

But it could represent a generational windfall for some.

This fact is not lost on America’s elites, especially those in Congress.

For example, a 2021 study found that 21 of the “greenest” democrats in Congress all had investments directly in or tied to oil and gas including Chevron and Exxon.

And you can see why... While the rest of the market collapsed in 2022, those stocks have roared to new heights...

But I think the real opportunity lies in a special kind of energy investment that few investors know about – a group of “hidden energy giants” who operate out of sight and reap huge profits.

Certain members of Congress appear to agree...

One of these “hidden giants” boasts insider level connections to one of the most powerful democrats in Congress... (though he has never publicly acknowledged it that we know of)

In fact, at least 7 members of Congress have a few thousand to a million invested in this company.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about it in the special report I’ve prepared, The “Hidden Energy Giants” of the 2020s.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to immediately access to both of these special reports, for free.

Before I do, though, we need to talk about the third super shock... and what happens to America after those first two dominos fall...

Step 3: Protect Yourself from the Third and Final Super Shock…

Once the energy shock hits... and the dollar shock hits... here’s what I see happening:

At first, we’ll see more handouts…

Could you imagine seeing “climate change relief checks”... or “social justice” checks...?

I certainly can.

Then, we’ll see more controls over your bank account...

When a European country went through a crisis like this, they ordered banks to close and imposed a $67 limit on ATM cash withdrawals.

Huge lines formed at ATMs as people desperately tried to take out cash.

The elderly stood outside the shuttered banks, wondering if their social security would be paid.

This happened in 2015, by the way. In a modern, wealthy country.

This is how it always goes… Eventually, the measures necessary to keep the fantasy going get more and more extreme...

We’ll see more attempts to regulate what private citizens do... what we eat... what we buy... even what we say.

I think we’re already seeing the early stages of this...

For example, a new Biden order aiming to reach “net-zero” is part of a push to most likely ban all gas-powered cars eventually.

Now I don’t like paying for gas... I’d drive an electric car happily.

But electric cars can’t accommodate most working people in the US.

Even the New York Times admits: “an uncomfortable truth remains: Battery-powered cars are much too expensive for a vast majority of Americans.”

...and that’s with the nearly $2 trillion Biden has put on the table in tax credits to electric car buyers.

Do you see how this works? Forcing everyone to buy electric cars... then no one can afford them... then the government needs more money to subsidize those cars and build the infrastructure for them...

I suspect that’s why Biden recently issued an executive order to push for a major change to our financial system...

To most people it will sound technical... yet to those understand it, this change paves the way for unprecedented control over what you buy... where you keep your money... the causes you contribute to... and, most importantly, how much your dollars, your savings, are worth.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, has called Biden’s executive order “the most treasonous act in US history.”

Former CIA and Federal Reserve insider Jim Rickards has called this “Biden’s most enduring legacy.”

Rickards goes on to explain that this change has “enormous political implications, including the culmination of the total surveillance state. This is why China did it. And don’t believe anyone who tells you that the United States won’t do it.”

Look, I’m never one to promote conspiracies.

And I don’t think people working in our government and institutions are bad people. I’d guess most of them really believe they’re trying to save America.

Sadly their methods are both reckless and dangerous, and YOU, not them, will be the one expected to pay the price.

Now I realize we’re running short on time.

So I’ve prepared a full resource you can use to learn all about this third super shock.

It’s called The Era of Super Shocks. Not only does it provide a refresher on super shocks 1 and 2... but it also details exactly what comes next... the third domino to fall.

As you’ll see, the third super shock involves a prediction I made awhile back that we haven’t spoken about yet here.

And a “hidden” clause built into the Constitution itself by the Founding Fathers... a clause that has never been enacted in US history.

In a moment, I’m going to share how you can get access to all these dossiers.

But first, there’s one more resource I want to give you.

It’s called How to Profit From Farmland…Without Ever Owning a Farm

Farmland has almost doubled in value since 2007. In fact, for two decades, it’s been quietly outperforming the S&P 500 in average annual returns.

But this is just the beginning… I predict the value of farmland could double or even triple from here.

And here’s thing: You don’t need to own a farm to benefit from this trend…

In this report, you’ll discover... my 5 favorite ways to play farmland… including a simple way to profit from farmland right now from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Today, I’d like to give you immediate access to these four special dossiers.

I also want to include one more thing...

As I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, I share my insights with a small group of private readers through a newsletter called Global Intelligence.

Unlike other newsletters you may have seen out there, Global Intelligence is 100% independent. I have no trading system to sell you. I don’t accept money from banks or brokers.

Global Intelligence is a newsletter for “three generations” planning... not next Friday night.

It was in Global Intelligence that I warned readers about the coming inflation crisis…

...that I told them about the impending spike in oil prices…

This isn’t just some “pick of the month” newsletter.

For example, at the end of each year I give a brutally honest review of the investments I recommended in the previous 12 months.

In 2022 I had some speculations that became downright stinkers when the Fed raised rates and sent the economy into a tailspin. Maybe you did, too.

At the same time, however, I’m proud to say that my stock picks beat the market in 2022.

As you can see, Global Intelligence is much more than a regular newsletter.

Today, along with your special reports, I’d like to include a full year of Global Intelligence.

Step 4: Your Private Network of Free Thinkers and Experts

Here’s another way in which Global Intelligence stands out from others...

I see some newsletters out there charging readers $1,000... and more!... for monthly analysis.

All I ask for is a yearly $149 fee to support my team and our work.

But I won’t ask you to chip in even that much today...

Instead, I’ll give you a massive discount.

By now you should see a link below this video. Just click that to get started. You can review everything on the next page.

Order now

Here’s something else you’ll find there...

Recently, the US Department of Energy quietly began amassing a “strategic stockpile” for a rare metal that contains a type of energy found nowhere else in nature.

Already governments around the world – including the UK, Japan, and even the US – have earmarked trillions to extract this metal’s energy.

I think there’s a huge opportunity here... one company recently signed contracts that guarantee 340% sales growth over the coming decade.

Could this be the single best stock of the 2020s?

I lay out the full case for this energy metal and the company behind it in a special report: The Energy Metal That Saves America.

Here’s everything you’re getting today...

That’s a total value of over $600...

But you won’t pay anywhere near that... or even my $149 a year fee...

Instead all I ask for is just $49 for your first year... that comes out to only $4 a month (a lot less than most Americans pay to sit in front of a TV every month!).

And if it’s not for you, you have a full 30 days during which you are entitled to a full refund and keep all the research you’ve received so far.

After your first year, if you don’t cancel, you’ll pay a reduced rate of $99 per year going forward.

It’s that simple.

Just hit the link below to take advantage of this offer right away. You’ll have a chance to review everything on the next page.

Hit the "Add to Cart" button now.

We have turned our backs on the source of our wealth and power... in favor of a fantasy.

A fantasy that we can print and borrow as much as we want... or ditch dirty fuels in favor of solar power or windmills... or feed our country (plus all the foreign countries who depend on us) with organic farms...or make everyone “equal” by redistributing wealth...

It’s not that these ideas aren’t nice. It would be amazing if the world worked that way.

But it doesn’t. I’m sorry but it doesn’t.

And look, eventually I believe there is a bright future for America. Truly.

But that it may take a decade or even two of real instability to get there...

Remember Japan... whose stock and housing markets are still not where they were decades ago.

Remember Argentina... once the envy of the world... and still stuck in an endless cycle of inflation and crisis...

Remember Venezuela... with more oil than Saudi Arabia... and once the fourth largest economy in the world (far richer than China!)... and now its citizens are forced to carry around illegal gold flakes or trade digital crystal coins from a video game...

Think it can’t happen here?

That’s what they said when I predicted inflation... spiking gas prices... when I told people I had sold 90% of my stocks... that banks would fail... Yet each time I was vindicated.

Human beings have an inherent bias against believing big change is possible. It makes sense. After all, if early man couldn’t trust the coming of spring and summer every year he might never have planted crops.

But the flipside is that most people find themselves caught off guard when big shifts actually do happen...

This is the moment you need to make a decision. Will you be informed? Will you be prepared? Or will you just get pulled along with the current like everyone else?

I’ve done all I can to make this easy for you. It’s all at my risk. It’s at the biggest discount I can afford to give you. I’ve shown you the facts behind my conclusions.

All you need to do is click the button below to get started...

Hit the "Add to Cart" button now.

You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you’ll be able to review all the details.

I look forward to welcoming you to our group.

Jeff Opdyke
Editor, Global Intelligence
April 2023

P.S. On the next page, you’ll also find a special “fast action bonus” when you act today. But this fast action bonus expires soon. Clicking to the next page does not obligate you in the slightest. Simply click the button below to get started.

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