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One of the most respected experts on Wall Street recently shared his private financial statements online. You will be shocked by what you’ll discover. But if you’re willing to consider the same moves (revealed for free below) you could make a small fortune in the years ahead.

‘America’s personal finance expert dumps 90% of his stocks…’

He’s selling stocks – including Facebook and Google – and has begun preparing for an event will change life dramatically for every American in the next six months…  

PLUS: The controversial investment he’s moving his money into (it could boost your investment income 61-fold in the next 12 months)… revealed free.

Hi, my name is Jeff Opdyke.

For seventeen years, I was The Wall Street Journal’s personal finance expert.

And today I’m going to tell you about a move I’ve made with my own personal retirement accounts… something I’d never have been allowed to share with my readers back then. 

See, I sold 90% of the stocks I owned – including Facebook and Google… and started moving my money somewhere you’ll think is crazy, at least at first.

But if you’ll hear me out for a few minutes, you’ll see why I made such a seemingly radical move…

You see, I’ve never done anything like this before…

I’ve had the vast majority of my retirement account invested in the stock market for nearly three decades.

I didn’t dump stocks like this in the tech wreck… the 2008 financial crisis… or even the Covid crash.

But today I believe America is on the verge of a sudden, irreversible shift… one that will ultimately make some people wealthier than anything we’ve seen in our country for decades.

If I’m right, over the next few months you’ll begin to see it play out in real time.

Today I’m going to walk you through how it’ll likely impact your life… and share five specific money moves I think you need to make to come out on top.

…I’ll also reveal how rich, well connected investors are positioned to profit from what’s happening…

…and show you what I’m doing with my own money to prepare.

While I’m at it, I’ll give you the name and ticker symbol of the one investment I recommend you make – entirely free of charge. (If you want to grab a pen and paper, now is the time.)

I’ll also let you see inside my private portfolio and retirement accounts.

You’ll see how preparing for this shift has already helped me see one open position make 5,761% since June 2020…

But most importantly I’ll show you how this is all leading to a much bigger shift to our money… our economy… and our whole way of life.

Get caught on the wrong side of this shift – as I believe millions of Americans will – life in the near future could get very hard. I expect many American businesses to face a very difficult future… including several companies you’ve probably known your whole life and may even use every day.

But put yourself on the right side of what’s happening and you could end this decade much richer than you ever thought possible.

Just be warned…  

What you’re about to hear is not at all what you’ll get from the mainstream

You’ve probably heard a million different warnings about America’s future in the last year…

How our national debt is out of control… that inflation has doubled since the pandemic… how large parts of the economy are still on government “life support”, even as the rich take day trips into space.

But the truth is…

Below the surface there’s something much bigger – and more urgent – happening in our country today.

I doubt anyone in the mainstream media will properly explain what it means for you… until it’s far too late.

It’s far more important than the rising price of bitcoin… or Silicon Valley’s latest gadget.

And it’s going change life… money… and retirement in ways most people won’t be prepared for.

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you how to make sure you and your family ARE prepared.

Who am I to make a claim like that?

As I said before, my name is Jeff Opdyke.

I began my career as an investigative reporter.

I was on the ground for the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles… I was in Downtown Manhattan on the morning of 9/11… and I waded through flood water to report on Hurricane Katrina.

I then took my investigative skills to the financial world, where I literally wrote the book on personal finance.

After more than twenty years on Wall Street, I was approached to become a "superforecaster."

If you're not a billionaire, you've probably never heard the term.

But superforecasters are essentially the guys that banks for the ultra wealthy call in to make sure they’re on the right side of new technology and big financial trend.

For example, I helped a Swiss bank build a “Universal Portfolio” designed to survive any market shock.

No, I'm not a fortune teller.

And I'm not about to roll out some list of "predictions" I supposedly made like so many online gurus out there. (If I had a nickle for everyone who claims they predicted the housing meltdown, I'd be richer than Buffett).

I don't work like that. I'm more of an investigator. When I hear of some new technology, or the whisperings of a coming crisis, I go check it out for myself.

I’ve wracked up nearly three million airmiles… opened trading accounts in at least ten different countries (including South Africa, Hong Kong, Egypt and New Zealand)… and spent thousands of dollars trialling new technology.

Several years ago , I heard about a new technology which we all know today as bitcoin.

Bitcoin then was worth less than $1,000... it was something only internet nerds cared about.

But frankly, after looking into it, I became a little obsessed…

I built a mining rig in my office. I invested in scores of different cryptocurrencies. 

Play the tape forward a few years and I showed my readers how to profit from the 2020 bitcoin boom…

Right after the pandemic struck, the price of bitcoin crashed to $4,000. Many people were quick to claim that bitcoin was dead… the Governor of the Bank of England even claimed it “had no intrinsic value… [so] be prepared to lose all your money”.

Just a few months later, in May 2020 I told my readers the exact opposite, saying that “crypto is the future”.

The price of bitcoin then was $9,000 – it soon traded north of $60,000.

But I didn’t make this presentation to predict the price of bitcoin...

Over the course of my investigation I discovered a shift much, much more important ...

It involves technology, but it’s not some new Silicon Valley gizmo...

It involves the crypto networks, but it’s not some new coin...

This shift involves the heart of America’s financial system... which means that unlike bitcoin... or most new technology… you can’t simply ignore it. It’s going to impact every single person in our country… including you.

While I believe I’m one of the few telling the full story... I’m not the only person in the financial world to have noticed what’s going on...

Bank of America analysts claim it could be “more disruptive” than bitcoin, too.

Forbes magazine said that before long it’ll “transform global finance” and become something we may all interact with every day”.

And the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis even claimed we’re at the start of a “paradigm shift” in the banking system.

Since I made this discovery, I have dumped pretty much every stock I owned in my retirement account…

… and started moving my capital into a new kind of investment that very few Americans understand.

I have no doubt that in sharing this with you, many people – my former colleagues even – will call me irresponsible... radical...

But none of them can say I’m wrong.

And once you understand what this shift is and what it means for your money, you’ll see that what I’ve done isn’t radical at all…

In fact, since I started moving my money into this new kind of investment, I’ve seen some of the biggest returns of my life.

A quick look at some of the open positions in my portfolio (which I put together on 6th October) backs that claim up…

Like the 4,320% I’m up on one investment, since May of 2020.

Or the 633% I’m up on another trade, since November 2020…

Or the 5,761% I’m up on another play, since June 2020…

But strange as it sounds, I believe I’ve only scratched the surface.

In fact, in a second I’ll show you how I’ve seen some investments grow as much as 10x in four months…

…and another that could have turned a $100 stake into $88,000, in just two years.

So what are these strange new investments?

What’s sending them on such incredible price rises?

And how can you position your money before the next big move comes along?

Let me explain…

Billions of dollars… disappearing

In the winter of 2020, as the pandemic brought life as we knew it to a grinding halt, something very strange started happening inside America’s banks.

Almost overnight, millions of dollars started suddenly disappearing.

It began as a trickle… so small that very few people paid it any attention.

But soon, billions of dollars were disappearing… then tens of billions… then HUNDREDS of billions.

This money wasn’t moving into stocks, bonds or real estate.

And it wasn’t being withdrawn as cash at an ATM or over the counter.

It was just… vanishing.

And at an alarming rate, too.

“Banks should be scared” of what’s happening, billionaire venture capitalist Mark Cuban claimed.

We’ve seen something similar happen in America before, of course…

As the long hard winter of 1930 began, millions of Americans all over our country rushed to their local bank… and withdrew every last cent they could.

It was the same story wherever you looked. Crowds of desperate savers… millions of dollars flooding out of banks up and down the country… and thousands of banks forced to close their doors as a result…

Millions of dollars flooded out of our banks in the 1930s –  but what’s happening today could be even more important for our country…

But today, this money isn’t being withdrawn as cash and stashed under a floorboard… or fleeing a financial crash.

It’s moving somewhere else altogether.

The question is…

Where is all this money going?

It’s not disappearing into gold, silver or cash.

And it’s not moving into a Swiss bank vault.

Instead it’s leaving the existing financial system altogether…

See, we’re living through a crucial moment in financial history… one that could make you a small fortune, if you grasp what’s really going on before the masses.

It’s the last – and by far the biggest – in a long line of disruptions to our money… all of which were driven by technology…

“What Hath God Wrought?”

Those were the first four words ever to be sent down an electronic wire, back in 1846.  

It was part of Samuel Morse’s demonstration of the first telegraph.

Within a few short years, hundreds of thousands of miles of telegraph wires crisscrossed America…

It wasn’t long before money “went electric”.

Soon, Western Union’s “Lightning Lines” meant you could send money from New York to San Francisco in the blink of an eye… turning Western Union into a giant of the financial world… becoming one of the original eleven companies to be listed on the Dow Transportation Index…

It was the first in a series of shifts in how we use money that would not only change our financial system... but the fabric of our lives along with it... generating ever growing fortunes for some...

In 1949, a man named Frank McNamara went for dinner in New York City. As the story goes, he forgot his wallet… and came up with the idea of a way of avoiding the embarrassment again in the future… by founding the Diners Club.

In that instant, “plastic” money was born, making credit accessible to millions and bank cards critical to trillions of dollars in transactions…

Soon, the companies on the right side of the shift were dominating the financial world… Perhaps the biggest winner was American Express. A $1,000 stake when it listed in the 1970s was worth $650,160 by August of this year…

Fast forward to the 1960s… and companies like IBM are pioneering the first commercial computers, helping to automate jobs that had once required a person…

Their innovation – the automated teller machines – or ATMs – triggered another shift – making some people rich…

Like Citibank, which spent $100m developing and rolling out its own ATM technology all over New York City…

Or Diebold, one of the smaller companies designing ATMs…

And that brings us to today… to the next – and by far the biggest – money disruption.

This time, money is colliding with perhaps the most disruptive technology of all… the internet.

Take a step back and you see that this was inevitable all along.

In the last two decades, pretty much everything that CAN go digital… HAS gone digital.

Amazon has crushed traditional stores…

Netflix effectively bankrupted Blockbuster…

In fact, in 2008 the world’s biggest companies were energy firms… retailers… telecoms and transport firms.

Today they’re almost ALL digital companies.

Now… inevitably… the digital world is colliding with the financial system.

The first phase of this was bitcoin – internet based money. But what’s coming next is much bigger and more important for everyone.

For instance, did you know there’s now an alternate stock market where you can buy a stake in Apple for as little as $1?

You can also buy Amazon, Tesla and many other big companies 24/7, without ever opening an account with a Wall Street broker…

Not only that, a stake in the company behind this ‘other’ stock market back in February 2019… could have turned $100 into a peak gain of $88,741, in just two years.

And it’s not only publicly listed companies…

This alternate system enables you to trade private companies long before they list on the ‘traditional’ stock market.

No, I’m not talking about SPACs, venture capital funds or crowdfunding here.

This is a completely new market.

For instance, IT firm Marqeta listed on the New York Stock Exchange in June 2021…

But investors could buy a stake via this alternate market long before that.

The same goes for gene sequencing company 23andMe, rideshare firm Lyft, Peter Thiel’s Palantir and Docusign.

To be 100% clear: these profits are only accessible to people in the new financial system.

But the good news is that this new system is open to anyone.

Age… wealth… location… none of it matters. To invest in most of this stuff, the only thing you need is an internet connection.

It’s not just trading, either. You can open a savings account in this new system… and get paid a lot more interest.

For instance, a traditional bank pays something like 0.17% right now.

Yet in the new system, you can earn 6,100% more.

And of course, this new system has its own currencies, too…

Just as the traditional system revolves around the dollar, this new system is built around bitcoin.

Which – as everyone knows – has outperformed every major asset class you care to name in recent years.

And just as of telegraph wires once connected our banks… this new system has its own independent payment network called Ethereum.

A stake in that network returned nearly 10x in one year, starting last October…

In other words… there’s a rapidly growing alternate financial universe emerging as we speak… a “cryptoconomy” of new currencies… new companies… new savings accounts… new stock markets…

Rise of the Cryptoconomy

With every passing day, this exodus from the old system to the new gathers strength…

  • Amongst the rich and powerful… this process is well under way. Billionaire Elon Musk… Twitter founder Jack Dorsey… venture capitalist Mark Cuban… Virgin founder Richard Branson… they’ve all moved part of their wealth to this cryptoconomy.
  • According to Forbes magazine, at least 11 billionaires are part of the exodus – including former Wall Street trader Sam Bankman-Fried, the Winklevoss twins and Silicon Valley VC legend Tim Draper.
  • If insiders at Amazon are to be believed, Jeff Bezos himself has personally instructed the company to accept payment from digital currencies. The plan – according to one person – comes from “the very top… Jeff Bezos himself”.
  • It’s the same story in Washington. In the Senate, bitcoin owner Cynthia Lummis just joined the Banking Committee… there are signs this new system is emerging as what the Wall Street Journal called a “political force”… while the Governors of Texas and California are now accepting donations in bitcoin.
  • Even celebrities like Mike Tyson… … Steven Seagal… Floyd Mayweather… Gwyneth Paltrow… they’re all moving into the cryptoconomy. One NFL player even has his salary paid in bitcoin.
  • So it’s no surprise the oldest bank in America – BNY MellonCorp – has begun holding, transferring and selling digital currencies on behalf of its asset-management clients. The Wall Street Journal called the move ‘a sign of broader acceptance of the once-fringe currency’.

But it’s not just the big players profiting from this new system…

Earlier this year, CNBC told the story of 25 year old Cooper Turley, who’s become a millionaire by investing in this new system four years ago…

And last year, CoinDesk reported that “plenty of small players are making life-changing amounts of money” from the cryptoconomy.

These folks are making a choice.

They’re moving somewhere that is “minting the next class of millionaires”, according to Worth magazine.

It’s the same choice I made.

The same choice that you face today.

You can put yourself on the right side of the biggest disruption to our money in living memory – and put yourself on the right side of a trend that has already made hundreds of thousands of people millionaires… and creates more new wealth every day.

OR you can do exactly the same thing that JC Penney, Blockbuster, Borders and a hundred other companies did: dig in and hope the cryptoconomy goes away…

If you understand what’s really happening... and how it will affect all of our lives...

Then you stand to walk away from this shift with the opportunity to potentially make a fortune.

How so?

By aligning yourself with the “masters of the cryptoconomy”… the companies that’ll soon become the new system’s Goldman Sachs… JP Morgan… VISA… Amex… Nasdaq… or New York Stock Exchange…

So how do you do that?

Well, there are five specific money moves you can make today that’ll help you position your money to profit from what’s going on.

I’m going to talk you through them.

And I’m also going to give you the name of the one investment I recommend you buy today to capitalize – free of charge.

That’s coming up.

But first:

Make these five money moves today

The first thing I recommend you do is pretty obvious…

I’m just going to come out and say it:

Money move #1: Buy some bitcoin (if you haven’t already)

I know there are plenty of people out there telling you to do that right now.

But think about it like this…

America is much more than ‘just’ the dollar. But if you want to actually do anything here – whether you’re investing stocks, opening a bank account or starting business – you need to own dollars first.

The same is true of the cryptoconomy. It’s much more than bitcoin. But more often than not, you do need to own some bitcoin to get started.

And right now could be the perfect time to do exactly this…

See, later this year I believe a radical decision from the banks is going to help millions of Americans become bitcoin holders.

It’s thanks to a new partnership between a payments firm called NCR and a crypto provider called NYDIG.

It’ll allow 650 different American banks and credit unions to offer bitcoin and other crypto services directly to their customers.

In one move, it’ll shift bitcoin from the fringes of the financial system… right to its very heart.

If your bank is one of the 650 institutions involved, you’ll be able to buy and sell digital currencies directly within your existing account.

And it’ll be THE moment the cryptoconomy is normalized for millions of Americans.

If the rumours are true, the banks have been forced to do this… because they’ve been watching billions of dollars flood OUT of their vaults, and into cryptocurrencies.

“A lot of these banks have seen that one of the biggest outflows from their depositors is moving money from the bank to exchanges like Coinbase,” said Yan Zhao, Nydig’s President “And so that’s part of why banks are so excited to have this capability for themselves and for their consumers.”

Almost overnight, this is going to bring the cryptoconomy to millions of new savers and investors.

Consider: there are believed to be only 25 million ‘active’ bitcoin accounts in use today – that is, accounts held by private individuals, with a balance of more than zero.

It is those accounts that have helped propel bitcoin from below $100 in 2013… to around of $60k as I write…

In one move, this would add a potential 24 million NEW users… nearly doubling the total user base.

I think that’s going to have an instant impact on the price of bitcoin.

That’s why I suggest you get ahead of that move by buying bitcoin today.

The good news is, I’ve put together an easy to follow guide to getting started with bitcoin.  

It’s called Why Bitcoin Will Go to $1 Million.

This is my bitcoin bible. Do not own bitcoin without reading this.

You’re going to learn exactly why I think bitcoin is going to $1,050,000 by 2027...

You’re going to see how bitcoin mining really works... and how to use a wallet to store your bitcoin...

But it’s really just the start.

See, the second money move I’m suggesting you make today takes you a step deeper into the cryptoconomy…

Money move #2: Open an account at one of these ‘crypto banks’ – and get paid 61x more interest than a traditional savings account (without taking big risks)

I’ve been investigating and researching the cryptoconomy for years.

It’s already shown me the kind of returns you just don’t see in the ‘legacy’ markets.

Again: take a look at some of the open positions in my portfolio (which I put together on 6th October) backs that claim up…

Like the 4,320% I’m up on Cardano, since May of 2020.

Or the 633% I’m up on VeChain, since November 2020…

Or the 5,761% I’m up on Dero, since June 2020…

Now gains of this magnitude are still rare, but I am showing just how possible it is to capture one of these.

And these are real trades from my own personal account. So – while they may be exception results… they are MY results.

But as you’ve seen, the cryptoconomy is a fully functioning alternative finance system. You can save, borrow, invest and trade in it.

I’ve been investigating this system with my own money– and getting paid interest rates that are frankly impossible anywhere else.

Like the 77% a year I’m getting paid on one project called Pancake Swap.

Or the 120% I got on Alliance Block.

The difference is, where a legacy bank typically pays 0.17% in interest… these new savings accounts pays roughly 10.30% per year.

That’s 61x more income... on accounts that I’d argue aren’t much riskier than a regular bank account.

That all depends on how you define risk, of course.

In the legacy financial system, you run the risk of the dollar collapsing… of the Fed distorting interest rates… or of your bank blowing up. Of course, you do have Federal Deposit Insurance, if a promise from the government helps you sleep easier at night.

In the Cryptoconomy, you don’t have that insurance. But you’re also free from the dollar… the legacy financial system altogether… and you’re getting paid a lot more income.

Even better, you can save your money in a currency that’s pegged to the dollar – but get paid your interest in bitcoin or Ethereum. If you only want to dip your toe in the water owning cryptocurrencies, this is a great way to start. (Of course, saving in cryptocurrencies means there’s extra volatility and risk involved.)

Put another way, a $10,000 saving in the legacy system takes five years to generate $85 in interest.

In the cryptoconomy, it can take just one month to make the same amount.

That’s why my suggestion is: open a savings account in the cryptoconomy today.

Which is why I’d also like to share a step-by-step guide to getting your first account set up…

It’s called Profit From the DeFi Revolution.

If you want to join the exodus from the legacy system – and get paid a lot more money in the process – this is your essential guide.

It gives you EVERYTHING you could possibly need to get started, including:

  • What you need to do to get your account set up (I’ve taken screenshots of literally every step you need to take).
  • How to save in the right currency for you (you have a lot of choice – from currencies that track the dollar to bitcoin).
  • How to fund your account quickly and easily.
  • How to choose the right interest rate for you.
  • And much, much more.

I’ve put everything you need to know in a special guide I’ve put together called Profit From the DeFi Revolution.

If you want to join the exodus from the legacy system – and get paid a lot more money in the process – this is your essential guide.

I’ll show you how to grab a copy of it in a moment.

But again: there’s a lot more I want to share with you today…

Money move #3: Go ‘beyond bitcoin’ and buy these three cryptos

Back in 2017, SEC allowed bitcoin futures to trade in Chicago.

For the first time, big, institutional money had the chance to invest in bitcoin – or at least, speculate on its price.

The move helped trigger the huge run up in bitcoin prices in December 2017 – even as the wider stock market was flat…

And sucked in enough capital to send smaller cryptocurrencies on the kind of price rises that will go down in history…

A $2,000 speculation in any of those top-performing coins would have turned into a small fortune in just one year.

Now I believe history is going to repeat itself.

And there are three specific crypto projects I recommend you buy today to get ahead of what’s coming.

See, compared to buying a stock, bond or even gold… it is still hard for “big money” to move into digital assets.

For instance, right now there’s no easy way for big institutions to buy into bitcoin.

Think of anything else you like – gold, silver, tech stocks, oil firms, anything you like – and there’s an exchange traded fund (or ETF) you can buy.

But bitcoin?

So far, the SEC has refused to allow a bitcoin ETF. And that’s meant billions of dollars have waited on the sidelines.

But that’s now about to change.

“I think we’re certainly falling behind the curve,” one of the SEC’s five commissioners Hester Peirce said earlier in the year.

Peirce wants to “build a framework” that will help a bitcoin ETF become a reality.

I’ll decode that for you:

Very soon, the SEC is going to green light a bitcoin ETF.

It has already received requests from ten issuers, including VanEck, Fidelity, Grayscale and Galaxy Digital.

Soon I believe one or more of these requests will be granted.

When the SEC gives the green light – expect an tsunami of capital to flood into the cryptoconomy

It’s going to make bitcoin as easy to buy as shares in Apple or Amazon.

Think about it like this…

The global gold market is worth roughly $10 trillion.

Yet the total value of bitcoin – often referred to as “digital gold” – is around $1 trillion.

In other words: for bitcoin to just match gold… it’d have to increase in value by 1,000% from here.

That’d take it to somewhere around $500,000 per bitcoin.

That might not happen overnight (though you can never be certain with bitcoin).

But it shows just how much room there is for it to grow – especially when the SEC makes it quick, easy and safe for big institutions to pour money into the market.

That’s why I recommend you grab a copy of a third report I’ve prepared for you.

It’s called Beyond Bitcoin: Three Cryptos To Buy Today.

It also contains the details of three other projects that I think everyone needs to know about right now.

The first is a project that is building out the ‘plumbing’ of the new, alternate financial system. It’s going to be at the heart of thousands of new cryptoconomy projects in the years to come.

Buy it today and you’ll have a stake in them all.

That’s not some wild prediction, either.

This project is already being used by JP Morgan, Microsoft, Amazon  UbiSoft… plus ING Group (which manages $1.1 trillion in assets).

That’s on top of an estimated 3,000 OTHER new applications being developed by smaller companies.

Bottom line: if you want a stake in the cryptoconomy– beyond just owning bitcoin – this is the smartest move to make.

The second is a project that threatens to disrupt pretty much every bank in the world. It’s effectively a way of connecting savers and borrowers… with no need for a bank.

And it’s performing pretty well. It’s already worth more than $3 billion. It launched last year and peaked 10x higher just four months later.

But it’s still early days. There’s more opportunity here. If you’re happy taking the risk – and comfortable with volatility – there’s every chance this project could make you a small fortune in the years ahead.

Now to be clear, what we are talking about today is a younger investing space. There is volatility and risk, so never stake more than you can afford to lose. But with that risk comes the chance at massive gains.

Everything you need to make your move is laid out in the report I just told you about.  

You’ll also get the name of a third play I’m recommending. It’s another way of seeding your money in the new system… this time, backing a company developing something called smart contracts.

Think of smart contracts as “the law without lawyers”. They’re intelligent contracts that eliminate the need for armies of lawyers and notaries. And they have huge potential to disrupt everything from real estate to the energy market.

You’ll get a full write up when you download your copy of Beyond Bitcoin: Three Cryptos To Buy Today.

But this isn’t just about getting IN to the new system.

It’s also about protecting yourself from the collapse of the old.

Money move #4: Dump these four toxic stocks now

In the early 2000s, with the internet growing at a rapid pace, executives at video store Blockbuster met with a new, digital company called Netflix.

On the table was a simple deal.

Blockbuster could acquire the smaller company for just $50m… and accelerate its move into DVD and digital tech.

What happened?

Blockbuster CEO John Antioco turned the deal down.

And laughed Netflix out of the room.

Former Netflix CEO Marx Randolph later told reporters: “You fly to Blockbuster, try and sell the business, and they laugh at you.”

Of course, Netflix had the last laugh… when it became one of America’s greatest ever success stories, bankrupting Blockbuster in the process.

The moral of the story?

When it comes to disruptions on this scale… you have to make sure you’re on the right side of history.

It’s no good making money from the cryptoconomy if you also own the modern day equivalent of blockbuster.

That’s why I’ve put together a new report called, Four Toxic Stocks To Avoid as DeFi Takes Over.

It pinpoints the four stocks perfectly placed to struggle with the massive disruption by the rise of the cryptoconomy… the kind of stock that likely won’t survive the decade, if current trends continue.

These are companies you could easily own in your portfolio right now… or even bank with.

In fact, more than 70 million Americans have an account with one of these companies today... but I believe that could all be about to change dramatically.

Another handles billions of dollars and has 500,000 agents worldwide – yet could easily go the way of Blockbuster in the coming years.

You’ll get the full story on all four stocks when you grab your copy of the new report I just finished writing, Four Toxic Stocks To Avoid as DeFi Takes Over.

So how can you get hold of this report – and everything else I’ve told you about today?

That’s easy.

It all comes free when you subscribe to a monthly newsletter I write called Global Intelligence.

This is authentic, boots-on-the-ground research and analysis. From my home base in Prague, I frequently venture forth into the world to find the unique opportunities you are absolutely not hearing about in the mainstream (or even alternative) financial media.

Global Intelligence exists to track the biggest trends shaping your wealth and retirement today.

And the rise of the cryptoconomy is probably the biggest of those trends right now.

It’s your guide to what is easily the biggest story of our lifetimes – the emergence of a whole new money system… and the collapse of the ‘legacy’ system…

In these monthly reports, I’ll track this story in real time.

I’ll also share a model portfolio of stocks and other investments you can make for protection and profit potential.

I’ve told you about several of the plays I’m recommending today.

But I’ve really only scratched the surface.

That’s why I want you to try Global Intelligence out today. It’s the best way to stay ahead of events as this story unfolds… and it means you’ll get new opportunities and wealth building ideas from me every single month…

To be blunt, I think the rise of the cryptoconomy is the single most important story in the financial world today.

There is no way of avoiding its impact on you.

If you don’t want to shop at Amazon, use Google or have a Facebook account you don’t have to.

The same goes for smartphones… streaming services… or apps like Uber, JustEat or Zoom.

If they aren’t your thing, it’s still just about possible to avoid them.

But you can’t ‘opt out’ of using money.

When the rules of money change, the rules of life change.

Right now, things in the money system are changing – faster than anyone ever predicted…

  • Very soon Amazon is expected to launch its own crypto payments system…
  • Apple already supports crypto purchases via its App Store – and it’s exploring “alternative payments” partners…
  • And you can now trade Google, Facebook, Tesla and Netflix shares via the alternative crypto system…

I hope I’m getting through…

You can’t sit this one out – change is coming,
whether you like it or not

That’s why I’ve made sure my work is priced so that anyone can afford it.

Perhaps I could charge $1,000 or $2,000 for my research. But all that would do is put it out of reach for thousands of people who’re going to need it in the near future.

That’s why a one year subscription to Global Intelligence costs $149.

That small fee is FULLY REFUNDABLE for the next 90 days, by the way. If you don’t like what you see, you can simply get in touch with my team and you’ll get a prompt refund. You can keep all the research I’ve sent you.

This way, you get the chance to actually TRY Global Intelligence out for three months, before making any long-term commitments. So if you decide my work isn’t as good as I claim it is… you can just walk away.

Just hit Add to cart to take advantage of this offer right away.

When you do, you’ll get the four reports I’ve told you about… plus another special guide that I believe every American is going to need in the near future.

Money move #5: Get ready to profit from the forever collapse of
‘old money’

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Those were the words of Nathan Rothschild in the early 1800s.

But what happens when a country loses control of its money supply?

That isn’t a rhetorical question.

It’s happening as we speak…

Before the pandemic our government was already more than $23 trillion in debt.

In 14 months during the pandemic, it added another $5 trillion.

Our government has been able to do that because everyone all over the world uses the US dollar.

So they can print as many dollars as they want... because there’s always demand soaking them up.

But what happens when people abandon the old dollar-based “legacy” system in favor of a financial system our government doesn’t control... where it can’t just go printing more money and taking out more loans...

Trillion dollar bailouts… constant stimulus plans… “free money” checks for millions of Americans…

It’s all part of the same pattern… a last-ditch attempt to hold the old system together.

My guess: it won’t succeed.

That’s a major reason I sold 90% of my stocks last year.

The amount of money being pumped into the American economy is completely out of control.

We’re already starting to feel the impact of this…

Maybe you’ve noticed it too.

The constant price rises…

Food… gas… energy prices… timber… clothes… even used cars… everywhere you look, things are going up…

Corn prices are up 47% since mid-2020:

Soybeans are up 55% since mid-2020:

The entire agricultural commodities space (which are used to make food) is up over 40%!

Once you notice that the price of things you buy regularly seems to tick higher every time you visit the store…

It’s unsettling.

But this is what it feels like when the state loses control of the money supply… and inflation starts to get out of hand.

I’m not the only one who’s sounding the alarm…

Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, said

“If you think the rioting and looting are bad now, wait until the supplemental unemployment benefits expire, or inflation wipes out their value. What happens when price controls or rationing lead to food and power shortages? What we're seeing now is but a glimpse of what's coming.”

Then you have Ron Paul, former U.S. Congressman:

“The economic collapse will be worse than the Great Depression. This will result in widespread violence along with government crackdowns on liberties, accelerating the US slide into authoritarianism.”

Then you have hedge fund manager Bill Ackman. You might have heard that name before – he made a fortune accurately foreseeing the Covid crash. Well, now he’s warning of inflation. In February he claimed that,

"We will see a spike in inflation as early as the middle of the year It is already starting to happen.”

By the way, I predicted all of this.

On the 9th of March, 2021 I told my readers that:

‘The last time we touched 5% [inflation] was 1990. Since then…all downhill.

That, however, is soon to change. For inflation is headed our way.’

It took just 126 days for me to be proven right.

And here’s what I’m predicting next:

I think we’re going to see the inflation rate in America double from here. I think we could see it hit 10% or higher.

If that happens, a lot of people are going to get hurt.

The best way to learn more about this plus several other inflation profit plays – is to grab a copy of another new report I’ve put together, called How To Profit From Out Of Control Inflation.

It comes as a bonus when you take a trial of Global Intelligence today.

As a quick reminder, here’s everything you’ll get:

  • Why Bitcoin Will Go to $1 Million, which contains everything you need to get started investing in bitcoin.
  • Profit From the DeFi Revolution, showing you how to increase your investment income by 61x or more, on US dollar pegged investments.
  • Beyond Bitcoin: Three Cryptos To Buy Today, naming the three crypto assets to buy today to profit from the rise of the cryptoconomy.
  • Four Toxic Stocks To Avoid as DeFi Takes Over, naming the four stocks you should avoid like the plague.
  • How To Profit From Out Of Control Inflation, showing you several smart ways to profit from rising inflation.

You’ll get all this – and a lot more – when you take a trial of Global Intelligence.

Your life is about to change dramatically – are you ready?

Given what you’ve seen today, you’re going to see the events of the coming months through new eyes… and with new understanding.

When hundreds of banks start offering cryptocurrency trading accounts…

When the SEC approves the first bitcoin ETF…

When inflation hits 8% or higher…

Perhaps when you hear about another billionaire moving into bitcoin or other cryptos…

Or Amazon, Apple, Facebook and other Silicon Valley accepting digital currencies…

Or when you read about another government investing directly in digital currencies (the Bulgarian and Ukrainian governments both already have, by the way)…

You’ll see these developments for what they truly are…

An unstoppable, irreversible shift in to our money, our market and our lives – driven by the rise of the cryptoconomy.

There’s no ‘unseeing’ it now.

No going back.

But you can take a big step forward.

Accept my offer today and I’ll give you everything you need to get ahead… and stay ahead.

Just think back to the rise of the internet… and imagine you could go back to the very early days of its rise, back in the 1990s.

Imagine the kind of wealth you could have built getting in early on that trend… seeding your money in companies like Amazon… Netflix… Google… Apple… Microsoft.

I believe that’s the kind of opportunity I’m putting on the table for you today.

Will you take it?

That’s your call.

But if you’re with me – just hit 'Add to Cart'. I can guarantee you a warm welcome to Global Intelligence.


Jeff Opdyke

Editor, Global Intelligence
October 2021

P.S. If the idea of owning bitcoin or starting a crypto account today is a step too far for you, there IS one thing I recommend you do to profit from the rise of the cryptoconomy.

In 2017, when bitcoin soared from below $1,000 to $20,000 – its “sister” crypto Ethereum did even better.

In 2017 alone it rose by more than 9,000%.

Ethereum often moves in lockstep with bitcoin – but its moves (both up and down) are more dramatic.

That makes it the perfect way to get ahead of a big boom in bitcoin.

And you can invest directly in Ethereum without opening a crypto wallet or new account.

My suggestion is you buy the Grayscale Ethereum Trust [Ticker: ETHE].

This is easy to buy through any major broker.

And it tracks the price of Ethereum.

Between September 2020 and August of 2021, it was up nearly 300%.

But given what’s coming down the pike in the next few months…

I think that’s just the start.

Long term, I think Ethereum is going to $5,000 by the end of this year… and and it likely sees prices of $25,000 and $40,000 this decade.

And I expect that move to begin very soon.

So long as you’re comfortable with a little volatility (and happy to take a risk with your money – nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to investing), I believe the Grayscale Ethereum Trust is the perfect way to play what’s happening.

And keep in mind: you won’t be alone in positioning your money to profit from the rise of the cryptoconomy:

  • Big banks like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have started offering digital money services to their clients.
  • Companies like Tesla, Time Magazine and WeWork have put digital currency on their balance sheet.
  • Norway and Singapore’s trillion dollar Sovereign Wealth Funds have both followed suit.
  • Then you have $13.7bn hedge fund Brevan Howard, which recently announced it’d soon be converting some of its holdings to digital money.

The signs are clear, if you’re willing to see them. We’re in the middle of an unstoppable shift in our money system.

This is your chance to put yourself on the right side of it.

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