The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation…All Over the World.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation…All Over the World.

“It’s like Airbnb, but Free!”

Stay Anywhere for Free with This ‘Luxury Vacation’ Secret

Listings Now Available in: Italy, France, Ecuador, Costa Rica, London, Portugal…and That’s Just the Start

What if you could log on to a website like Airbnb and find hundreds of listings, all over the world, that cost $0 per night.

That’s right...$0 per night for Tuscan farmhouses, Costa Rican villas, Parisian escapes, Caribbean island homes, and more…

This isn’t a fantasy scenario. It’s exists right now, but few people are talking about it, and even fewer are taking advantage of it.

It's how Terry and her husband, Clyde, experienced life in the historic city of Valencia on Spain's southeast coast.

They stayed in a luxurious villa in Old World Spain...sipping wine and eating tapas by their own private pool...wandering cobbled streets to admire ancient ruins...lying on golden-sand beaches watching the waves roll into shore.

Their stay in that luxury villa didn't cost them a dime...

With the secret I’m going to share with you today, you can stay virtually anywhere in the world... for free.

Now, don’t bother spending time searching for these free listings on Airbnb. They’re not there.

But I’m about to let you in on my luxury vacation secret—and show you exactly how you can use it to stay in fantastic locations…all over the world…with no accommodation costs.

Sharyn and her husband Tim have been using it to stay for months at a time in destinations like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Canada.

Most recently, they stayed in central London—in a spacious apartment close to all the tourist hotspots, and with every amenity within walking distance.

And Sharyn says they saved a pretty penny…

“An Airbnb would have been about $1,250. A CHEAP hotel would have cost at least $750. Even a dodgy hostel would have cost us at least $220! But our apartment cost us nothing!”

Understand: this isn’t some one-time deal that you get lucky to stumble across.

Retirees Glenn and Jacqueline Lamb used it to stay in luxury accommodation throughout Europe, Asia, Mexico and even Australia.

And you can use it too... to enjoy extended vacations, all over the world, with NO accommodation costs.

Hi, I’m Yvonne Bauche. My husband Michael and I have been traveling this way since 2012.

It really is like Airbnb—but free.

The very first time we did this, we stayed in a charming 15th-century Tuscan farmhouse in Italy— complete with dogs, cats, and chickens.

We had our own private pool, perfectly situated for taking in the panoramic views of rolling hills and valleys.

The view from our private pool in the Tuscan hills

Renting a farmhouse in Tuscany with our own private pool would have cost us $2,000-$3,000 a week…minimum.

But we didn’t pay a cent to stay, not for internet, or even cleaning fees.

We were hooked from Day 1. And we realized that this was the way we wanted to travel from then on.

Luxurious Getaways…No Accommodation Costs…

No overpriced hotels... no expensive Airbnb’s... and certainly no hostels or budget hotels or having to do hard work or teach in exchange for lodging.

Michael and I have stayed in…

…a French vineyard, complete with its own cellar, where we enjoyed sampling the wine…

…a lavish villa in Costa Rica…

…a quaint village home in Cyprus…

and a villa on the shores of the Red Sea, Egypt…

Plus several ocean-view villas in the Caribbean.

All for free.

In fact, I’d guess that this secret has given us at least $30,000 a year in value over the past decade.

But it’s about more than just money…

These luxury accommodations have let us live like royalty... though we’re not wealthy people.

And we’ve enjoyed phenomenal experiences that we could only ever dream about before…

Things that ‘regular tourists’ don’t get to do...Our neighbors in Barbados invited us to a polo match.

We’ve been asked on sailing trips…

Our neighbors in Egypt took us snorkelling in the Red Sea…

And we even got taken on a private plane while we were in the Caribbean! We hopped over to a neighboring island for lunch and to have a look around.

We’ve enjoyed a private plane trip over Caribbean islands…thanks to our travel secret

Staying in these havens for longer than the average 2-week vacation, means we’re able to take advantage of amazing opportunities… ones that regular tourists either never find, or don’t have the time or money to afford…

During a sit in Quito, Ecuador, I had the time to find a heavily discounted boat trip around the Galapagos islands.

Seeing turtles, sea lions, flamingos and penguins all in one morning is hard to beat.

And in Argentina, we were able to explore the spectacular Iguazu Falls. It beats Niagara any day!

While we were in Egypt, we took a cruise on the Nile—from Luxor to Aswan.

Saving thousands of dollars on accommodation frees up our funds for these bucket-list experiences.

And it’s all thanks to our particular way of traveling that I’ll tell you about.

From Stressed and Overworked… to Early Retirement and Luxury Living

Michael and I didn’t always live this way...

Back in 2011 in Canada, we were stressed, overworked, and never able to get away for more than a week or two a year.

Between heating, electric, two cars, phones, and occasionally eating out…we were struggling just to survive.

“With accommodation costs all but eliminated, our roving retirement budget stretches so much further when it comes to more expensive activities like sightseeing boats and adventure activities. And because we stay in one place for a week or more, we can take advantage of cut-price deals for sites and venues on different days and times, including the local attractions.”
- Sharyn Nilsen

If we went on vacation, our budget was blown to smithereens.

We didn’t stay in luxury ocean view villas on those vacations either… Just the usual beach hotel for a couple of weeks here and there.

We dreamt of 5-star travel to far-flung destinations. But it felt like the stuff of fantasy.

Until we came across this travel secret that allows you to stay in high-end accommodation—all over the world—for free.

What I’m talking about is a very specific, niche type of luxury housesitting.

To be clear: I’m not talking about house swapping! This has nothing to do with your own home—so you can put that out of your mind right away.

This is housesitting—or more accurately, house and pet sitting.

Initially, we almost rejected the idea.

I mean housesitting… Why would we do that?

We weren’t interested in caring for a couple of dogs in yet another suburb of Vancouver or Edmonton or…God forbid, Toronto in the depths of winter.

But as we started to dig deeper, we realized that this very specific housesitting niche exists…

And it turned out to be the door to a dream life of luxury travel, in first-class destinations that we had dreamt about.

‘Regular’ housesitting is accessible to anyone. You register with housesitting sites, trudge through the ho-hum listings, apply for sits, and hope that the place you eventually get is halfway decent.

But I’m talking specifically about luxury, international housesitting—in the types of first-class places that ‘regular housesitters’ rarely (if ever) get access to.

I’ve already said that this particular type of housesitting is like Airbnb, but free. But that’s it at it’s most basic.

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Toto…

Enjoying the view from our housesit in the Caribbean

As a luxury, international housesitter, you get a lot more than just free accommodation.

Sure, you can stay in places you would otherwise not be able to afford or find.

For example, we’re spending two months in a new ocean-view villa on our favorite island in the Grenadines. It’s our 6th time here—and we’ve been looking forward to getting back to the views of the nearby Caribbean islands.

We have our own en-suite guest room, complete with walk-in closet. Our private pool is just beyond the outdoor dining area.

We like to float on the comfortable pool mats while stargazing at night.

The sky here is so clear, we can spot the Milky Way, pick out constellations and lose count of shooting stars.

To stay in a hotel nearby would cost at least $267 a night. And that would be for a poky hotel room.

Here, we have the entire villa to ourselves.

And that’s just the housing…

Even though this island is only 7 miles long, we have the use of a car. And the cleaner and gardener come twice a week.

On this visit, we’re staying for two months.

It’s our 6th time here, so we’ll spend that time catching up with friends we’ve made on previous trips… and visit our favorite haunts.

You see, when you travel this way, you’re not a casual visitor, or a tourist… You quickly become part of the community, and get to experience life as a resident.

In fact, it’s the ideal way to explore and experience potential retirement destinations.

Test-Drive Potential Retirement Havens
Stay for Longer… Pay Less.

Forget about short, expensive 2-week stays—where you’re wondering “could I live here?”

With housesitting, you can stay in an area for longer and really get a true feel for what it’s like to live in that place.

And when you know how to connect with the right type of host (which I’ll talk more about later), you connect with the community from the get-go.

Knowing you have a pre-arranged housesit and a knowledgeable host for the first day or so makes things really easy.

Instead of arriving as a tourist, you’re greeted as a friend. The host can introduce you to a few neighbors, give you a guided tour of the area, and show you the best places to shop or eat out.

You quickly get to know the area in a way that’s impossible as a tourist.

That’s how Terry and Clyde decided that Portugal was where they wanted to retire…

Yes, my connections... I’ll explain how you can tap into my network in just a minute.

But first, one thing to note… Terry and Clyde were in France during peak season. Travel anywhere in Europe during July or August and accommodation is difficult to find…and expensive.

But that doesn’t matter when you’re a luxury, international housesitter. Opportunities are available year-round.

We housesat in London for two weeks during the 2012 Olympics. Try finding accommodation in any city hosting the Olympics for less than peak rates!

And the location was just perfect.

The front door of our home led right onto a busy London street. And the long backyard was an oasis of peace and calm.

It was the best of both worlds in big-city London…during the most massive sporting event in the world.

Those two weeks would have cost us $2,800 for accommodations. But we had an entire home to ourselves for free!

By now you’re likely getting a sense of some of the benefits of this special type of housesitting. But let me drill down a bit and be more specific…

The Advantages of Being a Luxury,
International Housesitter:

    • You save money: Instead of paying up to $300 a night for a hotel room, you get to stay free in exchange for looking after the home and pets. And the money you save can be used on fun things instead.

      Terry and Clyde were able to afford a safari in Kenya, since they were already there on a housesit, and had saved on accommodation.

      And you can forget about bills like cable, internet, utilities and sometimes even car rental! As a housesitter, that’s all covered for you.

    • Enjoy a millionaire lifestyle: Live like a millionaire without the millions. Spend time in havens you’ve only ever dreamed about. Places like Caribbean villas… Tuscan farmhouses… cute Cypriot villages… acreages in Mendoza Argentina and even penthouse suites in the world’s ritziest cities.

      This ocean-view villa overlooking the Caribbean islands of Baliceaux and Battowia would be far beyond our budget, but this is our 6th time here.

“We love that we are able to explore neighborhoods we would never find by staying in a hotel and we love that we can feel like we are part of the local life instead of just the usual tourists. … we lived in absolutely stunning houses we wouldn‘t have the chance to stay at otherwise.

-Anna & Toby

    • Comfort: Staying in a home gives you more comfort and space than even the best hotels. And when you follow my strategy, you’ll likely have a lot more amenities too…

      Like a full kitchen, ready-stocked with oils and spices, for gourmet dinners and long meals with friends.

      You’ll likely have a washer and dryer…and possibly even the use of a car to explore the area.

    • Test-drive potential retirement destinations: Dreaming of retirement in a beachside condominium or a secluded rural retreat?

      This is your chance to see if that lifestyle “fits” before you invest.

    • Travel like a local, not a tourist: Your hosts can show you the best places to shop, where to eat, and introduce you to their friends. You become part of the community immediately instead of slowly learning the ropes as a visitor—an experience pretty much impossible to recreate when living in hotels.
    • Flexibility: Forget the tour bus. As a housesitter, you have the time and flexibility to enjoy a more authentic experience.
    • Privacy: No landlords or hotel guests share your space. It’s just you, the house, and the pets (plus the cleaner and gardener who come by to work, in many cases!)

Visit Family and Friends Without Imposing on Their Space

“House sitting has allowed us both, who travel on a small budget, to experience something we could have only dreamed about, staying in Australia for 3 months, accommodation free, allowing us to really bond with our new Grandson and spend quality time with him.”

-Julie & Jonathan

  • Built-in friends: You’ll meet fascinating and genuine people who often become great friends. We now have a network of friends scattered across the globe, with invitations to visit whenever we are nearby. These are people we wouldn’t have crossed paths with back in Canada—and it’s enriched our lives to have widened our social circle.
  • Work from Paradise: If your work involves a laptop and an internet connection, housesitting is ideal. Choose a secluded cottage where you can work undisturbed—or opt for a city pad, close to shared workspaces for when you want company.
  • Stimulate your mind: Living for weeks or months in a new country gives you the time to take a language course, enjoy art classes, or take local cooking lessons.
  • Test-drive your dreams: If you dream of running a small B&B, take one as a housesit or as a caretaker and test-drive your new lifestyle before you commit your money.
  • Get off the beaten track: Explore smaller out-of-the-way places such as Burgundy, suburban Paris, or the Cotswolds. You’ll be rewarded with a more authentic experience.

Whether you want to explore retirement destinations… see more of your own country… or have a vacation and save money… Housesitting allows you to have the lifestyle experiences you want—often for less than it costs to live at home.

It’s a better way to “go on vacation”. You can travel longer, cheaper, and farther. And you get to experience new adventures, without sacrificing on the comforts of a home.

Why Would Anyone Let You Stay in Their Luxury Home?

So, why would anyone want to let you stay in their luxury home?

Well, there are lots of reasons…

This is an exchange (but not a house swap, remember)!

You’re getting something—a lot, in fact, as I’ve detailed just now. But you’re also giving something in exchange.

You’re giving the homeowner peace of mind.

The biggest benefit for homeowners is having someone take care of their beloved pets.

Nobody wants to have to put their pet in kennels for an extended period of time. It can be stressful on the pet, on the owner…and the costs add up if they’re going to be away for more than a couple of weeks.

“For almost 2 months we have had the furry love of little Charcoal, he’s definitely been a massive bonus for us. We knew from his owners how sociable and easy Charcoal was so that we could take him everywhere with us”

Having a housesitter means the pet can stay home…where they’re happiest.

Also, leaving a home empty—especially somewhere like here, in the tropics—can put it at risk of infestation or mold.

And some insurance policies won’t cover water damage or offer any type of coverage if the home is unoccupied for a certain length of time.

So having a sitter deals with all of that.

Plus, it’s a form of security. Lights are going on and off… there’s activity… The home is clearly occupied to anyone who might be scoping things out.

And it means the homeowner doesn’t have to ask friends or family members to call over each day to water plants or feed pets.

No more dead plants… No stressed-out pets for the homeowner…

And all the benefits of a comfortable home—for free—for you.

It really is a win-win!

But before you get too carried away, know that getting the plush, million dollar mansions or the ocean view villas isn’t easy if you’re new to housesitting.

Securing these kinds of sits takes more than a little experience and a lot of know how.

And connections...which is where I can help. More on that in a moment.

The luxury, international housesitting opportunities—Caribbean villas, Tuscan retreats, French chateaux, or Panama City penthouses—are highly sought after, as you’d imagine. Competition can be fierce.

When they list on housesitting sites, they can get more than 100 applications. And that’s if they get listed… So if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll get edged out by others who do.

And anyone new to housesitting is at a disadvantage.

It took us a bit of time before we were landing amazing housesitting assignments.

But these days, we don’t even have to apply anymore!

Michael and I get asked to come back and do "repeat" housesitting assignments in places like Barbados and St. Lucia.

The ocean-view villa I’m in right now is a repeat sit. The owners emailed me directly after we sat for them before.

It’s like owning your own second home…for free, and with no obligations!

And remember, Terry and Clyde got their Parisian suburb home through me—in a private group that I run. It never listed on the regular sites.

I’ll tell you how you can join our “elite” group shortly…so stick with me.

Want to Try This Yourself?

I’ve let you in on the ‘secret’ that Michael and I use…and how it saves us $30,000 a year, while we live in luxury.

And you might be thinking that you’ll browse some housesitting sites and give it a go on your own.

And the truth is, you absolutely can!

After all, that’s how Michael and I first started back in 2012.

It took a lot of time and effort…but we did it, and you could too.

Let’s say, after battling every applicant on the housesitting sites, and pitching for countless sits, you eventually manage to secure a housesit on an island in the Caribbean.

Amazing right?

Until you discover that it’s going to cost a lot more than you thought to get there… Or that the owner hasn’t fully committed and later cancels on you.

These are the kinds of things that can happen to “newbies,” inexperienced housesitters, or those who try to go it alone.

They’re enthusiastic and excited, and they go for any old sit that they’re offered.

Michael and I… plus the others I’ve told you about…we go for the Gold Standard.

Sidestep the Newbie Mistakes…
and Go for the Gold Standard

Some of our ‘Gold Standard’ housesits in Italy and the Caribbean

From our years of experience as housesitters, we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and tools.

Then there’s the decades of collective wisdom gained from our fellow sitters… people like Terry and Clyde… Sharyn and Tim… and Glenn and Jacqueline Lamb—who have done more than 90 sits in locations all over the world.

We’ve seen and heard it all.

Michael and I have developed a failsafe strategy that we use to get the best sits, while avoiding any newbie mistakes or issues. It’s a strategy that we’ve been using for years, making adjustments and improvements along the way.

And we want to share our knowledge with you. So that you can use our exact strategy to…

  • "Leapfrog" over everyone else who has decided to do it on their own…
  • Start taking advantage of this opportunity at a truly "elite" level—just like Michael and I have done—and skip the ramp-up time…
  • Start enjoying the kind of awe-inspiring, envy-inducing, once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list vacations most people only dream about…
  • And do it all without paying a cent for your luxury accommodation.

I’m confident that housesitting will enrich your life as much as it has ours.

If you’d like to spend quality time in some of the world’s most coveted destinations for weeks—even months—at a time… And if you’d like to live like a true local, without paying for your luxury stay, then this is for you…

You just need the right know-how.

So here's what I suggest…

Let Michael and I help you.

Learn from all our experience.

Find out what we did…what we're doing…what other top housesitters are doing…and simply replicate our success.

Doing just this will drastically slash the amount of time, energy, money and potential frustration you may face if you try to figure it all out on your own.

And it will make your overall housesitting experience that much more pleasant and successful.

How do you get our help?

Well, that’s where International Living comes in

How to Access Our Failsafe Strategy for
Free Luxury Accommodation

Some time ago, Jackie Flynn, the publisher of International Living discovered what we were doing…and wanted to know more.

She thought that what we were doing—staying for FREE at high-end properties in many of the world's finest expat and retirement destinations—was something that every IL reader needed to know about.

She reasoned it would be a near-perfect way for readers to "test-drive" an international lifestyle…even if it's just for a week or two each year.

And since accommodation costs make up one of the biggest chunks of any world traveler or expat's budget, they felt it was critical we share our strategy with their readers.

She asked us to create a program detailing everything we know about housesitting…everything we've learned…and everything we think IL readers should do to land the very best housesitting assignments in the world…

… and create not a book, but the ultimate online resource readers could access anywhere in the world they had an internet connection.

So after several months of hard work, Michael and I created a course that I really wish we had the first day we even considered luxury, international housesitting.

Oh my…would this have saved a lot of headaches!

We've named this course…

The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation…
All Over the World

It's a password-protected online course, that you can access anywhere you get internet.

With it, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to know about landing the most desired housesitting stays all over the world…right at your fingertips.

Michael and I went to great lengths and put in literally hundreds of hours detailing everything we know about landing—and enjoying—the very best housesitting gigs.

With our course, you don’t have to battle everyone that’s on housesitting sites. We’ll show you a backdoor in.

All the strategies and tips that we have discovered over the last decade have been compiled into this easy step-by-step course. 

Everything you need for success is right here.

It hands you all the knowledge and tools you need to get started on your housesitting adventures.

So that you can…

  • Swap the last few weeks of the winter cold for an early-spring Caribbean trip
  • Visit Paris in spring…when "The City of Light" comes to life…
  • Take a quick summer getaway to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and enjoy its famed world-class beaches, ice-cold margaritas and fresh fish tacos while you live in style.

Or…you could do something completely different…

  • …like spend the month of March in Kyoto, Japan to marvel at the impossibly gorgeous blossoming cherry trees…
  • …book a free property on the Greek island of Santorini in August…and take in some of the most awe-inspiring cliffside views in the entire world…
  • …or…stay for free at a beachside home in warm, sunny Byron Bay, Australia for the Christmas holidays!

Once you access our program, you’ll discover…

  • Where and how to find the high-end, luxury housesitting assignments…
  • Build a winning profile – crucially important step for landing the top-choice sits.
  • The one simple trick to use that will make sure you stand out from hundreds of other profiles, so that your profile gets seen by homeowners. It always shocks me how many people don’t do this simple trick.
  • We give you our ‘secret code’ that can jump you ahead of the competition so that you make the homeowner’s shortlist.Everything you need to know about what to say, which photos to use, what headline to use—it’s all here.
  • References and Testimonials – discover how to get excellent ones, even when you are just starting out.
  • Examples of "housesitter wanted" ads and how to interpret them…

But we don’t stop once you’ve secured your first luxury housesit. With The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation…All Over the World, you’ll have our support throughout your housesitting experience.

With our help, you’ll know…

  • The exact words we've used in our profile to land a housesitting assignment in a four-bedroom luxury villa with a pool in St. Lucia…
  • The countries with the most promising housesitting opportunities. (PLUS: visa requirements, travel information, and sample prices for each.)
  • The best times of year to arrange housesits in different parts of the world. (You can avoid the busiest times of year and still experience everything a location has to offer…if that's what you want.)
  • A "communications flowchart" that will help you MASTER how to communicate with luxury homeowners. This downloadable PDF is worth its proverbial weight in gold…and then some!
  • Simple ways to connect with the local community during your housesitting stay…
  • Real-life housesitting stories. (Everyone from "first-timers" to experienced housesitters spill the beans about their experiences…and what you can learn from them.)
  • And a WHOLE lot more!

You'll even find out all the details on how to land housesitting assignments in some of the world's finest destinations, including:

  • Portugal
  • Belize
  • Italy
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • France
  • Spain

This is the most comprehensive A-to-Z resource on how to get started and succeed in overseas housesitting today.

We created this course specifically to help you get ahead of the competition…to help you land those luxurious housesitting assignments in amazing locations like Tuscany, Italy… islands all around the Caribbean… Europe’s capital cities…and many more.

You’ll find everything you need to know about landing the most desired housesitting assignments all over the world in this program.

So, if you want to enjoy staying in luxury properties—anywhere in the world you want to go—for free…

…with the most powerful resource at your fingertips, this is your opportunity to make that happen.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation…All Over the World is a lot more than just reading material.

You see, we've also produced a series of short videos to help guide you through each section of the course.

In each video, we talk you through the section and tell you the most important things to know.

You can watch the short videos, get a feel for, and an overall view of each section in the course, and then dive into the reading material.

You’ll find it very well-organized and easy to manage. We made it this way so you won't stumble into any of the roadblocks you would encounter if you were to try this by yourself.

And getting this course NOW is the best first step I know of.

In fact, this course has already helped folks just like you completely change the way they spend time overseas.

People like Bob Hesner and his wife Shirley, who recently messaged us about their overseas housesitting experiences.

Bob wrote,

"Hello Yvonne, the program was a great success for us."

"We started in the UK in May of 2015 and have been housesitting ever since. We have been in the UK, Scotland, Italy, and Australia.”

Then there's Alice and Peter Henderson who wrote,

"We had never heard of housesitting until we met Michael and Yvonne and their no nonsense, plain, clear, concise explanation had us hooked immediately."

"We originally thought we traveled to see the sights, vistas and views. We now know we travel to immerse ourselves in the culture, food and peoples of the new places we adventure to, and housesitting not only allows this but fosters the adventure like no other experience.”

And then there’s Glenn and Jacqueline Lamb, who told us…

“The countries we have visited, the cities and gorgeous, fabulous homes we have stayed in, and the people (and pets) we’ve met along the way would not have been possible if it wasn’t for our housesitting lifestyle.

We have completed more than 90 house sits all over the world in Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore), Europe (Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Cyprus), the USA and Mexico and in our home country of Australia.”

We hear these kinds of stories all the time. Yours could be next.

When you access our successful housesitting course today…

Here’s What You Get…

You'll receive:

  • Access to the private, password-protected website…
  • All sections of the program with pointers on the types of questions to ask, tips on how to build a winning profile as well as all the "insider" secrets you'll need to book the best and most luxurious housesitting assignments…
  • Videos from Michael and I outlining the important take away points for each section…
  • PLUS… ALL the knowledge and hard-won experience that Michael and I have to offer YOU!

All this is yours when you agree to take a no-risk look at The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation…All Over the World right now…

I could reasonably ask $300 for this package. I mean, compare that to just one night in a halfway decent hotel or Airbnb.

This studio apartment in London lists for $329 a night. And it looks pretty average. Definitely nothing fancy.

But with the Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation, you won’t have to stay anywhere ‘pretty average’ anymore.

It reveals secrets you won't find anyplace else.

Secrets that will help you book your own stay in Ecuador’s UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca, where you can enjoy open-air symphony performances while sipping a glass of wine in a cobbled plaza…

…or enjoy the peace and quiet from a rural retreat in the rolling green hills of Tuscany…

It provides advice, guidance, insights, and recommendations designed to land the world's most coveted luxury housesitting assignments faster and more efficiently than you ever could on your own.

And then there are the potential savings…

Consider this…

Michael and I have saved approximately $30,000 in accommodations costs every year during the past decade. And we've got many more years of high-end housesitting ahead of us.

Do this for just one trip, and this resource would likely pay for itself…the very first night!

And then…with the personalized attention and guidance Michael and I provide, too, you'll never be at a loss for what to do.

That's because this course ensures you're "working smart" in your journey towards living the high life in luxury properties all over the world.

That said, I want this to be as accessible as possible for anyone new to housesitting.

This power-packed housesitting resource can be yours for just  $300 $199.

But there's more…

Take me up on this deal now and I'll also toss in another extra resource as well…

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You'll also find out how to make the most of your frequent flyer miles—to get things like discounts, free tours, or access to VIP airport lounges.

Michael and I use many of the money-saving tips in this report since we fly so much to housesitting assignments all over the world.

In fact, I strongly believe that this special report alone could pay for itself ten times over every time you travel overseas.

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  • The most efficient and effective way to get from where you are now, to housesitting for free in the kind of place you've likely only dreamed of staying in…
  • ALL the tools you need to start enjoying the kind of awe-inspiring, envy-inducing, once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list vacations most people only dream about…
  • ALL the real-world solutions, step-by-step instructions, and expert guidance you need to become a luxury, international housesitter as quickly and easily as possible…

Take your time and browse through the course, the videos, and the bonus report.

If you decide that this luxury vacation strategy—showing you how you can stay in fantastic locations…all over the world…with no accommodation costs—isn’t for you, just let International Living know by phone or email within 30 days.

You’ll get a prompt refund—no hassles, no fuss.

The fast-reply bonus report is yours to keep—for free—even if you decide housesitting is not for you.

Remember, you’re getting…

The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation…All Over the World (Value: $300, yours for $199)

  • FAST REPLY BONUS: How To Get The Best Deal On Every Airfare You Buy

Altogether that’s a combined minimum value of $319.95—yours for just $199 today.

Luxury travel to ocean-view villas with private pools, with housekeepers and gardeners isn’t just for the rich and famous.

It’s for someone just like you, willing to take advantage of the best housesitting opportunities all around the world.

And it’s my mission to help you do just that. I hope you’ll join me…

So please don’t delay…

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Yvonne Bauche
Luxury International Housesitter

Creator, The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommodation…All Over the World

September 2022

P.S. Whether you want to explore retirement destinations… see more of your own country… or have a vacation and save money… Housesitting allows you to have the lifestyle experiences you want—often for less than it costs to live at home.

From a luxurious villa in Old World Portugal...sipping wine and eating fresh seafood by your own private pool... To an ocean-view villa in the Caribbean… To a luxury penthouse with skyline views of Panama City…

It’s a better way to ‘go on vacation’. You can travel longer, cheaper, and farther—without paying a cent for accommodation.

And if you want to travel full-time, like Michael and I—housesitting is perfect!

We spend less now to travel the world, than we did back in Canada… No paying for utilities, cable, internet, or car maintenance…

Again, please don’t put this off. Take advantage of this special deal right now.

"We won the travel lottery when we met Michael and Yvonne, opening our eyes to a unique and wonderful way to travel".

- Alice and Peter Henderson.

"We purchased their course which gave us incredible and valuable information and the confidence to take the next step. We have never regretted this decision and are forever grateful for having taken the decision to do the course."

- Glenn and Jacqueline Lamb.

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