Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey

Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey

How to Move Overseas with Greater Clarity,
Confidence, and Much Less Stress

Design the Next Chapter of Your Life with Purpose, through
Moving Abroad: A Hero's Journey

This idea of going overseas is exciting and invigorating, but it can also be intimidating. It's uncharted territory for most people. After all, you've spend the last three or four decades leading a busy life: working long hours, raising kids, doing what is expected of you.

And now all of a sudden, you're facing this unknown. And even though you're eager to start something new…the prospect can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be.

Moving Abroad: A Hero's Journey will help you plot a path for yourself to a life that feeds interests you may have shelved years ago, a life where you and your partner are rediscovering each other and delighting in it, or you're rediscovering what makes you tick, a life that excites you, that feels fulfilling and satisfying.

So that's the end goal—and it's utterly attainable. But it doesn't happen by accident.

There's this gap between where you are right now and that place…that new, purposeful life. And Moving Abroad: A Hero's Journey is designed to help you navigate through it—to move in the direction of that new life with greater clarity, confidence, and much less stress.

This program helps you define yourself, your values, and what matters most in your life so that—no matter what happens and where you end up—you will move forward in a powerful and joyful way.

We've created a "system," really, to help you think about and plot out what you want this next chapter to look like. Not just where you want to be, but who you want to be, and how you'd like your days to look.

Expats often realize, once they're overseas, that their move wasn't just to another land, and their reward wasn't just successful adaptation to new experiences—but also a path to seeing a bigger picture of the world.

Of course, there will be challenges and difficulties along the way. But if you know they're ahead, you can be prepared to overcome them. And you can embrace this new adventure overseas with enthusiasm because you're ready for it.

Moving Abroad: A Hero's Journey is an online program you can complete in 8 weeks, but which is self-paced to accommodate your schedule and time, which means you can go faster or slower—it's up to you.

Overview Of Each Module

Each of the 8 modules, including the Welcome module, consists of lessons supported by videos, transcripts of the videos, exercises related to the lesson, detailed documents to guide you through the process, optional mind, body, spirit exercises, bibliographies and information on how that lesson relates to the experience of being an expat. All of these materials will be able to be downloaded so that you will have a written chronicle of your journey when you finish. There will also be an ongoing Hero's Journey discussion group, monitored by Beverly and Michael, where you will receive support from other participants as well as ask any questions that you might have. Our goal is support you on each step of the Hero's Journey so that you will emerge as the true Hero that you are.

Week One - Module 1: The Hero's Journey Intention

It's Time To Get Clear About What You Really Want!

The course will begin with a module devoted to what the course is, how it works and how to get the most out of the process of going through it. You will also be introduced to Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Bartlett, your LifePath Masters, and given an overview of the Hero's Journey. In a powerfully positive process, you will be guided to define and write your intention for what you would like to accomplish in moving abroad.

To assist you in your intention process you will go through a personal questionnaire to help you clarify your desires. After you have written your intention, you will then be presented with clarifying questions to help you complete the process, if you need it. We encourage you to then introduce yourself and share your intention with the Hero's Journey Community group for feedback and integration.

Week Two - Module 2: The Hero - Who Am I?

A Hero's Journey Customized Just For You

Module 2 is a deep dive into your nature, tendencies, strengths, weaknesses and likely responses (positive and negative) through each step in the journey. The Enneagram evaluation process identifies one of nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world.

Each of the nine Enneagram types has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview. This identification is used throughout the Hero's Journey process to provide specific feedback for you regarding potential positive and negative responses to the various aspects of your journey.

Over the years we have used all of the major scientifically validated Personality Assessments. From them all, we have chosen The Enneagram as by far the most effective and useful for this kind of personal growth program. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation.

Stemming from the Greek words ennea (nine) and grammos (a written symbol), the nine-pointed Enneagram symbol represents the nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world. The Enneagram fosters greater understanding through a universal language that transcends gender, religion, nationality and culture.

The Enneagram, like the Hero's Journey, is related to Dr. Carl Jung's defined Common Unconscious and believes that, while we are all unique, we share common experiences and common unconscious relationships. The Enneagram is the first step in bringing this shared unconscious into your unique individual consciousness. This new individual knowledge and insight gained from the Enneagram provides a common language of experience for our journeyer to relate to themselves and to share with others in their life and the Hero's Journey Community.

Week Three - Module 3: The Call To Journey

Do You Hear It? Are You Ready?

The Call To Journey is the first of the five steps in the Hero's Journey and represents a yearning for new experiences and/or dissatisfaction with the status quo. In this module, you will identify your origins and flesh out your current story… the people, the places and the things that currently define you. Who am I now? What is my story? How did I get here? Is this my ideal life? If not, why not? Am I willing to begin to consider what my ideal life might be?

In this module, you will be guided to complete a powerful multidimensional exercise that will help you to identify the patterns, people and places that defined you and shaped your life, and how that relates to your new Hero's Journey. Your insights and realizations can be enlightening and profound. Share them with your Hero's Journey Community and get feedback and clarification to help you develop even deeper insights. This will help to prepare you to confidently depart your existing ordinary world and your limited self.

You can do this now with greater awareness and confidence. Your past life has been deeply clarified, understood and consciously integrated.

The potential of your new life is beginning to come in to view. You are now ready to prepare for your adventure into the unknown, the new world and your new self.

Week Four - Module 4: The Preparation

Clarification, Participation, Preparation

You will discover that as you gain clarity and consciousness about who you are, who you intend to be and what it is that you really want… Mentors/Allies inevitably appear in your life and offer support.

Please let us be clear about something… This is not some kind of magic or mumbo-jumbo (although sometimes it may seem like it:). As you become more and more clear about what you want, who you are and who you are in the process of becoming, all kinds of things in your life begin to change.

This includes how you relate to people, the conversations you have, your perceptions and insights as to who they really are and what you share in common. This is a very powerful position and from it you see potential and opportunities you would have otherwise missed.

You're just beginning your Hero's journey!

From this position of power and perception you identify and enlist support and allies and you begin to prepare for the encounter (the next step in the journey) which will be filled with obstacles and the decisions you will need to make to handle them. The quality of these decisions will be determined by your clarity and conscious awareness of exactly what your beliefs and values are now in your life.

You will do this with the aid of a Core Beliefs Inventory Questionnaire and Values Exercise where you identify the beliefs and values that create the foundation of who you are and make up the fabric of your life. Upon completion, you will identify the primary beliefs and values you will need to carry forward into the next step of your journey. Very importantly, you will also identify the limiting beliefs that you will leave behind.

Once again, we encourage you to share the experience of the process with your new Hero's Journey Community, receiving feedback and support from the facilitators and community members.

You are prepared, mentally and emotionally, for the step ahead… The Encounter.

Week Five - Module 5: The Encounter

You Develop Courage And Confidence

In this module, you will gain a completely new level of realization and acceptance that all journeys and all lives are made up of inevitable obstacles and challenges. You will begin to see that you are not alone and that everyone must deal with this normal part of every journey and every life.

You also begin to see and understand that what determines the quality of the experience of your journey is not what happens (external) but how you deal with what happens mentally and emotionally (internal).

Through a series of insightful and interactive exercises, you are guided to identify your unique core obstacle(s) (fears) that you have to deal with in your life and specifically in your move abroad. You are then shown how to identify which of your beliefs and values that you will use in dealing with your core obstacle(s).

This establishes an entirely new methodology and way for dealing with these and future obstacles and problems in your life! Courage rises up within you and you begin to feel and experience a new found strength.

You now have the opportunity to share your experience and insights from this process with the Hero's Journey Community group and receive support, feedback and to enjoy the experience that you are truly not alone. You will gain new insights, clarity and strength from this shared involvement and experience the significant increase of consciousness and awareness you have developed at this point in your journey.

You are stronger and make better decisions with clarity and confidence.

Week Six - Module 6: My Passions

A New Life Opens Up New Passions

It is a new day for the new self in a new world. There have been changes experienced, felt, internalized and expressed. It is now time for you to create and define your new being in the world. What do you really desire now? What do you want in and from this new world? What are your passions in this new life?

It is time to get absolutely clear about what really matters right now.
This clarity leads to great personal power!

In this module, we take you through a guided interactive process called The Passion Test where you create a list of 10 passions you now desire to experience in this new world that you are envisioning and creating. Through a simple to do but very sophisticated and interactive process your random list of 10 passions are prioritized to define your top 5 passions, 1 through 5.

Once your top 5 passions have been clarified and prioritized, you are guided through a process of developing "markers" as a way of measuring how you will know when you have achieved your passion and where you are in the process of achieving each of your top five passions.

Beverly and Michael are certified facilitators of The Passion Test and will expertly guide you through this process. The powerful effect of this new clarity in your life is liberating and profound. Your life will never be the same!

Week Seven - Module 7: The Homecoming

Bringing The Old World & New World Together

Your new self in your new world has been defined and established. You are now ready to integrate your Old World and your New World into One World and a Better World. You can now define what is serving your new self and what is not serving your new self in relationship to your newly clarified and prioritized passions.

You are taken through four highly specialized guided processes where you deeply reflect upon your newly clarified and prioritized passions in your new world. At the end of each guided process you are asked to create a "most important" lists in terms of:

Who Are… The most important people that populate or will populate your newly integrated life.
What Are… The most important things (activities and possessions) in your newly integrated life.
Where Are… The most important places (residence(s), geographical location(s) etc.) in your newly integrated life.

Spiritual Practices… The most important spiritual practices (religion, meditation etc.) in your newly integrated life. In each of the four areas listed above; you are then guided through a process of reflection and evaluation to define what, if any, changes you want or need to make in each of these areas. This will often involve changes to existing patterns of doing things, ways of being, nature of relationships etc…

Changes to the "the way things are" or "the way things have always been" can be challenging and really difficult for you and other people involved. To support you in these challenges and changes, we take you through a guided process of creating the powerful practices and affirmations that will strengthen and support you in making the changes you have defined for yourself and your world.

Your new world is in order. This Hero's Journey is coming to an end. It's time for the final step… The Recounting of the Tale!

Week Eight - Module 8: Recounting Of The Tale

Time To Celebrate Your Journey And Your New World… To Make It Real

Completion, Graduation & Celebration… it is time for you to claim your place in the world as the Hero of This Journey and of your life. This journey is ending and another is beginning… Do you hear the Call?

In this module you recognize and claims the powerful transformation you have experienced. You begin to look for ways to share your experience and the wisdom you have gained with the world. There is something about taking what you have experienced and internalized and putting it out into the world that makes it real.

To assist you in this process, you are guided through a process of defining and answering questions like …

  • What was the most important insight(s) in your journey?
  • What was the most valuable setback or obstacle and how did you transform it?
  • What have you realized about your original Intention for this journey?
  • What wisdom have you gained that you want to share with your community and your world?

You are then asked to create a new statement of intent for your next journey in this new world so that you can complete this journey and be ready to answer the next Call! You are a Hero! You will never settle for being less!

This journey carries with it the opportunity to become a better human being and to have a deeper knowledge of yourself. You really can become the hero in your own story—and we'd like to show you how. Register today and get started now.

Dr. Beverly Nelson And Michael Bartlett

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