Costa Rica 101

Costa Rica 101

The happiest people in the world live in Costa Rica…

The land of Pura Vida offers miles of unspoiled, sun-kissed beaches, fertile farmland where anything grows, rolling mountains, and vast amounts of colorful Costa Rican culture…

It's safe and politically stable (with no standing army) and offers a very low cost of living that includes top-quality medical care…

Is Costa Rica the World's Easiest Place to Retire? Here's What You Need to Know…

Dear Reader,

My friend Donna tells a common story. She and her partner aren't wealthy people, but they've traveled a bit, looking for that perfect place. In between their travels, they keep going back to Costa Rica to vacation. They're starting to wonder…is this their place? Costa Rica feels so welcoming and familiar… Can it be this easy?

Hi, I'm Dan Prescher. If you've been to Costa Rica, as many people have, then you understand its appeal…

Costa Rica is a natural wonderland…a place full of exotic scenery and wildlife…where the sounds of the waves can lull you to sleep at night, and your morning wake-up is the call of monkeys and toucans…

It's a land of stunning beaches and lush jungles…rushing rivers and naturally warm thermal springs…fresh mountain lakes rimmed by regal volcanoes…rich farmland where anything grows…and vast amounts of colorful Costa Rican culture…

So it's little wonder nearly two million tourists a year—the majority from the US and Canada—visit Costa Rica each year.

Maybe you've been one of them? If so, you know firsthand how much Costa Rica has to offer…

With so many uncertainties in the world today, Costa Rica is like a breath of fresh air. Less than a three-hour flight from the U.S., it feels like a world away. In some ways, it feels a bit lost in time…its small towns will remind you of the towns and neighborhoods you grew up in.

Fresh strawberries and cream are sold in roadside stands… Children of all ages can safely walk to school and back… Family life is valued… Community centers are loud and lively places with daily art, music and cultural events… There's a town fiesta or celebration every week, it seems…

These are communities where neighbors watch out for and help one another… People treat one another with kindness and respect…especially their elders. In Tico communities, foreign retirees like us are welcomed as family…and treated as family…

"Tico," by the way, is what Costa Ricans proudly call themselves… And "Pura Vida" is the way they describe life in Costa Rica. Ticos live Pura Vida, the "Good Life." And you can, too.

Costa Rica is One of the Best Places in the World to Retire…

As I've said, if you've been to Costa Rica…or you're pretty sure it's a place you'd like…you may already know something about Pura Vida.

If you're thinking of retiring soon, you may be wondering how Costa Rica measures up. So let's start with those key elements on every retiree's wish list:

  • The weather—From the temperate Central Valley to the beautiful tropical beaches, unless you're a snow lover, there's a climate for everyone…You will never scrape ice from your car or shovel snow. If you like a climate where all you'll need is couple of T-shirts and pairs of shorts, Costa Rica is your place.
  • Healthcare—Put any fears to rest. Costa Rica offers top-quality healthcare at an affordable price. In fact, Costa Rica's healthcare system ranks better than the U.S, according to the esteemed World Health Organization. And that's despite the fact that Costa Rica spends 87 percent less on healthcare per capita than the U.S. does.
  • A stable democracy. No other country in Latin America—or in the world, for that matter, has the peaceful history and democratic stability of Costa Rica, which doesn't even have an army—there is no need for one!
  • Comforts of home—In Costa Rica, you'll find world-class hospitals, modern shopping malls and supermarkets and big-box stores you know from home, with many of your favorite brands in stock. Reliable high-speed Internet is available just about everywhere. Public transportation is safe, reliable and plentiful.
  • Low, low taxes—You'll pay zero income taxes on foreign-earned income. If you buy a home in Costa Rica—your annual property taxes will be no more than $100 to $200 in most cases. And there's no capital gains tax!
  • Affordable real estate. Is there anywhere in the U.S. where you can buy a two-bedroom condo with an ocean view for less than $150,000? Or rent a comfy apartment or cottage in the mountains for $300 a month? When you know where to look, you can find real bargains in Costa Rica…

In fact, when you know where to look…with the right kind of guidance…you can find the exact retirement lifestyle you're looking for…and it can be far more affordable than you've ever imagined…

Stick with me for more about the low cost of living you can expect in Costa Rica…especially when you settle in one of the up-and-coming destinations we've identified… And you needn't give up any of the creature comforts that make life so enjoyable.

There's more to consider, too. If you're worried about being far from family and friends back home, I've already mentioned the short flight times—less than three hours—from Costa Rica to the States (and only a little more than five hours to Canada). Those flights are inexpensive, too—you can fly round-trip from San Jose to Miami and back for just $251.

When you live in Costa Rica, you will have more visitors than you can handle…I can almost guarantee that. Who doesn't want to visit Costa Rica?

I can also pretty much guarantee that you won't be lonely in Costa Rica. I've already explained how welcoming the Ticos are. You'll also find a built-in community of English-speaking expats—it's said that nearly 12,000 U.S. retirees currently live in Costa Rica.

But here's what sets Costa Rica apart from some other retirement destinations:

  • It's super healthy… Once outside the capital city, you'll find little pollution in Costa Rica—and lots of clean water and fresh air. Costa Rica is one of the only countries in the world to reverse deforestation. A staggering 99% of the country's energy comes from renewable, money-saving sources.
  • Adult literacy is practically 100%. Thanks to the well-educated, well-informed workforce, many international companies have offices, factories, and call centers here—contributing to the strong and stable economy. And when people have jobs, there is less crime.

With all this, it's no surprise that Costa Ricans are, in fact, the happiest people in the world. That's according to sociologists from the Happy Planet Index who say Costa Ricans "report the highest life satisfaction and have the second-highest average life expectancy of the Americas (second only to Canada)."

And, as I've mentioned…

Costa Rica offers a surprisingly low cost of living.

➜ Retired expat couples in Costa Rica tell us they can easily and comfortably live on a budget of about $1,750 a month…sometimes less…and that often includes their monthly rent payment.

Yes, there are some communities that are more affordable than others. I've already mentioned that in some places real estate costs are lower than others…not because they're less desirable, but because they're not on the tourist path. You'll find the same great beaches and mountain views, but at a far lower cost…

And of course, there are some tips and tricks that, once you know about them, can help greatly reduce your overall expenses.

For instance, when you become a legal resident of Costa Rica, you'll qualify for Caja, the country's national healthcare plan. This is a huge cost-savings and "peace-of-mind" benefit for you. With some insider input, you can better navigate this system and save even more on your healthcare costs…

So How Do You Find Out if
Costa Rica is Right for You?

For years now, Costa Rica has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for North Americans. A record-setting 2.9 million international tourists visited Costa Rica in 2016. The majority of those are from the U.S.

They come for the natural beauty…nearly a quarter of the country is national park land and protected areas.

And they come for the beaches…there are plenty of those, on both Pacific and Caribbean Coasts. And the country's Central Valley offers a nearly perfect climate…never too hot and never too cold.

Some of those tourists—like my friend Donna that I mentioned earlier—never want to leave.

They've dreamed of retiring to a place with beautiful scenery, better weather, and a far better cost of living. Costa Rica delivers on all that and much more.

Still, it's a foreign country… If you decide to live in Costa Rica you'll need a resident visa… You're required to sign up for Caja, the national healthcare program… You'll need to decide where in the country you want to live, and if you'll rent or buy a home or apartment…

You'll want to decide whether or not to ship your household goods…to buy a car or not…what you'll do about insurance and taxes…how you'll manage your banking and financial needs…

You'll want to understand the rules for importing your pets to Costa Rica…what kinds of vaccinations are needed…and on and on…

Even though Costa Rica is one of the easiest places on the planet to retire to, there are many things to consider and plan for.

With something this important, you need reliable, up-to-date information you can count on, from a dependable, well-qualified resource.

That's where Jason Holland comes in, the Roving Latin America Editor for International Living.

For five years, Jason had been International Living's editor on the ground in Costa Rica. He moved to Costa Rica in 2012 with his wife, Liz, his five-year-old son, and two dogs. That year, another son was born at the CIMA Hospital in the Costa Rican city of Escazú.

It's been Jason's job to travel Costa Rica from north to south and east to west. He and his family have lived in both Escazú and Grecia in the Central Valley and Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast.

Jason is constantly on the lookout for ever-better places in Costa Rica to invest, to live, and to play… He has contacts in every area of the country and he's on top of all the technical and legal stuff…the processes and requirements for buying, renting, getting visas and residency, building, renovating, furnishing a home, moving your household goods, buying a car, bringing your pets, and so on…

He knows exactly how much it costs to live in the many different communities of Costa Rica. And based on his own experiences and the experiences of hundreds of other expats he's interviewed over the years, he has a number of insider tips and strategies to help you save both time and money when you visit or live in Costa Rica yourself.

And if you think Costa Rica may be the place for you, Jason is committed to sharing his real-world, on-the-ground insights with you.

Your very best course of action, of course, would be to go to Costa Rica in person and spend a couple of months kicking around the country with Jason. It would take about that long for him to show you, firsthand, everything he's seen and everything he knows that can help you streamline your own move to Costa Rica.

Spending time one-on-one with Jason would certainly "fast track" your research, no question about it.

But, of course, that isn't a practical option. It's doubtful you have the time or inclination to spend months on the road right now. And think how much it would cost… Even though Costa Rica is a budget traveler's paradise, you'd soon rack up thousands of dollars in expenses.

So we asked Jason to do something we've never done before. We asked him to create a personalized online virtual "retirement tour" of Costa Rica.

It's a way for you to gain access to Jason's incredibly comprehensive and truly rich depth of knowledge and get "plugged in" to everything you need to know. A way for you to see for yourself, from the comfort of your own home or office, all that Costa Rica has to offer you.

It's an easy, streamlined, and most reliable way to get you from where you are now—to a better life in the prefect place in Costa Rica that's exactly right for you.

This is Your Invitation to Go
"On the Road" With Jason Holland

No matter how many times you've been there…no matter how many books you've read or online research you've done…what you don't know about Costa Rica may surprise you.

International Living has been reporting for more than 37 years now about the benefits Costa Rica offers retirees—and over the last several years, Jason has been asked to take on the most in-depth research-gathering project International Living has ever mounted on Costa Rica.

He's been challenged to dig deep…to round up all his insider intelligence and to assemble all this valuable information in one place…

And now we bring to you the project we call Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

This has been no small undertaking. Even though Costa Rica is a relatively small country, it's large on opportunity.

In effect, Jason has been working on this project for five years…the entire time he's been in Costa Rica.

And take it from me, no one is better suited for this kind of challenge. Jason is one of the most dogged and diligent researchers I know. He digs deep. He answers the questions you don't even know to ask…

Best of all, he makes sure the facts are reliable and verifiable. You can be certain that what Jason tells you is correct and current…and that's probably the most important element in all this…

Things change. Rules are adjusted. Laws are reformed. New policies are instituted. You can't always rely on what you read online in expat forums or on the internet. You need a trusted resource. And that's Jason.

What he's put together is not just groundbreaking, it's almost overwhelming in its scope. It's a complete resource reference of everything you need to know about moving to, investing in, living in, and/or starting a business in Costa Rica.

If you can name it, think of it, or wonder about it, Jason has you covered. Every issue is addressed, every challenge is covered, and every question is answered.

Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle puts a huge amount of information, recommendations, tips, advice, and insights about living, traveling, and investing in Costa Rica in one place…in living color…on video.

It's the next-best thing to actually exploring the country with Jason in person. And it's the best way I know to not just "tell" you about all Costa Rica has to offer, but to "show" you so you can see it with your own eyes…from the comfort of your home.

With Jason as Your Guide, Put Costa Rica on
Your Short List Now

I've already mentioned the overall low cost of living in Costa Rica. And I should probably stress that Costa Rica isn't the world's lowest-cost destination. But when it comes to overall value—everything you get at such a low price tag—Costa Rica is hard to beat.

It's a quality destination. Not to keep beating the drum, but it's a modern, First-World environment with all the comforts of home. Still, it remains remarkably affordable. And as I've said, it very well may be the world's easiest retirement destination.

Low healthcare and health insurance costs have something to do with that. After all, if you save $5,000 to $10,000 a year…or maybe even more…on your health insurance costs, that money can go far in Costa Rica.

If you buy a home, you'll save thousands of dollars more on your property taxes. In 2016, the average American spent $2,127 on property taxes for his home in the U.S. In Costa Rica, you'll pay a mere .25 percent on the appraised value…which is usually only about one-quarter of the real value. In other words, you'll rarely pay more than $150 a year for your property taxes. Sometimes much less.

Costa Rica Really is Far More Affordable Than You Think…

So how much does it cost to live in Costa Rica? The short answer is: whatever you want…within reason, of course.

As Jason says, if you focus on what's important you can live very well on a very low budget. You don't have to "keep up with the Joneses" here, he says.

"Your 'needs' will become simpler. You can live comfortably with a lot less stuff."

Most expats report they live happily and without sacrifices on $2,000 to $3,000 a month or even less.

For example, Paul and Gloria Yeatman live very comfortably in the Central Valley town of San Ramon on a monthly budget that typically fluctuates between $1,800 and $2,100.

The rent for their furnished two-bedroom apartment is $500. They have high-speed Internet, utilities, weekly house cleaning, and so on… They spend money on food, entertainment, and transportation, as we all do. They spend just $60 (total for both of them) for Caja, the country's universal health plan and another $80 for medications not covered.

It's important to note that Caja expenses have gone up since Paul and Gloria arrived…more on health care costs in just a moment.

Still, by moving to Costa Rica, Paul and Gloria say they've reduced their total living costs by 65%.

But it's not just the cost savings you should consider…it's the overall improvement in your quality of life.

Here's a typical monthly budget, based on calculations for two people living in a mid-range, two-bedroom home in the Central Valley:

Housing (average rental): $600 to $1,000
Electricity: $50 to $70
Gas: $10 to $20
Water and trash collection: $12 to $25
Transportation (taxi): $130 to $170
OR… Maintenance/fuel for one car: ($100 to $250)
Phone (land line/local calls): $7 to $25
Phone (cell phone): $20 to $70
Cable or satellite television: $30 to $50
Internet: $35 to $50
Caja health plan $150 to $200
TOTAL: $1,044 to $1,760

This sample budget doesn't include groceries or entertainment, but a good rule of thumb is to budget about half of what you spend at home. We've listed a range here, because some of these expenses depend on your tastes, habits and consumption.

Your actual budget may be even less—some landlords include internet and other expenses like lawn care, water and trash pick-up. And, of course, if you pay outright for your home you won't have any housing costs.

You can see how affordable it is to live in Costa Rica. Choose to live in the Central Valley where you won't need heat or air conditioning and your monthly expenses will be very low, indeed.

You can afford to treat yourself with things you might not afford at home…like a maid and gardener, spa days, and more…

In Costa Rica, even the lowest budget affords a very good lifestyle. You'll enjoy guilt-free consumption at very low prices. For instance, splurge on a salon haircut, manicure or pedicure ($5-$10 each), pay a maid to clean your house ($14 a day) or a gardener to do your lawn work ($4.50 an hour).

There are Three Destinations in Particular in Costa Rica Where You'll Find Good-Value Living.

When you make your home in Costa Rica, you can live very well for very little money, that's true… But when you choose one of the lesser-known destinations Jason Holland has identified, you can live very well.

If you've been to Costa Rica, you may know the "Gold Coast"—the northern Pacific Coast where the popular beach town of Tamarindo is. Even there, you can live affordably…but when you look beyond Costa Rica's more touristy destinations, that's where you'll find the bargains.

Jason's done a lot of digging, and along with the more tried-and-true communities popular with expats, he's pinpointed three special destinations—including an overlooked section of pristine coastline—that you'll want to take a look at if you're considering retiring or starting a new life in Costa Rica.

You'll find all the details in Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

Now…if you're doing your research on moving to Costa Rica, I know there's one more thing that surely must be on your mind…

What Can You Expect When it Comes to Healthcare?

Remember, thanks to Costa Rica's government healthcare program, your healthcare costs will be negligible. But should you desire elective procedures, you'll pay about one-third what you will in the States.

A facelift, for instance, averages $2,800 to $3,200 in Costa Rica, compared to $7,000 to $9,000 or more in the United States. A total hip replacement at a modern, private state-of-the-art hospital costs just about $10,000 in Costa Rica compared to an average cost of almost $40,000 in the U.S.

A visit to a Costa Rican dentist will set you back about $50, including X-rays, and a teeth-cleaning will run about $40.

And don't worry at all about the quality of healthcare in Costa Rica. Hands down, the country's universal healthcare system is one of the best in Latin America and, indeed, among the best in the world.

Once you obtain your legal residence visa, you'll be eligible (required, in fact) to participate in Costa Rica's universal healthcare system, Caja. For this coverage, a retired couple might expect to pay $150-$200 a month total for the two of them. It's affiliated with ten major public hospitals in the country and many small clinics in almost every community.

You can also buy private insurance—most plans cover dental work, optometry, and cosmetic surgery in the case of an accident. Prescription drugs, certain medical exams, sick visits and hospitalization are covered at 70% cost, and surgeon and anaesthesiologist costs are covered at full cost. Private medical insurance in Costa Rica currently costs about $200 to $300 a month per person, depending on age and other factors.

And many doctors speak English and have received training in Europe, Canada, or the U.S.

Are You Ready to Learn More About How Easy and Affordable it Can Be To Retire to Costa Rica?

There's no better resource than Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

It's not like anything else International Living has ever produced on this country…or any other, for that matter. As I mentioned, Jason Holland has worked on this for five years. He's literally spent tens of thousands of hours on the ground in Costa Rica, doing research, collecting data, conducting interviews, and more…

Not long ago, he went into the studio to assemble a comprehensive series of 14 professional videos to bring his research to life. You can see, feel, and almost touch and smell Costa Rica.

You'll travel along with Jason as he introduces you to six distinct regions of Costa Rica…and to many communities in each of those that make for easy and affordable expat living.

And yes, you'll discover the three little-known areas that Jason believes are well worth your attention right now. These are places your fellow expats have yet to discover in large numbers. Prices are low and opportunities are sky high.

To make a point here, this is no static report. It's not a manual…or a website…or a conference. Think of it more as a high-level "virtual conference," but much better…

Because instead of sitting in a room all day watching a parade of speakers up at a podium, you'll access these videos online from the comfort of your home, and you'll get to see and hear directly from Jason, our man on the ground in Costa Rica.

He's the best Costa Rica expert we know and in this Blueprint, he takes you by the hand and not only introduces you to "his" Costa Rica, but he gives you the tools to make it "your Costa Rica."

Along with the six in-depth "destination" videos, Jason has produced eight more "need-to-know" videos with advice about Costa Rica that will save you time, headaches and boatloads of money.

Here's just some of what's covered in Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle:

  • Your best resident visa options. There are several you might qualify for, but which is the best for your personal circumstances? Video #10 in the series is devoted to this topic and ensures that you don't make any costly mistakes.
  • Your healthcare options. Jason and his family have lots of experience with both public and private healthcare systems in Costa Rica. In Video #9, he shares his experiences and gives you the full rundown on the options that make the most sense for you, including how to qualify and what the costs are. (You'll be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of excellent medical and dental care in Costa Rica.)
  • How to safely purchase real estate in Costa Rica. Legal processes are a bit different in Costa Rica and having the right guide to those rules and procedures is invaluable—and that's exactly what Jason offers in Video #12.
  • What about shipping your household goods and your car? Should you? Why might you be better off buying a car in Costa Rica? Believe me, this is the kind of insider information you need. Jason clarifies import taxes, explains how much cars cost, and the best kinds of cars to drive in Costa Rica… He explains whether or not you'll need a local driver's license and how to get one…
  • How to structure your finances…where to bank, how to pay your bills…
  • How to get mail delivered
  • What about communicating? What kind of phone and internet service should you expect in Costa Rica…how to best (and cost-free) communicate with friends and family back home…
  • How to find a good doctor…where to get the prescriptions you need and how much they might cost…
  • How to bring your pets to Costa Rica
  • What to expect in the way of taxes, both at home and in Costa Rica (not much, thankfully)…and much, much more.

Importantly, you'll discover how to save money when you live in Costa Rica. It's not just about shopping in the local farmer's markets or eating Tico-style food (delicious, by the way)… It has more to do with picking the right place to settle…choosing the right kind of home to live in, and so on…

Jason offers all his insider tips and insights that will have you on a well-planned, streamlined course…

Best of all, he even provides a step-by-step Action Plan. If you've wondered or worried about how you might ever pull it all off…making a move of this type…worry no more.

If you're thinking of retiring to Costa Rica…or spending some extended time there…maybe opening a business or just reinventing your life…this Costa Rica Blueprint is your very best resource.

It's the fastest, most efficient, most cost-effective way to get you quickly ramped up so you can get from where you are now to the idyllic spot in Costa Rica that's right for you.

And when you're ready to actually visit Costa Rica firsthand for yourself, you'll be able to use your time wisely—because in essence, you'll have already been there, with Jason as your guide. You'll know where to go, who to contact, and the questions you'll need to ask.

Save Today on This One-Of-A-Kind Resource

If you wanted to track down all the intelligence we hand over in this Costa Rica Blueprint, you could probably do that. But it would take an investment of many months…likely years, in fact. That's how long Jason has been at it.

And you'd have to pull thousands of dollars out of your pocket. In the five years that Jason has been traveling the width and length of Costa Rica he's racked up tens of thousands of dollars in expenses for airfares, bus fares, car rentals, gasoline and tolls, along with overnight hotel stays, meals, and more.

He's spent hours upon hours…five years…interviewing attorneys and healthcare professionals, real estate experts, insurance and shipping experts, and more—including hundreds of expats in every corner of the country.

To be honest, you'd have a very difficult time tracking down all these people…and accumulating all the intelligence Jason has amassed…on your own.

My point is: This Costa Rica Blueprint delivers insider access… It hands you on-the-ground solutions that would cost you a minimum of $10,000 to gather on your own. Probably more like twice that. (Jason has spent far more than that on this project already.)

But you don't have to spend that kind of money…no way.

Jason has done all the work for you. He's just finished all the video editing and he's just saved you a ton of money.

We could reasonably ask $1,000 for this program, which reveals insider tips and secrets about Costa Rica you won't find anyplace else.

But we won't charge you $1,000 for access…even though it's worth every penny.

The full price for this comprehensive program is $499.

But because you've checked out this special presentation you can get the Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle—for just $499.

Now's the time to take advantage of this special savings deal. Plus, there's more that comes with it…

You Also Get 7 Comprehensive Special Reports and a Complete Resource Rolodex.

These Are Not Available Anywhere Else.

As Jason was taping the videos he created for the Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle, he discovered there were a few topics that required some extra lengthy reporting…too much to record on video. So those have been assembled in a series of special reports—delivered electronically to get them into your hands as quickly as possible.

This is the kind of information you'll definitely want at hand as you prepare for your move to Costa Rica.

Special Report #1: Costa Rica Scouting Trip itineraries and Travel Guide. If you've got one week, two weeks, a month or more to spend in Costa Rica, you'll want this guide. Jason and his Costa Rica team have planned all the details for you…from how to travel around to where to stay—hotels, short-term rentals and much more. You'll also discover where to play…dine…and more…even the popular hangouts where you can meet expats who may some day be your neighbors. Live links to websites and contact information is all there for your easy access.

Special Report #2: How They Did It: Meet Happy Costa Rica Expats. Speaking of expats, sometimes it just takes a little motivation. That's exactly what you'll get in this special report. You'll meet expats in ten different areas of Costa Rica, all living their dream lives in the tropical sun. They explain exactly how they did it (and how you can, too) and they share personal details you couldn't get unless you quizzed them yourself… Find out what they do for healthcare, how much they spend on a daily and monthly basis, what they do in their free time, and much, much more.

Special Report #3: Practical Matters: Taxes, Cost of Living, Residence, Moving Your Household Goods and Pets, and Doing Business. Yes, Jason covers all this in the video series, but as you can see from the lengthy title, this special report digs deep. You'll get comprehensive sample budgets and money-saving tips, a detailed tax primer, a full explanation of various visa options and a complete legal resource rolodex. And if you plan to move with pets or children, or you're thinking of starting your dream business in Costa Rica, do not leave home without this special report. Nowhere else can you get this kind of valuable, all-inclusive information.

Special Report #4: Spotlight on the High-Quality, Low-Cost Medical Care in Costa Rica. This 13-page report explains the differences of Costa Rica's public and private healthcare systems and can help you make an educated decision about what to do for your personal healthcare needs when you move to Costa Rica. You'll get all the details (including costs) of the Caja public care coverage. There's also a rundown of the best private hospitals in the country and a list of some of the best local insurance providers—with full contact information. There's even a list of questions to ask about insurance policies you may be considering and a tutorial on how to find the best doctor for your personal needs.

Special Report #5: The Guide to Renting a Home or Buying Property in Costa Rica. When you move to Costa Rica, you'll need a place to live. And whether you rent or buy, that means contracts. Word to the wise: Do not sign a rental or purchase contract without first reading this crucial information. Everything is covered…from typical costs and how to find a rental to what to look for in a reliable real estate agent, where to get title insurance, the various title structures, the correct process for registering a deed, and much more.

Special Report #6: Something for Everybody: An In-Depth look at Costa Rica's Regions. If you want insider information about areas of Costa Rica that offer a combination of livability, affordability, beauty, and convenience—you'll find it within the 40+ pages of this special report. All the "personalities" of these locales are sliced and diced for you. You're sure to find a hidden gem that's perfect for you.

AND Special Report #7: Your Costa Rica Rolodex and Resource Guide. This is another document you won't want to leave home without. You'll find 16 pages of resources that you can rely on to help streamline your scouting trip and your move to Costa Rica. Websites, email addresses, phone numbers, costs for services…it's all there…from accommodation and restaurants to airlines and shuttle services…to attorney, healthcare providers, moving/shipping and real estate contacts, language schools and much more, including handy travel apps you can load on your phone or tablet to make navigating your way around Costa Rica as easy and inexpensive as possible.

Order now and you'll also receive our complimentary International Living Postcards, sent everyday via email. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time, with no hassle.

All You Need to Do Now is Place Your Order

As you know, there's only so much you can absorb when you're reading about and researching a place. You do a "Google search" and tens of thousands of links come up. It's so hard to know whose opinion to trust. And the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming.

But that's what makes this Costa Rica Blueprint so special—and so useful. Jason Holland shares his real-world insights directly with you via video. He cuts right to the chase, right there in living color, and he answers every question you have about Costa Rica. I guarantee it.

Our Rock-Solid, Triple Guarantee Means No Risk for You

Guarantee # 1—I guarantee this Costa Rica Blueprint will help you find the perfect Costa Rica lifestyle that's right for you. A place where you can live better than ever… stretch your retirement dollars…and have the time and funds to travel, relax, and enjoy life…

Guarantee # 2—I guarantee it will deliver the real-world solutions you need to get from where you are now to where you want to be…so that in just a handful of months, you could have "boots on the ground" in a part of Costa Rica you love. But if you feel the solutions we offer aren't for you, we'll give you a full refund. In other words, the risk is all ours.

Guarantee # 3—Should you decide to ask for a refund, you've got a full 30 days to do it. If you don't feel that Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle can help you to a new life in Costa Rica, just let us know and we'll refund every penny. That's how confident we are in the depth and breadth of information this Blueprint provides.

The joyfulness of Costa Rica…the laidback lifestyle, reminiscent of a kinder, gentler time in history…and with the modern pleasures and amenities now available and so affordable…

All this makes Costa Rica hard to resist.

The good news, though, is that it's all within your grasp. You don't need millions in the bank to capitalize on the opportunities in Costa Rica—one of the best-value retirement options you'll find. With so much to offer.

In Costa Rica, you can have the life you've been dreaming of. You can have it all…and on a monthly budget of $1,750 or less.

If you're looking for a tranquil, safe place to live…for total freedom and a non-intrusive government (with no army!) that will welcome you with open arms…where you can actually afford top-quality healthcare…have access to farm-fresh, healthy food…and a great year-round climate…

On the beach or in the mountains…where you can live well for $21,000 a year or less…you'll find all that and more in Costa Rica.

And in Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle, Jason Holland shows you exactly how to make it happen…how you can settle into a far better, more affordable, healthier life and do it seamlessly, enjoyably, confidently…

Think about it: A handful of months from now, you could be sitting on your own terrace, a hot cup of Costa Rican coffee or a frosty, delicious drink in hand, watching toucans and parrots fly overhead or the sun set over the gorgeous blue ocean…

I hope you'll let us show you how…just click below now and we'll get you started.


Dan Prescher

Dan Prescher,
Senior Editor, International Living

P.S. If you have any doubt that Costa Rica offers the very best lifestyle—at a very affordable price—your mind will definitely be changed after you've sifted through the 14 professional videos, the seven comprehensive special reports, including the hefty resource rolodex that make up Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

If you've always loved the idea of retiring in real comfort…where you don't have to worry about rising healthcare costs and crime rates, out-of-control government spending or crazy politics…

Then I encourage you to take a look at Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle. It was created with you in mind.

Follow the blueprint Jason Holland has created for you. Let him introduce you to the special places he's discovered. Let him share his expert insights with you and help you shave months…even years…off your learning curve.

Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle is like taking a whirlwind investment and lifestyle tour of Costa Rica. Only instead of paying thousands of dollars for the travel fees and expert advice, we hand it all to you right there in the comfort of your own home for just $499 when you take advantage of this special offer and order your Costa Rica 101: Your Blueprint to the Pura Vida Lifestyle now.

Remember, there's no risk to you. You have our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

But act now. This offer expires soon.

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