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The Retirement Loophole Nobody's Talking About

Think you can't retire? Think again.

Half a million Americans have already taken advantage of a retirement "loophole" that's allowed them
to effectively double, and even triple their
disposable income.

Almost anybody can make use of this "loophole"
—including you… starting today…

Dear Reader,

Eighty-seven percent of Americans admit they haven't saved enough to retire comfortably.

Economists predict that among baby boomers, most middle-class workers—not just low-income workers—will be living at or near the poverty level in their old age.

But you don't need an economist to tell you that your "golden" years may not look quite as sparkling as you always envisioned.

You may think, "Well, there's not much to be done about it."

But that's simply not true.

You don't have to stand idly by, wringing your hands and hoping for the best.

You don't have to work longer or scale back your plans.

Because you could take advantage of a little-known "retirement loophole" to sidestep this recession entirely and live very comfortably in retirement, starting now. No matter how much savings—or how little—you have.

The Social Security Administration reports more than half a million Americans have already made use of this "loophole." And today they're retired comfortably, even luxuriously.

"It Might be the Perfect Plan"

If you're concerned about how you'll fund an enjoyable life in the years to come, you should know…

Fortune magazine has called this, "a way to double your retirement dollar."

The AARP reports, "it can make good financial sense."

Kiplinger's Personal Finance has said it "might be the perfect plan."

Now with loopholes, it's that "top 1%" we hear about who's always making use of them.

Did you know, for instance, that 4,000 millionaires avoided paying any federal income tax at all in 2011? None at all. Get the feeling they know something you don't?

So this little trick I'll tell you about today I like to think of as a "loophole" for the rest of us…

It's like getting a rich man's break on a regular Joe budget.

And why shouldn't you?

You don't need any special qualifications to make this work for you. It's perfectly legal. And you can make use of it effectively whether you've saved for retirement… or not.

Plus it's something you can access starting now. It works if you're on the cusp of retirement… and just as well as a longer-term planning tool, even if retirement is still a decade or two off.

Of course, "loopholes" like this aren't often advertised. And so this is not something your average financial planner is likely to bring up. Not much in it for him.

But this is a completely legitimate way to arrange your affairs so you can stop worrying about what the years ahead will look like… and start enjoying your life, instead…

You Could Effectively Double Your Income

Victor DiMonte took advantage of this "loophole."

A taxi driver from Florida, he didn't see how he could retire comfortably on a Social Security check of $965 a month. Yet because of this "loophole," today he has a "million-dollar" mountain view out of his living room window.

He's in easy walking distance of shops, a bakery, butcher, lots of restaurants and cafes, even his dentist and doctor. He loves to see plays and go to concerts. He's retired comfortably, writing a novel…

Stephen Johnson and his wife Linda made use of this technique too. They'd worked hard all their lives, he in government jobs, she with her own dog-food business. But they were ready to relax and spend time sailing and surfing.

Only they couldn't see how they could ever do that on what savings they had.

Yet with this "loophole," they effectively doubled their disposable income—and today they've got a place right on the Pacific Ocean, and Linda's out surfing almost every day. They have time to kick back, enjoy the sun, read, hike, swim, sail… live.

Transform Your Retirement for the Better

Terresa and Ron Moore did it, too. And it changed the face of their retirement entirely.

They had always been savers. They put away a little bit every month. And on paper, their portfolio was worth more than $1 million.

But when the bottom fell out of the economy, most of what they'd spent 20 years saving… evaporated.

They were left with less than a third of their nest egg. Then—to make matters worse—they both lost their jobs.

Here they'd done everything they were "supposed" to do. Yet on the cusp of retirement, they faced the prospect of finding work in a bad economy… and punching a time clock for another 20 years, at least…

But then they learned about this "loophole"…

And today they're living a retirement even better than the one they'd planned and saved for.

"We feel safe, content now. Ron and I are still in our fifties. And even though a couple of years ago we didn't think we'd ever be able to live our retirement dreams, we're now doing exactly that."

"We walk on the beach in the mornings, buy shrimp fresh off the fisherman's boat for lunch, drink cold beers on our balcony while we watch the sunset, and at night, the sound of the waves lulls me to sleep."

They have a condo overlooking the Pacific… and, when it gets hot, a cool-weather retreat up in the mountains they escape to. It's in a hamlet with cute cafes and great farmers markets.

Terresa says, "All we wanted was to be able to survive and be happy. I don't require much, but now I have all I could have ever hoped for."

You Deserve a Dignified, Comfortable Life

My name is Jackie Flynn, and I'm in the business of keeping tabs on retirement-enriching techniques like this one. I investigate the best ways for you to take advantage of them, in any given year.

You see, the organization I lead is well-respected for the ground-breaking research and work we've done over the last three decades on the subject of retirement. Publications and media sources like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money, AARP, and others contact us when they need an expert opinion.

Now what I'm going to tell you here about this "loophole" isn't something you hear much about in the mainstream press.

More often than not, the retirement stories you read run in the direction of a recent USA Today piece that begins…

"For many Baby Boomers and the generations that follow, 65 won't be retirement age. It will just be another year of work for those who have a job, and a diminished lifestyle for many of those who don't."

Or how about this one from Forbes?

"We are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world. In the decades to come, we will witness millions of elderly Americans, the Baby Boomers and others, slipping into poverty. Too frail to work, too poor to retire will become the ‘new normal' for many elderly Americans."


Admittedly, these are scary, uncertain times for a lot of people.

But that's why it's important you be aware that this "loophole" exists.

You deserve a dignified, comfortable retirement. And that's becoming harder and harder to come by these days.

You can have one, though...

Because when you take advantage of this "loophole," it'll no longer matter that the U.S. is on the verge of a retirement crisis.

It won't matter to you that cities are going bankrupt. Or that we're facing an era of higher costs.

When you use this technique, you'll have the means to create the retirement you always dreamed of. A comfortable—even luxurious—retirement.

Never mind the state of the economy.

I'll explain exactly how it works in just a minute.

This "Loophole" Gives You Options
You Never Had Before

When you take advantage of this "loophole," all of a sudden, options open up to you that you never had before.

You could gain access to a way of life you probably thought you couldn't afford.Instead of "getting by" in retirement, you could live with the comfort and confidence that your nest egg would go the distance.

In fact, you could live exceedingly well. You'd have the funds and access to lead what many people think of as a "jet-set" life.

Let me give you an example.

This "loophole" could open the door for you to a special place where big-name stars breeze in to vacation. Stars like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones… Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt… Martha Stewart…

They relax on the beaches… tour the museums… hike up in the hills…

Time magazine said it's a "must-discover hidden gem… an all-in-one destination."

Lonely Planet says this place has "coral cays to rival anything in the Caymans or the Virgin Islands."

The New York Times named it the #1 place to go in 2012.

You Could Retire to Paradise

When you take advantage of this "loophole," you could find yourself in this place…

Funding luxuries like a house keeper… regular dinners out… theater… cinema… travel… even a beach house… or a country retreat…

Maybe that sounds far-fetched, but consider this:

The AARP says this place is a "smart choice for retirees who want it all."

Forbes reports, "It truly can be paradise."

Here you have hundreds of miles of sandy coast… highland retreats with green valleys where the weather is spring-like, even in January and August… and a genuinely cosmopolitan capital city, too, with one of the world's largest financial districts.

But that's just the start. Because when you take advantage of this "loophole"—in this place—all of a sudden, your nest egg expands… almost miraculously.

Because for $35 a month, you'll have high-speed, wireless internet.

A housekeeper will clean once-a-week for $15—or live-in full-time for $200 a month.

A taxi ride rarely costs more than three bucks.

Lunch out will run you $5.

A first-run movie is $4.

A pound of avocados sells for 65 cents.

It's like prices from back in the 1950s. In this place today, you could live very well on a Social Security income alone.

You see, while retirement in America may be endangered, in the right places overseas, it's alive and well… and costs a small fraction of what you'd pay at home.

This "Loophole" Can Effectively Multiply Your Retirement Income

Take advantage of this "loophole," and you could have the funds to travel anytime you want… really relax with family and friends… maybe do some volunteer work… play more golf… write that novel… take up yoga… sail… fish… hike… learn how to use that camera or to surf…

No more office to report to. No more commute. You could make time for those things you enjoy… because you could afford to have somebody clean and cook for you… keep the pool in good order… tend the garden…

You could have a house at the beach… wouldn't have to be a mansion, just a place all your own, where you could read the paper in the mornings out on the deck…

Or maybe you imagine in your mind's eye a villa set in a green valley… or a tidy apartment in a city where you could go to the theater… stroll through the parks… find great restaurants…

You could eat out anytime you wanted and never feel guilty about it… or treat your grandkids to a special trip just with you…

You could banish that low-grade worry about what happens if you ever get sick, because you could confidently afford excellent care…

What if you really did have the freedom to fashion your own life in retirement — a life that you choose… and not one chosen for you by circumstance?

If you could do that — and maybe even retire three or five or even ten years early — why wouldn't you?

They Did It… and So Could You…

Rich Lipner and Dee Harris—both retired teachers—took advantage of this "loophole" and traded up in retirement to this place I've been telling you about.

They realized it would be too costly to retire comfortably in Berkeley, CA. So for $135,000 they bought a seven-acre organic coffee farm.

Rich told AARP Magazine, "We're living comfortably on our combined Social Security and teachers' retirement. We've begun a new and wondrous chapter in our lives."

"We live three to four times better down here."


John Villegas from Arizona told the LA Times he moved here when his children were launched. He said, "I paid my dues, got my two boys through college and decided things have got to be better someplace else… they are."

Sid Williams and his wife retired to this paradise, too. From Cincinnati, they traded up to gain warmer weather… a lower cost of living… and reliable, affordable health care.

Now they have a three-bedroom, three-bath (plus maid's quarters) condo in a new, nine-story building overlooking the ocean. Sam estimates it would have cost them $1 million in North or South Carolina. But they got it for less than a quarter of that.

"We could have retired comfortably in the U.S.," Sid told Kiplinger's. "But we live three to four times better down here."

Twice the Life, Half the Cost

Millions of Baby Boomers on the verge of retirement have watched this recession clobber their savings. Confronted with the prospect that they may not be able to retire with the comforts they'd expected, they're taking advantage of this little-touted retirement technique and going to places where they can live at least twice as well as they could at home… on half the budget.

"For retirees with a sense of adventure and a taste for the good life—even if they lack a bank account to match—a change in latitude might be the perfect plan," says Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

You can see why…

In this paradise I've been telling you about, you can rent a four-bedroom home three blocks from the beach for $1,000 a month… and it comes with a two-bedroom guest house on the property—your kids and your friends could come visit and have a cottage all their own.

[This retirement paradise] is increasingly popular among retirement-age types looking to hedge against—or skip out on—the recession."

—Business Week

Right on the beach, a two-bedroom, one-bath place with a pool lists for just $115,000…

A splashy, 3-bedroom apartment in the "Beverly Hills" of the capital can be yours for less than $286,000. Elsewhere in this ultra-modern city, you can buy a two-bedroom apartment for as little as $85,000.

The average monthly Social Security payout for a couple is a modest $1,836. It's not hard to imagine how frugally you'd have to live to survive on that in the States.

But take advantage of this "loophole," and on even a very modest budget, you could trade up to a genuinely comfortable lifestyle. A lifestyle you couldn't afford back home…

Low Overhead, High Style… and Financial Freedom

Take Susan and Dennis Roussel. They rent a condo on the beach in this good-value haven for $1,200 a month—two steps past the building's pool and you're on the sand. They report: Their cost of living has plummeted by about 50%.

Martine and Mark Heyer retired to this place from Palo Alto, CA. They told Smart Money magazine they can live "like royalty" for $2,000 a month—compared with $7,000 back in the States. Their health insurance dropped from $1,000 a month… to $1,000 a year.

Just take a look at this sample budget:

Sample Monthly Budget for a Couple in this Overseas Paradise


Rent or mortgage on 2-bedroom apartment, centrally located in a cosmopolitan city $700 to $1,500
Utilities with moderate A/C use (electric, gas, water) $250
Supermarket Items (food and household) $300
Maintenance and fuel for one small car $200
Entertainment for two (movies twice a month
and dinner four times a month)
Communication (phone, Internet, Cable TV) $100
TOTAL for "The Good Life" $1,700 to $2,500

Here things simply cost less. A woman's haircut and style goes for $10 to $15 and a manicure for as little as $5. You can enjoy dinner and drinks out at a good restaurant for $20 a person… or less.

Pick up a bouquet of flowers for your kitchen table for $1.99. Cable TV packages—notoriously expensive in the States—run between $18 and $45 a month in this place… and you can watch US stations, in English.

Plus this place makes sense for a wide variety of retirees. Whether you like the idea of a big city retreat… or a highland cottage up where the weather is crisp year-round… or a beachside bungalow… you can find it here. And for a small fraction of what it would cost back home.

Great Healthcare, Lower Taxes

The healthcare in this place is top notch, too. Many physicians were educated in the United States, Canada, or Europe. There's even a Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospital.

And a visit to the doctor? $50 or less.

You can get health-insurance coverage for as little as $132 a month…

Make the right arrangements, and it's almost like the authorities pay you to retire here.

With the right status—and that status isn't hard to arrange—you can take advantage of the world's most generous retiree-benefit program. This country wants you to come. And to entice you, they're offering discounts on utilities, airline tickets, doctor bills, hotel stays, cultural events, and more…

As one retiree living there put it, "I go to the movies at the shopping center—14 screens—we see an American movie, first run, in English with Spanish subtitles, and because I'm a retiree, I pay $2 a ticket. Let's see you do that back home."

Plus this "loophole" can allow you to arrange your affairs so your tax burden is almost zilch.

That's right. Instead of the hundreds—even thousands—of dollars you're used to spending on property tax and such, you can trim that back to nearly nothing.

You see, in this place, qualifying properties come with a tax exemption of up to 20 years. So if you wanted to buy a retirement retreat, you could do it—and save big. Now, in fact, there is a catch: If you buy a condo, you'll be liable for a portion of the tax due on the land where the condo sits. But it's a mere 1% of the value of your place

You see my point: It's like getting a raise… lower taxes… lower cost of living… and a higher quality of life…

My team has included all the how-to details you need to trade up in retirement in this special place in a new research report called, A Retirement "Loophole" for the Rest of Us: The Getaway Nation Where You Can "Live Rich" on $1,700 a Month (list price: $27).

Right now, I'd like to give you this comprehensive, how-to guide, FREE. I'll tell you how to get your copy in a moment. But first, I want to make the point…

Time is of the Essence

There's never been a better time to take advantage of this "loophole" and explore the many live-better opportunities that exist overseas. You have more options today than ever before.

And the truth is, it's not complicated. You really can do the kind of thing Marika Ripke did when she traded her life in Hawaii… for a better, cheaper lifestyle abroad…

When You Take Advantage of this Retirement "Loophole," You Can…

  • Improve your quality of life (in retirement or earlier)… so you could have a maid do the chores, treat yourself to restaurant meals every day, travel… yet spend much less than you do now…
  • Enjoy dual citizenship and the flexibility, privacy, and freedom built into it…
  • Gain part-time or full-time residence and not only slash your cost of living and reduce your tax burden… but enjoy day-to-day life in a beautiful place where you can live on the beach, in the mountains, in a vineyard, in a small town, or in a cosmopolitan city… and do it for less than it would cost you to stay home…
  • Diversify, protect, and grow your portfolio—not just choosing among the limited basket of choices most Americans know about—but by investing across assets, borders, currencies…

Today she lives just a few steps from a white sand beach and reports, "My cost of living is $450 per month, including housing and groceries. Add to that my weekly massage and daily bus fares and my total monthly expenditure is $600… "

That includes the $300 a month she spends to rent a 900-square-foot home (electric, phone, and water included) on an acre of land, directly across from a secluded beach). Not bad when you consider her rent alone in Hawaii was $1,000 a month… and she didn't live at the beach.

Or consider Anne Watson Russell. Determined to take an early retirement from her job as a special-education teacher, she took advantage of this retirement "loophole." She said, "I needed to go where I could live comfortably on $1,500 a month. My plan was to keep my home, and go back there every summer. But since moving, that plan has changed: I don't ever want to leave… "

Today she's happily ensconced on a tropical island. As she put it, "My biggest challenge since moving here? Deciding which of the seven nearby beaches I should pick for my daily swim."

Even if you're not ready to retire yet… even if you're looking at a 10- or even a 20-year window…

Now is the time to start making use of this "loophole" and putting a plan in place. A plan that can assure you have a retirement that you enjoy… a retirement that you control…

A retirement, period.

America may be "facing an unprecedented retirement challenge… " as Michael Falcon, head of retirement at J.P. Morgan Asset Management puts it.

But you don't have to be.

With this "Loophole," You Can Enjoy the Best…

After all, as an individual, you have the power to improve your own situation. And, frankly, nobody else is going to do it for you.

Don't wait until it's too late.

More than half a million Americans have already made use of this "loophole" to trade up in retirement.

Like Jack and Nancy Griffin, who retired from their successful real estate brokerage in Atlanta when they were in their early 60's. They report…

"Our quality of life has greatly exceeded our expectations.

"We live in an upscale gated community and have a three-bedroom, three-bath house. We have a full-time maid who does all our chores and a gardener who cares for the yard.

"We spend our days going to the gym, taking Spanish classes, horseback riding, hiking nearby volcanoes, going to the beach and exploring the country. And we do all this for less than half the cost of a moderate lifestyle in Atlanta."

You Have Many Possibilities… and the
Freedom to Choose

I'd like to help you follow in their footsteps…

Because the truth is, this retirement "loophole" opens up possibilities for you well beyond the borders of that "Getaway Nation" I described.

You can put it to use for you all over the world, in fact.

My team recently documented a whole collection of excellent choices you have—warm, welcoming, good-value destinations—in a second research report I'd also like to send you today, FREE.

It's called, Your Ticket to Paradise: The Best Places in the World to Retire Better… for Less (list price: $27). In it you'll discover—

  • A place you can go Pacific-coast bargain hunting—where $100,000 buys you a fully-furnished condo cliffside, with a terrace looking out over a crescent bay… like California, only at one-tenth the price (or even less)…
  • The "other" Switzerland—a big-value destination that offers far greater financial privacy than the States does, where taxes are negligible, and you can live in "European" splendor… for $1,845 a month…
  • Where to get not only quality healthcare abroad… but excellent health insurance for a modest $57-a-month premium with zero co-pay and zero deductible…
  • A cosmopolitan city with great restaurants, night life, and shopping The Economist said looks like "a chunk of Manhattan." Only you won't pay New York prices. There's a two-bedroom, two-bath (plus maid's quarters) apartment right in city center on a high floor with a water view from the balcony and with a pool, gym, and 24-hour doorman in the building. It comes with all the appliances and with a parking space, too—for just $185,000.
  • White sand, palm trees, and turquoise water in a place AARP calls a "paradise that offers beaches, beauty and a fast track to residency status." Elsewhere in the Caribbean, prices are sky-high. (A place in the Turks and Caicos can easily run $2 million or more.) But here you can own a cottage just a stone's throw from the beach for as little as $139,000 or rent a place a two-minute walk from the water for $600 or less a month.

Those are only a few of the secrets revealed in Your Ticket to Paradise. I'd like to put all of them in your hands right now, for FREE.

All I ask in exchange is that you take a look at International Living, my organization's monthly publication.

If what you've heard here appeals to you, then I know you'll enjoy—and value—the in-depth coverage International Living delivers directly to your door every month.

"It is absolutely true that value and a high quality of life can be found in a retirement abroad."

Not just retirement solutions like this "loophole,"—but also secrets that show you how to travel better, and spend less… reduce your taxes… start your own international business… explore exotic, foreign lands… invest in booming overseas stocks… pinpoint profitable real estate plays abroad… and more…

In International Living each month, we delve into the details you need to take action. We share our contacts. We lay out the pluses and minuses. And we keep you up-to-date on the latest developments with the best havens abroad.

We bring you in-depth coverage of the world's top retirement havens… show you ways you can earn a living overseas… travel well… slash your cost of living and live better than you do now… and more.

And inside, our readers share their own stories of their experiences overseas.

The World's Most Well-Respected Resource
for Overseas Opportunities

When it comes to overseas intelligence like this, you won't find a more well-respected source than International Living.

For more than three decades, we've had contributors stationed around the globe. It means we've got on-the-ground access to the real story—as it unfolds. And long perspective as well.

When reporters at the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger's, Money, ABC News, the Chicago Tribune… when they need the real story about where the opportunities are today overseas—they call us.

I think you'll understand why, once you've seen International Living for yourself.

Agree to take a look at it today—and I'll send you both special research reports FREE with my compliments:

  • Special Research Report #1: The Retirement "Loophole" for the Rest of Us: The Getaway Nation Where You Can "Live Rich" on $1,700 a Month (list price: $27)
  • pecial Research Report #2: Your Ticket to Paradise: The Best Places in the World to Retire Better… for Less (list price: $27)

And they are yours to keep—no charge—even if you decide International Living isn't for you after all.

I think, though, that you'll like what you see.

This "Loophole" Can Make You Money, too

Because the secrets, tips, and solutions that appear in International Living show you a world full of extraordinary opportunities. Things you can do to make your life not only more comfortable and more fun… but more profitable, too

"I enjoy an unbelievable sense of liberty, which comes from living in a country that's not so dependent on rules and regulations. You won't believe the lack of signs telling you what you can and cannot do. [Here] you enjoy a freedom that no longer exists in the U.S. "

—L. Henry

In 1984, for instance, we told readers about an investment on the Samara Bay in Costa Rica. Back then, you could get in for between $2,000 and $4,000. Today, that investment would be worth more than $140,000.

In the 1990s, we pointed readers to this kind of play again in Belize… and watched as the values soared. A reader who bought on the tropical, palm-lined island of Ambergris for $29,950 back then could sell for $125,000 today.

And we're still showcasing opportunities like that…

Like the "next Cancun," where a government agency has been charged with attracting as many beach-loving North American tourists as possible. Their budget is $1.5 billion. You don't have to like what's going to happen to this coast to understand your potential for profit if you can buy right.

Right now, for instance, there's a window of opportunity along a postcard-perfect stretch of Pacific coast we've told readers about… where lush, green virgin tropical forest rises from rocky crags and white-sand beaches. The weather and topography here are ideal… and you can grab a 1,800-square-foot home overlooking the beach with high-end finishings and amenities—truly first class. And it won't cost you the $1 million plus you'd expect to pay. But just $115,000.

In International Living each month, we'll share with you money-making, money-saving secrets like those… and more…

The Retirement You Always Dreamed of…
for the Price of a Pint of Beer

Agree to take a look at International Living today, and you'll receive both Special Research Reports FREE plus 12 monthly issues delivered to your doorstep for just $69.

That's only $5.75 month. Less than you hand over for a cinema ticket for one.

Yet it could save your retirement.

And that's not all…

If you act now—within the next 24 hours—I'll send along something extra, too…

Recommendations Worth Thousands…
Yours for Pennies on the Dollar

The opportunities we deliver in International Living could be worth thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars for you. Both in savings… and in potential gains…

They've proven their worth many times over for thousands upon thousands of readers in the more than three decades we've been in business.

Folks who took advantage of the retirement "loophole" I've talked about and, today, have their nest eggs tucked away in a beachfront home or in a cosmopolitan escape in a burgeoning market… people retired like royalty on a Social Security income…

Readers just like you living comfortably overseas, enjoying the comforts of a retirement that they simply couldn't have afforded at home…

With International Living as your guide, you can do the same thing.

But to take advantage of this deal, you need to act now…

My Guarantee to You…

With this unusual introductory offer today, we're giving you—free—three special research reports. Plus we've also discounted our annual subscription.

It means we'll send you $170 worth of intelligence, including 12 issues of International Living, for just $123 $69.

Give it a try.

If—at any point—you decide the recommendations and solutions about living better for less overseas, making money, saving money, and traveling better aren't for you after all—no problem.

Let us know, and we'll immediately take your name off the subscriber list and send you a refund on all un-mailed issues. No questions, no fuss.

No matter what you decide, the Special Research Reports are yours to keep…

I do hope you'll give International Living a try today. This excellent-value deal is only on the table temporarily.

And I'm not sure when—or if—we'll offer it again.

The crisis in American retirement, however, is not going away. If you're at all concerned about how you'll live out your "golden years," you owe it to yourself to give International Living a try. Make this "loophole" work to your advantage…

Can you really afford not to?

Don't delay. Act now—give International Living a try now.


Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

P.S. I believe you'll be very impressed by what you find in your three Special Research Reports and in International Living. Readers tell us the intelligence we share has changed their lives…

"It is my dream to have a little hideaway in Italy and with IL I know I will make it! Love my subscription to your fab magazine!" — Denise J.

"I can't tell you how excited I've become reading your magazines; they feel like they were written just for me… I am so excited to retire and begin the next chapter of my life." —Jim R.

"The amount of research you put into this [publication] each and every month blows my mind. Keep up the good work!" —Jeff L.

"IL has anchored me in the wild spin of what to do when I retire. Anchored me, and yet given me flight at the same time. This is the most exciting experience. The world is full of possibilities, and exploring them hand-in-hand with IL has been exhilarating" — L.H.W.

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