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Dear Reader,

My name is Jackie Flynn, Publisher of International Living.

I'd like to invite you to become a member of what we think of as our "cabinet"—our closest circle of friends, advisors, experts, correspondents, editors, and expats around the world.

This is an invitation to become part of the International Living "family" so to speak.

What I'm suggesting is a simple way for you to upgrade your subscription and gain access to everything we publish, every opportunity we find, every recommendation we make—and do it for life.

It's a way for us to "hold your hand" as you navigate through a world chock full of possibilities and help you find the ones that make the most sense for you.

It's a way to accelerate your success you're plugged in, you know all the right folks in all the right places, and you can embrace an international life more quickly and easily—and more cost-effectively—than you ever could on your own.

As a member of our Platinum Circle, you have full access privileges—forever—to everything we publish and to everything we will publish in the future…

In essence, we give you the keys—the same "access code" our editors get—and we throw open the doors and welcome you in at our highest level of VIP members.

It means that when you login to our website as a Platinum Circle member, you'll have immediate and instant access to absolutely everything we publish—forever.

With Platinum Circle, you gain access to everything we publish. Every opportunity we find. Every recommendation we make.

It's a way to accelerate your success—wherever your adventure may ultimately take you.

So you're plugged in, you know all the right folks in all the right places, and you can embrace an international life more quickly and easily—and more cost-effectively—than you ever could on your own.

When you become a member of our Platinum Circle, you’ll have full access privileges to everything we publish and to everything we will publish in the future, for as long as you’re a member…

You Gain Access to Everything We Publish…Forever

Your VIP status unlocks our entire International Living library of in-depth county guides…where you can learn all there is to know about popular expat havens like, Portugal, Spain, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand and more...

You also get to see what life is really like on the ground in your dream overseas destination, thanks to our countless video series…

Take a tour of Italy, France, Ireland, Malaysia, Vietnam…and many more…from the comfort of your own home…

AND, you’ll even get full-access to our top bestsellers—books that’ll help you make moving overseas a smooth, simple, and even profitable decision…

Bestsellers like: The Second Passport Book, Social Security Secrets, Expat Taxes Made Easy…and more!

PLUS you’ll also receive our “Best Place to Retire” Webinar, which helps you discover the best retirement towns for you!

In short, you’ll get access to ALL of our International Living resources.

And that’s not all...

You Gain Access to Our Experts

As a Platinum Circle member, you're connected both to us at IL and to the opportunities we're uncovering every day—in a way our ordinary readers are not.

When you have questions, you can ask our "guy" on the ground. You’ve got special access—unlimited access—and we count you among our friends.

Our Platinum Circle Members are the folks best positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that fit their interests overseas. They're retirees abroad (or looking to become such). They're entrepreneurs. They’re working remotely. They're travelers.

They're citizens of the world in the truest sense of the term.

Like, our overseas property expert Ronan McMahon, who is on the road 6 months of the year hunting down the best property deals in places like: Portugal, Costa Rica, Brazil, Montenegro, and anywhere else the latest real estate trends take him…

You’ll gain full access to his exclusive Real Estate Trends Alert…where he shares his exclusive real estate opportunities with readers like you, for discounts that have to be seen to be believed.

The full price of his VIP service is $999 a year…

But, you’ll get it included for FREE in your Platinum Circle membership.

Ronan is just one of our over 200 boots-on-the-ground experts reporting for International Living from every corner of the globe.

And when you accept this upgrade to membership in IL's Platinum Circle today (and it's under especially attractive terms that I invite you to do so right now), you join our fold, and you get plugged into our network as a VIP.

If You’re Serious About Exploring Your Overseas Options... This Is for You

In other words: If you’re ready to dive into the details you’ll find in the world of IL, you’re likely to want to take more steps on that path from where you are now to where you want to be...

And we want to help you do that better, faster, and more efficiently.

That’s why we want to give you a VIP “access code” as a Platinum Circle member.

If you were to buy everything we publish in a year—it would cost you more than $13,000.

But as a member of our Platinum Circle—you gain immediate access to our entire library (books, videos, Real Estate Trend Alert, the IL Communique, etc.) for just $2,499.

If you like the idea of having an "ear to the ground" in pockets of prosperity around the world…if you like the idea of being able to dive deeply into the best opportunities, investigate if they're right for you, and even take action before most folks can pinpoint a place on a map…

…then I know you'll appreciate your Platinum Circle membership. There really is a world of opportunity out there—if you know where to look for it—and as a Platinum Circle member, you will.

You'll have all our resources at your fingertips, and access to everything we publish is always yours—including Real Estate Trend Alert—yours,for life.

There's never been a better time to explore your options abroad. In fact, you have more and better options than ever before for good-value living and investing in places all over the planet—from Belize or Thailand to Spain or Panama…

As in most things, often overseas it's not just what you know—but who you know—that's important.

As a member of this elite group, you're firmly in our world. You know us. As a Platinum Circle member, we'll "take you by the hand" and show you how to turn a possibility that intrigues you into your reality overseas much more seamlessly than you could ever do it on your own.

Nobody else has as rich a network to tap or as deep a wealth of knowledge to delve as we here at International Living do. And as a Platinum Circle member, you'll find it's all yours, always—and INCLUDED—as part of your membership.

Here's What to Do Now…

To ensure you have a spot in our Platinum Circle,  click the "Add to Cart" button. 

That's it.

Once you've done that, simply check your email inbox.

As soon as we receive your registration, we'll send you confirmation of your membership along with the special login instructions for our website, which will give you unrestricted entry (and your editor's access code) to the entire International Living world.

As a member in good standing, you gain...

FULL, UNLIMITED ACCESS to International Living magazine as well as all our subscription services, including Real Estate Trend Alert, and more...all of our kits and courses...every country-focused resource in our "Escape Overseas" series of in-depth guides...all our Special Reports...every book and publication in our International Living library...and even a free classified ad once a year...

If you add up everything, you're conservatively looking at research and services valued at a full $18,466...yours for just $2,499.

PLUS this special package of VIP perks is also yours as a Platinum Circle Member when you join today—

  • A discount of $200 on any live event you attend (this discount is always good and can be combined with the Early Bird Discount, which means you can regularly save as much as $400 per event)…
  • A 20% discount on all our country-focused "Private Screening" virtual events online.
  • VIP treatment at every live conference—to include VIP-only receptions and special access to our experts…
  • Easy VIP check-in for all our events so you avoid the lines and private access to our VIP Lounge, which puts you in the company of our experts…

Our Rock-Solid Guarantee Means No Risk for You

With this special offer, the risk is all ours. As a new Platinum Circle Member, you'll have access to everything we publish. Dive in as you like. Try out the resources that interest you most—make sure you are fully satisfied with your membership. If you're not—for whatever reason—just let us know within 30 days of signing on as a member. We'll give you a complete refund, no fuss.

Right Now You Can Join for Just $2,499

All of this unlimited access—valued at $18,466 (and increasing as we add new resources)—can be yours for just $2,499. It's a one-year membership, renewed yearly. Just hit the "Add to Cart" button now.  

With Platinum Circle to Help, You Could Find Yourself Living Better than Ever Overseas… Just Like these Happy Expats…

"The first weekend I was here there was a party for the opening of the newly restored Casa Museo Remigio Crespo Toral, the historic house which once belonged to the Ecuadorian poet, Remigio Crespo Toral. There were beautiful young Cuencana women modeling period clothing for the opening reception, the museum was jam-packed with people, a lot of them older wealthy Cuencanos. There was a classical music concert in the auditorium, and a jazz band playing in the café in back... I knew straight away that this was the city for me."

—Expat Jane H. in Ecuador

"I landed in Ambergris Caye the first time I came to Belize. I fell in love with it minutes after I stepped off the 'puddle-jumper' flight in San Pedro (the only town on the island). This island would be the popular kid in school: It's the life of the party, it's non-stop fun, and yet it still holds on to a bit of bohemian character. Boats are everywhere in town and on the blue Kool-Aid colored water, you can see the waves crashing over the reef not far from shore. Downtown San Pedro's vibe is colorful, vibrant, and full of life. Thatch-roof bars line the shore and even extend over the water. Dive shops, docks, and boats line the downtown area, where rows of tables are set up by people selling everything from jewelry to wood carvings. You'll hear live music at the bars and restaurants, and the main mode of transport on the island is the humble golf cart."

—Expat Laura D. in Belize

"I like going to the beachside places, and I'm just a few minutes' walk from one. I also enjoy playing golf now and again...The weather was a factor in my moving here, but it was the beaches that attracted me. In Da Nang, even when it's raining, it's still a mild day. Now, it only feels cold if I'm on the motorbike. I've never felt that I needed to put in a heater. We tend to go to local Vietnamese restaurants. We both like banh xeo (a fried rice-flour crepe filled with bean sprouts and shrimp, squid, or pork). If there's a new restaurant, we like to go try it out—and we're surrounded by steak and seafood."

—Expat Tony H. in Vietnam

"When we left the U.S., we both had some health issues. The year before I left, I developed high blood pressure. Four months after arriving here, though, my BP was normal. No meds, no docs, no expenses. It was all due to having no stress and a much better diet. That's the Italian lifestyle in a nutshell. Most of what we eat here in Rieti comes from this valley and is not processed or altered in any way. We eat fresh, we eat healthily, and we can tell the difference. We feel a lot better. Our budget for food is $570 a month, and almost all of it is fresh and local We were charmed, especially by southern Italy, which is Old-World Italy—still very, very Italian… I still can't get over how much less we spend here. A beautiful cup of coffee is less than a dollar. You can go out for a multi-course meal for $35. For health care, we pay $236 a year to cover everything… Most people have this open heartedness that's hard to describe. It's as if they feel more like smiling and thinking of the good things in life and enjoying their lives than dwelling on grievances. Happiness is more important here."

—Expat Chip S. in Italy

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