Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor

Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor

What's the #1 Thing Every Expat Says They Wish They'd Done Before Going to Latin America?

"I wish I'd learned a bit of Spanish…"

If You Have 20 Minutes, I Guarantee I Can Have You Speaking Spanish…

Hola! My name is Warren Hardy. And gracias! As you know, that means "thank you" in Spanish.

See…you already know a bit of Spanish—probably, in fact, more than you think you do.

Gracias for showing an interest in learning Spanish. It's the #1 thing every expat living in Latin America says they wish they'd done before traveling or moving here. They wish they'd learned just a bit of Spanish.

Being able to talk to people you live next door to or meet on the street…discovering places only the locals know about…learning about all those exotic fruits and vegetables in the market…how to order the best dishes in local restaurants…

And that's not to mention the fun you'll have being able to show off your new language skills…and the sense of confidence and well-being this will bring you.

Think about it…if you spend time in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador or beyond… I know you'd like to be able to chat with grocery store clerks and hardware store staff…the nurses in medical clinics…your pharmacist…the neighbor's kids…

And when you're invited to parties…and believe me, they love to party in Latin America…you'll want to enjoy every moment.

The very best way to enjoy the culture of any country is by being able to speak the language. And fortunately, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to quickly pick up.

You don't have to be fluent. You don't need to be perfect every single time. But you do need to master a few basics.

Beyond being able to order another cerveza and ask where the bathrooms are (and those are important, of course) you might want to be able to talk to the locals…to ask for directions and get to the places you want to visit, to go about your daily errands and generally make yourself understood.

Not only is this important for your comfort but it will greatly enrich your experience traveling or living in Latin America and it will earn you a great deal of respect from the locals you meet.

Think about how nice it might be to comfortably communicate with Spanish speakers…to really converse with the people you meet…hotel staff and waiters…taxi drivers…the person who cuts your hair…your next-door neighbor…with anyone you encounter.

Imagine being able to inquire about a new friend's home or family…

…to ask directions…and best of all…to understand the answers to the questions you ask!

And please, don't think that you're "too old" to speak a new language. In fact, the opposite is true. Longstanding research proves it. As adults, we have a huge vocabulary in our native tongue. And that makes it far easier to pick up vocabulary in another language. I'm going to prove that to you in a minute…

But what about grammar? There are a few tricks—shortcuts, really—that I can introduce you to that will make it so easy… I promise.

Here's the deal: as I said, you don't have to be fluent. All you need is to be functional… You need to be able to exchange common pleasantries and be able to express your wants and needs.

Once you master these basics, you'll have the confidence to maneuver your way around Latin America, Spain, or any other place where Spanish is spoken.

By the way, do you know how many Spanish-speaking countries there are in the world? 21! Imagine being able to communicate in all those countries and more.

Do you know how many Spanish speakers there are in the U.S. alone these days? 45 million. There are more Spanish speakers in the U.S. than there are speakers of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Hawaiian, and the Native American languages combined!

And in Canada, estimates say there are almost one million native Spanish speakers.

All told, there are half a billion Spanish speakers in the world today. Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate…have a basic conversation…with even just a handful of them?

Imagine how much richer your travel experiences will be…

And if you decide to put down roots in a Spanish-speaking country, think how far ahead of the curve you'll be with just a bit of Spanish under your belt…just by virtue of being able to express your needs and wants. You'll instantly reduce your frustration levels and quickly ease your way into your new community and way of life.

The point is: No matter where you may want to be…being able to communicate just a bit will greatly enrich your experience, boost your self confidence, and increase your comfort levels.

And one more thing: did you know that learning a new language can actually be good for you? It's true.

As the New York Times has reported, scientists have proven that being bilingual makes you smarter. "It can have a profound effect on your brain," they say, and even help shield against Alzheimer's and dementia.

And besides, how impressed will your friends and family be when they discover you've picked up this new skill?

Believe me, it's never too late…if you have 20 minutes to spare, I guarantee I can get you started speaking Spanish. With a few simple tricks it really can be just that fast and easy.

Forget What You Think "Learning" a Language Should Be…

If you've taken language classes before, you may have found it to be a somewhat painful experience. Maybe you've tried computer programs…or books…or taken classes taught by native speakers…

If those worked for you, then you probably wouldn't be listening to me right now.

I'll guess that you were either bored out of your mind or totally overwhelmed. And that you didn't stick with any of it long enough to learn much.

I'll also guess that you don't have hours to study every day.

We want to enjoy life…every bit of it. We want to have as much fun as possible, right?

So take everything you've done in the past, and all your pre-conceived notions about learning Spanish and throw it all out the window.

There's no need to struggle with conjugations and all kinds of past, present, future, pluperfect and subjunctive "tenses." It probably makes you tense just thinking about it…

We didn't start speaking English as babies by memorizing verb tenses, so why would we think that's the way to speak Spanish?

Here's what we're going to do…we're going to have some fun.

It's going to be easy and quick…but most of all, it's going to be fun. That's the best way to learn.

What to Expect Here

Probably the biggest reason that you haven't been able to get over that first hurdle and move forward is because most Spanish courses today are geared for young people with serious studying time on their hands.

We baby boomers need a better way…

We don't need instant gratification, but we do want to make progress. We need some shortcuts…some tips and tricks, cues and clues…

So that's what I'm going to do… I'm going to give you some simple "memory cues" that will help you easily remember some basic vocabulary words.

And I'll introduce you to a few simple verbs—no conjugation required. Armed with these verbs, you'll quickly be on your way to putting together sentences and being able to confidently express your wants and needs.

If you like what you see and you feel it might work for you, I'll have a special offer for you, so stick with me.

Believe me, this system works. I know because I created it and I use it day in and day out. It's tried and true and never fails—with this system, you'll be speaking Spanish quickly.

In a moment I'll tell you a little about my own background and how I ended up teaching Spanish and living the good life in Mexico.

I feel very blessed to have found my calling in life and to have had all these wonderful, rich experiences in Latin America. And it's my goal to help you find the same kind of rewards.

To help you get started, I have a short Q&A for you—a self-assessment, really.

Once you've completed it, you'll be able to decide if this opportunity could be right for you—or not.

I'm pretty sure, though, since you've already come this far, that it's important to you to be able to communicate, even just a little, in Spanish.

OK…a bit about my background…

I Know For Certain I Can Help You Speak Spanish

I am not a native Spanish speaker, but Spanish has always been my passion.

I studied it in high school, and after that, it was on a volunteer trip to Argentina from 1966 to 1969 that I first really used my Spanish and became fluent. I loved being able to speak to those I met and learn about their lives in their own words. The hook was set.

That trip encouraged me to pursue language study in college and I earned my degree in education with an emphasis on Spanish. After graduation I opened a successful language school in Tucson, Arizona, where I was living at the time.

I've now been teaching Spanish for more than 45 years. I wrote my first Spanish textbook back in 1972.

Even then, I knew there was a better way to acquire language skills than through boring, solitary bookwork and painful conjugation memorization.

So for the next 18 years…nearly two decades… I worked at developing my own proprietary system, specifically for "mature learners."

I wanted to create the simplest, quickest, most enjoyable and efficient way to "train a brain"—an adult brain—to speak Spanish.

And the more I worked at fine-tuning it, the better the system became.

Then in 1990, something extraordinary happened…two very special events in my life, in fact. The best thing that happened is that I married my wonderful wife, Tuli.

The second thing was that we spent our honeymoon in Mexico. As we fell more in love with each other, we also fell in love with Mexico.

We camped on beautiful Pacific Coast beaches that we had all to ourselves, we ate fresh seafood at sunset in Puerto Vallarta, and we traveled through the Sierra Madres to the (then) small town of San Miguel de Allende…where Spanish colonial buildings line narrow cobbled streets that seem locked in a slower and more cultured time.

The Mexican people are warm and welcoming and I loved being able to speak to them in their native language to learn more about this special, place…so precious that it stole our hearts and we knew this was where we wanted to live.

Maybe you've felt the same as you traveled to or read about some of the special destinations in Latin America?

Long story short: we decided to stay in San Miguel. We could see what was happening… The first waves of baby boomer retirees were also finding their way to San Miguel, attracted as we were by the beauty of the place, the near-perfect weather, the affordability, and the kindness of the local people.

Most of these retirees, from the U.S. and Canada, couldn't speak any Spanish at all. I watched them struggle with their daily activities…trying to ask for cream (crema, easy enough) or soap (no, it's not sopa…that's soup) at the grocery store…trying to give a furniture delivery guy their telephone number, but not knowing how to say those numbers in Spanish…asking for directions and not understanding the answers they were given.

It saddened me to see how much these new expats wanted to become part of the community…to understand the culture and traditions…to exchange basic pleasantries and make small talk. But their lack of even basic Spanish skills was holding them back.

So Tuli and I decided to open a Spanish school to help others so they could truly enjoy all the benefits these wonderful Spanish-speaking communities have to offer.

That was more than 25 years ago. All told, in the nearly 50 years I've been at this, I've worked diligently to streamline my innovative system. I've written seven textbooks, created more than 20 proprietary learning tools including workbooks, flashcards, audio, video, and online programs.

More than 1,000 students a year take our courses at our school in San Miguel and many more study with us online— That's a perfect option for those who don't have the time or money to travel to Mexico to be with us in person.

I am happy to say that I have never had a student that failed—and that's remarkable, considering that our average student is 60 years old or older.

My system works 100 percent. You can string a sentence together in 20 minutes—guaranteed.

Don't believe it? Let me show you how…

Let's Get Started

In a moment we'll get to that self-assessment quiz I mentioned, but first I want to give you a taste of how easy it can be to quickly get up to speed speaking Spanish.

Remember, I mentioned that one of the advantages we baby boomers have is our large vocabulary? Even if you don't have the vocabulary of a college professor, you do know thousands and thousands of words, right?

And you already know plenty of Spanish words…cerveza and baño (beer and bathroom) amigo (or friend) and casa (or house)… You may know how to say por favor and gracias…please and thank you…

My point is that you may know more Spanish vocabulary words than you think you do.

And the nice thing about Spanish is that many Spanish words are similar to English words. They're just pronounced a bit differently.

As example, I like to use a story about a character Brad Pitt played in the movie, "The Mexican."

He plays a shady character named Jerry who has a series of misadventures in Mexico. At one point, Jerry—who can't speak Spanish—runs up to a Mexican driver and says, "I need a lift in your el-truck-o to the next town-o."

Nice try, Jerry, but no cigarro.

Still, there are a lot of words that are basically the same and can be translated from English to Spanish simply by adding an "o" or an "a"…and changing the pronunciation a bit…

…like carro (car), artista (artist), programa (program) and problema (problem)…

Quickly Kick it Up a Notch With These Memory Tips

What about the words that aren't as similar to our English words?

Well, this is what I've spent my lifetime doing…working on creating quick memory cues to help us easily visualize Spanish vocabulary words.

You see, as I've gotten older myself, I've spent a lot of time thinking about how we "more mature" people learn. We learn by visualization…by association…by connecting the familiar.

For instance, the verb "lavar," which means "to wash"…

To remember what "lavar" means, just think of Lava Soap. Remember that from when it was first introduced in the 1960s? Or think of a "lavatory" where you wash up.

I've created dozens and dozens of memory cues just like this to help you quickly key in on the Spanish words you'll need.

As I said, we want you to quickly be speaking Spanish, but we also want you to have some fun. So the memory cues I've created that are fun… That makes them even easier to remember.

The 'Power' to Plow Ahead…

Ok, now…you need to be able to put some complete sentences together. And that can be easier than you ever thought possible.

Here's what I think is the true magic of the Spanish-learning system I've created.

It's something I call "Power Verbs."

Armed with just six power verbs, you'll quickly be on your way to putting together sentences and confidently expressing your wants and needs.

Again, believe me, this system works. I use it day in and day out and I've taught it to thousands of students just like you.

It works without fail—even in the most complex circumstances.

Think about it for a moment.

If you can say "I need" or "I want" or "I have"…and then add a noun or a "to" verb after it, you can literally make hundreds of sentences.

Here's how easy it is: One of the most essential power verbs is "necesito." And that means "I need."

(Just think of the word "necessary" to remember necesito.)

Remember the word "lavar"…to wash?

Necesito lavar… I need to wash.

It's that simple. You've created your first sentence.

Necesito lavar mi carro… I need to wash my car.

It really is just that simple.

Once you make these little connections—and it will be my honor and pleasure to share these memory cues with you…as well as the tips and tricks I've spent a lifetime developing…

Once you latch onto these very easy-to-remember techniques, they're hard to forget.

They've been created, after all, by associating terms that make sense to us baby boomers.

I want speaking Spanish to be easy for you. Easy, fast, and fun.

And I believe that's exactly what my system is…

Is This For You? Take the Q and A

I have just cinco little questions that I think will help you determine your ability to learn to speak Spanish.

Cinco, as you probably know, means five…as in cinco de mayo, or the fifth of May—a holiday that's more widely celebrated in the States than it is in Mexico, by the way.

So I'm going to ask you just cinco questions. Cinco… there's another Spanish word you already know.

For each of these questions, you'll answer "si" or "yes" or "no." Remember I explained that many words are similar or the same in both English and Spanish? "No" is one of them.

And you'll give yourself a score—1 for "si" and 0 for "no."

If you don't have a pen and paper handy, grab them now. They'll help you keep track of your score.

I'll give you a few seconds to do that.

Ok, let's get started…

Question #1: Do you have plans to visit or maybe even relocate to a Spanish-speaking country?

Si or no?

Living overseas can be a great experience.

Many of the world's best overseas retirement locations are in Latin America…places that are easy to settle into but where having some Spanish will come in very handy.

If you've answered "si" (YES) to this question, then assign yourself 1 point.

Question #2: Do you want to speak Spanish but you're not crazy about memorizing verb conjugations?

We've already talked about this…and I don't know what your memory is like these days, but mine isn't what it used to be. Memorizing conjugation rules for thousands of different verbs isn't a productive use of your time…not when there's a far, far easier way.

Remember, the goal is to get you as functional as possible as quickly as possible.

Again, if you've answered "si,"—you want to quickly get up to speed speaking Spanish and you want to make it easy on yourself—give yourself 1 point.

Question #3: Do you dislike spending time in a classroom?

First let me say that in our classroom in San Miguel de Allende, we have a lot of fun.

And San Miguel de Allende is one of the world's most beautiful colonial cities. I invite you to join us there if your schedule permits. You won't regret it.

But…if you don't have the time or don't want to go to the expense of traveling to Mexico, then there is another very good option I'll explain in a minute.

For most of you, I know that being in a specific location at a designated time…just isn't something you can do right now.

So a yes or "si" answer to this question earns you another point.

Question #4: Do you have a computer or mobile device you can access?

Give yourself 1 point if your answer is si.

If not in a classroom, how can you access this unique program and the valuable tools that will have you speaking Spanish in no time at all? We'll deliver it seamlessly via the internet.

All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

Question #5: Can you find 20 minutes here and there to spend with me?

Time is precious to all of us. But I don't need much of yours. I really can have you speaking Spanish in just 20 minutes.

The program I've created is delivered in manageable 20-minute segments.

And the truth is that you don't need to commit to this on a daily basis. You can tune in whenever you have the time…while you're having breakfast or lunch…on your break at work…You can do it once a day, every other day, or you can binge on a few consecutive sessions.

How you schedule it is totally up to your personal preference.

If you can commit to that much, I guarantee you'll be both speaking and understanding conversational Spanish.

If your answer is "si" give yourself another point.

Tally your score. Here's how to judge your results…

There are cinco points here on the table (la mesa).

You know the word "mesa," right? It means "table," and you've probably heard that word many times before. In English we use the word "mesa" to refer to a flat-topped hill…because it looks like a table.

That's what makes Spanish easy…there are many interchangeable words you already know, just like "mesa."

So add up your points.

If you have just 1-2 points: don't be discouraged. As long as you have the desire to learn Spanish, we can help you get to the next level. Where there's a will, there's a way.

If you have 3-4 points: This Spanish-language learning system is for you.

If you have 5 points: You are extremely well-suited to this opportunity and there is absolutely no reason you should not pursue it. You're the perfect candidate to move ahead.

You have the desire, the motivation, and if you're over 40, you're likely the perfect demographic for my learning system.

As I've mentioned, the system I've created is specifically for mature adults.

But make no mistake, anyone can learn to speak Spanish and this program will work for you, no matter your age.

Some of the memory cues in our program are geared to baby boomers, though—remember the Lava Soap reference? Those under 40 may not be as familiar with that as the rest of us.

So if you're a baby boomer or at least over 40, this program really is tailored for you.

Now stick with me so we can explore together how you might proceed…

My Job Now is to Get You Up to Speed as Easily as Possible

I'm guessing you may have tried out some Spanish language courses. Maybe you took Spanish classes in high school or college or you bought one of the CD-based programs heavily marketed in airports and on television and radio.

I'm also guessing, though, that since you're still with me here that none of these systems worked for you…

Or maybe they worked a little bit but you're ready to get to the next level and start really conversing…

You want to get beyond "Tarzan-level" Spanish ("Me Tarzan. You Jane.") and start putting sentences together that make a little more sense. Like "Hello. My name is Warren. I'm pleased to meet you."

My role as a teacher and mentor is to not only get you quickly up to speed speaking Spanish but also to help you understand the warm and wonderful Spanish-speaking culture.

I'd like to give you a few quick tips that will help you easily integrate…that's something else my system includes.

Get in the Door Quickly By First Mastering the Social Skills

The culture of Latin America is a bit more formal than our own. In the States and Canada we tend to be very informal…we don't always acknowledge people we pass on the street, for instance.

But in Latin America, it's common courtesy to greet anyone you meet on the street—whether you know them or not—with a friendly "Buenos dias" or "Buenas tardes."

And certainly when you encounter someone you do know, it's expected that you'll greet them graciously and make some polite small talk…inquire about their families, their home, their work, and so on.

Understanding these social protocols and your part in them will take you far. It indicates your respect for people you encounter and is critical for your acceptance.

As I mentioned, I've spent decades developing and fine-tuning my system.

Over 50 years ago, when I was first studying Spanish, I learned that the most important first step is to understand the social protocol of the culture.

It starts with "por favor" and "gracias," of course. As you know, that's "please" and "thank you"—social skills our mothers taught us as children. In that regard, the Latin culture is no different.

What I want to share with you now is something else your mother probably taught you…and that's how to say "excuse me."

You'll do this when you want to get someone's attention…when you squeeze by them on the sidewalk, for instance, or when you approach someone in a busy office or at the front desk of a hotel.

What you say is "con permiso." Con…c-o-n…remember in Spanish we typically pronounce a hard vowel, so it looks like con but is pronounced like cone. And permiso is a variant of the English word, permission.

So we're asking for permission. "Con permiso," or "with your permission."

See how easy that is?

Knowing a few little pleasantries like this will take you far. In the Latin community, the more polite and "cultured" you appear, the more positive attention you'll receive.

These are the things I want to help you with right off the bat: How to greet people, how to inquire about their well-being, how to ask for attention or permission, how to summon a waiter, and more.

Use these and you'll establish an immediate connection.

I promise you, when you use the system I've been fine-tuning for well more than four decades now, those next steps will be just as easy as every example I've already shared with you here.

Here's How to Get Started ASAP

I'll show you how you can quickly, easily, and efficiently begin to both understand and communicate in Spanish.

We want to quickly get you on your way so you can have the very best experience possible when you travel to—or if you decide to live in—a Spanish-speaking country.

Maybe you're thinking of taking a trip to Costa Rica or Mexico…or you're considering retiring in Panama or Ecuador…

Whatever your dream is, I want to help you have the best experience you can possibly have.

In Latin America or anywhere Spanish is spoken, that means you'll want to be able to communicate and really connect with the interesting new friends you'll meet there.

And of course, when you are a guest in a Spanish-speaking home or a Spanish-speaking country, it is respectful to at least try to speak Spanish.

As I've said, you don't have to be perfect. You just have to try. It indicates that you value the culture and that you're trying to fit in.

The program I've created is called: Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor.

And I developed it to help you do two key things:

  • Boost your confidence. Imagine how comfortable you'll be when you can speak the native language…if you can call a taxi driver and explain where and at what time you need a ride…or if you can go to a live performance event and understand everything that's said…or even just share a meal and some casual conversation with a neighbor…
  • Enjoy life more. This is my biggest goal. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to have fun. And I want you to have fun, too…that's the very best way to learn anything and that's how I've designed my program.

I want your experience in the Spanish-speaking world to be as enjoyable as possible. And believe me it will be. Latinos are the most fun-loving people out there, and when you become part of their world and can speak their language, you will absolutely love life.

What is Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor?

My program is more than a classroom situation…and definitely more than a learning situation. It's the ultimate experience, and it will have you speaking Spanish after your very first 20-minute session. I guarantee that.

And I'll tell you more about my guarantee in just a minute.

But here's what you need to know: You work at your own pace and from your own location.

To develop this "virtual classroom" I spent many, many months in the studio, creating top-quality videos of all my introductory Spanish sessions. There are 41 videos in all—most of which are approximately 20 minutes long.

These are just long enough for you to get something new out of each video, but not so long that it eats into your day. Watch them while dinner is in the oven or during lunch or whenever you have a spare 20 minutes. That's all it takes.

In our introductory session, we'll get acquainted and you'll discover more about how this experience works. It's a program that's very different than anything else out there.

And of course, there's that all-important session on Social Protocol and common courtesies. (Believe me, this is the best-ever investment of your time if you're thinking of traveling or living in the Spanish-speaking world.)

These are followed by sessions that will quickly get you up-to-speed expressing your all-important needs and wants. We'll also work on turning statements into questions. (Easy enough, it's all about word order and, mostly, inflection.)

There are also plenty of review sessions to ensure that you don't forget a thing…

And all along the way, I'll be sharing my memory tips and tricks and helping you with pronunciation.

But don't worry, these aren't any tediously boring videos with me droning in monotone at the front of the room. Our goal is to have fun, remember?

We use some short, easy-to-read graphics to help you visualize and remember the words we're looking at. (Remember how we baby boomers were taught to read in the first place?)

In a sense, these videos are interactive. I want to make sure you're comfortable with the pronunciations (remember how important that is) so I'll take you through several "repeat after me" exercises.

I'll reinforce every word, every phrase, every nuance…

I'll do this to make sure you really get it—before we move on. You never have to worry about falling behind, as you might in a real classroom setting.

And the magic of all this is that you're on your own timetable. Go at your own pace… I think you'll enjoy it so much that you'll want to play one session after the other. But you can start and stop, take a break, play and repeat at your leisure.

If you want to review any segment of any session, you can—just hit rewind and watch it again.

As you can imagine, I've spent a lot of time in classrooms. And I know that the classroom setting is sometimes intimidating. No one wants to look (or sound) foolish. But in this case, it's just you and me.

Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor: The Next Best Thing to Being in the Room Together

In my "virtual" world:

  • There are no mistakes.
  • Learning is never intimidating.
  • Instead, it's entertaining.
  • It's fast, flexible, and efficient.
  • The path is clear and organized.
  • Memory cues are key and easy.
  • And remember: success is guaranteed!

Because the entire package is delivered to you online, you can enjoy the entire experience in your own home, office, or even on the road… You can access it from your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone…any mobile device any time and any place you want.

And here's the special offer I mentioned earlier…you'll need to act quickly as the doors won't be open long.

Big Savings and Extra Special Bonuses When You Join Me Today

Today, I'll make you this special offer:

Reserve now and it's yours for just $379.

Obviously I'm biased, but you will not find another program that's as fun, fast, efficient, and effective as Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor.

It's designed specifically for baby boomers. I'm one myself and I know how mature adults process and remember information. The memory cues I've developed are specifically geared to baby boomer life experiences.

That's why this system works so well and so quickly.

Plus, I'll give you two Special Bonuses:

Special Bonus #1: Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor "Playbook"

Join me today for Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor and you'll also receive, as part of the program, a special 150-page Playbook. (You can't call it a "workbook." It's just too much fun.)

It's chock-full of entertaining examples and exercises that will help you pull back the curtains and soak up even more.

And because your Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor Playbook is delivered in PDF format, it will be easy for you to access and enjoy.

Just like the videos themselves, you can play with it on your desktop computer, your laptop, your tablet, or any mobile device. Or print it out and slide it into your carry-on when you head for exotic Spanish-speaking destinations.

And when you act on this special offer now we'll also give you something else…

Special Bonus #2: A set of special "Don Juan de Boca" videos made especially for you.

Who is Don Juan de Boca?

Well…he's the guy you can't take your eyes (or ears) off of at the next table in the restaurant or bar…the guy you want to hang out with at the beach or maybe sip some tequila with…

You never know what he'll say or do, but you know for sure it will be entertaining!

Don Juan de Boca's antics and witticisms will not only leave you with a smile, but with a bit of wisdom and insight about Spanish you didn't have before.

Like slang and street talk: Where would we be without our street talk that makes communicating fun? In English, for instance, we might say "What's up?" And in Spanish, they might ask "¿Qué pedo?" or "¿Qué tal?"

But what does it mean if someone in Mexico offers you "el pilón" or in Ecuador, "la yapa"? What does "pinche" mean? I can't tell you here…but Don Juan de Boca can—and he will!

And then there are colloquialisms: Colorful phrases make languages so much more fun. For instance, I might mention "hair of the dog" and you'll know exactly what I mean. But it'll leave a non-native English speaker scratching his head.

Don Juan de Boca has a few colorful Spanish phrases like this to share.

Want to make someone laugh? Want to diffuse a tense situation?

Don Juan de Boca will teach you how to make jokes, lighten the mood, and fit right in with your new Spanish—speaking friends.

With Your 41 Videos, You'll Also Gain Access to Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor Online Games

Along with the 41 videos (almost 12 hours of polished "infotainment," sure to help you achieve your language goals), and the 150-page Playbook, and your special Don Juan de Boca videos, we'll give you access to a special series of online games, created just for you.

These fun little exercises go hand-in-hand with your videos and your Playbook. So watch any video, mark your answers in your Playbook and then double-check yourself (and practice your pronunciation) with the online games.

There are more than 44 fun games in all—and each one can be played two ways…from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English. So that's 88 entertaining ways to reinforce your progress.

As with the rest of the program, you can play with the videos at your own pace…anywhere, any time, and as often as you like.

And Here's That Guarantee I Promised You

I'm so sure that this program will work for you that you can have your money back if it doesn't do exactly that. There's no risk to you.

I personally guarantee that Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor will help you speak Spanish easily, quickly, and confidently.

After just the first 20-minute session, you'll know 12 valuable phrases or sentences that you will not forget. (I'll give you the memory cues to plant these firmly in place in your brain, no matter how old, or over-worked you think your brain is.)

In no time at all, you'll be speaking Spanish.

But if you feel the promises I've made aren't fulfilled, simply ask for a full refund within 30 days and you'll get your money back. No questions asked.

There's absolutely no downside to trying it out. And the upside hands you one of the best, easiest, most fulfilling ways to experience travel or life overseas.

No matter what, you may keep the Special Bonuses. That gives you:

  • The 150-page Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor Playbook—crammed full of fun examples and exercises that speed the process and make the entire experience more enjoyable.
  • The special Don Juan de Boca Videos. You'll get a kick out of these, I'm pretty sure. And the Spanish tips and tricks you see in these quirky little videos alone are worth their weight in gold.

Act now and we'll give you access to all of this right now.

Let's get started.

Just click below and you'll be taking that first, critical step to a better, more rewarding experience in any Spanish-speaking situation.

I promise you, it'll be lots of fun and you'll be speaking Spanish in no time.

Best Regards,

Warren Hardy

Warren Hardy
Creator, Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor

P.S. This special offer is limited.

There's no downside to giving Warren Hardy Spanish: Webtutor a try—and plenty of upside.

After all, it's 100% fully guaranteed, which means you have a full 30 days to check it out. If you decide it's not for you, just let us know and you'll get all your money back. No questions. No fuss.

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