Spotlight on Spain

Spotlight on Spain

Late to Rise...and Late to Bed

And in Between, a Long Lunch, An Afternoon Siesta, and a Starlit Alfresco Dinner With Friends...

Is Spain, as Hemingway Once Called it, ''The Last Good Country Left?''

Stunning vistas, an idyllic Mediterranean climate, glorious food, wine...and oh so affordable, a couple can live on $2,500 a month (rent, healthcare included!)

Dear Reader,

No one pays much attention to time in Spain.

In fact, for 8 decades now, the country has been in the “wrong” time zone.

Spain sits directly south of Great Britain. When it’s noon in London, it should be noon in Madrid.

But about 80 years ago, Spain moved its clocks to align with Rome...and it’s never been inclined to switch back.

That means the sun both rises and sets an hour later in Spain. Daylight stretches longer into the evening hours.

Mornings start at 9 with café solo...strong black coffee usually served in a small glass...or a cortado of milk and espresso...

At 2 pm everything stops for the day’s big meal. Restaurants dish up an appetizer, entrée, wine or beer, dessert and coffee, all for a fixed price of about $12 or less...delicious homemade food with locally sourced ingredients (and no added tax or tipping).

Lighter dinners are taken alfresco with friends and family somewhere between 8 and 10 pm, typically small shared plates...tapas...of olives, Manchego cheese, patatas bravas, croquettes stuffed with ham or salted cod that keep coming until you push away...washed down by a cold Sangria or sparkling glass of Cava...

In between is siesta...the afternoon nap.

Siesta is serious business. When the Spanish government tried to abolish it in 2006 (most businesses shut down during siesta), public officials were nearly charged with treason.

To be fair, not everyone in Spain takes siesta, especially in the big cities.

But venture into the countryside and to the golden beaches of the south and you will find the siesta alive and well.

It’s ingrained tradition to a culture that’s unhurried and relaxed...except during fiestas, of course, when merrymaking takes precedence over everything else...

Time, you see, is valued in Spain. The Spanish treat it like food and wine, as something to be savored.

And that’s why expats there back to Hemingway, who proclaimed it “the last good country left”...are adamant that there is no place better to be.

You can leave Spain, but Spain will never leave you.

I’m Jackie Flynn, International Living publisher.

If you’ve been to Spain, you know why it was Ernest Hemingway’s adopted home and the setting for so many of his classic novels.

He famously called it “the country that I loved more than any other except my own.”

Steeped in tradition and romantic Old-World charm, Spain is rich in culture, landscapes, and history.

We can thank the Phoenicians for Spain’s robust red wines and fine whites...and the Romans for the countless ruins...of aqueducts, temples, and palaces...that adorn Spain’s cities and countryside...

Give a nod to the Celts for the cozy fishing villages and ciders of the northwest (legend has it the Irish Celts actually originated in Spain)...

And the Moors are to thank for the beautiful tile work and exotic architecture along Spain’s coast, where you’ll find 3,000 miles of beaches and coves...

There are spectacular mountain ranges, charming fishing villages and a rustic countryside dotted with vineyards, almond and olive groves...

(...and I almost forgot the cheese... oh my goodness, those delicious cheeses...)

No wonder Spain has long dominated the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, akin to the Academy Awards for cuisine. It’s home to 7 of the world’s top restaurants.

Looking for the world’s best paella? Love Manchego cheese, jamon iberico, green olives stuffed with almonds, anchovies, or garlic?

It’s all there for you, and you can wash it down with a cold craft cerveza or Sidra (cider), a tasty glass of Rioja or Sangria...or sherry or vermouth from the tap...

Not to be an enabler, but to share an interesting piece of trivia: According to the World Bank, alcohol prices in Spain are among the lowest in the world.

Away from the tourist trail, a tapas plate will run you only $2-$3....a bit more if you add shrimp, calamari, mussels, or clams. Even in the biggest cities, a glass of beer or wine can be had for less than $2.

Overall, the cost of living in Spain is among the lowest in Europe, even in its biggest cities.

To live comfortably in a big city like Madrid or Barcelona a couple might expect to spend between €1,700-$1,850 ($1,700-$1,850) per month at today’s equal conversion rates.

In smaller towns and villages, your costs can be even lower, from about $1,500 a month.

And the quality of life is hard to beat.

“Any reasonable, sentient person who looks at Spain, comes to Spain, eats in Spain, drinks in Spain, they’re going to fall in love. Otherwise, there’s something deeply wrong with you. This is the dream of all the world,” said Anthony Bourdain.

“You know, work in the morning, have a one-hour nap in the afternoon, at night go out and have that life. Go out and see your friends and eat tapas and drink red wine and be in a beautiful place.”

I don’t know anyone who would disagree with that.

But What Could Your Life Be Like in Spain?
Let Us Show You.

There’s never been a better time to spend time or live in Spain.

That’s why, not too long ago, I reached out to our International Living correspondent in Spain, Marsha Scarbrough.

For more than five years, she’s been our eyes and ears in Spain.

She’s been to every corner of the country—from the Basque region in the north to Costa del Sol and Costa Brava in the south...from Barcelona and Catalonia to Madrid and the rolling hills of Spain’s vast interior.

Formerly a Hollywood Assistant Director who produced major movies and tv shows, Marsh has interviewed dozens and dozens of expats about life in Spain...retirees, business owners , permanent vacationers, digital nomads...

So when I wanted someone to go out and capture real expat life for readers like you, there was no one more qualified...

As she says,

“Spain ticks a lot of boxes on my list: warm weather, affordable cost of living, great food, wonderful wine, fascinating culture, dependable infrastructure, and most important: warm, welcoming people.

“Without a doubt, moving here was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. Today, my social life is on fire. My health is fantastic. I’m learning a new language. I’m seeing the world. I have more friends than I can count, most of them 30 or 40 years younger than me. My late-life adventure is in full swing.”

You’ll find her attitude infectious. She’s all about finding joy and embracing life. Which is really what made Spain perfect for her in the first place.

So when I wanted someone to go out and capture real expat life for readers like you, there was no one more qualified than Marsha...

There are plenty of tourism videos you can find on the internet, for sure, but we were after the real-world “Inside story,” told from an expat point of view.

Little did I know that the impressive collection Marsha and her crew created for you would now be more relevant than ever.

If you’re ready to get back in gear and make plans for your future, as many of us are doing today after more than two long years of lockdowns, you’ll want to take a serious look at Spain.

And there’s no one better to show you the “insider’s Spain” and explain its secrets than Marsha.

Whether you’re looking to retire...or just spend time there...

If you’re ready for a new life...or just want to spice up the one you currently have...

If you want to start a business...or work online...or invest there...

Or if you just want to soak up the colorful culture and reconnect with a gentler, happier way of matter your age and on any budget...

Then get ready to discover Spain’s secrets...

Let Marsha Scarbrough Give You a Personal, Guided Tour of the Spain That Could Be Yours... and You Don’t Even Have to Leave Your Home

Maybe you’ve already been to Spain. If you have, you know it’s a magical place.

If you haven’t been there, put it at the top of your bucket list right now.

And before you go, settle in and immerse yourself in the real-life Spain Marsha knows so well...

  • Mediterranean beach towns where you can enjoy warm sunshine nearly every day of the year, and where English is commonly spoken
  • Little-known neighborhoods in culturally rich cities where your rent...sometimes including utilities...can be less than $500 a month
  • The jewel of the Atlantic Coast, near the border with France—a favorite of young European travelers for its inexpensive amenities
  • Secret spots where you can buy a beach home or condo for a small fraction of the cost of similar properties in the U.S....and with very low-interest (less than 2%) financing.

Let her introduce you to the art and culture, the people, and the fun places and activities that await you in top-quality, low-cost Spain.

She reveals all the secrets in this brand-new multi-series documentary project, called Spotlight on Spain: Old World Charm, Sunny Skies, and Low-Cost Living.

This has been no small undertaking. And it’s far more than just a few videos...

Marsha has spent years getting to know the ins and outs of life in Spain...and the best places there.

But don’t worry... while Marsha has her favorites (and will tell you what they are)... this video series is really about YOU and helping you find YOUR perfect Spain depending on the “perfect lifestyle” you want.

Do you want the quiet life of a small town perched among the vineyards and olive groves of the Spanish countryside?

Or do you prefer the buzz of an Old-World city chock full of museums, top-rated restaurants, and non-stop nightlife?

Or maybe you just want to soak up the sun on the beach and leave behind the snow, the damp, and the cold forever...

Marsha can help you narrow down your choices to pinpoint your perfect spot.

(By the way, as I mentioned, she worked in Hollywood for 20 years as an Assistant Director on movies and TV projects. She’s also the author of two award-winning novels. She knows how to both inform and entertain.)

For this project, she dug deep and called on expats and locals alike living in many of Spain’s most appealing but also little-known communities.

In this exclusive multi-part project, you’ll get a in depth view into their lives......benefits and challenges alike.

Marsha has also put together a comprehensive primer presentation that guides you through all those nuts-and-bolts details you’ll need to consider if you’re thinking of moving to Spain yourself.

She explains how to get that all-important resident to assess your healthcare to find the best rentals...and she shows you exactly how much things cost in Spain.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised there.

$2,500 a month or less for a couple to live in Spain, rent and health plan included.

You’ll also find other insightful details that are hard to uncover anywhere else, such as:

  • Where to find the best-quality, lowest-cost property rentals—and the best website to search for them
  • The most important question to ask when looking at rental apartments
  • The easiest expat resident visas, and documents you need to qualify
  • How to navigate your super-affordable healthcare and insurance options
  • The best places to live if you don’t want a car
  • Where to find 320 days of sunshine every year
  • Which city has the BEST nightlife for folks over the city with the largest concentration of Michelin-star restaurants
  • How and where you can live on half as much as what you’re spending now...and enjoy a far better quality of life

And much, much more, including...

Spain’s Top Destinations for Good-Value Living...

Let’s start with Spain’s most popular destination...

Maybe you’ve spent time in Barcelona—the capital of Catalonia—and strolled La Rambla or through the atmospheric maze of the medieval Gothic Quarter or the bohemian barrio of El Raval...

An intoxicating medley of old and new, Barcelona oozes color, culture, and creativity. It’s a place where you can enjoy everything from cheap eats to fine dining, a day at the beach or a night of high culture...

Food markets burst with Catalan produce and fresh seafood. Home to some of the best tapas bars on the planet, Barcelona is also known for fragrant, flavorful paella topped with juicy shrimp, meaty squid, a delicious scattering of mussels, and slices of lemon.

And while Barcelona is not Spain’s lowest-cost destination, it’s a bargain compared with many European cities... especially considering all the city offers (including a much better climate than Paris, London, Berlin, or Rome).

We’ll point you to Barcelona’s under-the-radar neighborhoods for good living.

But even in a trendy neighborhood like Barceloneta, with its low-rise, Greenwich Village feel (plus walking distance to one of Barcelona’s most popular beaches), you can find small, one-bedroom apartments in the €120,000 to €200,000 ($120,000 to $200,000) range.

Or rent a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in a prime location starting at about $900 a month.

And don’t overlook Spain’s historic capital city...

Beyond Barcelona, many travelers begin their Spain adventure in Madrid. And some, like Marsha Scarbrough, end up staying there and making the capital city their home.

Marsha she says...

“Madrid is Europe’s Best Kept Secret”

“Life in this pulsing, sophisticated metropolis, with world-class museums, amazing gastronomy, off-the-chart nightlife….and possibly the best public transportation system in the world…costs a fraction of what it would cost you to live in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London or Tokyo.”

Madid is the Europe’s driest capital, Marsha adds, with only 16.6 inches of annual rainfall, most of it in Spring and Fall. Winters are mild. And summers are for nightlife, with cafés and parks full to overflowing after dark.

Free concerts start at 10 p.m. Some nightclubs open at midnight and close at 6 a.m. Madrid, a city that radiates energy, knows how to party.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find plenty to do during daylight hours.

Madrid is known for its museums....the world-famous Prado among them, home to works by El Greco, Rubens, Bosch, Goya, Picasso, and more.

The city’s diversity shines in its neighborhoods.

In Spotlight on Spain, Marsha points you to the “best of the best” of Madrid’s famous barrios.

She explains how much apartment rentals go’ll be shocked at how little she pays for her bright-and-pretty studio apartment in safe, historic Chamberi.

You’ll see it for yourself and get the inside line on what you, too, can expect to spend if you choose to live in Madrid, arguably the best-value urban center in Western Europe

As Marsha says, “I’ve never been a morning person, so I love the late-to-rise, late-to-bed culture of Madrid. There is nowhere else I’d rather live.”

Prefer Sunrise To Nightlife? Spain Has Something For You, Too, Including Thousands of Miles of Sundrenched Beaches...

Prefer From the Costa del Sol to the Costa Blanca and beyond, you’ll find some of the Mediterranean’s
most beguiling beaches ...

The Sun Coast... Southern Spain’s glorious Costa del Sol—the Sun Coast—runs along the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

Strumming guitars, flamenco dancers, bullfighting, Moorish palaces... It’s all here...

You won’t find any beach destinations anywhere with so much culture to enjoy.

Many expat from the colder-climate U.K., come here to retire.

(In other words, you’ll find more native English speakers here than in any other part of Spain.)

In resort towns like Marbella, you’ll find golf courses that rival Pebble Beach, shopping that rivals Rodeo Drive, and marinas full of luxury yachts.

Don’t let the ritzy trappings fool you—even trendy Marbella is very affordable.

Properties for sale start at around $125,000 US for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment about a 10-minute walk from the beach and promenade.

And just 30 miles east along the coast is Nerja, and the “Balcony of Europe” where white-washed homes atop a rocky promontory overlook 10 miles of sugary white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters below.

If this isn’t on your radar, it should be.

Nerja, too, is “authentic Spain,” (no McDonald’s or Starbucks allowed) with a charming Old Town, which is the perfect place to meet friends and enjoy wine and tapas at the end of the day.

About 30% of its 25,000 inhabitants are expats, mostly Brits and Swedes.

When you go, don’t miss a visit to the famous Cuevas (caves) de Nerja, home to the world’s largest stalactite and only discovered in 1959.

The White Coast... Continuing along the coast, around the Cabo de Gata peninsula is where you’ll find the Costa Blanca—the white coast.

Alicante (population 350,000) and Valencia (Spain’s third largest city with 800,000 people) are the anchor cities here.

You can walk Valencia’s beautiful historic center, one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved, end-to-end in about 45 minutes.

The smaller Alicante offers Old World Spanish flair similar to Madrid...think late lunches and dinners...with most stores and offices shutting down for a three-hour afternoon siesta.

In its centuries-old Old Town with narrow cobbled-stone passageways, you can duck into a traditional tapas bar for spicy patatas bravas and a plate of stuffed calamari washed down with a $2 beer or a $12 bottle of Rioja.

And Alicante is home to no less than eight splendid beaches...

No wonder it’s an expat favorite, especially with Brits and Northern Europeans. As much as 15% of the permanent population are expats.

It doesn’t hurt that you can rent a two- or three-bedroom apartment in the heart of the historic center starting at $550 to $625 a month.

The treasure of the Costa Blanca, though, is its 125 miles coastline, studded with small jewel-like pueblos and relaxed beach resorts that attract expats looking for a quieter lifestyle.

One such town is Dénia. Largely unknown foreigners, it’s a beloved “secret getaway place” for Spaniards from Madrid and other big cities who adore its narrow old-town streets, lined with bars and restaurants.

It’s easy to while away an evening over dinner, watching the people out on their evening walk—called a paseo—under the blossoming jacaranda trees and towering date palms that punctuate the handsome 19th-century architecture.

One couple from Denver that was lucky enough to find their way here rent a bright three-bedroom, three-bathroom duplex apartment. Each room has a view of the sea. There are four terraces, the largest of which has space for a table, chairs, lounge area, and barbecue.

“It’s great value here compared to the U.S.,” they say. “This all comes in at less than $1,000 a month in rent. Utilities are very affordable compared to the States, too. We downsized when we came, just bringing what we could fit into a couple of suitcases. We’re really happy with the light feeling of living like this.”

You need to see it for yourself. And you will, in your Spotlight on Spain docu-series...

ATTENTION FOODIES: Northern Spain is for You... (Bonus if You’re After Four Seasons and a Healthy Dose of History)

True foodies will head directly to Northern Spain and particularly to Basque Country, where growing, preparing, and savoring delicious local food ingredients is the regional pastime.

Here, it often feels like the clock stopped in the Middle Ages. The mountains hide Romanesque chapels and shrines, and also bears, wolves, wild boar, and eagles.

Along the northern Atlantic Coast beaches of the Bay of Biscay you’ll find a mild climate similar to Northern California.

This is also where you’ll find Galicia and the northern route of the Camino de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage to the burial place of Saint James. That’s what brings most tourists to the region.

Major cities here include Bilbao, Santander, and San Sebastián—the true gourmand’s paradise.

In cozy pintxo bars, choose slices of bread stacked with béchamel-topped crab...field mushrooms sautéed in garlic and olive oil...or skewers of anchovy-filled olives...

Wash them down with the local sparkling white wine txakoli or crisp hard cider.

For glamour, sophistication, gastronomy, and sheer beauty, San Sebastián and its perfect horseshoe beach, is hard to beat. But for lower property prices, head to Santander or one of its pretty nearby beach towns.

While Santander lacks the high gloss and chicness of a resort like San Sebastián, depending on the neighborhood, you can buy a comfortable 700-square-foot apartment starting below $100,000 or rent one long term from about $500 a month.

Like what you’re hearing?

Discover, Firsthand, What Your Life in Spain Could Be...

If you’re ready to take a look at Spain...up close and personal, and from the comfort of your home, there’s no better resource than the multi-video collection—Spotlight on Spain: Old World Charm, Sunny Skies, and Low-Cost Living.

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about living in Spain as an expat...whether it’s full time...part time... or retirement...or just for a few months...

You’ll travel along with Marsha and her professional video crew as she introduces you to the best communities in Spain that make for easy and affordable expat living.

Marsha believes these destinations are well worth your attention right now.

Dig Into Spotlight on Spain: Old World Charm, Sunny Skies, and Low-Cost Living and Find Your Perfect Place in Spain

Marsha takes you by the hand and not only introduces you to “her” Spain, but she gives you the tools to make it “your Spain” in this 9-part info-doc series:

  • PART 1: Madrid—Europe’s Best-Kept Secret. Begin your tour in Spain’s capital city—Marsha’s adopted home. Costs to live here are a fraction of what you would spend in other popular cities around the world. And thanks to an excellent public transportation system, you won’t need a car. Marsha shows some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods for good-value living; you’ll see the bustling streets, shady parks, history, art, and culture that make Madrid so unique.
  • PART 2: A Day in the Life of an Expat. Staying in Madrid, join Marsha as she goes about her daily activities...a morning Zumba class, errands at the pharmacy and bakery, Spanish class, and a long stop for lunch (the main meal of the day in Spain). You’ll also see what it’s like to take the metro, and meet up with Marsha and her friends for evening drinks.
  • PART 3: Málaga—The Heart of Spain’s Costa del Sol This city is the heart of Spain’s sunshine coast. You’ll take a city tour and meet expats there who explain why they love this city. You’ll learn about their new life and business and see the new seaside promenade. Once known as a scruffy seaport, all that has changed in recent years. Don’t overlook Málaga, an attractive welcoming center of culture and gastronomy… For full- or part-time living, Málaga is a great choice if you want big-city life by the sea.
  • PART 4: Nerja—The Balcony of Europe Just 30 miles east of Málaga you’ll find a much less developed and less touristed coastline. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, Nerja is a sightseer’s delight, with 10 miles of sugary white beaches and crystal-clear waters. Here, you’ll meet Canadian expats Carolyn and Chris who explain why the climate, the culture, and the people sparked their love of Nerja. They also share their experiences with the Spanish healthcare system.... real-world insights I guarantee you’ll appreciate.
  • PART 5: : Costa del Sol Home Tour Canadian expats David and Josée have lived in Spain for 20 years. That’s a lot of experience to share. Take a tour of the beautiful home they carefully renovated and watch and listen as they explain why they chose this sunny region and how very affordable it is to live here very well on a modest pensioner budget.
  • PART 6: Alicante—Spain’s Costa Blanca Bargain The city of Alicante has 330,000 permanent residents that swells during the summer months, when Spaniards enjoy their vacation homes and other European tourists flock to the inviting seashore. About 15% of the permanent residents are expats, many of them English speakers. One of the reasons this area is so popular is because it’s one of Spain’s best real estate bargains. See for yourself as you visit properties for sale with a local real estate agent.
  • PART 7: The Cities of Valencia and Barcelona Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, is the gem of the Costa Blanca—with much to offer, including one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved historic centers. And who doesn’t love Barcelona, perhaps Spain’s most vibrant and artistic city? Gaudí’s signature is everywhere…but he is only one of the reasons that Spain’s second largest city attracts so many tourists. This is your chance to see, up close, the different appeal of these two seaside cities.
  • PART 8: Fairy-Tale Granada and High-End Marbella Granada is fairy-tale Spain. Set against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks, its exotic Arabian spirit and flamenco soul conjure up visions of times past. In the winter, an hour’s drive away takes you to the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, or head south for 45 minutes to the balmy Mediterranean Sea. Marbella, “pearl of the Costa del Sol” has a different kind of beauty. The name itself literally translates as “beautiful sea,” and indeed, it is that. A high-end, international, jet-set destination, Marbella’s beachfront promenade invites sunning on the sand, sitting in sidewalk cafés, or shopping in trendy boutiques.
  • PART 9: Green Spain: Great Food and Milder Climes Prefer cooler summers and lush green landscapes? Then consider Northern Spain, also known as “Green” or “Celtic Spain.” Bilbao—the region’s largest city—is a center of modern art and architecture. San Sebastián is famous for its charming Old Town, first-class restaurants, and a gorgeous golden beach, considered one of Europe’s most beautiful urban beaches. Farther west, you’ll discover the scenic province of Cantabria and its capital, Santander. Perched on the edge of a gorgeous bay, this smaller city offers a dozen beaches with crystal clear waters, including the exquisite Playa de Sardinero.

I did mention that Marsha Scarbrough is an award-winning author and Hollywood director, right?

This 9-part docu-series is beautifully produced. And you’ll find Marsha is as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it. She’s an excellent guide, and her spirit and love of Spain are infectious.

Special Extra: Once you see all that Spain has to offer you, no doubt the cogs will be turning.

You’ll appreciate this special extra bonus from Marsha-a “nuts-and-bolts” overview presentation with everything you need to know to make your home in Spain.

It’s called Spain: First-World Comfort in a Sunny Safe Haven.

In it, Marsha explains your housing options, provides all those important details (including climate and weather, cost of living, etc.) to help you compare and contrast Spain’s distinct regions, and narrow down your many options.

Discover the steps to take to make a home in Spain. With this special video presentation guiding your way, it’s easier than you think.

PLUS, a New, Updated Edition of Our Best-Selling Spain Manual:

Escape to Spain: Everything You Need to Know to Retire Better, Invest Well, and Enjoy the Good Life for Less

As you’ll see, Marsha’s not one to just scratch the surface.

She recently finished a full update of our comprehensive manual, Escape to Spain: Everything You Need to Know to Retire Better, Invest Well, and Enjoy the Good Life for Less.

In this newest edition, included as part of Spotlight on Spain, she gives you every detail…

...all the local nuances, tips, insider secrets, and every little tidbit that normally slips between the cracks…everything you need to know if you're considering relocating to Spain—full-time or part-time.

It’s the perfect complement to your Spotlight on Spain video collection.

Marsha clarifies the steps to qualify for a resident visa. It’s not complicated, but if you want to stay longer than allowed on a tourist visa (90 days), you have numerous options—and you need to choose the one that’s right for you.

You’ll discover two best options for retirees, two options if you want to work, and two more options for entrepreneurs and investors (the famous “Golden Visa”).

Because visa rules can change at any time the Escape to Spain manual includes a complete Resource Guide with a listing of visa specialists you can contact for assistance.

To get a residence visa you’ll be required to show proof of private health insurance.

So there’s also a full chapter on Healthcare in Spain. By any account, it’s among the best in the world—maybe better than you have now.

And health insurance is remarkably affordable.

A healthy 64-year-old might expect to pay about $132 per month for a plan from one of the country’s largest insurers, with a 4% discount for a lump-sum annual payment. There are no co-pays and basic dental is included.

It’s all there for you—with contact details—in Escape to Spain.

If you're interested in finding your place in an area of Europe known for sunshine and Old-World Charm…but you'd rather not pay typical European prices…you’ll want this manual at hand.

Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover in Escape to Spain :

  • Location, location, location. You'll learn even more about the top spots in Spain for expats…More than 30 communities are profiled. (Chapter 3)
  • Contacts, contacts, contacts. From expat organizations to those professionals who can help you streamline your move… (Appendix A—your complete Spain Resource Rolodex)
  • How much you can expect to pay for things like telephone, internet, cable TV, groceries, rent, and more. (Chapter 6)
  • The nitty gritty details about healthcare in Spain, ranked as among the world’s best. (Chapter 7)
  • What about moving your belongings? Your pets? (Chapter 8)
  • Everything you need to know about taxes. (Chapter 9)
  • And in Chapter 4, we provide detailed information about real estate in Spain...what the renting and buying processes are like and how to find the best bargains… You’ll see exactly what fees to expect and get a step-by-step guide to every process from negotiating to due diligence—including 11 documents you must obtain from the seller.

If you ever consider buying property in Spain, you want this information at hand

Global real estate analyst Ronan McMahon says:

“I’ve been watching Spain for a long time, and I’ve seen it go from a place of deep crisis to one where I see some true opportunities for savvy investors in the right places,”

When you order Spotlight on Spain, you have the opportunity to go behind the curtain and discover exactly where those opportunities are...

Because Everyone on Our Team Feels So Strongly That Spain Deserves Your Attention Right Now, I’ll Give You THREE Very Special Bonuses—for FREE

Many people are looking for a safe haven these days.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find in Spain, where the Old-World charm and siesta culture, the accommodating climate, modern infrastructure and excellent healthcare, the low cost of living, and wide-open spaces beckon...along with warm, friendly people.

But we understand that an international relocation can be daunting. There are lots of moving pieces...

So we’re including absolutely everything we can think of that might help you.

Think of this Spotlight on Spain resource as your complete guide to that new, better life you can enjoy in Spain.

Order it now and we’ll give you, for FREE, three special bonuses to point you in the right direction and answer any and all remaining questions you may have:

Special Bonus #1: A Complete Itinerary to Follow As You Travel in Spain

Once you see the Spotlight on Spain videos, I’m pretty sure you’ll be planning a visit to check out your options there for yourself...and we can help.

Whether you have one, two, three weeks or more to explore the opportunities on offer in Spain today—you’ll want to use your time (and travel funds) wisely.

Our Spain Scouting Trip Itineraries and Travel Guide will show you the way.

In this valuable time- and money-saving guide, Marsha shares her most useful tips and insights for planning and enjoying a successful expedition, such as:

  • Six useful apps to have on your phone to make getting around easier...
  • A cheap, easy way to get your phone to work in Spain so you avoid expensive carrier charges but gain the conveniences of having a working cell while you’re there...
  • On-the-ground tips for cheaper train, hotels, home rentals, and air in Spain, plus what you definitely need to know about tickets for some museums to ensure you get the best deal—and get in when you want to, and more...
  • Seven easy, essential phrases to know in Spanish before you go...
  • PLUS where to go, what to see, what absolutely not to miss, what’s overrated, what you can expect to pay, and lots, lots more...

You’ll discover how to make the most of your time on the ground, people to connect with, and more.

This guide sells in our bookstore for $59, but it’s yours FREE as part of your Spotlight on Spain.

Special Bonus #2: Mission Spain: The Full Report

Our overseas property expert, Ronan McMahon says, “Spain offers some of the best bargain real estate anywhere in Europe. It’s jam-packed with incredible opportunities both for investors as well as lifestyle buyers.”

Inside his this special report, Ronan, along with his team, takes you—on a profit-minded mission—that scouts out the premier up-and-coming communities along the picture-perfect Spanish Southern Coast—and to one particularly opportunity-rich area dubbed the “Secret Coast” where you can buy for less than $100,000.

Follow along as the team takes you up into the mountains and the beautiful vastness of Cadiz along the Ruta de Pueblos the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and Granada.

Make no mistake: This is no static ho-hum “reporting.” There’s in-depth analysis contrasting and comparing each region, links to listing, and boots-on-the-ground video footages so you can see exactly what Ronan's scouts saw and get their take on the opportunities they uncovered.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a home in Spain...for lifestyle or investment, I highly recommend you spend a few hours immersed in the Mission Spain: The Full Report. That’s how long it will take to get through it all—and well worth it.

Special Bonus #3: Spotlight on Spain Insider Q&A

We know we’re giving you a lot to digest...the videos and presentation from Marsha, the 221-page Escape to Spain manual, and the analysis and videos in Mission Spain...

So we’ll add one more valuable extra.

International Living executive editor Jen Stevens sat down with Spain expert Marsha Scarbrough and Ronan McMahon, head of the team behind Mission Spain.

You’re invited to tune into that conversation and get their take on what’s going on in Spain right now...

It’s a deep dive into some of our readers most common questions and concerns.

This Spotlight on Spain Insider Q&A with our leading Spain experts is valued at $79, but it’s yours with this special offer today, free.

Get Started Today, Crafting Your New, Better Tomorrow in Spain. Reserve Your Copy Now of Spotlight on Spain: Old World Charm, Sunny Skies, and Low-Cost Living

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  • The special overview presentation, Spain: First-World Comfort in a Sunny Safe Haven that hands you the details about making a life in Spain...visas, healthcare options, general cost of living, and where to live to reduce your expenses, climate overview, housing options, and more.  
  • The updated 221-page manual Escape to Spain: Everything You Need to Know to Retire Better, Invest Well, and Enjoy the Good Life for Less
  • Spain Scouting Trip Itineraries and Travel Guide
  • The Special Report and Video Package, Mission Spain: The Full Report
  • Spotlight on Spain Insider Q&A

If the laidback charm of Old-World Europe appeals, there’s no better place than Spain.

Get it all and get started now. As soon as you place your order, we'll send you an email that explains how to access all of it…all the professional videos and the special presentation...the comprehensive manual, the special real estate intelligence, and the itineraries guide and that introduce you, up close and personal, to the best that Spain has to offer you.

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Spotlight on Spain is the best resource available to help you get to know the very best of the Mediterranean paradise that is Spain.

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And in the Escape to Spain manual, you’ll discover all the nuts and bolts details you need to make Spain your home—full- or part-time, including how to find a place to live, qualify for a residence visa, navigate your healthcare options, your taxes, and much more.

You'll see for yourself how to invest, travel, live, retire, or work in Spain.

Spotlight on Spain will show you the way…

Keep in mind…this special package to "all that is Spain" is the result of five years of research by International Living contributor Marsha Scarbrough and decades and decades of experience and input from our far-flung editors, real estate experts and analysts, expats in Spain, and many more.

Think how much it would cost you to travel to Spain and dig up all this information yourself. For sure it would take many months and thousands of dollars to compile. I can guarantee you won't find anything like it on the Internet or in a bookshop.

And when you are ready to travel in person to Spain, you’ll be well prepared, thanks to the guidance you get in Spotlight on Spain You’ll know exactly where to go, what to see, and who to reach out to for guidance and assistance or to share a drink at a shady sidewalk café.

Go ahead: Try it out. From the comfort of your home, explore everything Spain has to offer…

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living
July 2022

PS: If you’re interested in investing some time right now to plan for the future and get the inside track on Spain…

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