Travel Writer’s Program

Travel Writer’s Program

Well-Crafted, Original Travel Stories

Are in High Demand...

Armed with the How-to Secrets Revealed in The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, You Could Write Those Stories, Sell Them, and Cash in on the Great Perks Successful Travel Writers Can Enjoy

Editors are constantly searching for articles that match what their readers are looking for, articles written by people who can give a true, well-written, and unique report on a destination.

But editors aren’t the only ones who want the services of savvy travel writers. Hotels, resorts, and other attractions—both home and overseas—need ambassadors to visit their vacation spots and spread the word through their writing. You could be among them.

With The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program in hand, you’ll have what you need to make it happen—no experience necessary.

After all, to be a successful travel writer, you DON’T need—

  • A degree in journalism (or even a college education).
  • A ton of money or fancy equipment – truly, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, a genuine curiosity about the world, and a willingness to share your insights with others.
  • A travel destination (this may come as a shock… but your hometown is a destination in itself… you can write about local attractions and never board a plane).

Enjoy the Perks of Traveling the World
as a VIP…

When you explore the world as a travel writer—it really can feel like you’re being treated as a VIP.

Meals, museum tickets, hotel upgrades, they could all be on the house. When you’re an established travel writer, it’s not unusual to have someone else foot the bill.

One travel writer I know has had travel writing assignments that took her to Ireland, Paris, Fiji, and beyond.

Another to go exploring and wine tasting in Ensenada on Mexico’s Baja, California Peninsula.

And another spent a week golfing in the Turks and Caicos islands.

You Could Land Trips Like These, Too

To land trips like these—sometimes all-expenses-paid—is a lot more straightforward than you probably imagine.

As one successful travel writer who discovered travel writing here with us put it:

“If you’d told me even three years ago I’d be jetting around the globe on someone else’s dime – staying at a high-end oceanfront villa in Riviera Maya, Mexico…lounging for free at a luxury beach resort in an oceanfront suite valued at over $1350 a night... exploring Italy’s Amalfi coast… even designing my own trips and having publishers clamoring to pay for them…

“…I’d have said you were dreaming.

“Back then, I didn’t even know this opportunity existed. I was just wrapping up my [first] career wondering what I was going to do with myself in retirement.

“Yet here I am today with more than 600 articles accepted for publication and an in-box full of new opportunities I can take advantage of.”

You Could Get Your Start at International Living or One of the Many Travel Magazines and Websites You’ll Learn About in The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program

Under the wing of Jennifer Stevens, author and creator of The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, you’ll already have a foot in the door at International Living,  where she is the Executive Editor. But you’ll know how to find and approach all sorts of publications.

And you don’t need to have ever written anything before to get your start. No experience necessary. Most editors want the story that makes sense for their readers. They really don’t care if you’ve been published before.

You will accelerate your success, though, if you bring to the table an adventurous spirit… and a willingness to be opinionated, persuasive, and observant.

Competently researching travel destinations and understanding what editors are really looking for—that’s important, too. But with The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program in hand, you’ll have the instructions you need for doing both.

We Can Help

This program has helped people from all different backgrounds (from teachers to accountants to coaches) become travel writers even though they’d never written travel articles before.

When you have in-hand the techniques the pros know… you’ll be amazed at how quickly you could cash in. This program is designed to shave months – and even years – off your learning curve. So sooner than you probably imagine, you could be seeing your name in print, getting paid for your articles, and even getting invitations to enjoy experiences on-the-house.

This is an excellent time to give it a try...


When you order The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program today, you’ll lock in a HUGE discount plus get a collection of extras not available anywhere else.

The full value of this meaty resource is $399. And it’s worth every penny of that, given that by selling one or two stories, you could cover the cost of your investment.

Plus the secrets revealed inside could serve up ten times that in travel perks and income.

But by ordering today, you save 58% off the full value. That means you can access The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program for just $399 $165.

But there’s more...

When you take me up on this special offer today—we’ll toss in some valuable special extras as well...not available anyplace else...

Free Gift # 1: Money-Making Travel Photography (value: $24.50, yours free) – a unique mini-course specially created for travel writers. It’s just one more way to ratchet up your income as you travel.

Free Gift # 2: 101 Places to Get Published (value: $39, yours free) – an online report that includes a long list of online and print publications, online stock photo agencies, and more. This report will introduce you to a wide variety of places where you can submit your articles and/or photos. There are even interviews with some of our published members, where they share how they found success and offer advice on how you can easily do the same.

Free Gift # 3: 101 Story Starters for Instant Success (value: $29, yours free)– an online report designed to inspire your story ideas. Read through a few pages of this report, and you’ll be on your way to a publishable piece in no time.

Fast-Reply Bonus: Our “Pro Secrets for Selling to Editors” Resource During this 40-minute video presentation, you’ll discover the simple formula you need to get in editors’ good graces right from the start. Discover just how to frame your story ideas so that editors will grab them—and want more. 

These special bonuses are a great addition to our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program. And today, they are all yours at no additional cost. And please note: All of these resources are delivered online, which means you get instant access and we can keep them up-to-date for you.

Our Guarantee to You

This resource is 100% guaranteed. Try out The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program for yourself. Consider the step-by-step guidance, give the tricks of the trade a whirl. If you aren't pleased with the way they work, no problem. You have 30 days to let us know and we'll give you a full refund. No questions. No fuss.

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